Global Test Market Survey Review: Does It Work?

Global Test Market claims to be the "No. 1 Paid Survey Website" but does it really live up to that claim? How much can you earn with global test market surveys?

Is the cash-out limit low, and do they quickly process payments? Do they provide a lot of surveys? In this Global Test Market review, we'll answer the above questions, and more.

Continue reading to discover the truth about Global Test Market Surveys. 

Global Test Market Surveys Review Summary: 

Product Name: Global Test Market

Product Type: Paid Surveys

Price: Free

Rating: 30/100

Summary: Run-of-the-mill survey platform. Decent amount of surveys, but buggy platform, and payments take weeks to process. High pay-out limit, too. Not worth the trouble. 

Recommended: No.


What is Global Test Market Surveys? 

Global Test Market was designed to give members the chance to influence global market research. Partnered companies pay Global Test Market for market research, and Global Test Market shares a cut with their members.

Founded in 1999, and based in New Jersey, Global Test Market is one of the older paid survey platforms out there. Much like other paid survey platforms, on Global Test Market members can earn points by completing surveys and use those points to redeem gift-cards and PayPal cash. 

One thing to keep in mind is this platform doesn't have a great reputation online. Just take a look at this screenshot from Trust Pilot, 66% voted for BAD: 

Screenshot of Global Test Market's rating on Trust Pilot, 66% voters rated it one star

You're probably wondering: 

This sounds just like all the other paid survey platforms out there. What are the payments like? How much can you earn with Global Test Market surveys? Is it worth the trouble? Does it work? 

We'll cover those questions in the next section. 

Getting Started: 

But first, let's walk through the sign-up and qualification steps. 

Global Test Market surveys is a free platform. But they do require a lot of information from you. For example, signing up is not as simple as entering a name and email address. To create an account, you need to fill in your physical address, and date of birth, right off the bat. 

Keep in mind: 

Though for some reason you can make an account in every country, if you're not in U.S, once you fill in all your details and click confirm, it will likely say "You're illegible for surveys at this time". 

After you fill in all your personal details, of course. 

But if you do live in U.S, it will let you through and you'll see the member's dashboard. As usual, they'll ask you to fill in a questionnaire to match you with suitable surveys. Most of the time there is something available. 

Let's move on to the earnings section. 

Global Test Market Surveys: Earnings

While researching this company, I came across a lot of complaints from members, which we'll discuss later on in this review. But as far as payments are concerned, Global Test Market does deliver as promised. 

The platform uses a point system (called Life Points), and 23 points is equal to about $1. In most cases, the surveys offer between 30 - 40 points (a couple dollars) but there are some that pay up to $10, though these are rare.

Ways to redeem points with Global Test Market

There's a decent chance you can make a few dollars here and there. As far as rewards go, Global Test Market surveys is not bad. Payments are average. 


Another way to improve your income is to participate in their Sweepstakes program. Members are automatically enrolled in this program as they complete surveys. Each entry earned allows you to place your name in a cash-draw pool, so the more entries you have the better your chances of winning some cash. 

Cashing out:

There are a few ways to cash-out with Global Test Market surveys. The most common way is to redeem gift-cards, and there are many cards to choose from, Amazon Gift Cards being the most popular. One upside the cards is they don't mail them to you, but instead send you the digital code, so you can use it right away. 

For cash, things are a little different. For minimum cash-outs, this one is quite high, sitting at $50 minimum for PayPal cash. To make matter worse, the payment processing time is between 4 - 6 weeks.

That's a long time to wait for fifty bucks, assuming you can reach the minimum balance, of course. Most people opt for gift-cards, as PayPal cash takes far too long to process. 

Let's move on the pros and cons. 

Global Test Market Pros:

Here's what we liked... 

1. Decent Amount of Surveys:

From what I could see, it looks like the platform does have a good amount of surveys to complete, at any time. Though there are surveys, the platform has a lot of downsides too which makes completing the surveys a hassle. 

The Cons with Global Test Market

Speaking of downsides... 

1. Buggy Platform:

One of the most common complaints about Global Test Market surveys is the bug-infested platform. It's not unusual to be kicked out of a survey while you're still working on it. Worse yet, sometimes you complete a survey but then when you click submit it says you are disqualified. I could continue, but from what I can see, the platform needs a lot of work. 

2. Unresponsive Support:

Looks like the customer support takes their sweet time with complaints. In most cases, tickets are never even solved. 

3. High-Cash Out:

The minimum cash-out (for cash) is $50 and reaching it is quite a challenge. One user said it took him more than a year to earn the minimum amount. Granted, some people cash out much sooner, but it still takes quite some time. 

4. LONG Payment Processing: 

Speaking of cashing out, if you want PayPal cash you'll need to wait between 4 to 6 weeks for the payment to be processed. The worse part is some people have to wait even longer due to glitches and other issues. 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

Is Global Test Market a Scam? 

Having read the downsides above, chances are you think Global Test Market is a scam. However, though it's not the best platform, it wouldn't be fair to say they're a total scam. They do - eventually - deliver payments.

The truth is you can earn some money with them. Nevertheless, in my opinion, Global Test Market is not worth the trouble. The frustration of completing a survey only to be disqualified is more than enough to avoid this platform. 

But is there anything better? 

A Much Better Alternative: 

Honestly, Survey Platforms rarely pay well because they're so easy to do and there are no skill requirements. Anyone can do them. Most of the time you're lucky to make a few dollars for a week or more of work. Not a great use of your time. 

Instead, if you want to make money online, there are plenty of ways to do so, that are worth your time. One of the models I recommend is affiliate marketing and it probably sounds like an alien language to you at the moment. But the concept is very simple, and the results can be great. 

You're probably thinking...

Do I need any skills to get started with affiliate marketing? Is it complicated? Does it take a long time to learn? Check out this post to learn more: How long does it take to make money? 

The answer to those questions is the same: No. 

But if you dive in on your own, with no plan, it will take a lot longer to see results. So if you're looking for an online training center that will walk you through all the steps required to build a successful online business, hit the button below. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Global Test Market surveys review. Hopefully now you know what is in store for you. Leave a comment if you have any questions. 

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