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YouGov Surveys Review: Is YouGov a Scam? Let’s Find Out

If you're wondering what is YouGov surveys about, and if it's a legitimate platform to earn some extra cash, continue reading this review.

In this YouGov review we'll walk you through what it's like to work with YouGov and you can decide if it's right for you. 

YouGov Review Summary: 

Product Name: YouGov Surveys

Product Type: Survey Platform

Price: Free

Rating: 40/100

Summary: Decent survey-platform with portals in most countries. But the payments are incredibly low and U.S members can't withdraw cash, only gift-cards. 

Recommended: No

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What is MineNaira? Is It a Cash-Mining Scam?

If you're looking for more information about what is MineNaira you came to the right place. In this MineNaira review we'll examine the opportunity and see if it really is a good way to make some extra income from home.

When you hear the term, "Cash Mining" chances are you're skeptical and assume it's all a scam. There is a platform out there with an app as well, called MineNaira, which is supposed to pay members to simply remain active on the website.

MineNaira Review Summary: 

Product Name: MineNaira

Product Type: Cash-Mining

Price: Free

Rating: 20/100

Summary: Simple auto-surfing website based in Nigeria. Works as promised but high withdrawal fees, and low income. Not recommended. 

Recommended: No. 

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Is Voxxlife a Scam? Find Out Here

Wondering what is Voxxlife? Is it a legitimate opportunity to promote? Do their products work? and can you make money with them? Or is Voxxlife a scam?

These questions, and more, will be answered in our unbiased Voxxlife product review. Continue reading to learn the truth about this company! 

Voxxlife Review Summary: 

Company Name: Voxxlife

Industry: MLM - Performance Socks

Price: $40/Year + 1 Package

Rating: 20/100

Summary: MLM that sells performance-enhancing socks and soles. Not transparent about income. Expensive socks. We feel it will be very difficult to promote this product.

Recommended: No. If you're looking into Voxxlife for the money making opportunity, you should check out my top recommended program instead. It's got all the tools and resources to build a thriving online business. Plus, it comes with 10 free classes to get started.

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What is Touchstone Essentials? Is It a Scam?

Touchstone Essentials (also known as The Good Inside) looks like a typical multi-level marketing scheme in the health supplement industry. But what if it really works? Is Touchstone Essentials the right opportunity for you?

Continue reading to find out. 

Touchstone Essentials Review Summary: 

Product Name: Touchstone Essentials

Product Type: Health Supplements

Price: $19.95 Annual Membership

Rating: 50/100

Summary: A MLM that creates detox health supplements with the mineral Zeolite. Not many bad reviews, and the compensation plan is not too complicated. But, it's expensive and there's very little income disclosure information. 

Recommended: No. 

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What Is Arbonne International? Legit Opportunity Or A Complete Scam?

If you find yourself reading this review, you were probably approached by an Arbonne Independent Consultant, and now you’re wondering what is Arbonne International about.

In this in-depth review, we will talk about Arbonne International; their history, products, and if their income opportunity is right for you.

Arbonne International Review Summary: 

Product Name: Arbonne International

Product Type: MLM

Price: $79 with a yearly renewal fee of $30

Best For: No one.

Rating: 40/100

Summary: Arbonne International is one of the more transparent multi-level marketing companies in the skin-care and cosmetic niche. They've got low entry fees and requirements, but low income too. Not worth the trouble, this one's a pass.

Recommended: NO.

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What is Asea About? Another Pyramid Scheme?

I bet you've already asked youself these questions; What is Asea about? Are their products good? Is this is a good opportunity for me to earn money?

If you want those questions answered and want to know more about this MLM company then you've came to the right place.

Asea Review Summary: 

Product Name: Asea

Product Type: MLM Opportunity

Price: $150

Best For: Nobody.

Rating: 10/100

Summary: Asea is another expensive skin-care products mlm company. There's very few people that make money with the system. Built on two-leg system, Left and Right. 

Recommended: NO.

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Is Advocare a Scam? The Shocking Truth Revealed!

If you've been approached by an Advocare distributor and you're asking yourself "Is Advocare a scam?", then you're in the right place.

After reading this, you will know about Advocare's history, products, compensation plans, and more. The aim of this review is to help you make the most informed decision and decide for yourself if Advocare is the right opportunity for you.

Let's get to it.

Advocare Review Summary: 

Product Name: Advocare

Product Type: MLM Scheme

Price: $59.00

Best For: Nobody.

Rating: 10/100

Summary: Faulty product line riddled with controversy and a company with a history of shady practices. Buyer Beware.

Recommended: NO.

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What is Xooma About? Is It a Pyramid Scheme?

Looking for unbiased information to explain what is Xooma about? Maybe you think the MLM opportunity is worth checking out. If that's the case, when you're done reading this review you'll know exactly what to expect of the company and your chances of success if you decided to use them. 

Xooma Review Summary: 

Product Name: Xooma Worldwide

Type: MLM System

Price: Kit Purchase Required ($249 - $1049.99)

Rating: 20/100

Summary: MLM company that promotes over 30 products. Their flagship product is Xooma X20 Extreme Water, which creates alkalinity and balances your body's pH levels, among other benefits. 

Recommended: No. 

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