No.1 Guide To Making Money Online: Here’s What Works!

Do you ever fantasize about being the owner of a successful online business?

No worries, Our guide to making money online has got you covered.

I must admit, making money online is pretty awesome!

But building an online business up from scratch is not as easy as it sounds. You’ll have to make some sacrifices and be willing to put in the work.

Nevertheless, if you knew that a certain amount of effort is required to reach your goal, would you be able to do it? 

Today we present our 5 Step Guide to Making Money Online. It will give you all the tools and resources you need to create your own incoming producing online business.Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

We’ll discuss the most lucrative ways that entrepreneurs make money in today’s online world.

We’ll also guide you through the process of building a successful long-term online business (a.k.a. passive income).

I too was looking to learn how to make real, honest money online.

I wanted to create an online business that would (eventually) produce passive income and guess what? I found out exactly how to do it.

And I’ll show you how to do it too!


Introduction: Understanding The Basics of Making Money Online

I see a lot of confusion online about how to make money in this crazy internet world.

In this guide to make money online we provide some simple newbie friendly solutions!

Hold Up! Don’t Want to Read This?

Have it Drip-fed Into Your Email Inbox

Tons of people are selling Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) schemes, pyramid systems, tiered programs, advertising plans, and the list goes on and on…

Need help differentiating between MLM’s and affiliate marketing? Check out our comparison post on Network Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing to get the facts.

Many systems aren’t really selling anything of value, many are often overpriced, and perhaps worst of all, many sell the concept of “making money online” as something that’s easy to do.

These types of systems prey on our basic instinct to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Most of us love the idea of getting rich quick with little to no effort.

We’d love to click away for a few hours, watch as the money rolls in and call it a day.

But that simply isn’t realistic. I’m sorry if I burst your bubble – but it’s the truth.

Well at least not at first. It happens.

But first have to provide a business service that helps people, discussed more below.

Warning: Anyone pushing a get-rich-quick system or program is, more likely than not, selling you some sort of scam.

Take a minute and read my post How to Spot A Scam to better educate yourself on how to stay away from these types of programs. 

The reality is, however, that you can make honest money online in a number of ways, which we’ll cover in this article.

Real Ways To Make Money Online Without a Website

You don’t need to build the next Facebook to make money online.

Contrary to what you might think, a website isn’t even required to make money from the internet.

Below I’ll mention some simple ways to make money without a website… and then we’ll talk about how to build a website that does make money! 

1.) Online Surveys & Tasks

You can make a little money with them… but bottom line, don’t do them.

When you add up your time it takes to qualifying for online surveys/tasks, etc., it comes out to you making less than $2 – $3 dollars/hour.

Plus you risk getting your email spammed and even scammed with some of the systems out there.

The only people who make money in Online Surveys/Tasks are the companies that offer the Online Surveys/Tasks.

So why am I mentioning it? because they’re, not all are bad.

Some sites have a decent amount of tasks available, and you can earn an extra couple hundreds bucks a month.

One of the survey companies I came across that is decent (offers good pay-outs and there’s plenty of work) is called Survey Junkie.

Read my Survey Junkie review here

For other ideas on how to make fast cash online, read this incredible article called How to Make Easy Money Online. Trust me, it’s got something for everyone.

2.) Start an Ecommerce Business with Amazon or eBay

This is a great way to start out making money online and can be a lot of fun!

The tough thing about this as a long-term business is where to get new products that sell fast.

You can develop one product and create your own brand.

This can be very lucrative, but takes some up-front capital.

Want to Learn How to Build a Business On Amazon?

This Amazon Training Course is Awesome! Click Here to Check it Out!

You can learn how to import and drop-ship and sell items on Amazon/eBay right here (first hand training from a Power eBay/Amazon Seller).

Where to find products to sell?

Sell your old stuff, find bargains in clearance sales, or import products from whole sale suppliers.

Importing products comes with high rewards and a good amount of risk.

Earning potential with Importation: Can be average to huge, $100,000+ per month if you achieve the ultimate success.

You need a good amount of capital to make substantial money, but you can get started with as little as $500 – $1,000 dollars.

Start small. Re-invest and order more.

We recently published a new post about selling on amazon for beginners. if you’re new to the scene, you should check it out.

3.) Create Landing Pages And Sell Via Email Marketing

There’s a good amount of new programs selling systems to teach this technique.

It’s a good technique, but most of the programs teaching this system are flawed because they cut corners.

They teach you how to..

  • Build a landing page
  • Pay to get traffic to the landing page
  • Hopefully convert that traffic to sign up for your email opt-in service
  • Then sell affiliate products to your email list

This is not a new concept and can be very successful if used in conjunction with a blog or niche website (discussed below).

But it can also be completely ineffective.


You need to build trust with your email list before they will ever buy products from you.

What do you do with most sales emails in your inbox?

I delete them unless it’s something I know, trust, and want.

And I bet you do the same thing too!

So having a well established blog or niche site that allows you to connect to your website audience will help create that trust you need to sell products to your email list.

In fact, most marketers say building a list is the most important thing when it comes to online business.

Image that links to real affiliate marketing success stories.

4.) Create Your Own Digital Product

This is also a very cool concept and potentially very profitable too.

If you have a special skill, knowledge about a particular subject, or service that can be turned into an eBook, educational video, or membership site; you can make great money online.

This can be a bit more complicated and costly when first starting out, plus you really need to understand SEO and learn how to drive traffic to whatever product/service you are selling.

But if you spend enough time blogging or sharing advice online, eventually your audience will want a book with all your strategies inside.

If this is what you are looking for, you could check out Clickbank University.

Clickbank is the largest digital marketplace and they have a program to teach you how to create these types of sites.

Note: I wouldn’t learn affiliate marketing from these guys solely, there’s better educational program for this (see below).

Making Money Online With A Website

Creating a website is really the best way to make money online for most everyone, and it has huge passive income potential.

It allows you to build trust and a brand while also making money. Earning Potential: $100,000+ per month.

Create a Blog or Niche Website!

It’s inexpensive to start a blog/niche website, the financial risk is extremely low, and the profit potential is limited only to your imagination.

If you want to create a real online business, the easiest path to success is through niche websites, eCommerce sites, and blogs that organically generate traffic based on your niche.

If you need help with blogging, check out our Guide to Blogging for Beginners.

Then you incorporate affiliate marketing techniques, advertising, and email marketing campaigns (listed above). 

These are all solid methods to create real online income.

However, they all require real work and an honest determination.

With this mindset, you can turn your website into a money making machine.

It’s not a get-rich-quick system.

It takes time and dedication – as does any business – online or offline.

But that time can be cut shorter with proper education!

When you have a strong online business, which includes…

  • A quality website
  • Active site visitors
  • And an exchange of products and/or services

You will then have a successful online business!

Need Help Making Money Online?

Build a Simple Online Business That Works! 100% Free Training!

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how to make money online!

The next part of our guide to making money online will be dedicated to making money with a website! 

5 Step Guide To Making Money Online

1). Start with a Website

A screenshot of a typical business website layout.

It All Starts With a Website

A website is the foundation to your online business. It’s your online home.

I know what you’re probably thinking – “I don’t know how to design a website

Well don’t worry! Nowadays it’s super easy to build a website – I’ll show you how!

Think of a website like a brick and mortar business, except without all the expensive overhead costs.

With a website, you will need to have 3 things:

  • Web Hosting – You can get this for under $10/mo
  • A Domain Name – You can get this for about $15/year. I use Wealthy Affiliate’s Domain Name Service because they’re easy to work with and inexpensive.
  • The Right Guidance On Getting Started – Easily the most important component for success.
  • So overall the initial startups costs are quite low!

Most people shy away from building a site because they assume a lot of programming knowledge is required to build one.

Those days are over.

Anyone – and I mean anyone – can create a website! Creating a website is not the hard part.

If you use WordPress, which 30% of the world’s websites are built on, creating a website is a matter of a few clicks.

Traffic and monetizing IS the hard part.

There are plenty of tools that simplify the process.

The one I use is called Site Rubix and you can read about Site Rubix website builder right here

2). You need to have a Niche Idea to Base your Website

A niche is the topic of your website, like a category it falls into. 

Success is based on providing something of use and/or value to your website audience.

If you have unique interests and passions, special skills, expertise or knowledge on a particular subject then you’re already way ahead.

Why’s that?

Because you have the basis for your very own niche website.

So if you already have experience in a particular field you will have the upper hand on your competition.

What if you don’t have experience? 

It’s not a deal breaker.

If you don’t have a particular niche in mind, check out this training video on how to find a niche.

A screenshot of Amazon's homepage showing many different industries you can target.

Click here to be taken the class/video to better understand How to find your Niche

Now, one important aspect to keep in mind when selecting a niche is to consider choosing a subject that has related products and/or services.

This is how you will generate the majority of your money online.

You can get a better understanding of niche concepts, check out this post how to find a online niche.

3). You’ll need to Write Quality Content Related to Your Niche

Website content, in the form of written or video content, is how search engines recognize and rank websites for whatever niche tickles your fancy.

You’ll need to learn how to write quality content that is engaging and benefits your audience. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you may think it is, and actually can be kind of relaxing and enjoyable.

Many times the content will be about a particular subject, product, or service.

So you want to write quality content that is unique and based on your personal perspective (not duplicate or spun content – search engines like Google don’t like this).

Remember when I said if you have experience you’ll have the upper hand?

That experience can be put into words. 

People are more interested in websites written from experts, rather than people who copy and paste articles from other sources to their sites.

In short, if you have experience in a field, don’t keep it to yourself, share the value!

Not to mention when you write about something that interests you the passion will show in your articles.

Note: Don’t like the idea of writing content?

Don’t worry, there are professional writers that can help you.

You can even find writers on to post for you.

I paid a writer from fiverr $10 for a 1,000 word post that currently brings in over 500 visitors to my site and is on page one of Google.

Can you believe that?

$10 dollars for 500 monthly visitors, it’s great.

Some writers even charge less, but I think it’s a good idea to invest in writers who can write well, even if that means paying a little extra.

Think of it likes this; if you pay for one article now, and that articles continues to bring in cash far into the future, it’s an investment.

A picture that links to an article about buying read made niche websites.

Human Proof Designs has some excellent priced content packages. They also can streamline the building process of a niche website with their custom built niche sites. Click this link to read our Human Proof Designs review.

4). Your Site Needs to Bring in Traffic

This is easily the most important aspect of building a successful online business that makes money and why YOU ABSOLUTELY need an education in SEO from the start.

You build traffic by two methods:

  • Organically, by producing quality content that gets ranked on the first pages of search engines.
  • Advertising – places like Facebook, Google Ads, etc..).

5). Once You Have Traffic, You Monetize Your Site

This is where most people struggle. 

You can monetize your website in a number of different ways, the method I recommend is affiliate marketing but you can choose which method best suits you.

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting someone else’s product for a commission. 

The most important and lucrative ways are as follows:

  • Promote affiliate products related to your niche
  • Place Google Adsense and/or other advertising programs on your site
  • Promote products
  • Find relevant advertisers of your niche to pay you to advertise on your site
  • Create your own product and sell it on your site and/or through Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing combined with Email Marketing remains one of the most lucrative forms of making money online and creating a long-term business.

Most companies that have an online presence have an affiliate or partner program that you can join to earn some money promoting the business. You don’t have to limit your options to products you find on affiliate marketplaces like Click Bank and JVZOO. Even most anti-virus software have affiliate programs.

It gives you several cost effective advantages that are not found with traditional businesses.


  • No inventory
  • Zero direct selling
  • Little customer service
  • And no product returns

Plus, with the vast numbers of internet users and an online market that runs 24/7 – your business really has limitless potential.

Check Out This Video From The Wealthy Affiliate Training Center On How This Process Works

Image that links to a Wealthy Affiliate webinar that explains how to pick a niche.

Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing:

I want to talk about networking marketing in a separate section because it is a little different than traditional affiliate programs.

As I mentioned earlier, lots of companies offer affiliate programs, but there are a couple of variations to these programs you should know about.

One of the most popular models is called multi-level marketing which is a grey-area. 

Multi-level marketing programs are not illegal. But they are remarkably similar to pyramid schemes, which ARE illegal.

Most companies that use multi-level marketing as a promotion technique reward people for building teams.

The idea is to encourage members to build a team under them and earn commissions for the team’s sales as well as other bonuses.

Pretty much every company that is built on this model offers the exact same incentives, with small variations and terms. 

Promoting a multi-level marketing opportunity can be lucrative. But it’s a little easier said than done.

Mainly, if you want to be successful you need to have a powerful lead generation system in place.

Most people don’t have that. 

I love Thrive Themes because they specialize in converting sales and increasing email optin. You can also build upon your website converting from an affiliate site to an eCommerce site or even a Membership site.

Heck, you can build courses with their system and change for digital products.

You can check out our review of Thrive Membership here.

Want to Learn How to Build a Powerful Lead-Gen System?

On the other hand, if you follow the steps outlined in this guide to making money online you can create a website you can use to promote whatever you want.

Build a site that brings in traffic and you’ll have all the leads you need. You can point people to whatever offer you like. 

Just – of course – be careful what you promote, if it’s illegal, it won’t work out well for you.

Luckily for you, I wrote an eBook that teaches you how to build a site that will bring in a ton of traffic in a short period of time.

Hit the picture to download it.

Image that links to a free eBook where you can learn to drive targeted traffic to your website or online business.

IN Closing: Guide To Making Money Online – The #1 Tip (Don’t Forget!)

The most important ingredient to build a successful online business is to have HELP & SUPPORT!

You need to have a program and mentors who will guide you along this process.

It would be a huge challenge to learn how to do all these tasks yourself.

Don’t go at it alone.

You’ll set yourself up for frustrations and failure.

Believe me, I know.

There is a chronological process for how to put up an authoritative website that earns big dollars.

You want to follow entrepreneurs that have spent decades making successful websites.

You want mentors that know what they’re doing and what works.

So here’s my advice to you…

Get a proper online education that will help guide you through the 5 step process listed above.

Follow our training below to learn how its done.

Get the Help You Deserve:

Click Here for My No.1 Recommendation!

Basically it’s a one-stop shop for a proper online education.

But first, read below to see if online business is the right business for you.

What It Takes To Make Money Online?

Are you dedicated to improve your financial situation? Do you have a passion to improve your quality of your life?

Do you want a job you can do from your home or anywhere in the world?

You will need to be dedicated and driven to start any business, online or offline.

The only difference is that an online business is much cheaper to start and maintain and offers the same, if not greater, income potential.

If you have these qualities (dedication, passion, and desire), then you have what it takes to create a successful online business that will make you online income.

How big that income will be is up to you!

All that’s required now is a proven system to guide you along your way:

The Best Part? You can Start with a Free Trial:

Click Here to Start Your Free Trial Today:

If you have any questions about following this guide to making money online, please leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you’d be so kind as to share this post via the social share buttons to help guide others that want to learn how to make money online that would be awesome.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide to making money online!

Take care,Todd

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