Amazon Boot Camp 3.0 Review:

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This review will explain to you what is Amazon Boot Camp 3.0; and highlight the important things you’ll need to know about this program, before you fork out your hard earned cash on this online course.

Amazon’s FBA program is still one of the most profitable methods to create wealth online, even in 2018.

If you are beginning your journey as an Amazon FBA seller, you probably have heard about The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp 3.0 and wonder if it’s worth the money.

Touted as the ‘Very Best Course to Launch Your Amazon FBA Using Retail Arbitrage, we find out if it works and live up to its hype.

What is Amazon Boot Camp 3.0?

Amazon Boot Camp 3.0 (ABC) is an online course by The Selling Family that teaches how to build your wealth using Amazon’s FBA program.

The Selling Family is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Jessica and Cliff Larrew.

After getting laid off from her job in the middle of the American economic crisis, Jessica decided to bid farewell to corporate life and start a family.

With the help of Cliff, she began selling Amazon products with her blog. After years of struggling, they have finally turned their lives around and achieve their dream lifestyle.

Amazon Boot Camp (ABC) is a comprehensive Amazon FBA training course targeted at families who wish to gain financial freedom without working a full-time job that allows them to spend more time with their loved ones.

Fortunately, the information is relevant to everybody interested in running an Amazon FBA business.

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In fact, ABC is suitable for anyone who is: 

  • A US resident
  • Motivated to build a successful business from home
  • Looking to leave their 9-5 job forever and have more freedom
  • A Bargain hunter and shopping enthusiast

Lets take a closer look at the product…

What’s inside Amazon Boot Camp 3.0?

With lifetime access to step-by-step course videos, members get exclusive access to The Selling Family’s Facebook community, discounts, and a library of resources.

A picture that shows the most popular Amazon Bootcamp 3.0 features.
Topics discussed in the training material.

Have a look at the Amazon Boot Camp course outline:

  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Section
  • BONUS: Adding Private Label To Your Amazon Business (limited information)
  • Getting your business set up legally
  • Accounting 101
  • Protecting your business in a sue-happy world (legal/liability help from an insurance expert)

As you can see, The Selling Family has created a well-structured course that is comprehensive on the different aspects of FBA.

Take note that this isn’t a complete list and more topics are added regularly to keep members updated about the FBA program.

Amazon Boot Camp Downsides:

As much as we love ABC, there are a couple of flaws that we have to highlight.

Since this course is targeted at newbies to the FBA game, students would have a lot of questions that need to be answered fast.

Currently, there is an active Facebook group and forum where Jessica and other members would actively help out new members and answer any questions.

But still, we would have preferred if there is an active Q&A video or voice conference where newbies can go and get answers instantly.

High Entry Cost. 

The second flaw of ABC is an arguably crucial one – its high entry cost.

For most newcomers, forking out $347 for an online course can be a relatively high-cost investment.

That is not including the rest of the expenses to start your own FBA business; such as costs of inventory, designing and building a web store and marketing your site.

Add them all together, and you are looking at a range of $500 to $900 in startup costs.

So it’s somewhat expensive, depends on your perspective.

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Amazon Boot Camp 3.0 Pros:

The course videos are high quality and well-scripted.

We hate videos where the person just keeps rambling pointlessly and luckily there is none here.

Also, the included bonuses are invaluable to anyone learning FBA, such as the calculator that allows you to calculate all your buying and shipping costs instantly.

Other highlights we’ve enjoyed in the program are the bonus Accounting 101 course. 

It teaches you how to keep track of your profits and expenses since you are essentially running your own business.

The Free Sales Tax buyers guide is also a pleasant little extra that teaches you how to get tax-exemption with a tax-exempt certificate.

On top of the excellent video course and bonuses, you’ll also gain access to a community that is very active and friendly to newbies.

This is an essential factor when choosing an online course as the community support can answer any questions and keep you motivated in your FBA business.

While we hate that these courses can have a high entry cost, we’re glad that The Selling Family offers a lower tier plan at only $197.

You’ll lose access to the exclusive resources and Facebook group, but you will still receive the same video course as the Full Course option.

Unless you already are a veteran of Amazon FBA and you just want to learn something new from ABC, we don’t recommend that you choose this option.

But what if you want to get the Full ABC course but you can’t afford $347?

Fortunately, there is a payment plan that allows you to pay $99 across 4 monthly payments.

It is a wonderful option for newbies who have difficulty juggling with the startup costs of running an FBA business.

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Conclusion: What is Amazon Boot Camp?

Overall, ABC is a great tool to have that can help you start your own Amazon FBA business.

It provides a complete training and useful resources to help any newbie achieve their dream of earning a six-figure income.

Should you decide to pay for the course and conclude that it isn’t right for you, there is a no-hassle 60-day money back guarantee.

If you already bought the Amazon Boot Camp 3.0, tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Thanks for taking the time to read this what is Amazon Boot Camp 3.0 review!

Amazon Boot Camp 3.0

$347 or Four Payments of $99



  • Decent Training on Building an e-Commerce Business Through Amazon FBA. Covers Almost Every Topic.
  • Private Facebook Group for Discussions
  • Plenty of Bonus Training Material. Lots of Info!


  • Expensive.
  • Very Few Webinars or LIVE Q&A Sessions

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