Grab Points Review: What is It? Let’s Dig In

​Looking for an honest Grab Points Review? Wondering if Grab Points is right for you? Can you use their platform to earn some pocket change? Or is the pay rate not even worth the hassle?

In this Grab Points review you'll learn exactly what the platform is about, how it works, how much you can earn, and if it is worth your time.

​Grab Points Review Summary: 

Rating: 70/100

Pros: ​Well-made website. Many offers. Low cash out and fast payments. 

The Cons: ​Low pay rates. Too many registration forms. 

The Bottom Line: ​Well-made platform, and lots of offers. However, the pay rates are quite low, and I don't think it's worth the time. Instead, consider learning how to build a legitimate online business by following my free training below. 


What is ​Grab Points? 

​Grab Points is a platform (launched in 2014) that rewards users for completing surveys, offers, testing out apps, and various other small tasks. The compensation system is based on points, and the points can be​ exchanged for gift cards or cash.

A screenshot of Grab Points main features to earn gift cards

One thing that makes Grab Points different from other similar platforms is it has a mobile app, so members can earn while away from their computer.

Other than that, if you're familiar with other survey websites, then you'll know how to use this one too. Nevertheless, let's dive into the member's area and see how it works. 

Grab Points: Getting Started

I know how frustrating it can be to read good things about a platform, only to be forced to enter every ounce of personal information just to try it out.

Thankfully, it's easy to get started with Grab Points. In fact, they include Facebook and Google login buttons to simplify the registration process. You can start with a click of the button.

Answering the demographic questions and verifying your email address will reward you with 60 points.

Let's see how the member's area looks. 

​Cashing Out: The Pay Rates

​Quick Facts:

  1. Point to Dollar Rate: 1,000 Points = $1 
  2. Minimum Cash Out via PayPal = $3
  3. Payment Processing Time: 24 - 48 Hrs
  4. Cash Out via Paypal and skrill

What you want to know is if all this is worth your time. Grab Points promises one of the best pay rates out there, but is that true? Let's run through it. 

Redeeming Grab Points:

As we know, the system is based on points. To see what you can do with those points, head over to the reward store. The majority of the rewards consist of gift-cards or ​in-game ​currency or coins. 

For example, you can exchange points for Roblox or Minecraft gift cards. Not to mention XBOX live memberships and Facebook credits. There are some interesting rewards here, that's for sure.

A list of Grab Points rewards you can redeem with points for Xbox Live, Facebook Credits, etc

More importantly, they do offer PayPal cash, as well as Skrill. For PayPal, the conversion rate is about 1,000 points for one dollar, so 3,000 points equals ​three dollars and so on. The maximum you can cash out is $50 (50,000 points) and the ​minimum is ​three dollars. 

Grab Points points exchange rate with PayPal cash

It looks like as soon as you have 3,000 or more points you can redeem them for ​three dollars of PayPal cash. It's always nice to have a low cash out limit. Another thing to keep in mind is most payments are processed within 72 hours.

Overall, not a bad system. I also noticed a feed on the bottom right that shows live activity of members, such as what they redeemed in the gift store and which offers they completed.

So how do you make money with this company? 

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Earning Money with Grab Points:

Inside the dashboard, there are quite a lot of categories and tabs to examine. The featured offers are in the center of the dashboard; Surveys, Videos, Offers, and apps.

Grab Points list of surveys in the survey wall

Grab Points Surveys: 

Most of the surveys are on separate websites, meaning you have to sign-up with another platform to complete the offer. Most of them pay better. Then there's the Premium Partners, which are more of the same, other survey platforms Grab Points recommends.

For example, they recommend Peanut Labs. When you sign-up to Peanut Labs through Grab Points you'll earn some points. ​

Other similar websites: Survey Junkie


​​​​For me, there are two options: Adscend Videos and Grab Rewards Videos. The Adscend link takes me to another platform where I have to complete the 19 demographic questions before I can view any videos. Grab Rewards flat out didn't work, saying there are no offers for my account.

Grab Points Offers:

​This section seems to be the meat of Grab Points, as there are a lot of offers and the rewards ​are decent too. ​​​

Interestingly, in some cases you have to reach a certain score in a game before you earn the points. For example, the Lucky Wheel Quiz requires you to earn 100% before you can receive your points. I thought that was a little different, at least when compared to the usual survey tasks.

Earning with Grab Points Apps:

​Here you can earn points by downloading and using various apps. Generally, it's recommended to visit this page on a mobile device because there will be a lot more offers. You can also download the Grab Points app to see deals.

On my computer, there was only one offer; Zoombucks. Download the app, register, and reach 5,000 points on that app, to earn the promised points. There are also other app-walls to consider.

​Grab Points Pros:

1. Easy to Get Started:

​Although you do need to complete a qualifier survey before you can search for surveys to complete, creating an account is very straightforward and there are no unexpected requirements. You don't need to enter your phone number, address, or any other personal information.

2. Quick Payments:

​Some of these platforms take months to process a cash out request. Grab Points usually do it within 48 hours, although they do warn it can take up to 5 days in certain situation.

3. Low Minimum Pay Out:

If you want PayPal cash, the minimum pay-out is only three dollars. You can submit a request once you earn the necessary amount of points but it's recommended to collect a little more, at least to make up for the PayPal fees. 

4. Wide Selection of Rewards to Redeem:

​Instead of the usual gift cards, Grab Points allows you to exchange points earned on their platform with various other types of video-game points or currency.

For example, a 30 day Runescape membership (a popular online multiplayer game) as well as Minecraft, and various ​phone games. In short, Grab Rewards offers plenty of ways to earn other rewards, not only cash. 

The Cons with ​Grab Points

1. The Rates are Low:

​Granted, Grab Points rates aren't as low as other similar platforms, but they're not really attractive either. I feel like you'll have to spend a lot of time on the platform to earn even the minimum amount to cash out.

For example, one offer requires you to sign-up to another survey platform and fill in their survey (approx time 30 minutes) for 450 points. The dollar equivalent would be 45 cents. That's not much for 30 minutes of work!

There is one offer that pays 1400 points requires you to register, download a game on your phone, and then play the game until you reach 500 points. Who knows how long that will take.

When it comes down to it, expect to earn one to $2 dollars an hour. 

2. Every Offer Requires You to Register: 

​When I first started playing around with this platform, I thought it was great that there are so many offers.

Turns out, every offer requires you to register on another platform, and they usually ask for a lot of personal information. Signing up once or twice is okay, but for every offer? It's a little much. If you're using a person email address for this, it will quickly fill with spam.

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

​So Is Grab Points a Scam? 

​After reading the cons above, you probably expect me to say the platform is a scam. ​Believe it or not, I actually like the platform.

I like the layout, the tabs and menus, and the wide range of offers and tasks to complete. Overall, it is a well made platform, and from what I researched, they do honor payment requests. 

On the other hand, I feel the time it takes to complete the offers are not worth the rewards. It's a lot of work, for not much in return.

You should never expect to earn a full time income from these websites. They're not designed for that, but you can't even earn enough for pocket change in my opinion.

Overall, though the platform is good, and I like it, it's not something I recommend for those looking to make more substantial income online. 

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​What I Recommend:

I recommend building a simple online business that can pay you now and grow into a full time income or even a passive income source. I know that sounds vague, but it's totally possible, especially if you have a hand to guide you through the journey.

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​Thanks for taking the time to read this Grab Points review. I hope now you know the platform is not a scam, but you shouldn't expect to make a lot of money from them, either. What do you think? Leave a comment below. 

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