10 Easy Writing Tips to Writing Quality Content

Writing for books, magazines, or college papers?

Than this post is NOT for you.

But if you are writing website content or working on your blog, check out these top 10 easy writing tips to writing quality content.

By following these writing tips, you’ll be able to engage your audience better and improve your website rankings.

Time and time again, the most important factor to website rankings is based on providing quality content that matches the demands of your readers.

Search engines like Google are a business too.

They’re job is to match up your post title, description, and content to meet the demands of their customers.

And who are the customers of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

Everyone who is online searching any topic.

Whatever your niche is online, you want to engage your audience using these Top 10 tips for writing quality website content. Let’s begin.

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Top 10 Writing Tips to Writing Quality Content

1). Your writing style needs to be conversational.

Writing online isn’t like writing for books or magazines.

Pretend you are having a conversation with your target audience.A picture of two men having a conversation over drinks.

Pretend this audience is a person if it helps you, maybe a friend or family member.

Relax and then just start writing as if you were having a normal conversation with this person.

Your content will come off much more natural this way.

No one likes reading documentaries or novels online.

So don’t make this mistake, make your writing conversational.

2). Create your content with your reader in mind.

Remember that content is not just written words.

It’s videos, photos, and what your writing about.

In your articles, if you use videos, photos, or diagrams; make sure your information is important and valuable to your reader.

Look above at the black and white photo, it looks like a conversation, right? So it matches up well with point #1 – Write your content in a conversational manner.

“Forget about rankings, write what’s best for your readers.”

3). Your content needs to be original.

Never copy & paste what others have written, this will actually kill your rankings in search engines.

4). Make your headlines captivating:

To engage your readers, have your headlines prelude to what you are going to discuss in your paragraph.

Make each paragraph interesting and engaging so that it relates to the topic you are discussing.

Entice your readers with questions, statements, and make them think. 

Think about the last article that grabbed your attention.

Why did you engage in it? Stir up emotions and stand out.

5). Try to be direct and to the point with your writing style.

No one likes to read an article that rambles on and on.

Create an outline before you write about your subject.

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Hit the major points that you want to discuss and then write naturally.

Later come back and make sure that everything you have written makes sense and flows smoothly.

If you feel something you have written is unclear, then so will your audience. Keep it simple and direct.

6). Focus on one topic in each paragraph.

Don’t jump around with whatever topic you are trying to express, this will only confuse the reader and they will be gone in a flash.

Keep your paragraph on track with what you are trying to convey to your audience.

At the end of the paragraph, prelude to your next point to start the following paragraph. This will provide for a nice and smooth transition.

7). Use bullet points and numbers.

It’s easier to scan content in this fashion than to read paragraphs. It also provides spacing, making your article easier to read.

Use bullet points and numbers to break up your content and make it visually pleasing to your audience.

8). Make small paragraphs that are about 2-5 lines per paragraph. 

With today’s online users, most people just scan content. Having smaller paragraphs makes it easier for your readers to follow your content and ensures that more of your content is actually being read.

Long paragraphs should be avoided like the plague. People lose their reading position or simple avoid the content.

I guess we’re all just getting lazier these days. Kidding 🙂

But seriously, if you want people to read what you have written, make your paragraphs short and to the point.

9). Add visual stimulation to make your point.A picture of fireworks over a harbor.

Whenever you can, provide visual photos, diagrams, or artwork that expresses your point.

Humans process visual information 3 times faster than written information.

It’s how we are designed, take advantage of this knowledge and GET VISUAL.

This will provide a better user experience and will allow your reader to understand the points that you are trying to share with them.

Your audience will engage more with your content once they have been captivated by visual stimulation.

Looking for free photos online that are super easy to use without any website registration, check out my post, 5 Best Free Stock Photo Sites – Without Pesky Registrations.

10). Proofreading.

Now obviously proofreading is a must.

But have you ever tried writing, reading and proofreading your content OUT LOUD. This will help you make sure your content flows more smoothly and will provide that conversational flow to your article that was mentioned above.

Matt Cutts of Google is frequently asked how people can write better content that will get ranked. He always says for writers to proofread their content out loud.

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Conclusion on Writing Quality Content:

Use these writing tips to writing quality content to improve your website appearance and performance, plus keep your readers engaged in your beautiful content.

Best of luck and let me know if you need any help writing content or getting your online business up and running.

Take care,


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