Long Tail Pro Review: It’s NOT the Best Keyword Research Tool for Me

It’s hard to find a Long Tail Pro review that’s negative? It’s true, it is a solid product.

However, there is a better option for those on a tighter budget. Long Tail Pro does provide excellent keyword data but its a bit expensive.

A lot of people have been talking about Long Tail Pro, including high profile marketers such as Pat Flynn, and others.

Most people claim it’s the best keyword research tool ever, but is that accurate? And what about the downsides?

Let’s take a neutral look at the product and see if it’s really the best keyword research tool.

Long Tail Pros Review Summary:

Product Name: Long Tail Pro

Product Type: Keyword Research Tool

Creator: Spencer Haws

Price: Three Plans; $37/month, $67/month, and $147/month

Best For: Bloggers, Internet Marketers, anyone needing to do keyword research for ranking organically or to research PPC (pay per click) campaigns.

Rating: 95/100

Summary: Long Tail Pro is a excellent keyword research tool. As an internet marketer/blogger/website developer, I find the extra features for Long Tail Pro aren’t necessary to work successfully online.

It’s an awesome product, but if you’re on a tighter budget and getting started out, there’s options.

I get all I need from Jaaxy Keyword Research tool. It’s easy (maybe easier) to work with, fast, and delivers what I need to manage my content and marketing campaigns effectively.

Recommended: Yes

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What is Long Tail Pro?

Since it’s launch in 2012, Long Tail Pro has been steadily growing in popularity and now it’s one the best keyword tools on the market.

It’s a very straight-forward product, as soon as you create an account you can start researching keywords. Like it’s name, the focus of this tool is on long tail keywords, those are keyword phrase with four or more words.

These keywords are ideal to target because they’re less competitive, and that means they’re easier to rank.

So how to use Long Tail Pro to find hot long tail keywords? See what I love about this product.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

What I Love About Long Tail Pro?

There are quite a few things that I liked about this tool.

1. User-Friendly and Simple to Use:

I really don’t like complicated research tools, here’s an example of a keyword research tool I really dislike, but Long Tail Pro makes everything really simple and easy to understand.

That’s awesome!

2. Data For Every Keyword Metric:

That’s data on competition, local searches, global searches, suggested bid, and more.

The tool provides you with a lot of data that you can use to find ideal keywords for your business. Everything that you need to know about the keywords is right there for you to see.

It’s also excellent for people who want to use Google Adwords to buy traffic because it reveals the average bid for each keyword.

Of course, you can do this automatically when you create your own Ad-word campaigns just as easy.

Don’t know how to set up Google Adwords? Click here for detailed Google Adwords Training.

3. Filters:

This is one feature I really liked because it makes it possible for you to narrow down your search for better results.

An image showing one of Long Tail Pro's keyword features, real-time filtering.

There are a lot of filters available that will remove or only reveal specific keywords.

For example you can filter results for a certain amount of traffic or a certain amount of words, and much more.

4. See Your Competition:

Keyword competition is clearly the first important feature to consider when targeting long tail keyword phrases.

I like this feature because it shows you the websites that rank for your target keyword right off that bat. This gives you a little insight into how to rank for that keyword and stand out from your competition.

Check out your competitions Meta Title’s and Descriptions: Are they interesting, what grabs your attention? Use this to make your’s better!

Also, if there are a lot of authority websites ranking for your keyword, it might be difficult to rank.

You can also find this manually with a quick Google search, but this certainly improves efficiency in performing keyword research.

A screenshot from Long Tail Pro showing their score keyword competitiveness feature.

5. It’s FAST:

I have tried a lot of keyword tools, and some are decent but take a long time to deliver results, and I don’t want to wait around for results.

Long Tail Pro is a really fast tool and it gathers data in a matter of seconds, and filters the results quickly as well.

It does take awhile to load massive databases of keywords, like 800 or more results, but for the top closest matches it delivers results almost instantly!

A screenshot of Long Tail Pros homepage and their 10 day free trial offer.

The Cons of Long Tail Pro..

So what are the cons of Long Tail Pro?

1. Keyword Seeds:

You’ll need to start a new project and then type in a keyword seed. This confuses most new members because they have no idea how to use a keyword seed.

It’s actually rather simple, a keyword seed essentially gives the tool somewhere to start, and it will look for all related keywords.

And you can enter more than one seed.

Don’t worry about this so much, feel free to enter all the one word keywords that are related to your niche, separated by commas.

There are also a few other user-interface issues that you need to get used to.

2. Download Required:

In order to use this tool you’ll need to download it and be connected to the internet.

Most people aren’t that keen on downloading tools but it’s relatively small and the download will be done in seconds (as well as the installation).

Still, if you don’t like downloading tools, this is important for you to know.

3. Expensive:

Granted, it’s not as expensive as other tools, but for complete beginners, it might be a little expensive.

There are three monthly subscriptions that you can choose:

  • Monthly Starter ($37/month)
  • Monthly Pro ($67)
  • Monthly Agency ($147).

Each package offers different features, the first package, Monthly Starter includes most of the features but some are locked.

For instance, the instant competitor viewer is locked and you’ll need at least a Monthly Pro package to unlock it. 

This IS NOT a big deal, you can do this in 2 seconds with a simple Google search using your targeted keywords.

Kind of silly when you think about it.

Though the prices aren’t bad at all, and in my opinion it’s worth it, but if you don’t have enough cash, there’s a cheaper Long Tail Pro Alternative that just as good – maybe even better because it’s more simplistic.

My absolute favorite keyword research tool’s cheapest subscription is $49/month… but there are 30 Free Searches you can use to test drive this keyword tool out.

Read my a review of my favorite keyword research tool (Jaaxy).  – I’ve been using it for over 5 years to rank fast and bring in the traffic.

It also comes with easy to follow training and tons of other cool features.

I love it because it’s inexpensive, I get the metrics I need to rank fast, I can check my site rankings, it brainstorms content ideas for me and it also has a great affiliate program.

How does Long Tail Pro compare to my favorite keyword tool Jaaxy?

Long Tail Pro Versus Jaaxy:

Well, they are quite similar, except Jaaxy is an online platform while Long Tail Pro is a downloadable product. I prefer online access versus downloading products personally.

Jaaxy is cheaper but Long Tail Pro offers a few more features. 

If you compare the Monthly Starter Membership of Long Tail Pro (which is basically like Jaaxy’s Pro Version), you’ll see the same product for $18 dollars less per month with Jaaxy.

So it really comes down to your personal preferences, I recommend trying each one so you can decide which one to commit to.

Both offer free trials.

So that’s it. See Jaaxy’s Membership details below.

A picture showing Jaaxy's payment plans; Starter, Pro, and Enterprise.

A Long Tail Pro Review: Our Final Thoughts

We reached the end of our Long Tail Pro review, so let’s summarize what we know about this product.

In my opinion, Long Tail Pro is an excellent keyword research tool for serious marketers who are already making a decent income. 

It seems like it’s mainly for people who already have established websites and businesses and are simply looking to grow their traffic and expand.

There’s not much training available but it’s a really simple product so there’s no much to figure out anyways. A small learning curve a best, for example you’ll have to learn about keyword seeds and make new projects, and other similar tasks.

But all in all, it’s really simple to use, and anyone can use it.

I don’t doubt that this tool can benefit your business! 

I recommend Long Tail Pro, it’s awesome for keyword research and the data is accurate. If you want basically the same metrics, Jaaxy offers the better value.

But don’t take my word, try it yourself.




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