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Review: What is Authority Site System? Is It a Scam? Learn More!

So you're looking for an unbiased Authority Site System review that can explain exactly what is Authority Site system before you make a decision to buy the course. First of all, congratulations on doing research. I'll do my best to show you exactly what's inside this course, so you can have enough information to make a decision. 

Authority Site System Review:  




Internet Marketing Training Course

Total Lessons: 



Gael Breton and Mark Webster  

Recommended: 50/50

Authority Site System is a decent internet marketing training courses, and you can definitely learn a lot from their lessons. On the other hand, I feel it's a bit too expensive, and I would much prefer something a bit more budget-friendly. I don't completely recommend them, but you're free to take a look. Our alternative is much cheaper and has more features. 


  • Very in-depth Lessons
  • Great Introduction to Internet Marketing
  • Covers the Essentials (Niche Research, WordPress, etc)  
  • Access to Google Spreadsheets and Other Files 
  • Good Content Creation Tips
  •  No Black-Hat SEO Techniques
  • Plenty of Positive Reviews
  • Lots of Free Templates (emails, articles, etc)
  • Straightforward Training - No Fluff


  • Very Expensive ($997 one-time)
  • Recommends Using Expensive Paid Tools
  •  No Lessons on Social Media Marketing
  • Can be Overwhelming at First
  • I Feel There Should be More Value

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What is Savage Affiliates? Is It a Legitimate Way to Build Passive Income?

So you're wondering what is Savage Affiliates and if it's legitimate. In this Savage Affiliate review, we'll cover what the course is about, the topics they cover, their recommended strategies, and whether or not it's something we recommend for beginners. If you're curious to know more about Savage Affiliate, this article is for you. 

Savage Affiliates Review:  


$197 for "Standard" and $297 for "Super"


Franklin Hatchett


Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Recommended: 50/50

While it's not my favorite product, I can appreciate the amount of effort and time that went into creating Savage Affiliates. There's a lot of good videos inside, and if you're new to working online, the tips can help a lot. On the other hand, they recommend some strategies that I don't agree with, so I don't officially recommend Savage Affiliates. 


  • Great Training Material, Hundreds of Videos.
  • Good Foundation for Beginners (Niche Research, WordPress Installation, Plugins, etc)
  • Covers the Most Popular Affiliate Programs (Clickbank, Amazon Associates, etc) 
  • One-Time Payment.
  •  Franklin Hatchett is a Legitimate Marketer.
  •  30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Training Not Structured Very Well. Looks Like a Database of Files.
  • Recommends Black-hat Backlink Techniques (Buying Links from Fiverr, Using PBNs, etc)
  • Most of the Training is Nothing New.
  • The SEO Section is Weak. 

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Review: Is 30 Day SMMA Worth It? Or Is It a Waste of $497?

So you came across a course called 30 Day SMMA from Choose Pristine, and you want to know if it's worth it. They claim to be earning $30,000 a month from this strategy. But is it legit or another scam? 

In this 30 Day SMMA review, we'll walk through the course's modules, how you can benefit from it, if it's worth it, and if there are any better (and cheaper) alternatives. 

30 Day SMMA Quick Review:  

Entry Price: 



SMMA Course: 

Refund Policy: 

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Recommended: 70/100

30 Day SMMA is a good course, they cover a lot of topics related to building an social media marketing agency. There are lots of training videos inside, and you can learn a lot of cool strategies. On the other hand, it's rather expensive. I feel like there are better and cheaper alternatives out there. 


  • Decent Training Material. Plenty of Videos.
  • Shows You How to Start a SMMA Business.
  • Teaches You How to Find Leads and Cold Call Them.
  • Reveals Interesting Cold Calling Strategies.
  • They Have an Exclusive Facebook Group.


  • Expensive.
  • Sales Pages is Has a Bit Too Much Hype.
  • Building a SMMA is Harder Than it Seems.
  •  There are Several Sales Pages with Different Prices.
  • Refund Policy is Conditional. 

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Is Honeygain a Scam? Does it Work in 2020? Find Out Here:

Honeygain is a company that promises to pay for every KB of data it uses from your internet connection. Is Honeygain a scam? What if I told you that you can make money from sharing your internet connection? You might think it's a funny idea, but as it turns out, Honeygain promises to do just that. 

Let's see if it's legitimate. 

Honeygain 2020 Review:  

Entry Price: 


Minimum Payout: 

USD $20

Available Platforms: 

Windows, Android, MacOS

Payout Methods:

PayPal. (More coming soon!)


  • Free, Available on Multiple Platforms.
  •  Very Little Effort Required on Your Part.
  • Only Uses 10% of Your Internet Connection.
  • Pays to Leave it Open in the Background.
  • You Can Earn at least a Cent a Day. 


  • Earnings very low, about a cent a day. 
  • Can eat up metered internet connections.
  • Min cash out ($20) is a bit high, takes a long time to reach. 
  • Can slow down older devices and drain their battery.

Recommended: 50/50

Honeygain is not a scam, and it does pay users for leaving it open in the background. It also doesn't do any damage to your devices performance. The main issue is the earnings are just so low, it's about one cent a day, possibly less. You can test it for yourself but don't expect great earnings. Creating a website and monetizing it with affiliate links or ads is still a lot more profitable. Having said that, continue reading this Honeygain review to learn more. 

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Is Paidviewpoint a Scam? Or a Legitimate Survey Platform?

Is Paidviewpoint a scam? Or a trust platform? Can you make a lot of money with them? Or is it another peanut-paying survey software? 

In this Paidviewpoint review, we'll answer those questions, and more. Continue reading to discover the truth about Paidviewpoint surveys. 

Paidviewpoint Review Summary: 

Rating: 50/100

Pros: Designed to be easier for users. Short surveys, quick payments.

The Cons: Low earnings. Unstable. Requires too much personal information to create an account. 

The Bottom Line: 

While Paidviewpoint is not a scam, it's not something we recommend because the earnings are too low and the requirements too strict. Instead, what I recommend is learning how to build a legitimate online business by following a proven blueprint to success. Wondering where to start? Check out my recommended training program below. 

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Spare5 Review: What is Spare5 and Does it Work? Find Out Here!

Wondering if Spare5 is worth it? Can you really use it to make some quick cash? In this Spare5 review you'll learn all about how the platform works, how much it pays, the minimum pay out, and if it's recommended for long term use. 

Most of these complete-tasks-for-cash platforms either pay peanuts or have very few offers available. Is Spare5 the same? Continue reading to find out. 

Spare5 Review Summary: 

Rating: 60/100

Pros: Easy to use. Free. Pays weekly. One dollar min cash out.

The Cons: Earnings are very low. Not many tasks. 

The Bottom Line: 

Spare5 is an interesting platform where members can earn some cash here and there. But it's not something I recommend for long-term use, because that time could be spent building something that brings in consistent cash, instead of a few cents here and there. 

If you're interested in building your own successful online business, check out my favorite training program. It's completely free to check out and has all the Tools, Support and Training you need in one place to build a thriving online business.

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What is Streetbees? Read Our Streetbees Review & Get the Facts

Came across Streetbees and wondering if it's a legitimate way to make money online? What is Streetbees exactly? Is it a scam? Or is it another platform that pays peanuts?

In this Streetbees review, we'll do our best to answer those questions (and more) so when you're done you'll have a solid understanding of what the app is all about. 

Streetbees Review Summary: 

Rating: 60/100

Pros: Good rates. Quick payments. Interesting tasks.

The Cons: Unreliable payment approval system. Very few tasks. 

The Bottom Line: 

Streetbees is an okay app that's worth looking into. But it's not something I recommend for long term income because it's quite unreliable. If you're looking for a way to earn part-time, full-time or even passive income online, take a look at my recommended training program below. 

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FunX Review: What is FunX? Does it Work? Is It a Scam? Let’s See

So you came across an app called FunX and you're wondering if it's a good way to earn some extra cash from your phone.

In this FunX review, we'll test the app, see how much they pay, how long it takes to reach the minimum pay-out, and if it's worth your time. 

FunX Review Summary: 

Rating: 60/100

Pros: Free, decent rewards, lots of options, quick earnings. 

The Cons: Based on chance and you have to use your own coins to play the games. 

The Bottom Line: 

If you're looking into FunX for the money making opportunity, you should check out my top recommended training platform instead. It has all the tools you need to build a thriving online business.

Plus 10 free classes to get started!

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