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Timothy Gagnon is the senior editor and content manager for Learn to Grow Wealth Online. He does his best to help beginners navigate the internet marketing landscape to find the best tools for their business goals.

What is Vivatic Surveys About? Vivatic Review!

Today I found myself wondering what is Vivatic Surveys about, and after trying out the platform, I wanted to share my discoveries with you. 

In this Vivatic Survey review we'll take a look at the platform, how it works, what you can do to earn money with it, if you can make good money, and whether or not a better alternative exists. 

Vivatic Survey Review Summary: 

Rating: 40/100

Pros: Payments in Pounds. Multiple ways to earn including micro-jobs. 

The Cons: Low earnings. It takes over a month to process a payment. 

The Bottom Line: 

Not great. I like how there are many different ways to earn and you can earn in real money, not gift-cards. On the other hand, it takes over a month to process a cash-out request, and the tasks usually pay very little. 

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How to Make Easy Money Online, Read This to Find Out

Once upon a time I found myself wondering how to make easy money online, and since then I have learned quite a lot about working online, not to mention creating a website that brings in a solid high-four figures every month. 

Working online is not nearly as complicated as people want you to believe. The Gurus and other experts want to make it seem like making money online requires multiple rocket-science degrees.

But that's not the case, and I'll prove it you to in this article. 

The Takeaway: 

Impatient? That's okay. Here's a quick overview of the main takeaways from this post. I recommend reading the entire post, but if you don't have time, then these bullet points will cover the main topics discussed here. 

  • Working online isn't for everyone.
  • Choose your business model.
  • If you need cash now, try selling a second-hand product, offering a service, completing surveys or tasks, or flipping websites.  
  • For passive income (invest in your future) consider creating niche affiliate websites to rank organically in Google.
  • Learn to be patient. It takes time to build something of value that produces consistent cash online 24/7. 
  • Best way to start: Join a community, follow proper training courses, take action, and stick to a schedule.

Want to try out my recommended course? It's got all the tools and resources you need to build a profitable online business.

Hit the button below...

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Is Microsoft Rewards Worth It? Find Out Here!

While searching for ways to make a quick buck online, I kept coming across Microsoft Rewards, and I found myself wondering is Microsoft Rewards Worth It?

In today's review, we'll examine the tech-giants rewards program to see if it is worth your time. Continue reading to find out if this program is right for you. 

Microsoft Rewards Review Summary: 

Rating: 80/100

Type: Loyalty Rewards Program

Price: Free. 

Pros: Free, reputable company. Many different ways to redeem points. 

What You'll Be Doing: Earn Microsoft Points by using Microsoft tools to complete tasks and searches. Points can be redeemed in many different ways. 

The Bottom Line: 

Reputable loyalty program, potential to earn extra gift-cards and discounts. But it's only available in certain regions, and there are limits to how many points you can earn every day. Low point rewards too. 

If you're looking to Microsoft Rewards as a way to make money online, consider my top recommended program instead. It's got all the tools and resources you need to succeed online. Plus  10 FREE Classes to get started.

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Digital Payday Review: Earn $5,000 in 24 Hours? Come on!

Read this Digital Payday review to learn the truth. Would you like to know more about Digital Payday? Does it work? Ok, does it work for you, or just for its owners? 

Quick disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Digital Payday (or any MLM company for that matter) so don't worry, this is an unbiased, opinion-based review. 

Digital Payday Review Summary: 

Rating: 0/100 (AVOID!

Product Name: Digital Payday

Founder: Daniel Bluth

Scheme: Banner Ads Method” using a “secret website” that automates the digital ad process. Earn at least $5,000 in 24 hours after signing up for an account. In other words, there’s a certain magic that multiplies your money without doing anything. And, no fees ever! - what they want you to think. 

Price: Free (sounds good, but you just don’t know the real cost)

Pros: You’ll possibly make money while doing little work.

The Cons: Digital Payday is a bit of a joke. A fairly well-crafted scam. Not pay dirt, but it is a little bit dirty.

The Bottom Line: Not Good. We don’t recommend this one. Don’t waste your time with Digital Payday. If you're interested in Digital Payday for the money making opportunity, check out our top recommendation instead, it's got all the tools and training to help your build a successful online business.

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Is Optavia a Scam? An Expensive Diet Scheme?

Want to know more about Optavia? Is Optavia a scam? Or are their diet-plans useful for losing weight and improving your overall health? Continue reading this review to discover the truth about Optavia. 

Quick disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Optavia (or any MLM company for that matter) so don't worry. This is an unbiased, opinion-based review. 

Optavia Review Summary: 

Product Name: Optavia (previously known as Take Shape for Life)

Rating: 20/100

Founder: Wayne Scott Andersen

Industry: Health/Wellness 

Scheme: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $199

Pros: Decent supplements. Weight loss plans do help people lose weight. 

The Cons: Expensive. Reliance on their products to lose weight. Complicated compensation system. Poor customer support. 

The Bottom Line: Not a scam, but not something we recommend. Optavia is a run-of-the-mill health supplement MLM. Though the supplements aren't bad, they're pricey, and you can find better alternatives elsewhere. 

If you're interested in Optavia for the money making opportunity, check out our top recommendation instead, it's got all the tools and training to help your build a successful online business. Plus 10 Free Classes to get started!

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Acti Labs Review: What is Acti Labs About? Find Out Here

Wondering what is Acti Labs about? Need an honest Acti Labs review? Acti Labs is another company in the skin-care/cosmetic industry, and today we'll determine if it's legit or not. Unlike other companies, this one has more positive reviews than negative ones online.

Let's get to the details. 

Acti Labs Review Summary: 

Rating: 60/100

Founder: John and Yelena Miller

Pros: Very cheap to join. Simple Compensation Plan

The Cons: Low Commission Rates. 

The Bottom Line: 

It only costs $15 to become an ambassador for Acti Labs, which is much cheaper than most MLM companies. They also give you a free website, and the products are decent too. The downsides are the low commissions rates and geographical locks on the compensation plan. 

If you're looking into Acti Labs for the income opportunity, take a look at my top recommended product instead. It's got all the tools and resources you need to create a thriving online business. Plus 10 free classes to get started.

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What is Maskcara About? Unbiased Opportunity Review!

What is Maskcara about? Is it really possible to earn a decent income with their opportunity? What about the quality of the products? Or is it all a pyramid scheme? Let's find out. 

Maskcara Review Summary:

Rating: 20/100

Pros: Decent quality products, with beautiful boxes. Wide selection. 

The Cons: Typical of MLM companies; expensive products, high cost entry fees, strict monthly requirements, and low commission rates. Not recommended. 

The Bottom Line: 

If you're looking for ways to make money online, I don't recommend Maskcara. It costs over $200 to join and that doesn't even entitle you to the full compensation plan, only a small portion of it. Instead, I recommend affiliate marketing because it's free and has higher commission rates. Check out my recommended program to learn more. 

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Viridian Review: What is Viridian Energy?

If you're wondering what is Viridian Energy, and if you can make money with their  compensation plan, continue reading this Viridian Energy review. 

Chances are you someone has approached you trying to sign you on as a sales-rep for Viridian Energy through promises of a cheaper energy bill and other benefits. 

But are these benefits worthwhile? Or does Viridian Energy make matters worse? 

Find out here. 

Viridian Energy Review Summary: 

Product Name: Viridian Energy

CEO: Michael Fallquist

Industry: Energy MLM Program

Price: $299 enrollment + other fees

Rating: 20/100


Expensive to join. Terrible customer support. Consumers often end up with much larger energy bills than expected. Many small fees too, and sales requirements.


Not recommend. If you're joining Viridian Energy for the income earning opportunity, check out my top recommended program instead. It's got all the tools and training you need to build an online business. Plus 10 Free Classes to get started...

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