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Chris Farrell Membership Site Review – Scam or Legit?

Considering using Chris Farrell Membership Site to learn internet marketing?

Then you should read our Chris Farrell Membership Site Review in it’s entirety before you sign up.

Chris Farrell created his Membership Site as a way to educate people on how to learn internet marketing skills in order to make money online.

But is it the best program to learn how to build a successful online business. Let’s find out.

Chris Farrell Membership Review Summary:

Product Name: Chris Farrell Membership

Product Type: Internet Marketing/Online Business Training

Creator: Chris Farrell

Price: $4.95 first week, $37 per month afterwards, $997 Mentor Me Up-sell

Best For: Nobody in my opinion. There’s much better training and support out there for a better price.

Rating: 80/100

Summary: Chris Farrell Membership is a decent program but it’s outdated and lacks longevity as a educational program in my opinion.

I think that the program could be improved in it’s organization, community support as well as understanding how to develop organic traffic (SEO). Chris teaches to use Facebook as a major form of traffic which is only one small area of internet marketing.

Recommended: No

If you’re looking into Chris Farrel Membership for the money making opportunity, you should check out my top recommended training instead. It has all the tools, training and support you need to build a successful online business. Plus 10 free classes to get started!

Here’s My Top Recommended Training >>

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My IncomeShops Review – A Good Program, But Not The Best

Looking to put up an online store and considering using IncomeShops? It’s not a bad choice, but for the price and service, you can definitely do better.

Welcome to my review of Income Shops, today I will break down the Pros and Cons of this program.

I must admit, it’s really an impressive program and by no means do I want to downplay or berate what Income Shops has created.

If I would have found this program a year ago, I would have jumped all over it, without hesitation.

But luckily, for reasons discussed below, I found an amazing online training center that has taught me how to put up online stores, niche websites, and I now earn money online while traveling.

It’s kind of a dream come true for me 😉

Because of my training and education in internet marketing, niche website creation, and eCommerce website development, I feel it’s imperative to point out a few of the flaws of the Income Shops program, as well as show you a better alternative.

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How To Get Paid Taking Surveys? Check Out Our ClixSense Review!

Want to know how to get paid taking surveys?

Then ClixSense might be the platform you’re looking for.

Today we’ll explore ClixSense and see if it is a legitimate way to make money online.

We’ll also point out a few of the downsides to completing tasks online, such as online surveys, clicking on links, and so on.

Click Ad Pays Review Summary:

Product Name: Click Ad Pays

Photo of how to get paid taking surveys and other tasks using ClixSense

Product Type: Paid online surveys and tasks based platform.


Creator: Jim Grago

Price: Free Membership, Premium Membership ($17/year)

Best For: Those looking to have fun doing online tasks for a little extra pocket change.

Rating: 60/100

Summary: Clixsense is a legit task based platform to make a little extra money doing basic online tasks and surveys. As far as task based sites, it’s not as well recommended as Survey Junkie in terms of earning potential.

For those interested in making real money online, even developing an online business that generates passive income, Clixsense isn’t the solution. You can take the same effort you put into small tasks and surveys and build your own source of online income.

Recommended: Yes for fun, just don’t expect much. Not recommended for those serious about making consistent daily income or a long term online business.

Here’s My Top Recommended Program!

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Jaaxy Review – Site Ranking Power At Your Fingertips!

Welcome to my Jaaxy review, a comprehensive breakdown of the amazing keyword tool called Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is an incredible Keyword Research tool I use to build websites and climb Google rankings.

It does a ton more than just provide invaluable Keyword Information.

The best and most comforting thing about Jaaxy is that it’s so easy to use.

If you are trying to get your site ranked on PAGE ONE of Google, then Jaaxy is the perfect tool to give you the advantage over your competition.

Jaaxy Review Summary:

Product Name: Jaaxy

Product Type: Keyword Research Tool.

Price: Free Membership of 30 Free Searches, Pro Membership at $49/month, Enterprise Membership for $99/month. Yearly discounts.

Creators: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Best For: Content Marketers, eCommerce Business, Bloggers, Pay Per Click Advertisers. Anyone trying to rank content organically.

Rating: 95/100

Summary: Jaaxy allows you to find relevant keywords that are easy to rank in search engines like Google. You can also find.. Affiliate Programs, Website Rankings, Domain Names, and Site Competition all at a click of a button.

The reason I’ve been using Jaaxy for years with my online business is because it give me the relevant info I need to rank fast and it’s one of the most economical keyword research tools out there. Jaaxy’s an amazing keyword tool worth every penny!

Recommended: Yes

Here’s 30 Free Keyword Searches with Jaaxy >>

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Fiverr: What is a Gig? Can You Make Money with Fiverr? Find Out Here!

Are you familiar with Fiverr and know how it works to help buyers and sellers alike?

Do you know what Fiverr gigs are best to avoid?

If not, keep reading and I’ll give you a quick breakdown of the micro-gig website called

I’ll show you what Fiverr is and how you can use it to make money and/or outsource your own work for a mere $5 dollars, it’s incredible.

Click Here to Start Making Money with Fiverr!
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Is Swagbucks Worth It?

Is Swagbucks worth it?

The answer is YES

…and NO…

Here’s the deal:

You’ll never make a lot of money online trying to work the Swagbucks program as a potential income source.

It’s just not possible.


It is a Great Way To Make Extra Cash If You Use It to Browse The Web! 

Hi everybody, Todd here from

Today I want to give you the complete picture Swagbucks, and my personal take on this online rewards system.

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Why Wealthy Affiliate Is No. 1

WEALTHY AFFILIATE: #1 Recommendation for Support, Training, Tools and Guidance to Help You Make Real Money Online 

Looking to create an online business that can turn into an online career?

One that can potentially turn into a passive income source.

No b.s. here!

Or maybe you just want to supplement your income with an extra $50 dollars per day.

Regardless of your financial goals, if you’re ready to learn and work at it… then Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the perfect place to be.

Wealthy Affiliate offers an environment to nurture one’s skills as an online entrepreneur, regardless of skill level.

Their training will continually challenge and improve your skills as an online business owner.

And they are perfect for beginners 😉

The community support is awesome and it’s easy to get help when you need it. It’s like an open source training platform.

Plus, Wealthy Affiliate’s training is perfect for any style of online business because it builds a strong foundation right from the start (discussed below).

You’ll never run out of new information to learn that will positively effect your financial success.

Don’t Have Time to Read The Review?

An image that links to Wealthy Affiliate's free trial page.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Absolutely, without a doubt, Wealthy Affiliate is worth it.

Why’s that?

Simply because you can use WA’s training to launch almost any style of online business.

You can build a small niche site based on…

  • Your favorite Amazon product
  • An eCommerce Business
  • Build landing pages and incorporate Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Create an Authority Blog
  • Membership Website

And much more!

Whatever you want. It’s up to you. Better yet, you can make it as financially successful as you want.

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