by Todd

December 1, 2017

Amazing Selling Machine X Review Image

Welcome to the most up to date Amazing Selling Machine review of 2020!

Amazing Selling Machine is one of the best e-commerce training programs out there… and it just got a whole lot better.

Important: Amazing Selling Machine 12 is almost here! New modules have been added, old modules have been updated, and a host of new exciting features are coming soon. Limited spots available, more details below! 

The new program includes a whole bunch of new features, tools, and training videos – never before seen in the e-commerce industry.

Continue reading this new and updated ASM review to see what is waiting for you.

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Product Name: Amazing Selling Machine, Amazing Inc., ASM

Product Type: e-Commerce Business Training

Creators: Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback

Price: $4,997 or 6 payments of $997

Best For: Anyone looking to build an eCommerce business.

Rating: 95/100

Summary: Amazing Selling Machine offers pretty much everything you need to start a multi-million dollar e-commerce business. ASM11 will teach you how to source products, build a brand, and so much more, using Amazon’s FBA program.

Very few e-commerce training courses can compare to the value offered inside the Amazing Selling Machine. But it’s not for everyone, and it does require a larger investment.

Recommended: Yes.

Beginner-friendly? Yes.

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After looking at this product over the past 5 years, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) continues to improve upon its educational program to teach people how to sell on Amazon.

Every couple of years they launch a new version, their most recent being ASM 12. Another important factor that every reputable online training program has is… some form of Community Support.

And ASM has awesome Community Support.

I admit I was a bit tough on ASM in this review when I first looked at the program, but after having a family friend take this course, I’ve changed my outlook on the Amazing Selling Machine.

And of course, the new version (ASM 12) adds plenty of new exciting features and tools. Building an e-commerce empire has never been easier.

Amazing Selling Machine 12 Upcoming Features: 

There are some new exciting features and content coming with the launch of Amazing Selling Machine 12.

What you need to know about this particular update is that it’s one of the biggest in the online program’s history, there’s a lot to unpack in here! And, if you buy this version, then you’ll get access to all the future versions too.

Let’s get into the details. 

The new ASM 12 program is going to add the following features: 

  1. ALL-New 9-Module Online Web Class (With a focus on Facebook Messenger, Google Ads, and YouTube ads)
  2. The ASM Mentor Program (Pick the brain of successful entrepreneurs!)
  3. Amazing Alliance Private Community (Private community with hundreds of members, a place to ask questions, collect feedback, and more)
  4. Private Resource Vault (Speed up the time it takes to launch your business using proven resources)

On top of those awesome new features, we’re going to get access to 4 brand new software tools. These tools will help you easily find products to sell in a matter of minutes.

We’re also getting a very streamlined product selection method, narrowing it down to five criteria. And finally, a detailed breakdown of how to find low-cost strategies to bid on competitive keywords.

Very cool. 

Update 2020 Success Promise! 

And there’s one more thing that will bring you some peace of mind. ASM is going to update its 2020 Success Promise, which not only includes a 30-day full refund but will also reimburse you up to $5,000 of your investment.

The condition is you tried the program for six months, followed the training material, but didn’t see any sales.

That’s how confident they are that you’ll make money with the course. 

The new version of ASM is scheduled to launch in mid-June, 2020. 

Reserve Your Spot Today! 

A Family Friends ASM Success Story:

Back to my family friend…

After taking this course, which took him 3 months to complete while working a full-time job, he now has a business that is doing incredibly well.

  • On months five and six he made over $17,000 profit per month.
  • And he’s on track to make over $500,000 his first year.

That’s pretty good.

He’s created his own brand name product and sales are on the rise…

Not only that, his minister (who recommended the program to him) made over $1.2 Million last year from his Amazon product using the guidance of Amazing Selling Machine.

So there’s HUGE POTENTIAL working with the Amazing Selling Machine course. 

You probably think this sounds a little far-fetched. The truth is this income doesn’t always come from selling one product.

Amazing Selling Machine teaches you how to build sustainable systems and sell multiple products at a time. Not to mention all the training modules about brand building and re-investment.

Amazing Selling Machine Disclosure Statement Image

Folks, I’ve reviewed A LOT of online money-making programs.

60K is a pretty impressive number considering most online programs (especially MLM’s) have an average income disclosure of people making less than $500/year (that sucks!).

So Amazing is doing much better than the average.

My Personal e-Commerce Journey:

I actually worked with Amazon’s FBA program for 6 months and netted over $1,500 a week (on my own). 

I followed some basic training and I took care of all the details and orders on my own.

My results could have been even better if I followed a proper training course and had a community of eCommerce enthusiasts supporting me.

And this is really where Amazing Selling Machine comes into play.

They give you a structured system to follow that also has great support.

There’s NO DOUBT that Amazing Selling Machine’s Training Works!

Important: I am an Amazing affiliate and may be compensated for promoting these products and services. So if you find my review useful, and I certainly hope you do, please join the Amazing Selling Machine using my link. I get a referral fee if you become a member and it really helps pay the bills, so thanks!

Back to Our ASM 12 Review:

Below you’ll find some of the topics we’ll discuss in this review:

  • Is Amazing Selling Machine Worth the price? 
  • Can you make your money back?
  • Is the information up-to-date?
  • Do they offer quality support?
  • Is the community helpful and engaging?
  • Can you really make $100,00/month by following the training material?
  • Or Is it all just a waste of time and money? 

Just a quick heads up; eCommerce businesses can be extremely profitable.

But getting into it is difficult, especially without proper guidance.

Yes, the Amazing Selling Machine Is Expensive!

I’ll cut to the chase, this is an expensive program. And you have to spend quite a bit on ads too! 

No denying it. Most people see the price tag and recoil in horror, assuming it’s another expensive scam.

But here’s the thing… 

An image of an Amazing Selling Machine student and his weekly product sales of $29,556.
Here’s Another Example of a Successful ASM Student

The truth is Amazing Selling Machine is not for everyone. It’s a high ticket product, with a potentially high return on investment, such as $30,000 a month and more! 

Chances are you won’t make money right off the bat as my friend did.

But let’s make one thing clear:

Amazing Selling Machine is not a scam. Although the price tag is higher than other Amazon Selling programs, it’s definitely worth it.

And it’s not unusual for members to go on to make massive e-commerce empires, netting hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

I’ll explain why below.

Is Amazing Selling Machine Worth $4,997?

We’ll talk about the training in a second, but first…

Trial and error work great with some things.

But if you’re serious about making money with eCommerce, it’s great to have someone (who’s had success) guide you through the process.

The videos inside the Amazing Selling Machine are enough to do just that. They offer an over-the-shoulder view of what you need to do on your end to start building an empire.

Incredibly helpful. And then there are mentors and a community ready to help out with any problems you might run into.

I can understand the value that the owners, Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback, place on their Amazing Selling Machine. Their logic is no different than the value a college or university places on their courses!

If you’re going to gain a career that earns you 70K/year for 30 years, what’s 50K in tuition fees?

So what’s $3 to $5K to spend on a program that has a huge profit potential of $100K/mo?

Makes sense, right? 

The problem is not everyone follows through with the training material, even if the training material is accurate and easy-to-understand.

That’s part of the risk-reward thing and should be completely acceptable to any entrepreneur.

An image of a man packing a product in his office representing an eCommerce business.

But before you dive into the course, there are a few things that you need to know!

Some people thrive with eCommerce businesses, while other people pull their hair out in frustration, trying to deal with all the little technical details.

If that applies to you, no worries. There are still plenty of other ways to make money online.

Another point worth mentioning is eCommerce businesses often require a larger investment.

But even though buying stock has an initial fee, if you sell the stock for a 100 or 200% markup you’ll make all your money back in no time.

8 Weeks Worth of ASM 12 Lessons:

Back to the training material…

I calculated the total time it will take to watch all the videos is roughly four weeks.

There are 8 modules (and more will likely be added) with a total of 132 video lessons.

Of course, it’s not just video. Each video includes PDF files, slides, and images too.

You can download the files and use them offline too.


Amazing Selling Machine X was the last update, launched in April 2018. 

The upcoming version is called Amazing Selling Machine 12 and it’s scheduled to launch on October 8, 2019. 

What you need to know: 

The doors will open… but they’ll close on October 26th. If you want a chance to grab the brand-new updated training course, then you’ll have to act quickly. 

Amazing Selling Machine 12 updates all the old modules with new information, as well as new content and features. They claim to have redone every video from scratch while bringing more features, and Amazon experts into the mix. 

Here’s the thing:

But you’re not supposed to try and watch as many videos as you can in one day.

As a matter of fact, it’s recommended to only complete 1 module a week or 1-2 videos a day.

Before you know, you will be on your way to being the proud owner of an e-commerce business

Amazing will Help Avoid Common e-Commerce Mistakes:

Amazing Selling Machine with take you by the hand and guide you around all the obstacles that come with building an e-commerce business, so you get to the results quicker.

For example:

One common mistake people make when it comes to eCommerce businesses is they order way too much stock and end up not being able to sell it.

To avoid this problem, take it a step at a time.

Test the market. Order small. 

You’ll avoid a lot of problems.

Amazing Selling Machines has whole modules on the subject of testing the market and suppliers. One tip they recommend is always order samples from a supplier, before placing an initial order.

New Features! (Amazing Selling Machine 12)

So what exactly is in the new version? What can you expect?

Not only did they update all the modules and videos, but they also added 60% new never-before-seen content into the mix.

To clarify, the soft-launch is on the 8th, while the official launch is on the 16th. And the doors close on the 26th! 

Amazing Selling Machine was always one of the best e-commerce training courses there is.

But things just got a whole lot better.

Some new and exciting features have been added to the package, drastically increasing the value of the Amazing Selling Machine.

(We’ll expand on these features later on in this review.)

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”ASM Features:”]

  • ASM Mentor Program
  • Weekly Online Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Resource Vault
  • Automation Tool Suite (Brand new business management software, includes keyword & product research)
  • 3-Day in-person Live Event (ASM members)
  • Community (Facebook, Forum, etc) 


[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”New ASM 12 Features Coming Soon:”]

The window is October 8th to 26th. Don’t miss it. 

  • 60% New Content (Four in-depth Videos) 
  • Reworked Every Video and Module from Scratch
  • Added Private Sourcing Agent Bonus (An Amazon Expert Helps Find Products for You) 
  • More Amazon Experts (Interviews, Case Studies, etc) 
  • Plenty of “Done for You” Services (Fast Start Your Business!) 
  • New Prizes for Members! (Over $175K in Prizes) 
  • Extra Templates and Downloads
  • Detailed Product-Launching Strategies 
  • And a lot more. 

We’ll talk more about these features later on in this review. 


ASM Training Modules:

  • Welcome Module. Consists of 14 tailored video-lessons.
  • Module 1. Finding Products. Covers all the basics of product research.
  • Module 2. Finding suppliers and getting samples, crunching numbers.
  • Module 3. Ordering and building a brand.
  • Module 4. Build brand tools. Social media, websites, etc.
  • Module 5. 13 Lessons. Pimp out your product page. Sales writing tips, conversion optimization, and more.
  • Module 6. Launching new products. Learn how to make the ideal product launch.
  • Module 7. Advanced marketing methods.
  • Module 8. Expand further. 12 Lessons on how to expand far into the future.

Sounds like a lot, right?

Well… that’s the new stuff.

Combine that with all the training material from the older versions, and you have got a crazy amount of value.

I mean, practically every tiny detail about building an e-commerce empire is talked about inside Amazing Selling Machine.


But it doesn’t stop there…

The Amazing Selling Machine team is so confident with their product, you can basically try it for free.

Amazing Inc.’s 30 Day Refund Guarantee… or Get it For Free!

After reviewing 100’s on internet marketing products and tools, I’ve found a common trend.

Every program of value that I’ve worked with comes with some sort of free trial or guarantee.

In other words, you can try out the winners without risk.

(And sometimes companies throw a refund guarantee in there with no intention of actually offering refunds. Those are the scams.) 

I’ve found that solid online education resources are confident in their products, and so they offer some way for the user to come in and check them out risk-free.

What about the Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine offers a 30-day UNCONDITIONAL Guarantee, can you believe that?

So if you invest in this education, and find out that eCommerce isn’t for you, within 30 days of purchase you can get a complete (100%) refund.

No questions asked. No strings attached. Submit a request and your money will pop back into your account. 

How about that for confidence in an educational program? Pretty cool.

Try ASM’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

[thrive_link color=’red’ link=’′ target=’_self’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Click Here >> Try ASM Risk Free >>[/thrive_link]

But it Gets Even Better with ASM 12…

There is a way for you to get Amazing Selling Machine for free.

Here’s how it works:

Amazing Selling Machine wants you to succeed, so they’re offering a six-month buy-back guarantee.

This is crazy!

If you buy the product (and go through the training) but don’t see results, Amazing Selling Machine will buy-back your stock and reimburse your cash.

Basically they’ll buy you out of the program if you choose to leave. This includes refunding all purchases, up to $10,000.

This is where they pay you up to 10K for your Amazon store and then take it over for you.

How is that for a refund policy? I think it’s awesome.

What if You Don’t Have Money to Invest?

If you don’t have that $5,000 laying around, don’t sweat it.

You can get started with a small budget. 

Or if you really want an Amazing Selling Machine membership there is always the payment plan option they offer.

But if you do have that kind of money to invest… 

And you have a passion for e-commerce businesses, I say it’s an excellent idea.

But enough about the price, what exactly is inside the member’s area?

An image of an Amazing Selling Machine student and co-owner showing the students yearly product sales report of over 1.6 million dollars.
Same ASM Student but a Yearly Snap Shot of his Amazon Sales

Does Amazing Selling Machine Really Work?

Amazing Selling Machine is not something you can flip on and watch the money come in.

It’s more like a blueprint that shows you exactly how to do build an e-commerce business on Amazon.

And yes, plenty of people have had success with it (like my friend from earlier). If you follow the steps, to the detail, you will definitely see success.

And if you don’t, then you can ask for a full refund. No risk.

ASM will provide you with the tools (training and support) but it’s up to you to take action and make it work.

One thing I know about e-commerce businesses is they can explode under proper management. 

ASM Offers Proper Management:

When I was involved with selling on Amazon, I was earning over $1,500 a week.

So, technically, I could have paid off an Amazing Selling Machine investment in a couple of weeks.

I was earning that much without an Amazing Selling Machine membership, but eventually, my business crashed and burned.

Why’s That?

I didn’t have the guidance to manage my business properly.

But like I said earlier, a family friend of mine did buy Amazing Selling Machine.

Back then, when Amazing Selling Machine was launching its first version, I assumed my friend made a mistake and wasted his money.

Some time passed, and I heard some interesting news from my friend who bought the course.

He told me he built a business that brings in over $17,000 a month by following this Amazing Selling Machine course.

I was shocked.

I didn’t think the program would be worth the investment.

And I was worried he would fall into debt… but the opposite happened.

There were a couple things that my friend told me that stuck out in my mind that YOU NEED TO KNOW.

  1. ASM does a great job of walking you through the process through video tutorials.
  2. If he didn’t have the videos to follow, he does not think he would have ever completed the course. This compares to buying a book to follow (discussed below).
  3. He felt the biggest factor in having success is based upon the Product You Sell.
  4. He also said that you DON’T need to have an idea for a product before you begin with ASM. They guide you through this process.

Is Amazing Selling Machine Beginner-friendly?

Once of the concerns people have about this course is if it caters to a beginner crowd.

There’s nothing worse than dropping a few thousand dollars on a product only to have it full of technical jargon you don’t understand.

I’m happy to announce the Amazing Selling Machine is totally beginner-friendly, the first modules walk you through all the basics.

For instance, the first module is all about finding product opportunities.

So this is the perfect starting point for people who are new to selling on Amazon.

And here is where things get really crazy:

Inside the Amazing Selling Machine member’s area, you can submit a product-opportunity list to experienced mentors for their opinion.

So not only do you have training that shows you how to find the best product ideas, but you can also ask professionals for their advice, in real-time.

That’s crazy. I wished I could have done that back when I started e-commerce, it would probably saved me a lot of stress and cash.

The idea is to make a list of product ideas, found through extensive research.

Speaking of research, an Amazing Selling Machine membership entitles you to free access to a handful of research tools:

  • Manage By Stats
  • Brand Launchpad
  • Continual Sales System
  • Helium 10 Keyword Tools.

Not to mention you can also see all your important seller information from in the Amazing Selling Machined dashboard.

In my opinion, the Amazing Selling Machine is incredibly newbie-friendly, and anyone can start with it.

Don’t Worry If You DON’T Have a Product Idea:

In fact, most of the people who start are inexperienced and don’t even have any product ideas.

So the first modules in the ASM’s training will teach you all about product research, which is a core task of any e-commerce business owner.

But if that all wasn’t enough, Amazing Selling Machine also has weekly group coaching sessions.

These sessions offer an opportunity for people to ask their questions, in a group environment, and receive real-time feedback.

You can also learn from other people’s ideas, and see how other people in the community are progressing with the system.

That’s pretty awesome.

ASM 12 Makes it Even Easier! 

Remember that list of new features coming soon?

The people over at Amazing Inc realized one of their student’s main challenges was finding products, product supplier, and negotiating. Most people struggled with that. It’s a lot easier said than done, that’s for sure.

Maybe you find a hot product but you can’t find a supplier. Or you find a supplier and they scam you. All sorts of things can go wrong! 

One of the features that I’m the most excited about, which is coming soon, is called Private Sourcing Agent Bonus. 

What is a Private Sourcing Agent Bonus? 

Private Sourcing Agent Bonus is a new add-on service from the Amazing Selling Machine team. It’s a service that matches you with your own sourcing agent who will find suppliers for you and help negotiate on your behalf.

The agent will help you find a maximum of 3 quality product suppliers. So if you’re worried about finding product sources and communicating with factories overseas, now you can relax. How cool is that? They’ll also help you negotiate minimum order quantity and price! 

Now that’s one of the many done-for-you features that are coming on October 16th. Personally, I’m really excited about this feature.

I really appreciate how Amazing Inc is working so hard to make their student’s lives easier. 

If that wasn’t enough… 

Free Bonus: Product Selection Tool 

If you manage to get inside within the window (October 16 – 26th) then you’ll gain access to their brand new product selection tool.

What this tool does is automate most of the tedious searches you need to complete to find the best selling products on Amazon. Basically all you have to do is type in the name of a product to see if it has potential. Incredible useful.

And did I mention it’s a free bonus? The tool will only be available for a limited time. 

The Core Idea Behind Amazing Selling Machine? 

Amazing Selling Machine teaches you the principles of eCommerce business and drop shipping. But you won’t be running to the post office every day with boxes of products to ship across the planet.

No. The system using Amazon’s FBA program which acts are a drop-shipper on your behalf.

In other words, they hold your inventory and ship the products to your clients. You don’t have to stock anything in your home.

You just have to order the products from suppliers and then send them to the FBA facility, and they’ll take care of the rest. Pretty simple, right?

The idea, in a nutshell, is to find light-weight products that you can buy wholesale and sell on Amazon or eBay for a nice markup, eventually building a brand.

Below are the steps outlined in the Amazing Selling Machine training material: 

  1. Find hot products using websites like,, (here’s our Terapeak Review), &
  2. Find smaller and lightweight products (to reduce delivery expenses) that are also Hot Sellers.
  3. Locate reliable Chinese suppliers using,, or
  4. Get 10 – 12 suppliers to send you samples.
  5. Beat the #### out of, I mean to test your samples for strength and durability.
  6. Place the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).
  7. Send your order into the Amazon FBA program and let Amazon do the rest.

This is essentially the nuts and bolts of the Amazing Selling Machine’s course.

The content is delivered by training videos or live seminars (we’ll talk about that a little later).

Sounds great, right?

And it is, Amazon is awesome to work with and acts as the perfect drop-shipper. Since Amazon’s shipments are subsidized by the US Government, their shipping charges are cheaper than USPS/UPS/DHL/etc.

Plus the Amazon marketplace is ginormous (is that really a word? – it is now!), so your chances of selling your products are good.

Special Amazon Seller Tip: If you do sell on Amazon or eBay, make sure you request feedback after every transaction, this will build your seller rating and will greatly impact your overall long-term business and sales numbers.

Good ratings are key to building an eCommerce business!

A screenshot from Amazing Selling Machine showing learning module 3 dealing with picking a supplier, placing your first order and developing your brand.
I love ASM’s Module 3: All Relevant Topics for a Successful Amazon Seller!

Amazing Selling Machine Pros:

Here are some things that I like about the Amazing Selling Machine…

I know, it’s a more expensive program, but there are some upsides you should know about.

One of the things I loved about the program is it’s not a bunch of training material that bores you to death.

There is the main training course, and then there’s a section where members can engage with one another in the public forum. 

Community support is really important, it can provide you with an incredible boost, especially when you’re business is fresh out of the oven.

Most people start out on their own and feel like they need to do everything on their own.

It can be lonely. It can feel hopeless.

But it doesn’t have to be. 

My advice to anyone starting an online business – find a community that supports you.

I promise it will make a huge difference.

On that note, as we mentioned earlier, Amazing Selling Machine not only does group online coaching sessions (which are incredibly helpful, especially when you’re new to the scene.) but also grants you access to private product agents. Not to mention that free product selection tool. 

When I first started looking for training programs on importation and selling on Amazon, I ran into a man named Skip McGrath (he’s well known as an eBay/Amazon Power Seller).

He offers a great website full of useful information as well as an in-depth training manual called The Complete Amazon Marketing System for $227.

The trade-off to ASM…  It’s a book.

Very similar information, but like my friend said, he did think he would have followed through or had success using a book.

Amazing Selling Machine’s videos were the key to him.

One more thing I liked about this course is they host real-life seminars, not just webinars.

These are seminars that you can attend in person! 

Though the price for a ticket is a bit pricey, the seminars provide you with some amazing networking opportunities. You can also use other people’s success to come up with your own business ideas.

Besides the main event, mingling with a crowd and getting to know other fellow entrepreneurs can be a life-changing event. Recommended.

A screenshot from Amazing Selling Machine showing the top 100 product opportunities for new student to help students develop eCommerce business ideas.
Have insight on hot products is key to making online sales on Amazon.

What I Didn’t Like…

Now let’s talk about what I didn’t like…

The main downside is the price. It is steep.

Once again, if you can use the information that allows you to build a profitable business, this investment will feel like nothing in the the grand scale of things.

But if you’re tight on cash, I recommend Skip McGrath book (our review).

Or the Proven Amazing Course (click for our review).

You should also know you’ll have to spend your own money, out of pocket, on business expenses.


So the total initial investment is quite high.

My friend who’s had excellent success with ASM told me that he thinks you need a minimum of $10,000 to $15,000. I agree based on my experience selling on Amazon as well.

Though most people who see the price tag will immediately leave the page, there are people who can appreciate the amount of value, and are open to giving it a shot.

Remember the refund and buy-out policies we talked about earlier?

Not much to lose. It just takes one shot.

Another important thing: The product doesn’t promise you’ll be a millionaire in weeks.

We have all seen those advertisements… and frankly, we’re sick of it.

I have no idea if you will see success with the product, but I know people (some personally) have used the training to build incredibly successful business.

Like around the area of $100,000 a month. Not too shabby.

I know. The hype is a little hard to believe. 

I mean, I receive emails in my spam folder that promise I’ll be a millionaire if I click a simple link.

Amazing Selling Machine used to make claims that you can make thousands of dollars in no time. It did sound a bit like a scam.

But, recently they shifted the focus from money, to building a brand, which was a smart move.

Now it’s all about how to build a brand, which can take a long time, but the income potential is crazy.

E-commerce has one of the highest profit potentials compared to other styles of online businesses.

As I mentioned earlier, eCommerce businesses can either work out really well or they can flop!

It is a risk, as is anything in life.

Amazing Selling Machine Review Conclusion:

Making sales while sleeping was awesome when I sold on Amazon (now I do it with affiliate marketing).

But dealing with…

  • Customer returns
  • Importing errors
  • Clearing customs,
  • Not selling all of my merchandise

Were a few of the downsides to importation and drop-shipping with Amazon.

As a matter of fact, I still have a couple hundred iPhone 5/5S cases if anyone is interested – Military Grade & Waterproof Cases  <img draggable=” />

But seriously, I left drop-shipping and selling on Amazon because it can be a risky endeavor.

My last project was going to be Women’s High-End Yoga Pants.

Try pricing 6 styles of yoga pants at 4 sizes/style, MOQ of 100 pieces per size/per style at 17.50 per unit.

That’s over $42,000 dollars just for the product.

Then add in the advertising fees, importing duties, etc…

You can see the risk involved. 

What happens if women don’t like my Yoga Pants?

Now I’ve got $40,000 dollars of useless Spandex.


That’s where Amazon’s FBA program comes into the picture.

They’ll handle all the shipping details for you and act as a middle man.

With the training material from Amazing Selling Machine, you’ll learn how to properly use their program to build a proper business. So you can avoid a lot of the problems that come with e-commerce together.

If you do have the cash to invest and the desire, I think the Amazing Selling Machine is a great idea.

You’ll never know unless you try – Right?

But you have to join the program with the mindset of a winner.

You have to be ready to follow the program to the letter and invest many working hours into the business, and more cash too.

The program will not build the business for you.

It can only show you what to do, it can’t force you to do it.

My suggestion is to…

[thrive_link color=’red’ link=’′ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Join the ASM if You are Ready to Build a Business >>[/thrive_link]

But if you don’t want to deal with eCommerce issues, there is an alternative…

What if you don’t like e-commerce?

Why I Switched to Affiliate Marketing?

That all sounds great, so why am I not doing it?

Here’s the deal:

With affiliate marketing I can still sell on Amazon – Without Any Of The Risk.

Granted, the profit margins are very different, but there’s very little risk building niche-based websites.

I also can sell practically any brand name product from any company, including brand name products that sell on Amazon or eBay.

Plus I avoid all the problematic issues of importation…

  • Inventory
  • Cost of Purchasing Products
  • Customer Service
  • Returns and Exchanges

All I did was learn how to build a website, which is super easy in this day and age – you can build a free website right here (no worries, the hyperlink will pop up in another window and you can check it out later).

I learned how to write quality content that ranks fast in order to build traffic to my site.

I establish trust with my website audience, and then recommend products that I know, support, and apply to my own online business.

The cost of starting the business included my educational program ($30/mo), my domain name ($12/year), and my hosting is included for free in my educational program.

Let’s do the math.

  • Educational Program: $30/month
  • Domain Name: $12/year
  • Hosting: Included for Free.

That’s a total of $372 for one year and my business produces full time income.

I continue to build my online business, my revenue continues to grow on a daily basis.

I prefer less headaches, less risk for my time and effort, how about you?

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Do You Have Experience With Amazing Inc? 

If so, please leave me a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for checking out my Amazing Selling Machine Review, I really hope that it’s giving you a new perspective on the importation, drop-shipping, and selling on Amazon.

Remember, the Amazing Selling Machine is an expensive course, but the value inside is absolutely mind-blowing and actionable.

And for the icing on the cake, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

So there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

[thrive_link color=’red’ link=’′ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Click Here to Start Amazing Selling Machine >>[/thrive_link]

Give it a shot. It might be exactly what you’re looking for. Thanks again for reading our Amazing Selling Machine review – You’re Awesome!

Amazing Selling Machine




  • Private Coaching Calls, Mentor Program, Solid Community Support.
  • Product Selection & Supplier Locating Assistance.
  • A Proven System that leads to Successful Selling on Amazon.


  • It's Expensive.

About the author 


Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.

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  1. Great review of ASM, Todd. Loved reading it fully, as well as the interesting comments posted. I especially loved how you didn’t go overboard in any one direction, instead leaving readers with enough to make an informed decision about whether or not Amazing Selling Machine is the right choice. That’s a rarity in the over-hyped affiliate selling universe, indeed. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Eleanor for your honest and kind feedback on my Amazing Selling Machine review. I try to play devil’s advocate as an affiliate marketer and give the information that I’d want to know in order to make a sound buying decision. Especially with things that are as important as starting an online business or trying to make a life change where you go from working for somebody to being your own boss.

      These are important decisions and I fell for a few shabby training programs when I got started online and I don’t appreciate it. Quality matters in life and that certainly is true in educational programs and the online businesses that people produce.

      Anyways, your comment means a lot to me, thanks for sharing it.

  2. I am sure That Amazing Selling Machine can be profitable, however, for me, WA is the answer. Why? Well, as you made clear that one can still make profit on Amazon without all the investment, shipping and handling etc.thank you for laying out on the table, so to speak. all the benefits that WA offers, not only to those who have been around for a while but also those just getting started. Free starter training, 2 Free Websites, and the opportunity to go premium at any time. 

    Thanks again

    David W.

    1. Thanks David for your feedback on my ASM review. WA works great for 1,000’s of online entrepreneurs and you make some good points as to why.

      Both affiliate marketing and eCommerce are my two favorite ways to make money online and really they’re the best two options for most people as well.

  3. Hi Todd. I am reading about this amazing selling machine for the first time. That $10000 is a lot. What I like is the fact that it offers niche advice and brand development. It also provides training that is valuable in the long term, with coaching calls and mentoring…………but 132 videos ? Thanks for the review. It is good to find out about all that ASM has to offer. Maybe one day……

    1. Hi JJ,

      Just keep working hard at affiliate marketing and you’ll build yourself a nice monthly income. Then once you have your affiliate marketing business established, you can always branch off into e-commerce. ASM also has payment plans so that could help.


  4. Well I also one of the many people who close their page after seeing the price. I thought Amazing Selling Machine will be another scam, but reading your friend’s story and what their modules offer, I think it’s possible that this program is not another online fraud. The big problem is I don’t really have that much money to start. By taking account from what your friend said, I need to prepare at least US$10,000, and it is too heavy for me.

    Are they have installment or similar payment policy for people like me? Otherwise, I may just check your other (cheaper) alternatives. Thank you

  5. Hello Todd. Thanks for this comprehensive review of Amazing Selling Machine. I’ve been seeing reviews of many money making products online lately, and most of them are scams or fake promises. After reading your review, it felt good for once to find a program that actually works.

    But as you said in the ending, E-commerce has a high risk and needs to have an initial investment of 10000-15000. But for those who really like e-commerce, i don’t think that will be a problem as people have actually made money using the Amazing Selling Machine program.

    Me personally like a risk-free way of making money online so i chose affiliate marketing. I don’t need to think about inventory, i just have my website and maybe some other social media (YouTube, Facebook) and building my page with useful content and affiliate links.

    The reading of the whole review was easy and informative. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day.

    1. Hey George, that’s how I felt after I start out originally an e-commerce. It is a much bigger risk and much more planning involved. If it wasn’t for a yoga pants project that I backed out on that was going to cost me about $40,000, I never would have discovered affiliate marketing.
      They both have pros and cons and so my 2 cents is to just do your homework before you begin any online business. But definitely affiliate marketing is the least risky way to start a successful online business.

  6. Dear Todd,

    As the experts advice I am in the email list of some successful internet marketers from whom I learn. And to my surprise many of them recommended Amazing Selling Machine which got my interest. Before doing any research itself I knew it’s a genuine program otherwise those legends won’t recommend it. I want to know additional information on this product and found your helpful review post.

    As you mentioned, although this is an amazing program I am really worried about the large investment. Your friends success story is inspiring and thanks for sharing. I am really interested in eCommerce business and I do have few friends doing it successfully. 

    You explained it well on the high ticket price, although I am not able to afford it at the moment for sure this is on my list. From now on I am planning to save money for this course.

    The features and the training modules are amazing and I got helpful insights. Six month buy-back guarantee is mind-blowing but I am sure everyone who follow their awesome training will succeed.

    Much Success!


    1. Hey Paul, I think you seem like a pretty hard worker and so I think your chances of finding success using Amazing Selling Machine would be pretty good. The training is really solid according to my friend and it’s pretty simple to follow. It just takes a solid and consistent work ethic. It also is really important on the product that you choose but you can always sell multiple products on Amazon as well.

      One thing to mention is that they do have a payment plan so you can start working on your business even if you don’t have all the funds at once to get started.

      Best of luck,

  7. Thanks Todd for an amazing journey through the Amazing selling machine. This a well-produced review explaining all the ins and outs of eCommerce and gives others an alternative in affiliate marketing (which I often say is  “the best game in Town.”).

    A $5 grand investment is a big call but as you become successful you can start to channel some of this back.

    The 30-day guarantee should allow sufficient time to see if this is for you and you will spend the time and effort to achieve in a world that takes a dedication to the result.

    There is enough in this review to excite anyone to get started selling on Amazon using ASM.

    Peter H

    Affiliate marketer

  8. Hi Todd. I have heard about ASM before and I was researching for it to get more information. Your article has answered most of my doubts. This product seems really cool to invest in for long time return.

    Your analysis is very well in depth and comprehensive. It’s easy to understand. I enjoyed reading it thoroughly and even the tiny details such as modules are described very well. The best part is this product is risk-free with 30 days money back guarantee!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.

  9. First of all thanks for the thoughtful and thorough review about ASM. So as an aspiring/starting entrepreneur, I am not going to ask for the lenght of the return of investment rather I’ll ask how much will it cost me in implementing the action steps in every module?

    Does ASM has a backend product like you need to purchase before you continue in the next module or you need to buy in order to get things right?

    How about advertising for ranking?

    Jungle Scout & ManageByStats?

    Referral and closing fee?

    So to sum it up. How much do I need more to invest besides $3,997? If there is can you list it down for us readers

    ASM – $3997
    First Product order – $?
    JungleScout & ManageByStats – $?
    Inventory/Storage fee – $?
    Referral & Closing fee – $?
    Advertising – $?

    As an affiliate of asm, do you earn more marketing their course? Or you earn more in your ecomm business?

    Thanks in advance and much be appreciated.

    1. Hey Junefrey,

      Thanks for your feedback on our ASM review, much appreciated.

      I sent off your questions to an ASM rep to make sure I got it correctly answered since I don’t work for Amazing Selling Machine.

      Special Note: Amazing’s Support Response:
      This customer has a great question! He will absolutely have to invest past the cost of the course, he is starting a business. 🙂

      The way I encourage new potential Amazon entrepreneurs is to think of it is like this…

      It all depends on their budget and how much work they personally want to put in (like sweat equity in a home).

      If he can afford $3,000 to invest in addition to the cost of ASM, that would be sufficient.

      He will want to work with his realistic budget. Not all services we recommend will be critical to his business being successful, but rather helpful in time management and efficiency.

      So with that said, some services can wait until his Amazon business is more successful before investing in them.

      This is when the community and mentor advice can be really helpful. We cannot put a specific dollar amount to what he is asking because there are too many variables, like the amount of inventory will affect storage fees.

      What I can say, is we have had students purchase ASM, and then start their business with only $300 – they did a lot of the leg work themselves instead of hiring outside sources, within 2 years they sold their business created with ASM for a multi-million dollar deal.

      I hope my answer helps! Let me know if you have any other questions, I am happy to assist!

      End of Amazing’s Support Response_______________________________________________________

      But I think I can help answer most your questions. ASM doesn’t have any up-sells to their core product. The $3,997 gives you full access to their course and all modules.

      They don’t charge any closing fees or initiation fees.

      They’ll teach you how to advertise and give you recommendations on paid advertising, tracking software and other services that you can use to enhance your Amazon business, but there’s no up-sells or anything that I’m aware of at this time.

      What’s better is Amazing has a 30 day money back guarantee as well.
      As for your questions about me, I think you got my story mixed up. I started out selling on Amazon and then went into affiliate marketing. I make money online primarily through affiliate marketing.

      My family friend is the one the inspired me to re-look at ASM. He took the course and had smashing success.

      From the time he took the course, it took him 3 months to get his product branded and into the Amazon marketplace.

      By his 5th and 6th month, his net income was over $17,000. That was over a year ago, he’s now quit his day job and moved his family to Hawaii.

      Anyways, as I get more info back from the Amazing Rep, I update the comment.


  10. Thanks for you wonderful review about amazing selling machine. It’s the best course about Amazon selling and how to find the right PLR Product and how to list and how to take reviews and rank your product on spot 1 on Amazon.

    Thanks man, i am recommending to get a ASM9 Today

    1. Hey Hopeton,

      Thanks for your feedback on our ASM Review and for sharing the Facebook Stories.

      If you need help building an authoritative website that ranks content page one in Google (like this one), you should learn how.

      It’s really cool and you can build your own traffic sources versus relying on blog like mine or Amazon’s traffic.

      If you want to get ahead of your competition, start by building a website that helps people and targets your niche traffic.

      If you don’t know how to do that, get our Free Targeted Traffic eBook and our Internet Marketing Training Series.

      You just need to sign up for one of them.


  11. Hi Todd, I discovered Amazing Selling Machine through Project Life mastery on youtube. I’m not sure if you’ve come across any of their informative “selling on amazon videos”, but it explains how it doesn’t cost that much to create your first niche product. In addition, that it’s not too costly due to choosing a lightweight product to start out with. I was wondering if you would agree with that.

    1. Hey Bria,

      Cost of education is really relative to what you gain with the training. If you learn how to earn by importing and can continue to improve upon your importing business, than it probably doesn’t matter.

      You can do the same thing by googling stuff online. We have plenty of info about selling/importing on Amazon.

      Go with your gut. I used some of Skips info and was able to do OK with this style of business.

      Best of luck,

  12. Hello Todd,

    Thanks for the article. I was this close to making a decision to go with ASM. I was hesitating because of its pricing. As stated somewhere in your article, it is a one-time payment of over $4k or 4 payments of $997.

    I was confused further when someone I approached from ASM said I could have the ASM7 entire course at a single payment for $997. In between that and your article, I think it is wiser for me to stay put and work on building an online business via Affiliate Marketing.

    I am with Wealthy Affiliate but haven’t been making any progress because I was too distracted by the various information on online business. Perhaps it is time to just focus and cut off the rest!

    Joo Kwang

    1. Hey Joo,

      That’s the cool thing about an online business, you can do it on your schedule and build it out however big or small you like.

      The one thing I like about affiliate marketing, email marketing, blogging, targeting content, etc., is that it’s pretty inexpensive to get started.

      As a matter of fact, all you need is a solid educational system like Wealthy Affiliate and a keyword research tool.

      I pay for WA and Jaaxy yearly so together I pay $1.50/day to start an online business. The rest is simple taking action on what you learn and building out your site.

      If you go with content marketing (written or video) the key is to target keyword phrases that you niche audience is searching each day, create quality content that helps people, then repeat the process.

      Forget the money to start out and focus on helping people. If you need help with this, check out our Free Targeted Traffic eBook.

      Best of luck,

  13. Hi-

    Thanks for your reviews and honesty. I almost joined ASM, but I read here and on other sites that it was good but way over priced. So glad I always do research before purchasing.

    Just FYI-Skip’s program is not $150-it is now $227-still roughly $3700 less then ASM.

    I will check out Wealthy Affiliate soon. I know that you earn a commission on each person that signs up under you-another way/stream to make money.

    There’s that affiliate marketing strategy working. I read that some bloggers make $25000-100,000 a month, with about 70% from affiliate marketing, such as commissions from hosting, etc.

    Thanks again for all your info and insight.

    1. Hi BJ,

      Yeah, that’s the cool thing about content marketing. I wrote this ASM review just over 2 years ago and get 1,000’s of visitors per month checking it out.

      That’s the cool thing about affiliate marketing using content you rank in Google or YouTube (Meaning you can get paid repeatedly for the work you do once).

      You are correct that many bloggers make big time income and mostly use affiliate marketing strategies, not many companies don’t.

      I did both, importation and now most affiliate marketing, email marketing, some funnels with PPC from time to time and I prefer internet marketing.

      Regardless if you go with importation, you should get hooked up with Wealthy Affiliate. They’ll teach how to drive traffic to your products and give you another advantage in this competitive marketplace.

      This is what I’d be doing if I was still drop shipping with Amazon. Anyways, thanks for the update on Skip, we’ll have to update our review and your kind feedback as well.


    1. Hey Joseph,

      Thanks so much for your feedback on our Amazing Selling Machine review, much appreciated.

      If you get burnt on drop-shipping like I did, go with niche websites instead.

      This site, Learn To Grow Wealth Online, makes full time income and I simply manage it 5 – 10 hours per week. It’s a much better way to online business in my opinion because there’s so little risk.

      You get some writers and if you’ve got the money, you can use a resource like Human Proof Designs to speed up the process by creating you a niche site that’s optimized for Google.

      This includes content, photos, targeted keyword based posts that rank quickly. This is super helpful if time is limited.

      It does take a bit of time to get the ball rolling when you first start an online business, but once it gets rolling, it has a snow ball effect. Check out this post to see how long it takes to make money online with this approach.

      I still would encourage anyone who has an online business of whatever kind to get hooked up with Wealthy Affiliate. They are doing a 4 week webinar right not, week 2 just finished teaching how to..

      – Spot a Niche.
      – Target the Niche
      – & Monetize the Site for Long Term Success

      Click here to check out the Webinar.

      I’m so happy I made the decision to create a niche based site. Now I just need to develop two more niche sites I’ve got, one in Therapy the other in Real Estate.

      The Therapy Site has a base of 5 pages and 1 post. The post ranks well and I just link people to Amazon. I haven’t touched the site in over a year and I’m getting monthly Amazon commissions from it. Made $80 bucks the other day from selling 2 power lift chairs.


  14. I was a student, it’s a scam. The info you get you can get for a lot cheaper or for free.

    Plus the market is flooded with items you want to sell or already are selling.

    For example if you want to sell a flashlight there are 10 different sellers on amazon already selling the same flashlight but just a different branding.

    You can smack your brand on companies products, then you force to lower your price to compete.

    I can only say you can create your own unique product, patent it and get it mass produced and sell it online.

    Hopefully i can use this experience and come up with something positive in the future. you win some and you lose some, that’s the life of an entrepreneur.

    1. Hey Jay,

      That’s fantastic input on using the Amazing Selling Machine or simply importing and selling on Amazon.

      This is what I experience after reviewing hundreds of products to import, brand, and sell on Amazon. I had some success and when you have a great product, importing and selling on Amazon can work like a charm, but the risk of not selling products is real.

      This summer I just through out over 200 iPhone 5 cases that cost over $2,000.

      That’s why for me, I love affiliate marketing. Granted, you don’t have the same profit margins, but you have next to ZERO risk.

      I’ll I learned how to do was to rank content with Google. By doing this, I’m not dependent on Amazon or eBay, but use a combination of search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, and Social Media.

      This way I can bring in somewhat endless amounts of traffic for work that I created one time. Then I just add in affiliate marketing and I can promote any brand name product without risk of bulk purchases, shipping, taxes, customer support, returns, etc..

      If this sounds like an interest to you, check out how it works right here.

  15. Great review of the Amazing Selling Machine program. I agree, lots of hype. You can get the same substance online for free or if you need a structured program using the power seller Skip that you mention.

    Way to go, finally a review that’s not based on hype and bs. Cheers, Tray

      1. Hi,

        About a week ago I joined a webinarjam about Amazon, the guy tried to charge $500’s for his services to teach his way of making sure his students would be successful on Amazon. I didn’t, had some of the suspicions you’re stating above. I looked around though, a few success stories like & direct people to ASM, so I looked. I’m glad I found your site here.
        Thank you so much for the inside view of what could happen with a shipping business in this field, I’m putting this on my FB.

        1. I’m sure the Amazon people that have succeeded & want to help others have good intent, yet I’m also pretty sure that there’s a portion of people who will realize only after taking the courses that they do not really have the funds or just don’t succeed…

          1. I took a program that cost $200 and I learned some basic information, but there was no support and many unanswered questions. Not worth it, but it helped me decide I wanted to invest and pursue more of being an Amazon Seller.

            I latter pieced in many aspects using Skip’s website and I found that information very useful as an Amazon Seller.

            This allowed me to have success, but I totally that agree you should check out anything like this first and realize the expectations before you sign up. Hopefully this review will help those out there make a good decision.

            The best decision I ever made was to learn affiliate marketing using Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Center. I have ZERO risk and now make great money online every day.

            This is my #1 Recommendation for those that want an online business.


        2. Thanks for the feedback on our Amazing Selling Machine review Lev, much appreciated.

          I encourage everyone to research a product till you get a well rounded point of view on something. Glad you did too.

  16. Is it possible to net at least $2k in 10 days learning from your affiliate program? What’s the average time to learn your program, anyway? What is the average margin of success of those who took immediate action? I appreciate your answer. Thank you.

    1. Hi Elf,

      Affiliate marketing or selling on Amazon is going to take the initial time and work to find a niche product and make it sell. I’ve heard the margin of success is around 10%, but I think that would be pretty hard to verify. How many people start either one of these types of businesses and how long do the give themselves to be successful? Tough questions to get any real data on.

      I think this will help you, I wrote this post after receiving several requests on how long it takes, what it takes, etc. The post is called How Long Does it Take to Make Money Online. This post is specifically for niche websites and affiliate marketing. OH, and it’s absolutely crazy for any program to state that you will make 2K in 10 days. That’s what scams are made of.

      I think you’ll find it the most honest answer online to this question and I encourage ANYONE who’s dream it is to work online to read it.

      Let me know if you have any follow up questions.


  17. I’m extremely stuck with Amazon. I have trusted a friend who told me go ahead with ASM and i was told that the cost of training is paid from my credit card. I am broke and i need to get my self out.

    I am spending money crazy on photos, subscription for phone number, website, emails, domain, FBA, ads…etc..

    It is just crazy .. i just hope someone can take it all from me and give me my money back and i will give them all what i have worked on .. i will SELL IT .. YES .. just if i find someone to pay me my money that i spent

    1. Hi Asma,

      Sorry to hear about your financial situation. Anything that goes on a credit card is real money and financial charges can add up quickly.

      Here’s a post that shows you how I make 1,000 to 2,000 per year off of my credit cards and will help improve your credit as well.

      I think your situation makes a good point about my Amazing Selling Machine review. People get so pumped on the ASM marketing and think their system is fool proof.

      The risk associated with importation is a reality, if you want to minimize this by not paying for ASM’s $5,000 training, you should go with Skip McGrath’s Complete Guide to Selling on Amazon/eBay. This alone will save you $4,850 dollars.

      Importation can be a great business, like any business (online or offline) it will take a good amount of work and with importation, a good amount of money that you’re not afraid to lose.

      This is why my #1 Recommendation works for so many online income seekers, it’s super cheap to run (I spend 10 dollars a day for my full time earning online business and work 10 hours/week) and it only requires the willingness to learn and take action on what you learn. You’ll have to invest time and effort, but the risk is nothing and the reward is consistent online income. How large is up to you.


  18. Hi,
    Thanks for the review. I am just wondering why people are not writing reviews on ASM? There is not even 1 bad review on it that I could find. Am I missing something?
    It looks like they have been in business for a long time and normally unhappy people can’t wait to write a review.
    Why do you think that is?

    1. Hi Audrey,

      There are actually over 252 websites that compete and rank for the keyword phrase Amazing Selling Machine Review and Reviews currently. And actually many people feel embarrassed after getting taken by a scam or overpriced educational program. They usually don’t even want to remember it let alone mention it.

      The only negative perceptions that I have gleaned of the Amazing Selling Machine is that they’re program isn’t worth the price tag.

      And the customer complaint that I put up in this review within 1 hour of research on the ASM, shows her frustration with the Amazing Selling Machine and that she was taken advantage of by ASM’s marketing tactics.

      If you reread her statement, you can feel that she felt taken advantage of by not knowing all the costs that would be involved with setting up an importation business on top of the 5K you spend on the ASM. She called ASM a scam, but I think that was just frustration from being blown over by their marketing tactics.

      I learned how to import successfully through my own self education and I have a few friends that have created extremely successful importation businesses on their own, and the bottom line is that what ASM is selling isn’t bad information, it’s just info that you can get for about 96% less than you can get with the Amazing Selling Machine program.

      I promote Skip McGrath, a real power seller on both Amazon on eBay, over this product because I used many of his training’s to make over $1,500/week importing. And about a half a year ago I was talking with him about some of his courses when I realized that ASM asked him to be an affiliate for them.

      An affiliate for ASM makes over 2K/transaction when the sell one ASM membership. So Skip could have cleaned up really well with ASM’s affiliate program. The gave him a free membership to entice him to check it out.

      He told me that their training’s were exactly the same thing that he teaches only not in video form. So Skip’s Complete Amazon Marketing System has the same info that ASM sells. He didn’t take them up on his offer to make more money by selling the customer out, and I think that says a lot about integrity.

      I think the Amazing Selling Machine owners are pretty slick marketers and that’s some of the frustration people have expressed here on this review. You might want to read some of our other viewers comments.

      So if you want to overpay for ASM, go right ahead, if you want to get real training from a REAL Power Seller from both Amazon and eBay, I’d go with Skip first and see if it’s right for you. For a $3,850 difference, it seems worth it to me.

      Thanks for your feedback,

  19. HI TODD,
    Thank you for your awesome article!
    I am currently actively looking for the ways to start my online business, I’m very new in all this. I’ve watched the ASM video on how to create an FBA Amazon business, but wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars for a program though.

    I’m starting out with a low budget and currently willing to invest all my time in it, as I don’t plane on going back to a corporate job.

    I hope I’ll have my breakthrough with an online business and be able to make a living out of it.

    I’m gonna have a look at what you recommend in your article.

    1. Good to hear Joel,

      I think for starting with a smaller budget, building a niche based affiliate website would be the way to go. It doesn’t take more that $50 to $70/mo to get it running and only requires you to learn and work. Wealthy Affiliate is the training program to use for any online business just to get the basics down of SEO, traffic, building sites, and converting sales.

      Importing and drop-shipping are a bit more risk and will involve buying products, so I’d start with affiliate marketing. If you’ve got the ability to spend a good 6 months working at it, you can get it to start producing regular income, if you can then work at it full time, you will be amazed at what you can create.

      I spoke to Skip McGrath a couple of weeks ago. He told me that Amazing Selling Machine tried to get him to be an affiliate for them, they sent their tapes to him for review and tried to entice him with the big commissions. He declined them because he was giving the same information the the Amazing Selling Machine was, but for around $4,800 less.

      So you made the right call with ASM. One thing I’ve mentioned on this review before is that you can start with an affiliate based site and as your site starts to get a good amount of traffic, you can then sell physical products if you like by adding an Ecommerce plugin to your site. Food for thought.

      Hope to see you at WA and best of luck with your online aspirations,

  20. Hi Todd, I signed up for ASM5, and I agree with your article 100%. I pretty much blew $15K, aged a lot because I prioritize taking care of my 1 year old daughter before working on amazon fba, slept very little, and aged a lot. I got very burned out from it. I also got suckered into their affliate services such as spending $1700 for a charlatan to write up a useless product description and follow up emails… My wife was right, I got scammed.

    1. Hey Will,

      Sorry to hear about your results with Amazing Selling Machine, and that just hurts to hear about the added $1,700 bs fee. I wish you would have come to my site earlier. For $5-$10 dollars you could have gone to and gotten someone to write product reviews for you.

      Man what a bummer. I really hate to see people in your situation because it reminds me of what I have gone through to attain success online and I’d feel so disappointed after putting in that kind of effort with this kind of outcome.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked my tail off on worthless training’s like AMS too, but I was lucky to find some great resources in the process.

      Thanks again Will for leaving your personal feedback on ASM. When you feel up to making money online again, please go with either one of my top recommendations to get an honest education and supportive system.

      For setting up an online business (that doesn’t rely on Amazon where you create your own traffic producing site), go with Wealthy Affiliate.

      You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the support, education, and training from both of these programs. Obviously Wealthy Affiliate is the most complete form of online training and is my preferred method (affiliate marketing), but both are solid, dependable sources.

      take care and I wish you the best Will,

  21. Todd,
    Your review of ASM is spot on. The training and support are average at best, I did not feel that my success really matters to Amazing Selling Machine. I have spent 6 months working at this and have lost $5,000 on this mediocre training and another $10,000 on product, shipping, etc.

    My products are just sitting in Amazon’s warehouses collecting storage fees. They suggested that I get product reviews, meaning buy product reviews. Now Amazon is trying to police that as well. It’s pretty tough to brand a product unless you have something that’s considerable better than what exists in the Amazon marketplace or can come up with a whole new idea.

    I wish I would have read your review before I started this process, and I wish I wouldn’t have fallen for amazing selling machine’s over inflated sales pitch.

    Great review of ASM.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      I’m sorry to hear about your Amazing Selling Machine experience, but not surprised. It’s tough to pick hot products to sell on Amazon.

      I think you can use the Amazon market place to find some ideas for hot products, but there’s a lot of pieces to the puzzle to make it successful. Another important aspect that I mention in this review is the competition in Amazon. You’ve got to look closely at the products you select.

      $15K is a lot to lose, but you can make it up in time. Sorry to hear about it regardless.

      If you still are into building an online business, and I know I sound like a stuck record, but affiliate marketing has close to zero risk, only your time to create traffic to bring people who are already looking for your specific products.

      We do this through simple keyword research based on what niche audiences are searching on a monthly basis – Makes Sense?

      If you’re interested, start out with Wealthy Affiliate’s training center and gain the skills it takes to make money and a long term business online. You won’t be disappointed in the customer support and the total cost after 6 months of your business will be less than $500 dollars.

      Click this link if you’d like to read more about their training program. Keep your head up Ryan, I too lost close to $5K on my first importing adventure, I was lucky to make it up and 10 fold, but I didn’t quit. I made importing work, but didn’t like the risk or the high level of involvement.

      Now I make money online with zero risk, just with the skills I learned and the hard work that I put in initially.

      Have a nice weekend and I wish you nothing but success Ryan, let me know if I can help.

  22. With this comparison of spending $4-5k on versus learning to sell PLR products on Amazon from a real power Amazon/eBay seller like Skip McGrath, I’ll take Skips course anyday for $150 versus the slow drip feed training at the Amazing Selling Mahcine.

    Great review Todd, keep up the good work,

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your feedback on my Amazing Selling Machine review. I hear ya Jim, overzealous entrepreneurs always want the quick fix to riches, and that’s what ASM sells.

      In my opining, the best, most realistically priced training program to sell private label products on Amazon is Skip’s Complete Amazon Marketing System. He will show you how to get the job done for a tiny fraction of the price that the Amazing Selling Machine charges.

      Good point as well about Amazing Selling Machine dripping their educational content to their members. They do this for a reason, to keep you into the program long enough to pass up your chance for a refund on their 30 day refund policy. If they keep you dangling in their program for a month, they don’t have to return your 5K.


  23. Hi Guys, I’ve joined ASM 5 months ago through Jason fladlien’s mainly because he offers ”The Guarantee of profit”. I was skeptical that this business model would work for me and the guarantee of profit gave me the illusion of security.

    Yes.. It’s just an illusion and it’s meant to be an illusion! Anyhow the training videos in ASM weren’t bad but they weren’t good either.

    They should have shown more examples of what they are trying to teach us. The program is a lot more work than they tell you… so I worked really hard, more than a few hours a day and I even stayed up all night on a few nights just to gather all the badges and see results asap.

    Well 30 days isn’t really much time and before you do your research, pick your product, have samples sent to you, pick the right merchant, do the branding and so on.

    It’s nearly impossible to see any results within 30 days! So I applied for the guarantee of profit and I picked option 2 which means I’m not looking for a refund.. I just need help!

    Anyhow I had all badges except the badge where you have to have the products sent to your amazon seller account. As I said.. It’s nearly impossible to gather all the badges or see any results(sales) within 30 days.

    So they refused to grant me the guarantee of profit option 2 which means help me to become successful in this business model. So all I can say: these guys are not looking to help anybody.. THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY. nothing more and nothing less.

    I’ve invested many hours of my time and a few sleepless nights for really nothing! So please don’t listen to Jason Fladlien, he’s a really good talker but he’s fake in my opinion.

    1. Hi Joe, thanks for your honest feedback about the amazing selling machine.

      Friends, here’s another example of the incomplete and unsupported training program that the amazing selling machine is.

      Here you have people who are genuinely interested in learning how to make more money for themselves by trying something like importing and selling on Amazon.

      And again, here we have a overpriced program teaching people poorly and still earning great money. As I reviewed amazing selling machine I joined their news letter. They have the audacity to brag that they’ve sold this incompetent program to 1,000 people in one day.

      That’s 5 million in gross revenue, how pathetic. Meanwhile, you have a real training program that teaches people how to put up a real online business for less than $1 dollar/day. And they really care about your online success.

      Joe, you should know that whatever business you put up, online or offline, it’s going to take work to make it successful. Most people don’t care about importing, what we’re really talking about is making money. Plain and simple.

      So if you go into the make money online world with the mentality of a college student (which is – spend 4 years and 100K dollars before you make a steady income), you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with Wealthy Affiliate.

      As I learned and created my online business, I started making money within 3 months, then regular income at 6 months, then wake up money on a regular basis after a year. Best education ever (even better than my degree as an Occupational Therapist).

      $359 dollars per year and I’m already making a full time income. And the coolest things is that it just keeps on growing as I keep building my online business.

      Forget the amazing selling machine, go with Skip for importation or go with Wealthy Affiliate to create your own online business.

      Keep it Simple and Smart and forget the amazing selling machine – as you stated, the amazing selling machine cares nothing about your success, they only care about getting your hard earned dollars. It’s time to give these jerks the boot.


  24. Hi Todd,

    I have just watched an ASM webinar and was not impressed.

    After checking them out online I chanced upon your blog. Very informative, presenting solid background information instead of hype. Will check out the links you provided.

    Btw: what’s life like in Medellin ? We’re currently in Quito, Ecuador.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Joerg,

      Thanks for the feedback on my Amazing Selling Machine Review, I’m glad you found it beneficial and helpful.

      You know I have been down in mostly Colombia for the past 6 years. I recently got married to my Colombian wife so we’re up here in Colorado spending time with family. It’s been a year and a half since I have been back in the states.

      I have a special place in my heart for Ecuador, Quito as well. I have spent some time in Quito, got my passport pages extended one time and then my Colombian Visa another time. BTW, go check the Teleferico to see the city. It’s an amusement park surrounded with eucalyptus trees and has miles of hiking. You take the Gondola up (which is what Tereferico means in English)

      Spent 3 weeks up in Cotacochi (north of Quito and worth the day trip – about 2.5 hours in car for 60 USD’s) checking out leather products to import. The prices are awesome for coats, bags, and saddles – But working with the companies there was not efficient for drop shipping purposes. Good products though – tons of artisan goods at great deals. You can also hike the volcanoes around there as well, elevations starting at about 10,000 feet though.

      Personally, I much prefer Colombia for a number of reasons, but that might take too long to write about here. Hit Medellin, the climate is eternal springtime and the people are friendly. With the dollar so strong right now (for those with dollars) you can really get a smashing deal on goods/rent/etc.

      Thanks for reaching out Joerg and safe travels.


  25. Hi Todd.
    I was literally about to push the button to sign up for the program and thought I’d check out the reviews first. Very glad I did.

    It also dawned on me that there are countless hours of youtube videos that are essentially the same thing and I’d ALREADY watched those!

    I am just starting out with the FBA program with inventory that I “invented” for lack of a better word and now have manufactured in China and am excited about being part of their Q4 hurricane of sales.

    I also own the canadian rights of another company that has very unique products and am in the midst of introducing them into the FBA program in the coming months.

    I will certainly check out everything you’ve mentioned here and may very well invest some time into your affiliate program. I’ll imagine that I’ve just “found” $5000 dollars after not investing in the ASM program.

    I don’t think it’s unfathomable to believe that a hard working entrepreneur could do work at both the FBA and WA programs.

    I am currently full time military in Canada but will be savagely chasing success in this field. With two young sons now, the thought of doing this full time is so much more appealing than killing time at sea or sitting around Middle Eastern countries. Very strong motivator!

    Would love to chat further about your WA program. PM me at the email provided if you would care to.

    Thanks again for this honest and in depth review of the amazing selling machine – spot on.

    1. Hey Scott,

      Thanks you for your kind words on my ASM review. Very good to get your take on this program as well.

      My thoughts are that you would greatly benefit your importing business by using targeted keyword phrases based on your niche.

      The site looks nice and clean. Just browsing it I would say each one of your products you are trying to convert could be accompanied by at least a 500 world article based on the product.

      Wealthy Affiliate could teach you within one month how to strategically target your products to increase sales conversions. And it only takes a little work.

      I’d say keep the site going but learn how to build out your online business. And for that you go here

      I’d also love to talk with you more, I’m off for a beautiful fall hike in Colorado with my wife, but I’ll contact you when I get back.

      Great to hear from you Scott and we’ll be in touch.

      1. Hey Scott, I am very curious to know did you have success with your custom products on Amazon?? I am thinking of jumping in, nervous and unsure!
        Love to know if it worked for you, you sound like you would be the type to give it a red hot go!
        All in.

  26. Todd… I enjoyed reading your take on ways to make money with Amazon. I can’t say I agreed 100% with your assessment, but I did agree that for people hoping to make money on Amazon they need to be careful about throwing thousands of dollars into programs thinking they can “buy” their way into success.

    I personally know Amazon and the whole private-label thing extremely well. My revenue from Amazon is well into the hundreds of thousands per month. Yet I have never invested a dime in inventory and achieve this with zero-risk. Anyways

    What I like about your review here is that you are mostly just saying “open your eyes” and look around. Explore the alternatives before investing too heavily. It reminds me of the old Apple ad about the Lemmings walking blindfolded off a cliff.

    Anyway, good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks for your feedback on my Amazing Selling Machine review as well your experience with selling on Amazon.

      I think you should be the one teaching the classes if you’re not buying inventory and doing so well on Amazon. You must have a good relationship with a supplier to directly drop ship for you.

      I did the same thing for awhile and had great success with it, but it was always an issue with quality control for me with my suppliers who were willing to drop ship. They had good products, but most of the suppliers I used couldn’t consistently deliver quality products that didn’t break down. I think I had around 30% defect rate, which isn’t good for customer returns and service.

      I think for those reading this review should know that you can find suppliers, and some will directly drop ship for you, but most of the time you have to develop a relationship with them and order some products upfront, even if the MOQ is 50 pieces. But this takes time to establish, so be patient and be prepared to buy some inventory, at least to start out.

      Thanks again Dan for your feedback about my review, I’m just trying to help people do a few things…

      – Avoid Amazing Selling Machine and their over-hyped/marketed expensive training program. It’s like wolves among sheep.
      – If you are really set on importing and selling on Amazon, go with Skip McGrath’s training manual, The Complete Amazon Marketing System, first.
      – And if your true intention is to simply make money online and not so important to import, give affiliate marketing a try because it has no risk. It just involves very little money, lots of hard work, and you can sell products without ever owning them. And for this training, I highly recommend the gents at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Have a great weekend Dan and take care,

    2. Dan,

      Can you share a bit more on what you do and how you became so successful??

      I would like to give this a try but honestly don’t want to cough up $5,000 for a ASM course. That’s very prohibited.

      I would need to start from step one and move up the ladder from there.

      Any advise would be appreciated.

      Thank you

  27. Hi Todd,

    All the knowledge in the world will not make you one cent if you do not take action on it. I’ve done importing and affiliate marketing, and have taken the courses with Amazing Selling Machine and read 2 of Skip McGraths training programs, and so I wanted to give my opinion on your review and suggestions.

    The Amazing Selling Machine does teach relevant information, but you can absolutely get the same information and a proven plan using Skip McGrath’s selling program. Skip has been around forever and his methods are solid and easy to follow.

    If you want to make money online and start an online business without any risk, then affiliate marketing is your cup of tea. Especially if you can take some time and dedicate it to creating a niche website business. You’ll save yourself thousands of dollars. It may take $500 dollars for your first year of creating an affiliate based online business.

    As for the program that you recommend, Wealthy Affiliate, I have heard nothing but excellent things about them and see why you so highly recommend them.

    I hope this helps those that are thinking about creating an online business in affilaite marketing or importation. And friends, you don’t need the Amazing Selling Machine to make your dreams happen. Unless you have 5K dollars burning a whole in your pocket 😉


    1. Preach on Sharon,

      You are 100% correct, you have to take action on what you learn to be successful, regardless of what you do.

      Thanks for your feedback and sharing your experience of working with the Amazing Selling Machine, affiliate marketing, and Skip McGrath’s programs. And one thing I always preach on this site is the importance of community support.

      I belong to an online training program that is a bit bigger than the Amazing Selling Machine, with over 200K members. But when I first started website development and affiliate marketing, I would have been lost with out the proper training, guidance and support that came with the Wealthy Affiliate program and community.

      Good to hear from you and get your insight into the drop shipping/importation and affiliate marketing industries.


  28. Hi Todd,

    I have taken the Amazing Selling Machine courses and am not impressed. I have also read a few of the training manuals from Skip McGrath and I would recommend Skip’s system if someone is really into starting an online business in importing and drop-shipping on Amazon.

    You even can just go to his website and get, for free, a lot of the information that the Amazing Selling Machine is pedaling.

    If someone is barely making rent or barely able to buy groceries, do not go with the Amazing Selling Machine. You’re looking at 5K on this overpriced program, then another, at the minimum, 5K in importation and marketing fees. And you could easily spend up to $20,000 dollars and still not have a super profitable importation business.

    And who knows if you’ll sell any of your products on Amazon or eBay.

    Your review is right on and it’s good to see an honest review of this average program that is WAY OVERPRICED.


    1. Hey Rod,

      Excellent points and I really would encourage any online entrepreneur to read what Rod here has said about the Amazing Selling Machine. Don’t waste your hard earned cash on an over priced and marketed program. Go with Skip McGrath’s The Complete Amazon Marketing System for $147, that’s 33 times less expensive than the Amazing Selling Machine training.

      Thanks for your feedback on the Amazing Selling Machine and it’s poor value as an educational program.


  29. Hi Todd, your honest review is a life saver. The hype I’ve come across about Amazing Selling Machine totally hides the hidden costs you’ve outlined. As a novice, the affiliate program sounds realistic.

    Finding the niche audience is the key thing. Even though I’m I have experience in one sector for a considerable time, it’s a challenge to figure out how to monetize what one has normally given away for free – and how to ‘package’ skills and experience into a site to help people.

    Definitely going to sign up for your emails. Sincerity speaks way louder than anything else.
    Thanks again.

    1. Hi ES,

      Thanks for your kind feedback on my Amazing Selling Machine Review. I tried to analyze their program from my experience of working in the importation and drop-shipping industry and give a little perspective on their over-hyped and overpriced program.

      Plus I think that those that want to get into the importing/drop shipping business using Amazon’s Fulfillment Center can learn how to do it much more economical using Skip McGrath’s Amazon and eBay tutorials.

      And for those that don’t want to burden of buying in bulk for products that may or may not sell and with limited budgets, affiliate marketing is a much better way to go. For that, I recommend the best online training center called Wealthy Affiliate. As an affiliate marketer, I still make my online commissions without all the risk of buying products.

      And for those that want to set up eCommerce sites and promote products on social sites versus content based rankings, I recommend Shopify. I still think it’s good to learn how to rank content organically and combine Shopify with Wealthy Affiliate’s training or vice versa.

      Thanks for your feedback on my Amazing Selling Machine review and have a great day,

  30. Is this your strategy to constantly slam other companies than yours? Anyway.
    A close business partner that I DO KNOW made $512, 661 in 30 days selling 34817 units using ASM.

    Scam? I dont think so.

    Here is the picture EDITOR NOTE: (Link Removed – Poor SEO). But it was a picture of 3 checks totalking $512,661 dollars

    1. Hi Aurjones,

      Maybe you didn’t read my complete review or understand the point of my review of the Amazing Selling Machine. I know people can be extremely successful importing products, branding them, and selling them online or in places like Amazon. And if you have specific methods that the Amazing Selling Machine is using to really help people become successful, I’d love to hear more about it.

      My point to my Amazing Selling Machine review was that people can become successful using Skip McGrath’s Insights as a real power seller who knows the ins and outs of selling on both Amazon and eBay and he gives his knowledge away at a fraction of the cost (like 96% less expensive).

      Plus I’m warning people of some inherit risks in the importation/exportation industry. Not that people shouldn’t try it, but just go into knowing all the facts and not listening to all the hype.

      Hype like the Amazing Selling Machine is going to make you rich. You have to do the work in whatever business you get in to, and that’s not how the Amazing Selling Machine portrays their business at all.

      Also, I never said that the Amazing Selling Machine is a scam, please correct me if I’m wrong.

      You showed a picture of 3 figures totaling $512K, what were the expenses, what were the advertising fees, etc. When you point out facts like I do here on Learn To Grow Wealth Online, you want to include all the pieces of the puzzle to allow the readers to come to an informed decision.

      That is what I’m trying to do with this review, offer a bit of honesty in a whirlwind of marketing hype. Let people discover what the Amazing Selling Machine really is. If they’ve got some tricks, let us know.

      But the importation industry hasn’t changed since I wrote this review and you can learn exactly how to be successful importing and selling on Amazons FBA program without the Amazing Selling Machine.

      And yes, I offer an real online educational program that is perfect for those who are willing to work and don’t want to risk a ton of money like you ABSOLUTELY will have to if your importing products to make real, substantial money online.

      A training center to learn everything about internet marketing and website development. So please don’t think that I’m slamming other companies, I don’t believe my Amazing Selling Machine Review does this whatsoever.

      Thanks for your feedback on the Amazing Selling Machine and if you’d like to share anything special about their system, we’re all ears.


  31. Hi Todd,

    I know how you have discussed about the hassle of selling your own products on the online marketplace, but after reading this article, it seems a lot more complicated than I thought.

    And to think that someone will walk through the process with you at the fee of 5K (and more) – I am not sure if that’s helpful or simply absurd.

    One of the reason a business enters the online marketplace is because it should be less expensive as compared to the traditional set up. So when you are paying more than you should, that should ring some alarm bells.

    And good thought on the product life cycle. Gives people some idea on what to expect for their business niche and where to channel their investment for better results/profits.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thanks for your feedback on my review of the Amazing Selling Machine.

      Yeah, it’s a steep price for what already exists online, I’m going to be reviewing a couple other products that have much cheaper memberships and are giving out great information. I’ll send you an email when I get the review posted.

      I think the Amazing Selling Machine is way too expensive for someone who is new to online business. And yes, most online businesses should be much less expensive to start. However, with importing, you are always going to have the risk of inventory/no sales.

      That’s the advantage of having an affiliate marketing business (low cost, low overhead, and lots of commissions) 😉

      Thanks again for your feedback and always good to get your point of view.

  32. Hi Todd,

    Finally a post that is worth reading. Sincerity is hard to find these days.

    I watched the ASM presentation and the idea sounds simple but the feeling of to good to be true was overwhelming. It was even recommended by Mike Dillard who has a big following so he made a nice affiliate commission!

    Because the price of ASM is absurd i was looking for any help on Amazon and Alibaba. Then I remembered I bought Importing Fortunes many years back but can’t access the site anymore. That’s when i decided to make a search on a review on the product. I landed on your site and read your review. Made good sense.

    Unfortunately the import business is not an easy one. I would prefer it about affiliate marketing as I don’t like to write content everyday. And I wonder if the affiliate marketing business isn’t as competitive as selling on Amazon or maybe even more.

    Anyway, I will give your recommended training a try and one question: is reviewing ASM one way to get traffic or are you also still looking for the better way to make money?


    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your kind feedback on my Amazing Selling Machine Review. I also took the importing fortunes program which I found completely inept compared to the training at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s like comparing a one week high school course to a 4 year college degree.

      Affiliate marketing has so many advantages, as described here in this review of the Amazing Selling Machine, compared to trying to import products and sell them on your own site or through Amazon or eBay.

      Affiliate marketing also has allowed me to create an asset. I too didn’t like the idea of writing to make money online, but when you write about subjects you’re interested in or have a passion for, it’s not all that difficult and actually can be very rewarding.

      As far as writing every day: When you first start a site, you need to write about 3x’s/week. I try to post 1 or 2 times per week. So it’s actually not as much as you may think.

      I find it best to think of affiliate marketing as finding a niche that you can help, or serve, to solve a problem for that niche audience.

      So when I review products like the Amazing Selling Machine, it’s because I’m truly interested to see if the product is a good system, legit, or a scam. If it’s a good product, I incorporate into my website and recommend it if I truly believe in it.

      If it’s not a good product or of value, I recommend a better alternative to those who are really interested in making money online. You can see the products I recommend under my Resources Tab in the section called Good Reviews.

      I’ve written this in many of my posts, and whether it’s selling a product on Amazon, creating a digital product, or putting together a affiliate website or blog, it’s going to take some time – but the fruit of your labor can be something that continues to reward you long after you’ve done the work.

      When I put this website together, it was because I had a genuine interest of understanding how people make money online and wanted to explore that interest.

      The nice thing about affiliate marketing or having an affiliate marketing website is that once you have your website established and have helpful content for your niche audience, you can pick up a lot of unpaid natural traffic and your website can start to make passive income.

      Compare that with selling/importing products: once the product isn’t hot, there’s no more sales, plus there’s a lot of risk for buying products in bulk.

      With an affiliate website, your risks are maybe $50 to $70/mo which isn’t much. As you build your site and your authority within your specific niche, your income growth can be anywhere from a couple thousand dollars/mo to over $50,0000/mo to $100,000/mo.

      It just depends on how your site grows. Think of Facebook, this was a niche idea of connecting people that caught on and turned into a mega giant website that grosses over 18 billion dollars/mo. It took 3 years to build it before it went public, but we all know the results of sites like Facebook.

      My point is that if you want to make money online, affiliate marketing is a great way to start, there are no get rich quick systems to making money online, you need to provide value to a niche audience and provide that audience value in the form a content or products that help them solve problems.

      On my homepage, you can see some of the products I recommend as well.

      Thanks for signing up for the course, I hope you enjoy it and learn a great deal about making money online.


  33. Hi, Todd, I just finished reading your review and how much valuable information you’ve provided within your Amazing Selling Machine review, this will definitely help someone who is thinking of joining for sure.

    I can’t believe how outrageous Amazing Selling Machine’s price is, that is way over hyped in the price, not to mention a huge risk let alone…

    I was thinking about doing drop-shipping, but I don’t have that kind of money to throw away in hopes to make money in return, not to mention all the hassle that goes with it really turned me away, luckily enough I am like you and turned to Affiliate Marketing, I found a proven way to learn all I need to know about internet marketing & it’s simply the best decision I’ve made this year…

    Keep up the great work! Love your blog.

    1. Thanks Jen for your feedback on my Amazing Selling Machine Review – It’s an eye-opener for sure.

      The price is ridiculous and unfortunately the reason that it’s so high is because they are paying huge affiliate commissions. But the reality is that the Amazing Selling Machine is selling overpriced information.

      I haven’t found anyone yet who has had any success working with this system, but knowing what I know about importing products and selling them on Amazon, I’d pass on this type of business.

      And you’ve got it right, affiliate marketing is the fastest, easiest, and one of the most profitable ways to make money online.

      Cheers Jen and take care,

  34. Hi Todd,
    I really enjoyed your review of the Amazing Selling Machine. Very timely as I see they are pushing the program right now. This review will hopefully encourage many people to follow your path and try affiliate marketing.

    I followed the promotional videos for the ASM a while back and at the time I remember I was quite impressed. But, they keep the price until the end and when I saw how much it was I followed no further.

    As with many programs, they make it seem easy to sell on Amazon. Although as we can see from your own experience making money on Amazon is very difficult and getting harder all the time as more and more people enter the market.

    Like you if I had any advice for someone starting a business online, it would be to start an affiliate marketing business. The start up costs are almost negligible and if you work hard the income will come.

    Good training will certainly help you to achieve success more rapidly and also teach you the correct way to build your business. The free trail with the training program you mention, Wealthy Affiliate, is certainly worth trying.
    Thanks again for this great review.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your feedback on my review of the Amazing Selling Machine. I really hope that people realize all the struggles that go into building your own brand name product. And I think selling on Amazon can be awesome, but is extremely competitive anymore. That being said, you better have a revolutionary product in a hot market.

      Personally, for those that want to import and create their own product to sell on Amazon, I’d go with Skip McGrath’s book called The Complete Amazon Marketing System. It cost $147 dollars and comes from a power seller.

      It’s not like the concept that the Amazing Selling Machine is selling is new.

      But you are right on Peter about affiliate marketing, I wish I had learned about the Wealthy Affiliate training program back in 2013 instead of wasting my hard efforts selling on Amazon.

      Don’t forget all the Amazon customers who buy stuff and return it, then you’ve got an Amazon re-stocking fee and now you’ve lost money on the transaction.

      Learning how to sell stuff online without ever owning the product is a much better way to go.

      Thanks again for your feedback on the Amazing Selling Machine and take care,

    2. Hi

      I am enrolled in Amazing Selling Machine and it has amazing information, for some reasons i got busy to study the class so i am willing to give over my access with a discount, is anyone interested?

      1. Thanks for your comment Aby, can you sell your membership to Amazing Selling Machine? if anyone wants to buy your membership, I can certainly pass on your email if that is something you would like me to do.

        Have a nice day,

        1. Hi Eric,

          I went ahead and forwarded your email on to Aby so that she can contact you about selling her membership.

          If you’d like to read my review and find out how established Skip is, check out the review right here.

          Hope this helps and you and Abby should be in contact soon.


          1. Hi Todd,

            I checked out your review on the Amazing Selling Machine. I really appreciate your reviews. They are in-depth and well-rounded. I may get Skip’s books as well. I think each program provides a unique perspective. I do agree that some programs are excessively expensive though.


          2. Hi Eric,

            Thanks for your feedback on the Amazing Selling Machine and on my reviews in general. I try to portray the products as accurate as I can, so that means a lot to me, thanks.

            Yeah, I think that there are a fair amount of programs out there that have good value, and in some ways you can justify the price-tag if you really are going t make good money with said training.

            However, when you’ve looked into a number of programs like I have and you understand how to sell on Amazon and eBay, how to drop-ship and use Amazons Fulfillment Center, I think it becomes obvious that the education that the Amazing Selling Machine is charging for their program can be found for a much better price.

            And at least with Skip’s program, you can read about it, gain the knowledge, assess whether selling on Amazon is right for you or not without risking 4-5K dollars on a program that may not do you any good.

            Thanks again for your feedback and I’d encourage you to go with Skip, he’s at least been there, created a successful system to become a Power Seller on Amazon and eBay and he’s willing to give his knowledge away for a whopping $147 dollars versus $5,000 dollars.

            If you haven’t had a chance to read my review of Skip’s Guide to Selling on Amazon, please check it out and let me know what you think.

            Have a great day,

  35. What a well laid out and informative review of Amazing selling machine. Selling on Amazon is something I’ve considered before but this has really put me off, and for good reason, so thank you. Affiliate Marketing looks a much better option. Wealthy Affiliate looks like a great way to get in to it, thanks for the recommendation.

    Cheers, Tony.

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for your feedback on my review of Amazing Selling Machine. I sold on Amazon for a while and came to the same conclusion. It’s much easier to make AFFILIATE sales than to deal with the whole importation drop-shipping industry using Amazon.

      If you’ve got a hot product, you can make it work and make good money. But on the flip side, if you don’t have a good product, a good supplier, all your shipping documents put together, or have a good Amazon seller reputation, you could be dealing with a whole lot of headaches and never recuperate your loses.

      Plus when you throw in the cost of the Amazing Selling Machine program, you’re already down $3.5 – $4K dollars.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent choice if you want to learn how to create a profitable online business via affiliate marketing or eCommerce. They’ll teach you how to do everything from building a cool looking site, bringing in traffic (organically and PPC) and converting that traffic to sales.

      You won’t go wrong with WA.


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