Acti Labs Review: What is Acti Labs About? Find Out Here

Wondering what is Acti Labs about? Need an honest Acti Labs review? Acti Labs is another company in the skin-care/cosmetic industry, and today we'll determine if it's legit or not. Unlike other companies, this one has more positive reviews than negative ones online.

Let's get to the details. 

Acti Labs Review Summary: 

Rating: 60/100

Founder: John and Yelena Miller

Pros: Very cheap to join. Simple Compensation Plan

The Cons: Low Commission Rates. 

The Bottom Line: 

It only costs $15 to become an ambassador for Acti Labs, which is much cheaper than most MLM companies. They also give you a free website, and the products are decent too. The downsides are the low commissions rates and geographical locks on the compensation plan. 

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What is Acti Labs About? 

Acti Labs is a company that sells a wide variety of skin-care and cosmetic products, ranging from lipstick to anti-aging body wraps.

Three bottles of Acti Labs anti-aging day cream

The products are made in Paris, France, and sold via a Direct Sales network of ambassadors in the UK, USA, and Canada. 

The company also advertises a business opportunity where members can sign-up as Acti Labs independent distributors to earn extra cash from home. The compensation plan is quite similar to most MLM companies in the same industries. 

Are Acti Labs Products all Natural? 

According to them, natural has no real definition. And some brands that claim to be ‘natural’, use natural ingredients which are not good. For example, oils or petrol derivatives. 

All of their ingredients are derived from natural plant or marine sources. They do not use synthetic or man-made ingredients. In fact, all ingredients are listed within the products. 

Acti-Labs is Paraben Free, Synthetic ingredient Free and Animal derivative Free. 

Acti Labs Distributor Requirements: 

Joining MLM companies is often expensive, so we decided to show you exactly what Acti Labs requires of you before you sign-up as a distributor.

Wait a Minute! 

Promoting a MLM Company is NOT a good idea.

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We'll also cover some of the terms used in their compensation plan here to make it easier for you to understand. 

  • Ambassador - Sales Rep
  • Become an Ambassador - $15

Acti-Labs Kits:

(Kits include a personal website, back-office, virtual voucher, training material, and business support) 

  1. Sample Kit - $26
  2. Hair Ologist - $52
  3. SLIM-Bassador  - $90
  4. Make Up Junkie - $90
  5. Skin-Thusiast - $100

Right off that bat, it's clear Acti-Labs is one of the cheaper MLM companies in the industry, and so it gets a point for that. Great to see a website is included, with no extra charge. 

Another company, Mary Kay, also has a very cheap starter kit, at only $30. 

Making Money with Acti Labs: 

The part of the review you have been waiting for:

One thing I liked about Acti Labs is their compensation plan is not overly complex with strange terms and abbreviations, it's straightforward and simple to understand. 

This is how it works: 

Personal Sales Commissions:  

Make money through personal sales. These can either be in-person or online, via affiliate links. During the initial stages, the commission rate is 20% for all new members, but it increases as you progress. 

For example:

If you sell over $500 in any given month, they will send you an extra 5% commission payment. Effectively bumping you up to 25% commission for sales made that month.

Acti Lab's monthly sales requirements and commission levels

However, if you sell over $1000, they will send you an extra 10% instead, bumping you up to 30% commission! 

On the other hand, the maximum commission rate is set at 30% - and that's only if you manage to move $1000 worth of products every month. That's a lot of sales. Just to clarify, 30% of $1000 is $300 - that's your commission. Not much. 

  • $0 - 350 - 20% Commission 
  • $350 - 700 - 25% Commission
  • $700 + - 30% Commission

Nevertheless, if you want to promote the products, you can do so, without any pressure. There's no need to meet minimum monthly sales quotas, at least on direct-sales. Essentially, it's the bare-bones affiliate program. The recruitment-based program is next. 

Personal Sales Acti-Cash Bonus:  

You have a chance to win some bonuses if you make a certain amount of sales within a two week period.

Sell over $200 between the 1st and the 14th of any given month, then you will receive a $20 Acti-Cash Bonus credit which you can use to pay for products.  Acti-Cash is their internal currency, used by members to purchase more stock. 

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Team Commissions:  

Of course, team commissions come into play as well. Thankfully, it's not as complex as other plans. With Team Commissions you can get paid up to 10% of referral's earnings, six generations down. On the other hand, there are a few things that you need to know. 

For instance, team commissions are unlocked based on how many sales you make, the more sales, the deeper the generations.

Take a look at the requirements below: 

Acti Labs ranks, levels, and sales requirements for each rank

These are the sales requirements you need to meet to earn the bonuses we'll talk about in a second. So you need to make $175 worth of sales, and someone under you needs to make at least $280 worth of sales, to unlock the first team commission. 

To simplify, the more you earn, the more your level increases. Every two levels you can unlock a new type of team bonus. Increase your level by meeting the sales quota in the above screenshot (notice the pink numbers). 

The first team commission bonus is 5% Acti-Cash (Gen 1, Level 1), which is the internal currency that you can use to buy more products. The second level (or Gen 1, Level 2) of the team bonus plan is 7% on generation sales. Third, is 8% on Gen 1 and 4% on Gen 2, and so forth. 

Gen 1 are the people directly under you, and Gen 2 are the people under those people, and so on. The maximum Gen level is six. The idea is to earn a commission on every generation under you, so the money flows to your account. 

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Pros of Acti-Labs:

Here are the pros I have found in the Acti-Labs, here's what we liked. 

1. Very Cheap to Get Started:

Unlike MLMs that charge thousands of dollars to join, Acti Labs only charges you $15 to become an ambassador. The membership also provides you with a personal website and back-office to manage generations and sales. I have to admit, not a bad deal at all. 

2. Products Have Good Reviews Online:

It looks like most of Acti Lab's products have decent reviews online. They're moderately priced and the quality is great too. Not many complaints here. 

3. Easy to Understand Compensation Plan:

Instead of worrying about weird binary-leg systems, Acti Labs keeps their compensation plan simple, only two charts are needed. It's refreshing to find a compensation plan that doesn't require extensive examination to understand the details. 

4. Includes a Free Website:

Though the website is a clone of all the other Acti Labs sites, it is personalized, and you can use it as an online store, instead of trying to sell the product to your friends. Nice little feature. 

Better yet, if you learn how to drive free traffic to the site, you can make sales on autopilot. You can read this post to Learn How to Bring Free Traffic to Any Website.

Cons of Acti-Labs:

Of course, while there may be positive traits, there are also the negative ones:

1. Only Available in Four Countries:

Though you can access their website and purchase products from anywhere in the world, the commission plan is only available for people in the following countries; France, Canada, U.S, and UK. If you don't live in either of those countries you won't be able to participate in the rewards plan, both personal sales commissions and team bonuses. 

2. Low Commissions:

Remember, the maximum commission rate is 30% but that's only when you reach the maximum level by moving $1,000 worth of products every month. When you start, commissions will be a measly 20% which is quite little. 

I mean, you're doing all the work to make sales, and the company is taking 80% of the earnings. That doesn't seem fair. 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

Conclusion on Acti Labs: 

Though Acti Labs is a MLM, it's not as bad as some of the MLM companies out there. You're not forced to meet certain sales requirements, and you can just make personal sales, if you want.

Acti Labs is a decent company, but I don't think you can make that much money with them. When I see the sales you need to make to move up in levels, I can't help but wonder how much you can earn if you cut out Acti Labs and promote your own product. You're losing 80% of your income! 

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A Much Better Alternative: 

If you want to make money online, but you don't like the idea of recruiting people to a MLM scheme, there's a better alternative for you. 

Personally, I recommend finding a decent affiliate program, and use a website to promote it. Very simple. The best part is affiliate programs often pay more than 50% commissions - that's already more than the maximum level in Acti Labs. Keep in mind, affiliate programs don't require you to reach a certain sales quota to meet that commission rate either. 

So if you want to learn how to build a successful online business, consider checking out my recommended program below. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Acti Labs review. Hopefully now you know what is Acti Labs about and you can make the right decision. Leave a comment if you have any questions. 

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