Automatic Mobile Cash Review – Scam, Legit, Complaints?

Welcome to our Automatic Mobile Cash Review

Is Automatic Mobile Cash a scam, legit, or a real money making opportunity?

Let’s find out.

Automatic Mobile Cash Review Summary:

Product Name: Automatic Mobile Cash

Product Type: Mobile App Ponzi Scheme

Best For: Nobody.

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Automatic Mobile Cash is a scam full of red flags and not to be trusted. See below for the breakdown.

Recommended: No

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What is Automatic Mobile Cash?

The Automatic Mobile Cash company is supposedly a long time producer of mobile applications. They claim that they, along with their non-disclosed partners, produce and sell 1,000’s of new mobile applications every day.

Automatic Mobile Cash claims they have been producing mobile apps since 2008.

Since January 2013, they have opened up their business model to anyone as a form of investment where you can make $300 dollars/day just by investing in what they call their network packages.

The automatic mobile cash program claims that you can earn passive income by purchasing network packages at a minimum price of $25/package.

Another app that promises thesame is Honeygain. Except, it pays you to use data from your internet connection. 

The headline from Automatic Mobile Cash that says you can earn $300 a day in 60 seconds.

$300 dollars in 60 Seconds – How gullible do they think we are?

This investment, I would assume, would go to the development of more mobile applications. They state that when they sell an app that you will receive a payment for each sale.

Sounds great, right?

Well, follow my logic on this one and by the time you’re done reading my Automatic Mobile Cash Review, you too, will realize that these guys are just another Ponzi-like online scam.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

Does The Business Model Make Any Sense?

So let’s think about this for a minute.

We have a supposed longstanding and successful mobile app company that sells 1,000 of apps a day and now they need financial support from you or me to keep their app company going.

What am I missing here?

Is it because the good folks at Automatic Mobile Cash are so sweet to let us into their business opportunity or they need to generate money in order to keep their company afloat?

Why would a company that sells 1,000 of apps a day need any financial support from you or me?

Companies that become successful don’t need extra money nor do the tend to share their wealth with just anyone.

Makes sense? Cool, let’s continue.

The Next Question?

If you really are thinking of buying these network packages, wouldn’t you like to know what kind of apps your investing in?

Of course you would. You wouldn’t blindly buy stock from some unknown source nor invest money in something you know nothing about.

So what apps are you investing in? Automatic Mobile Cash can’t share this information with you.

How convenient for their little Ponzi scam.

A disclosure from Automatic Mobile Cash that says they can't reveal their apps or any information.

This should be enough to warn you that Automatic Mobile Cash is not a legitimate investment.

Also, for a company that’s been around since 2008, you’d think we could find some information about them online. This is pretty common for any legitimate company to have a public profile that’s easy to access online.

NOT Automatic Mobile Cash.

But we do have a super simple and cheesy looking website with a total of 6 pages. You would think being in the technology business, they’d have a really cool looking website. Instead, they have…

  • No information about their mobile applications they have created
  • Nothing about the founders of their business
  • Zero info about past successful mobile apps that they’ve inspired

Friends, I highly doubt there are any mobile apps being built by Automatic Mobile Cash or their alleged partners.

Take a look at their TESTIMONIALS page and tell me if you think it’s fake. Only 20 some total testimonials over 2 years of being in business and helping people make $300/day in passive income.

I’m surprised their not on CNN.

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So, What’s Going On Here?

You’re looking at a classic Ponzi-like online scam.

What they do is use the fake mobile app business to cover the ponzi scam. You pay $25 dollars to play and your investment is supposed to grow.

They can’t guarantee your return on investment, but if they pay you, at least on a computer screen or from other member’s network package purchases, it will appear that everyone’s investment is growing.

As more people see their accounts rise, more people want in on Automatic Mobile Cash’s Mobile App Investment and the scam gains momentum.

We can’t verify the supposed investment of the mobile applications, but we are promised, from the start, that we can make a passive income of $300/day.

From my research, there was no consistent reporting of daily dividend distribution. If you look below, you will see two testimonials of people who bought network packs and after 8 and 12 days from their purchase date, they made ZERO dollars in their investment.

A screenshot from an Automatic Cash System review mentioning he made zero profits.

Notice Purchased March 5th, 8 days later, ZERO profits and a hint of Poor Customer Support.

An image showing a Automatic Mobile Cash complaint mentioning there was no activity and support offered no response.

This Client has waited over 12 days and has not received ANY PROFITS and No Help from Automatic Mobile Cash’s Support Team. Is This Where You Want To Invest Your Money?

Now I imagine these guys aren’t the type of investor Automatic Mobile Cash is looking for. They want gullible investors to put in 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Then Mobile Cash pays them back a little bit so that they invest more of their money in this Ponzi scam. That’s how you really make money in a scam.

Let’s Do Some Math:

$300 dollars a day in passive income. Let’s say that Automatic Mobile Cash can average ONE DOLLAR/Day in profit for your $25 dollar investment. That’s a 4% daily return on your money and a 120% monthly return on your investment.


But if this were possible, you’d have to invest $7,500 dollars to make your $300/day. Most people wanting to make money online don’t have this kind of cash to play with.

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And based on everything else you know about this company, which is not much, who in the hell in their right mind would give this company any sizable amount of cash.

  • NO info on the mobile apps your investing in, No info on the company, and No logic as to why they need money in the first place.

We have seen this same system in other reviews of investment network distribution programs (My Advertising Pays, Click Ad Pays) that even though their sales pitch screams GUARANTEED return on investment, the fine print always says otherwise.

Each one of these programs always states that investments are not guaranteed. See Automatic Mobile Cash’s statement from their FAQ section.

A disclaimer from Automatic Mobile Cash saying there are no guarantees of income.

More Bogus Fake Info from Automatic Mobile Cash?

As you go through the home page at, right above the Create Your Free Account sign up form, you’ll see a series of names floating left to right on the screen with peoples names (that reside within your local area or home town) and how much they’ve just earned by signing up to Automatic Mobile Cash.

This program puts out bogus names and unrealistic high earnings so that it looks like people from your local town or city are making easy money with Automatic Mobile Cash in order to lure you into their trap.

I heard one member that was looking into this program when he saw that there were already over 1,000 people making big money from his hometown of less than 20,000 people.

Really? 5% of the town has already signed up – Come on, at least come up with some plausible numbers.

As for my case, I’m working from S. America, in Colombia to be exact. So across my screen floats all the local Colombians that have entered Automatic Mobile Cash and are now making big money.

And what’s crazy about this, is that all the names of the Colombian people making big dollars all have Western names and they’re also earning DOLLARS and NOT Colombian PESOS. How about that?

I got to let some of my Colombian friends know about this system, the’ll love it  😉

An image showing Automatic Mobile Cash Review Fake Earnings.

See the Colombian Flag, If only they had real Colombian Names. Like Victor, Jose, Carolina, Maria, Sebastian, etc.

A screenshot showing Automatic Mobile Cash fake income.

I have lived in Colombia part time for 6 years and have never met a Colombian named Beverly, Mandy, or Frank. Franco would be different – but come on – such fake BS

Final Thoughts on Automatic Mobile Cash:

Here’s what Common Sense tells us about Automatic Mobile Cash…

  • You can’t check out the apps they want you to invest in.
  • In business since 2008 – And you can’t find one piece of information about their company and their website looks like crap.
  • Why would a success mobile app company that sells 1,000’s of apps per day need your investment dollars?


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Now What?

Well if you’re looking to make a whole bunch of cash from clicking away aimlessly online – You’re Out of Luck.

There are no magical automated programs out there, these are scams that try to sell you on this bogus concept.

Sorry if I just burst your bubble, but this is the honest truth.

There are also a lot of online tasks like taking surveys, but these too are a complete waste of time for the amount of money you make.

Better off at working at MickeyD’s.

To make real money online you need to establish your own business. It’s not all that complicated with the right help, support, and education.

If you’re ready to break free of the 9 – 5, do what 1,000’s of online entrepreneurs are doing every single day.

And that is create a real online business that works for them.

If you’ve got the desire, you’re halfway there.

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Best of luck to all of you with your online dreams.

I sincerely hope you have benefited from reading our Automatic Mobile Cash Review.

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