What is Field Agent App? Can You Make Money With It?

I recently came across an app called Field Agent that claims you can make money from your phone by visiting locations in your area. What is Field agent app? And can you actually make money with it? I decided to take it for a test run, so you don't have to. I'll share what I found in this Field Agent app review. 

Field Agent App Review:  

Verdict: Worth a Look


  • Reliable Payment Processing via Direct Deposit
  • Cashout Once a Week
  • Min Cashout $2


  • Works Best with a Vehicle
  • Income Depends on Location, Jobs, and Agent Score
  • Each Task Need to be Manually Reviewed

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Is Toluna Legit? Or a Survey Site That Pays Slave Wages?

Toluna is a survey site that I keep noticing on social media, so I decided to a do a little digging to see if Toluna is legit. Is it the same as all the other rewards sites out there? Is it worth registering? Stay on this page to learn more. 

Toluna Review:  

Short Review:

Toluna is an okay platform. You can earn points by taking surveys, creating content, posting in their social media, and participating in contests. But it takes a really long time to earn enough points to cash out. In most cases, the hourly income is under $1. 


  • Free, Multiple Way to Earn Points
  • There's a Mobile App
  • Redeem Gift Cards or PayPal Cash


  • Surveys Pay Very Little
  • 3 - 8 Weeks to Receive a Reward
  • Min PayPal Cashout is $30 (95,000 Points)

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Is Survey Time Legit? Survey Time 2020 Review:

Survey Time is a site a lot of people have been recommending as a way to make some extra cash online. But is Survey Time legit? Does it actually offer reasonable rates? Survey Time has good reviews and ratings on consumer review sites, but does it actually work? 

Find out in this Survey Time review: 

Survey Time IO Review:  

Entry Price: 


Approval Period:



Survey Platform

Quick Review: 

Survey Time is a good survey platform. They pay very quickly, there's usually a good amount of surveys, and the reward-redeeming options are decent. The main problem is members are often disqualified from surveys for no reason, so it can be frustrating to work with the platform. You can try it out, it's free and safe.


  • Instant Payments on Survey Completion
  • Between $0.50 to $1 for Surveys
  • PayPal, Bitcoin, and Gift Cards
  • Easy to Join
  • Available Internationally 


  • Randomly Disqualified from Surveys
  • Multiple Tiny Payments
  • Earning Potential Low
  • Surveys are Gone Quick 

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Brave Rewards Review: Can You Earn Money Browsing the Internet?

In this Brave Rewards review, I'll be taking a close look at the platform to see if it's a legitimate way to make some extra money online. Brave Rewards claims that you can make money by simply browsing the internet on the Brave web-browser. But is it worth it? I'll admit, this is an interesting one! 

Brave Rewards Review:  


  • No Registration Required
  • Built-in to Brave, a Privacy-based and Fast Browser. 
  • No Need to Click or Watch Ads
  • Earn Block-chain Token
  • Withdraw to Bank Account
  • The Token (BAT) Can be Traded on Other Platforms


  • Not Much Earning Potential.
  • You Have to Earn a Min of 25 BAT to Withdraw. 

Short Brave Rewards Review:

An easy way to earn block-chain tokens but not a good way to make fast or reliable income. However, the Brave browser is free, and you don't need to click on or watch ads to earn with Brave Rewards. 

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Is Beachbody Worth It? A Detailed Beachbody Review:

You might have been approached by someone trying to hook you on the Beachbody compensation plan. You're looking for honest information and you're wondering is Beachbody worth it.

I did some research into this company and wanted to share some of the interesting facts I discovered with you. Don't buy anything from Beachbody until you finish reading this Beachbody review! 

Beachbody Review:  

Entry Price: 

$39.95 Registration Fee

Minimum Pack:  


Average Monthly Income:


Is Beachbody Worth It?  

For some people, Beachbody is worth it because they provide a wide range of diets, exercise routines, and fitness advice. The problem is Beachbody Coaches are a part of the Beachbody compensation plan, and the way they make money is by promoting these programs, recruiting new people under them, and selling products that you probably don't need. 

In my opinion, Beachbody has a lot of strings attached. You'll be hassled to sign-up to courses, recruit new members, meet minimum sales requirements, and whatnot. It's not worth the price or the trouble. A simple search on YouTube or Google can provide you with plenty of fitness advice.


  • Decent Fitness Routines and Programs


  • Expensive Courses
  • Automatically Subscribe You to Services
  • 57.09% of Coaches Earn $0
  • 95.6% of Members are in the First Two Ranks
  •  Average Annual Income for Coaches $35/month
  • Requires a Lot of Work for Very Little Results
  • Confusing Income Disclosure

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Is Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme? Or a Legit Opportunity?

 I came across a post on Facebook advertising the Rodan and Fields compensation plan, so I asked myself, is Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme? Or a legitimate opportunity? 

After thoroughly researching the company, and talking with a few ex-members, I wrote this Rodan and Fields review to share my findings with you. Let's take a closer look at how this company works and if you can make good money with them. 

Rodan and Fields 2020 Review:  

Cheapest Starter Kit: 


Business Model: 

Multi-level Marketing



Is Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme? 

Rodan and Fields (also known as Rodan + Fields) has been accused of being a pyramid scheme because it's a multi-level marketing company that encourages recruiting new members to build a downline under you.

Rodan and Fields is not a pyramid scheme is because your earnings can come from retail sales too, not only from recruiting new members. 67% of paid Rodan + Fields consultants (people who bought into the program) earn an average of $306 a year and only 2% of members earn more than minimum wage. I do not recommend Rodan and Fields as a work from home opportunity. 


  • Good Quality Skin Care Products.
  • Cheap Starter Kits.


  • The Products are Expensive.
  • Steep Requirements for Each Rank.
  • 67% of Consultants Earn an Average of  $306 a year.
  • Only 2% of Consultants Earn Above Minimum Wage.

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Fidelity 2020 Review: Is Fidelity Investments Good for Beginners?

So you're looking to start investing online but you're not sure if Fidelity Investments is the right platform for you. Are Fidelity Investments good for beginners? Or is there a better alternative? In this Fidelity Investments review, we'll take a closer look at the platform and to see if it's a good broker for you and your goals. 

Fidelity Investments Review:  

A screenshot of Fidelity Investments logo.

The Bottom Line:

Fidelity Investments is a good low cost platform to start building and managing long term investments. Creating a brokerage accounts is free, and they have other cash management services too, including a credit card. While they do have software for day traders (such as Active Trader Pro) it's not generally recommended because it's a little slow. Fidelity is best known for credit cards, mutual funds, and other long term investments.


  • Most Accounts are Free with Low Fees.
  • Great Database of Stocks and Long Term Investments
  • Good Research & Learning Centers.
  • Decent Credit Card Rewards (Cash Back, ATM Fees Refund, etc)
  • Active Trader Pro, Software for Traders


  • Low Rating on Customer Review Platforms.
  • Certain Fees are High, When Compared to Other Platforms.
  • No Automatic Trades for Individual Stocks.
  • Can be a Little Overwhelming for Beginners.

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Is Pampered Chef an MLM? Is It Worth Becoming a Consultant?

Maybe a friend invited you to a Pampered Chef party and you want to know if Pampered Chef is an MLM. Does the compensation work? Or is Pampered Chef a pyramid scheme?

I went ahead and did the research for you, so you can make up your own mind about the Pampered Chef business model. In this review, I'll take a close look at the income opportunity, expenses, potential income, and compare it to other online business models. 

Pampered Chef Review:  

Entry Price: 

Min $99 Kit

Industry & Products:






  • Decent Kitchenware.
  •  Not Too Expensive to Join.


  • High Monthly Sales Requirements.
  • It's Challenging to Sell Kitchenware.
  • 2.9% of Members Earn Close to Federal Minimum Wage.
  • Very Difficult to Make a Profit.
  • Not Sustainable.

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