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September 2, 2020

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In this Brave Rewards review, I'll be taking a close look at the platform to see if it's a legitimate way to make some extra money online. Brave Rewards claims that you can make money by simply browsing the internet on the Brave web-browser. But is it worth it? I'll admit, this is an interesting one! 

Brave Rewards Review:  


  • No Registration Required
  • Built-in to Brave, a Privacy-based and Fast Browser. 
  • No Need to Click or Watch Ads
  • Earn Block-chain Token
  • Withdraw to Bank Account
  • The Token (BAT) Can be Traded on Other Platforms


  • Not Much Earning Potential.
  • You Have to Earn a Min of 25 BAT to Withdraw. 

Short Brave Rewards Review:

An easy way to earn block-chain tokens but not a good way to make fast or reliable income. However, the Brave browser is free, and you don't need to click on or watch ads to earn with Brave Rewards. 


What is Brave Rewards? 

In a nutshell, Brave Rewards is a ad-platform built-in to the Brave browser. Once enabled, you can start earning Basic Attention Tokens (more on that later) and transfer or withdraw them to other platforms. You earn tokens by simply viewing notifications of ads, not clicking them or watching them. 

A screenshot of Brave Rewards toggle options and BAT total.

What is Brave Browser? 

The Brave Browser is a web-browser much like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer but Brave automatically blocks ads, trackers, cookies, malware, phishing attempts, vulnerable plugins, and other potentially harmful items. 

Since it blocks a lot of ads and unnecessary scripts, websites tend to load a lot faster. In short, it's a free browser that takes security and privacy seriously. To use Brave Rewards you need to install Brave and enable Brave Rewards.

A screenshot of the Brave browser icon.

The most notable thing about Brave Rewards is you don't need to sign-up for anything like you would with other reward platforms. First things first, the Brave Rewards system is based on three groups:

  1. Brave Users
  2. Content Creators
  3. Brave Advertisers. 

Every group is connected. Brave users earn tokens by viewing ads, and they can spend those tokens on Content Creators or other services in the network. As a Brave Content Creator, you can allow your fans to tip through the Brave browser, whether it's your YouTube Channel, Twitch Stream, or simply a website. 

As an advertiser, you can pay to show your ads on the network of Brave websites, and 70% of the revenue is shared directly to Brave users, the people who see your ads. Brave ads use different formats, mostly the notification banner, which can be quite effective at converting viewers. 

What Makes Brave Rewards Special? 

While this might sound like a regular ad-network, Brave Rewards is different because it's based on privacy. Personal data is kept private, trackers are blocked, and ads don't force you to watch them.

According to Brave, Brave Rewards is the first ad-network based on privacy. You can also control the ads you see, and when you see them, so you don't have to worry about intrusive ads. Not to mention,  if you want, you can opt-out of ads all-together.

But how does this platform benefit you? Let's find out. 

How Much Can You Earn from Brave Rewards?

Before I get into the earning potential, it's important to quickly explain how the payment system works. The most important thing you need to know is that Brave Rewards payments are made via a block chain token called Basic Attention Token (BAT) based on Ethereum. 

A screenshot of Brave Rewards BAT network system.

The exact way the system works is rather complicated but you can visit the official token website for more information. You can think of BAT as points, but the exact monetary value fluctuates depending on the market.

BAT can also be traded on most cryptocurrency exchanges, which means you can convert it into other cryptocurrencies, or Fiat currency, depending on the platform you choose. Most people simply choose to hold on to it. 

It's hard to say how much BAT you can earn from Brave Rewards because it depends in a number of factors. For example, how much time you spend browsing the internet, how many ads you view, and your location, to name a few. Based on my research and tests, the average seems to be between 20 - 50 BAT a month.

What's the value of BAT?

According to Coin Gecko, 1 BAT is equal to $0.3137.

Brave advertisers are more likely to spend their advertising budget on the U.S and UK markets, so Brave users in those locations will probably have a higher BAT earning potential than people in other countries. The good news is there are other ways to earn BAT. 

How to Earn BAT with Brave Rewards: 

The easiest way to earn BAT is to use the Brave browser and opt-in to the Brave Rewards platform. From time to time an ad notification will appear on your browser, and you can choose to either click or discard it. Unlike other ad networks, the cool thing is you earn a small amount of BAT every time a notification appears.

1 - View Notification Ads 

You don't earn for clicking on it, and you don't have to watch the ad for a certain amount of time, as soon as you see it, BAT is added to your account. As mentioned earlier, the ads are not invasive at all, and they don't slow down or interrupt your browsing sessions. 

2 - Promote Brave via Affiliate Links

Another easy way to earn BAT is by encouraging people to download the Brave browser through your affiliate link. Most people agree that promoting the browser is a better way to earn BAT, and for this reason, many bloggers and other content creators have custom banners to the Brave download link. 

3 - Register as a Brave Content Creator

Other than those two methods, the final way to earn would be to sign-up as a Brave content creator. As mentioned earlier, content creators can accept tips with BAT from a wide variety of platforms. It's a cool way to support content creators, but it's not nearly as popular as some other platforms. 

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How to Withdraw Brave Rewards:  

Withdrawing BAT via Brave Rewards is easy but you need to have a minimum of 25 BAT and be confirmed on Uphold, a digital money platform. If you meet those requirements, open Brave, click on the three dashes icon in the top right corner, navigate to settings, and click the Brave Rewards tab.

Next, on the right side next your BAT wallet, click on Withdraw Funds, and you'll be taken to Uphold page with withdraw options. There are quite a few ways to withdraw BAT: 

  1. Uphold Card (also called a Wallet)
  2. Send to Email or Specific Member
  3. Send to Cryptocurrency (exchange)
  4. Or Send to Bank Account

Very simple. Previously, the BAT was stuck in your Brave browser and there was no way to transfer of withdraw it, but now you're able to do so. 

The Downsides to Brave Rewards:

While Brave Rewards is a innovative ad-platform, and I can see it has a lot of potential, there are some downsides you should know about. 

1. You Won't Earn Much

Even if you're online all day, you probably won't earn much from Brave Rewards. It's not exactly money-in-your-pocket because it takes awhile to add up. If you really need some quick cash, I suggest looking at taking some surveys or something along those lines for quick PayPal money. 

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The Bottom Line: 

Brave and the Brave Rewards platform is an interesting idea, and it's slowly starting to gain traction. I have personally used the Brave browser and I feel like it's much faster than Google Chrome. The Brave Rewards platform has potential but you won't make much with it.

However, it doesn't hurt to earn some block-chain tokens on the side, the value might increase in the future, you never know. Besides, you don't really have to do anything besides use a fast, privacy-based, web-browser. So if you're looking to make fast money, Brave Rewards is probably not for you. 

To make real money online, I recommend learning how to start an affiliate marketing business. I followed a really cool and in-depth training course that taught me how to build successful affiliate websites, and you can too. Hit the button below to learn more. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Brave Rewards review! Leave a comment if you ever tried Brave. 

Brave Rewards




  • No Registration Required
  • Earn Block-chain Token
  • No Need to Click or Watch Ads


  • Not Much Earning Potential.
  • You Have to Earn a Min of 25 BAT to Withdraw.

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