How to Boost Your Website Traffic? 6 Tricks You Can Use Now!

I get it, you need to learn how to increase your website traffic for immediate results!

When people don’t know how to boost traffic to their site, they’ll take to Google.

They search for tips and tricks only to be flooded with thousands of different strategies, triggering information over-load.

It’s difficult to choose which source of traffic to focus your efforts.

Today we’ll show you 6 traffic generation tips that work. If you’re struggling with website traffic then this article will be perfect for you.

You’ll learn exactly how to boost your website traffic by the time you finish reading. Let’s begin.

How to Boost Your Website Traffic:

Let’s start with social media and get right down to the big two: Facebook and Twitter!

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1. Check Out Facebook Groups:

Social media is the best source for fast traffic.

The only problem is that marketers often forget to share their links on social media. Or they share the link but don’t write an attractive headline to make people want to click on the post.

Also, make sure you share your articles in groups with active members. There’s a lot of auto-bots on Facebook and that won’t help bring in live visitors to your site.

As a marketer, that’s a total waste of time! 

You want to get your link in front of people who want to read it. That means if you write about fitness, find groups where people talk about fitness, and so on.

You’ll be surprised how targeted some Facebook groups can be!

Let’s also not forget about sharing the link on your personal or business account as well as your business’ Facebook Page.

Need help setting up a solid Facebook Page? Then check out our guide on How to Set Up a Business on Facebook.

2. Use Twitter:

I think every business, no matter how large or small, should be on Twitter because not only is it an awesome tool to keep in touch with customers.

But did you know that Twitter also provides interesting insights into your target demographic.

Sharing your latest article or website link on Twitter is always a good idea and I also recommend pinning the link to your profile page so it remains at the top of the feed.

If you need help with social media, read this post; how to promote your business using social media.

Don’t Forget Hashtags:

Let’s also not forget about hashtags! Be generous with hashtags!

I also recommend creating an image for the article and uploading it to Twitter, Tweets with images are more likely to be shared than Tweets without images.

It’s also just a nice way to let people know what you’re sharing because we all know sometimes links on Twitter lead to spam or virus-filled websites!

To boost website traffic, share articles on Twitter.

A picture that links to an affiliate marketing course that teaches how to build website traffic for free.

3. Stumble Upon:

Stumble Upon is a social media platform that has been around for awhile but most marketers don’t take advantage of it’s features. The purpose of Stumble Upon is to provide the user with interesting articles based on specified interests and topics.

Members select what they would like to read articles about and hit the “Stumble” button and a random article or media is loaded for their pleasure.

Creating a following on Stumble Upon is much like any other social media platform; create interesting content and follow other members.

If you focus on sharing interesting content (it doesn’t necessarily have to be YOUR content) then you’ll slowly build up a following and more people will check out your links.

It’s worth a look!

A screenshot of Pinterest's logo

4. Pinterest:

Pinterest is another cool social media platform that has potential to bring in fast quality traffic. It focuses on the visual aspect of articles, images and other content.

In other words, in order to get anywhere with this social media platform, one must learn how to create quality images that create a meaningful impression.

Once again, this is where learning how to write intriguing article titles comes into play! 

You want to create “Pins” on boards related to your website’s topic, share the pin, and include the source of the article (the website you want people to check out).

Get enough followers, and Pinterest can be a great way to boost your website traffic!

5. Instagram:

Thought Instagram was just for pictures of models? Think again!

It’s true Instagram does not allow you to post live links in your picture’s description but that doesn’t mean you can’t put it somewhere else.

With Instagram, the point is to create pictures that make people check out your profile, and that’s where you can include a link to your website.

Read this post to learn how to promote products on Instagram.

I think creating images for Instagram is quite fun and everyone should try it. 

There are a lot of businesses that get most of their clients from this social media platform alone. Let’s also not forget that it’s a perfect way to advertise a new deal or discount.

Just remember, the image needs to point people to your profile page, it needs to make them want to click on your profile and view your details so that they can find your website.

It takes a bit of work but once you get the hang of creating images you can use them on all your social media accounts to really boost your website traffic.

6. Hook Up with Wealthy Affiliate:

One of the many features I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that it lets you include a link to your websites on your profile page.

In this sense, it’s much like other social media platforms, maybe even better because of the tight links everyone has and the level of interaction.

There’s also a section where you can share your article links and exchange blog comments with people. There’s even a feature that you can use called Site Comments that is a kind of pay-it-forward tool for website comments.

Definitely one of the most valuable online business tools I have come across! 

You can learn more about how AWESOME Wealthy Affiliate is by reading our Wealthy Affiliate review.

Need More Content: Think Comments…

Wealthy Affiliate’s comments aren’t just a few words of spam, members take the time to share their real thoughts with you.

If you didn’t know, that’s an awesome way to collect feedback as well as increase your post rankings and site trust, which of course, leads to increased website traffic.

Engage Your Website Users:

To create a successful online business, constructive feedback is important.

There’s no way to get that feedback unless you actively ask for it (something that most people fail to do).

If you work on collecting feedback for your website, that will put you ahead of the curve. You’ll be miles ahead of people who have to learn what people like and don’t like based on trial and error.

In other words, you’ll be able to smash your competition! 

So yes, Wealthy Affiliate is many things, it’s not just an online business training center, it’s also a close-knit community of marketers and a source of traffic.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic for Free:

In the next section I’m going to tell you exactly how I boost website traffic and it doesn’t cost me a penny.

It’s a very simple strategy that involves the above social media platforms and you’ll notice a huge spike in traffic.

Sometimes you’ll see the traffic in a day or two, most of the time it’s immediate (depending on the size and quality of your social profiles).

Here’s the List:

1. Write an In-depth, Keyword Targeted Article:

Don’t know how, here’s our Free Targeted Traffic eBook to teach you all you need to know.

2. Create a Cover Image for that Article:

Need an easy service to help out? Use Canva, that’s how I make all of mine.

3. Use that Image:

Publish the article with the cover image as the first image in the article (or the “Featured” image).

4. Grab and Share You Post Link:

Grab the link and share it on your Facebook page, profile, and a few targeted groups. The image should automatically be fetched from your website for Facebook.

5. Take You URL and Tweet It:

Create a new Tweet and attach the image and leave the link in the description. Be generous with hashtags.

6. Submit the link to Stumble Upon:

7. Pin the link with Pinterest and make sure the image looks good:

8. Upload the image to Instagram with the Same Hashtags Used on Twitter:

9. Share the link in Wealthy Affiliate’s Commenting Platform:

Remember, increases social interaction and increase number of comments improves search rankings. Comments actually ad more content to your site 😉

10. Sit Back and Watch the Traffic Come In:

That’s 10 simple steps to boost your website traffic that you can complete within 30 minutes!

And if you have a decent following on the above mentioned social media websites, you could potentially receive thousands of hits in a matter of minutes.

That’s real people who will likely buy products from your website or share it with their friends! It’s really a powerful and simple strategy that can work wonders for your website traffic and online success.

You Just Have to Do It:

If you want to learn more about how to boost website traffic, head on over to Wealthy Affiliate, there are hundreds of classrooms and webinars that you can check out.

The information provided in the program is more than any marketing expert can teach you!

Now you know how to boost your website traffic.

If you’ve got traffic but are struggling to bring in the sales, consider your Thrive Architect.

Thrive has got sales conversion themes, landing pages, email optin’s and classes to teach you to be a more effective marketer.

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Conclusion on Boosting Traffic:

Fast traffic is possible but I suggest that you also focus on the long-term. That means writing keyword targeted articles that will bring in traffic from Google.

It’s the most stable type of traffic and it eliminates the need to visit all of the above mentioned websites to share your links. I recommend both strategies!

If you are confused about anything or would like me to explain further, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to respond.


P.S. Got any ideas you’d like to share on how to boost your website traffic, we’re all ears  😉

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