What Do You Do When You Hate Your Job? Try this..

What do you do when you hate your job? Quit that stinking job, right!

Quitting your job might be the best decision you ever made. At the same time, that may not be the best decision, depending on your financial situation.

But if you feel trapped in a job that you hate, you’re not alone.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, a whopping 70% of the work force hates their jobs.

So if you’re reading this article right now, I’m assuming you fall into that 70%, I HATE MY JOB, Category.

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How to Take Action for Success: Achieve the Results You Desire

When we look at the difference between people that succeed and those that don’t, we find that those that take action achieve success.

And those that don’t take action, don’t get much of anything out of life.

In this world, we need ACTION to accomplish our goals and live the lives that we aspire.

“When we define the action that we will take on a daily basis, we find that we can accomplish great things”.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

Whether your goals are to start a business, get in the best shape of your life, learn to speak a new language, or improve yourself in anyway whatsoever, creating a plan of action will allow you to accomplish your goals.

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Social Commissions Review: Too many Red Flags

Social Commissions is a program that is sold by a young guy named Adrian Morrison.

It’s a system that is based on Affiliate Marketing principles that are applied on a high traffic site called Plenty of Fish (one of the top worlds dating websites).

For those of you who don’t know about affiliate marketing, it’s a great online marketing method where you can promote a product or service for a commission.

Once someone clicks on your affiliate banner or link and buys the product, you receive a commission for the sale.

The concept of Social Commissions is pretty innovative, but should you use this product?

Social Commissions Review Summary:

Product Name: Social Commissions

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Creator: Adrian Morrison

Price: $49 to start with tons of up-sells before you reach the members area.

Best For: Nobody in my opinion.

Rating: 10/100

Summary: Social Commissions is some pretty shabby training for the price. You’re basically taught how to market products on Plenty of Fish. Lots of up-sells, little value. Avoid!

Recommended: No

If you’re looking into Social Commissions for the money making opportunity, you should check out my top recommended training instead. It has all the tools, training and support you need to build a successful online business. Plus 10 free classes to get started!

Here’s My Top Recommended Training >>

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5 Top Benefits from Working Online – Does This Appeal to You?

Tired of your day job. Prefer to make money online, but avoid the job and boss altogether?

Here are 5 great benefits from working online that will make you want to quit your job and start living the good life.

Just imagine getting up a whatever old time you feel like, no rush to get dressed, take a shower, or gulp down your breakfast in order to get to work on time.

Instead, you can wake up at your leisure.

Grab a cup of coffee, a healthy breakfast, and hit the computer to start your day.

Kind of nice, don’t you think?

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5 Best Free Stock Photo Sites – Without Pesky Registrations

The 5 best free stock photo sites to use without having to deal with pesky registrations.

It’s no doubt that an image can often times illustrate a situation better than words.

If you own a blog or a website, you want to put up high quality photos to captivate your audience without paying an arm and a leg for them.

A stock image of a bicycle parked next to a garage.

Today I will show you the 5 best free stock photo sites that I use to find my photos.

Note: you don’t want to use Google images for fear of legal problems or copy right violations, don’t do this, just read ahead and you’ll get all the great photo sites you’ll ever need.

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15+1 Awesome Ways College Students Make Money!

What are some of the best ways college students make money while going to college?

Below you’ll find some great ideas that students can use to make some extra cash after class.

I personally did about half of these jobs while going to CSU (Colorado State University), but I wish I would have done the last one instead. What can you say, hindsight’s always 20/20.

If you need a bit of motivation before you get to work, read this quick quote for some inspiration.

“Do today what others will not do, so that tomorrow you will have what others will not have” – author unknown

OK, now on to the jobs…

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How to Make Money Selling Photos Online? Follow this Simple Guide

Have you every thought what it would be like to make money selling photos online?

If so, keep reading to learn 10 simple steps to make money selling photos online as well as some helpful resources to exchange your photos for cash.

A picture of a man taking a picture with a DSLR camera in a forest.

If you are new to photography or simply enjoy traveling and taking photos like myself, how do you get started making money by selling your photos online?

There are a number of companies out there that you can submit your photos to online.

These companies are referred to as Micro-stock Photo Agencies or Stock Photo Sites.

They mostly sell photos to online companies or web designers to provide images for blogs and websites.

But stock photo sites can also sell images to be used for advertising products, clothing, etc.

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