What is Mindswarms? Can You Make Money With Them?

​You probably landed on this page because you're wondering what is Mindswarms and if it's worth your time. Maybe you heard it's a good platform to make money and you want to double-check. 

Can you make money with the platform? ​Is Mindswarms legit? If you want to learn the truth about Mindswarms, continue reading this review.

​Mindswarms Review Summary: 

Rating: 60/100

Pros: ​Surveys are answered via videos. High paying surveys. Payments within 24 hours through PayPal. 

The Cons: ​Fierce competition. Not many offers. Strict guidelines. 

The Bottom Line: Mindswarms is worth a look, but I don't recommend it for long term and reliable online income. There's a chance you can make some money here and there, but it's not stable at all. 

If you're looking into Mindswarms for the money making opportunity, you should check out my top recommended training instead. It has all the tools, training and support you need in one place to build a successful online business. 

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The Postcard Networker Review? Can You Really Make Money Sending Postcards?

Want to know what is the Postcard Networker? Is it a legitimate way to make money online? Or is the Postcard Networker a pyramid scheme? Is there a better alternative?

Continue reading this Postcard Networker review to discover the shocking truth about this platform and their so-called business opportunity! 

Postcard Networker Review Summary: 

Rating: ​10/100

Price: $1 Free Trial, then $9.95 a month.

Pros: Recommends direct-mail marketing. 

The Cons: No actual product. Expensive. Low conversion rates. 

The Bottom Line: The Postcard Networker is a pyramid scheme, and I do not recommend it at all.  Continue reading to discover the shocking truth about this program...

If you're looking into Postcard Networker for the money making opportunity, you should check out my top recommended training instead. It has all the tools, training and support you need to build a successful online business. Plus 10 free classes to get started!

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Cash Juice Review: Is It Really The Home of Internet Marketers?

​Maybe a friend invited you to the Cash Juice platform and you found yourself wondering if it's a scam. In this Cash Juice review we'll do our best to cover the platform, and you can decide if it's right for you.

​Cash Juice Review​:

Rating: 60/100

Pros: ​Low Payout. Free. Premium is Cheap. 

The Cons: ​Strange payment processing method. Traffic Exchanges not recommended for traffic. 

The Bottom Line: An interesting free tool where you can earn credits and advertise offers for free. But not something I recommend for long term. Instead, check out my recommend training center...

They've got 10 Free Classes to help your launch your own online business and all the Tools, Training, & Support you need without any UP-SELLS. 

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Drop Ship Lifestyle Review: Is It an Expensive Scam?

​Looking for a legitimate Drop ​Ship Lifestyle review? Want to know the truth about this product, if it works, and whether it's something we recommend?

Drop ​Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly has been around ​since 2014 and it has been updated​ multiple times. But is it a scam? Continue reading this review to find out. 

​Drop ​Ship Lifestyle Review​ Summary: 

Name: Drop Ship Lifestyle Blueprint Course

Rating: 70/100

Pros: ​Good training videos, access to private community, lifetime access. 

The Cons: ​Very expensive and short lessons. 

The Bottom Line: ​Drop Ship Lifestyle is a decent course that will show you how to get started with eCommerce. But it's really expensive ($3,000 +), and not something I recommend for beginners. 

If you're looking into Drop Ship Lifestyle as a way to make money online, you should check out my top recommended training instead. You can check them out for free and even sit in on 10 free classes to see how it works without risking any money.

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Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review: Real Deal or Scam?

In this Affiliate Marketing Mastery review we'll run through the course, what it offers, what we liked and didn't like, and if it's something I recommend.

​​Does it really work? Or is it a waste of money? We'll talk about all that in this Affiliate Marketing Mastery review:

​Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review Summary: 

Rating: ​4/5

Pros: ​Excellent training lessons, lifetime access, and a 30-day refund window. 

The Cons:​ Very expensive. 

The Bottom Line:

​Overall, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a good course, and it's great for beginners. On the other hand, it's very expensive, and there are a few other issues too.

When it comes down to it, even though the course is good, it's not something I recommend, for reasons we'll discuss later in this Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.

If you're looking for a good alternative, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate: Comes with 10 Free Lessons to get started and has all the tools, training and support you need in one place. Plus no UP-SELLS.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Top Wealthy Affiliate Complaints!

Although Wealthy Affiliate has proven to be an excellent platform for building an online business, people still have a lot of doubts about it.

I figured I would try to put some of those to rest, and do my best to answer the question, "Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?"

In this article, we'll go over some of the main "issues" people have with Wealthy Affiliate, and ​how you can ​avoid them, to make your road to success smoother.

Let's take a look.

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The CB Cash Code Review: Legitimate Course or Scam?

​Have you heard about CB Cash Code and looking for more information? In this CB Cash Code review we'll go over what's inside the course, and whether it's worth your cash and time.

​CB Cash Code Review Summary: 

Rating: 40/100

Pros: ​No need for a website, 60 day refund window. 

The Cons: ​Depends on ads, not much value. Very small course. 

Price: $37

The Bottom Line: Inside CB Cash Code you'll get 4 short eBooks that cover the basics of affiliate marketing and creating ads. Overall, a very short course that I don't recommend. I feel like there should be more value inside.

If you're looking to make money online, I've found it takes proper training, ongoing support and helps to have all the tools in one place. For that, take a peak at my recommended training course below, or continue with this CB Cash Code review. 

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