Free Keyword Search Tool: The Easiest Tool For Keyword Research

Looking for a free keyword search tool? I’v used Jaaxy keyword research tool for over 4 years and it helps me rank content quickly and efficiently.

Keywords are the key to getting your website in front of your niche audience.

Below is the best free keyword search tool that I’ve used to find keywords and keyword metrics quickly.

I’m talking keyword/keyword phrases search volume and competition for every blog post and marketing campaign I write.

Jaaxy is one of the main reasons I rank my content so quickly as well.

I’d highly recommend you try it out!


What You Need in a Free Keyword Search:

In a Nutshell, you need to know..

  • The amount of traffic of your targeted keywords
  • Competition of those keywords
  • And the quality of the keywords

When you start to write a new article on your website, you need to start the process with a little research about the keywords you want to target.

Really we are looking for keyword phrases or questions that our niche audience is typing into Google right now.

This information we can write tailored blog posts that help target your niche audiences.

Then you just need to write quality content about this topic that helps your niche audience.

Do this and Google will reward you with high rankings.  😉

Which is what all website owners want.

As long as the content is based on the keyword phrase and is quality content, rankings come quickly.

So here are the 4 most important metrics within our free keyword search tool that we want to understand.

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1). The Amount of Monthly Searches

This is the actual number of monthly searches that your Keyword Phase or Question receives in Google rankings.

So we are concerned about this number, but maybe not as much as you may think we should be.

Obviously, the more searches your keyword phrase has will increase the amount of traffic to your website.


keywords that have thousands of monthly searches tend to be extremely competitive.

So if you target competitive keywords you will most likely never see your articles rank and therefore would get zero free traffic to our website.

2). QSR (Quoted Search Results) – Pay Attention!

This is really the number of competing pages that we are up against using the exact keyword phrase or question.

Anything under 200 is fine, but I go for under 100 for best results.

The lower the number, the greater chances we have of getting our websites ranked on the first pages of Google.

If you are writing quality content, then you should have no trouble getting ranked on the first page of Google with your “low competition keyword phrase”.

That’s what is so nice about having a keyword tool like Jaaxy.

A graphic that says the words, "Choose the right keywords" with a green background.

3). KQI (Keyword Quality Index)

This really is a measure of the quality of your keyword phrase. The keyword quality index score gives you instant feedback as to whether you have a Good or Bad keyword phrase.

Green is Good!

Yellow is OK

Red is Bad!

You can rank for Yellow labeled keyword phrases, but it takes much more time.

Green is the winner we’re looking for and stay away from Red.

4). SEO Power Another Time to Pay Attention!

This is an indicator as to how good your keyword phrase or question is for getting fast rankings. The higher the number, the easier it will be to rank your content using your selected keyword phrase.

I always underestimated this metric. Now I find the more I focus on scores over 90, the easier it is to rank.

If the score is below 80, I’ve found it quite impossible to rank.

A Keyword Research Example – Make Spaghetti Noodles

Below is a snip-it I took from a Jaaxy search.

Say I have a website on Italian Cooking or Home Made Recipes, something cooking related.

If I want to write about my favorite spaghetti recipe. I can research this phrase and find some awesome post ideas/keyword phrases that I can write about based on a query of… Make Spaghetti Noodles.

I found this term using Google instant and just wanted to check out the results.

They initial results are good for Make Spaghetti Noodles, but better for the phrase of..How to Make Spaghetti Bolognese.

A picture showing free keyword search results from the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

What’s better about this search, is that it reveled many more relevant and related keyword phrases that I could use to blog and rank in Google quickly.

Check out…  How to Make Spaghetti Sauce

A picture showing keyword search results and arrows pointing towards metrics.

That’s potentially 5,105 people searching this phrase and ZERO competition – A 1,500 word post depicting exactly how to make Spaghetti Sauce and related topics would do the trick.

Notice: Green is for Go! When you have a green indicator, keyword searches above 300/month, and QSR (really competing websites currently ranking for the keyword phrase) below 200, you’re good to go.

Having a Keyword Tool like Jaaxy allows you to streamline your work so that you avoid wasting hours of time looking for the right keywords or keyword phrase.

Instead, you can spend that time on writing quality content to help your audience and help get your pages ranked in Google. This will lead to more natural traffic and that will lead to more SALES!

Happy Keyword Hunting. If you have any questions about the free keyword search tool Jaaxy, please message below, I’d love to hear from you.

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