How To Create A Free Business Website:

How To Create A Free Business Image

Today you’ll learn how to create a free business website.

I’ll be showing you how to do this using a couple of free tools and walk you through the process with an example business website idea.

The tools I use will make it easier for you to break into pretty much any online business niche.

In today’s training I’ll show you how to..

  • Start your own free business website.
  • Bring in Free Traffic to that website.
  • Convert that Traffic to Online Sales.

Let’s begin…

How To Create A Free Business Website:

You can create a free business website with many different website platforms. But not all platforms are made equally.

I’ve been successful working online for years and I encourage people to use the website builder called SiteRubix. Click here to see my SiteRubix Review.

It’s a WordPress platform that is powered and operated by a company called Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Site Rubix is superior than using the free WordPress builder because it comes with 1,000’s of free website theme templates and a FREE training program.

This Free Website Training will teach you the basics in…

  • Setting up your Website.
  • Installing optimal plugins (this will protect your site as well as help you get your site ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing).
  • Understand Keyword Research.
  • Getting your first website pages started to form the foundation to your online business.

WA also offers free hosting so you have an all inclusive system to start your free online business.

Next you need to decide what your online business will be about.

In other words, what’s your niche (read this post should you need help figuring out your online niche)?

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

Business Website Domain Names:

Online business names, in general, should be…

  1. Related to the business niche.
  2. Short and sweet.
  3. Keyword based.

For Example: since my background is in the medical field of Occupational Therapy, I will show you two niche ideas that I have already investigated:

  1. Tennis Elbow
  2. Plantar Fasciitis

Special Note: With any free website builder, you will have a suffix name at the end of your website.

For example, if my site’s name is CureTennisElbow, with a free site builder, my website name would be..

You can get your site to rank and make money off your website, technically creating a free business website.

But, it will look more professional if you buy your own domain name, that way my site would read..

Now doesn’t that sound better?

Domain names are pretty inexpensive though, they cost around $12 – 15 dollars/year.

But to totally start a website for FREE, just put the name of the site you want in SiteRubix’s search bar below.

If your name is available, just click the Build It Now button and you can have the basics to your site established in about 30 seconds.

Now let’s look at how to find a low competition niche to base your free business website on.

Successful Business Website Ideas:

OK, so this can be a little overwhelming to some folks when they create their first online business, but it’s really not that hard.

Learn All This and More in Our Free Training Series!]

The 3 Evergreen Niches in the online world are: Health, Money, and Love.

These are also super huge niches that are difficult to break into. Also, know that any niche is possible to break into if your understand how to do Keyword Research.

But when looking into any niche idea, I start with Google Trends.

It’s free to use and you can see how your niche idea is as far as popularity, past and present growth, and the amount of interest of your niche per geographical region.

So let’s check out my niche ideas of Plantar Fasciitis and see how it fares.

Using Google Trends, I’m going to look at the words Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain (they’re basically the same thing).

Image of search trends showing a steady increase for the keyword plantar fasciitis.
Click Photo To Enlarge. Results from Google Trends for Plantar Fasciitis

Notice the uprising trend for the term Plantar Fasciitis:

Google Trends showing interest for the keyword foot pain increasing over time indicating this as a good potential online business.
Click the Photo To Enlarge.

Again notice the uprising trend for the term Foot Pain.

So we can see that both these terms are on the rise. And both terms are related to the Evergreen Niche of Health, but they are much more detailed and specific.

Research Your Website Ideas for Competition:

You want to target low competition keywords. You also want to narrow down your niche to weed out big name competition.

My niche ideas work perfect. They’re not too broad, so it will be easier to break into and start making money faster.

Now Plantar Fasciitis has 271,00 people per month searching this term and Foot Pain has close to 37,000.

So I know that I have plenty of people who have this condition and are searching online for solutions to their problem.

When I look at low competition keyword phrases, I found a ton of really good search terms that people are searching in Google on a monthly basis that I can target to get quick rankings.

I will get good ranking if I am writing quality content that is based on my niche.

Check out this post to learn more about writing quality content.

Now on to how to find affiliate programs to make money with our websites.

Find Affiliate Programs for Your Business Website:

To find affiliate products related to my niche, I just type into Google my niche idea, add a + sign, with the words affiliate products.

In Google search results I will see various programs that I can review to see if I like the products, investigate the quality of the products, and see if they’d be a good fit for my niche business website.

For example, for a Tennis Elbow Niche Site, I would put Tennis Elbow + Affiliate Programs and this would give a list of programs that I can investigate. See below for my results.

An image that shows affiliate programs to promote with an online business related to tennis elbow
Click To Enlarge

Now to find low competition keyword phrases that I can use to rank my posts easily.

Build Your Free Business Website with Low Comp Keywords:

Understanding low competition keyword phrases is the key to getting quick rankings for your business website posts and pages.

If I choose high competition phrases, I’ll never see my website rank.

But if I use low competition phrases with a decent amount of monthly searches, I can get my posts to rank and that will lead to increased internet traffic.

I can then use that traffic to guide my readers to specific products that will be beneficial to them that are related to my niche.

I start off with Google again. Using Google’s Instant feature, I can play around with various phrases and find what people are searching on Google that is related to my niche of: Tennis Elbow, see below.

Google's auto complete showing search results related to best tennis elbow.

Google search suggestions showing keywords related to cure tennis elbow

Special Note: These are just a few keyword phrases related to my niche, there a litterly thousands of good keyword phrases that I can use for most any niche

So you can see that by just using Google Instant, I can find multiple keyword phrases that people are searching.

Now to find the true competition of these keywords, I need to use a keyword tool.

Keyword Research is a Must:

The best keyword tool to use for this job is called Jaaxy.

But basically, Jaaxy will tell me…

  • how many monthly searches each phrase receives.
  • the amount of traffic I’ll get if my post ranks on page one of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • competing websites that rank for any particular keyword phrase.

See below for the results for the couple of keywords that I looked at from Google Instant listed above.

A list of keywords from Jaaxy showing average search traffic to target for online business ideas.

I labeled the Keyword Phrases Good/Awesome/Not Bad based on if they have a low competition number or the QSR, this is the number of competing websites that are targeting these keyword phrases.

Anything less than 200 is easy to rank if you’re writing quality content based on the keyword phrase that also has a decent amount of monthly Traffic.

I want my Traffic number to be above 50.

Traffic, using Jaaxy, is the number of monthly visitors I will get to my site if my post ranks on page one in Google.

Also, if I’m targeting the niche of Tennis Elbow, it’s advantageous for me if I name my site based on my targeted keywords (for increased rankings and search engine optimization).

So for that reason, I am also showing the domain names that are available in the chart above.

Since my next website is gong to be based on several niche ideas related to therapy, I went with a site name that is more brand-able (

This way I can create more of an authority website based on multiple products that I endorse as a therapist that will help people who have Therapy Related Problems.

Serious About Making Money Online?

Here’s My Top Recommended Training >>

What’s Next?

If you’re serious about building an online business through a website, I’d highly encourage you to get proper training.

You need to be proactive if you’re going to have success. So it’s critical to have solid support, guidance, and knowledge about what your doing.

You can totally get started for free with our Free Internet Marketing Training course listed below.

If you have any questions or comments about how to create a free business website, I’d love to hear from you, just leave me a comment below.

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Hi Todd, I love your article on creating a free business website, very informative.

    You are right in stating there are a lot of online marketing scams out there to take your money, make them wealthy, and leave you frustrated.

    Thanks for breaking down the best strategies to grow your business. I am now on day 8(yea) at Wealthy Affiliate training center. I am learning quite a bit of vital information to get started and keep me motivated.

    Your niche as a Therapist is definitely engaging and needed to assist those searching for solutions.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Awesome Phildora, thanks for your kind feedback on our post and your experience working with Wealthy Affiliate.

      One of the best things WA has going is such a strong community because you need that encouragement to keep going from time to time.

      The knowledge you can learn, it’s sometimes tough to stay motivated and it’s easier with support and structured courses and tasks.

      Keep at it!

  2. Excellent post on how to create a free business website. Very informative and lots of information for a beginner to start a business. You website is educational as well.

    I learned about Google Trends which I found helpful and wasn’t aware of, but I think the keyword research is really the key to online success.

    Finding a niche and having the right keywords is essential. Using Jaxxy as a resource will help in choosing the best keywords for greater traffic to ones site. 

    I’ve used them and have been able to get top rankings using their methodology 



    1. You’ve got it down William. For any business based website, you’ve got to target keywords that people are searching online on a daily basis.

      If you use our system to target traffic and rank content top position in Google, you will see great results.

      Repeat the process and over time you’ll create a site with 1,000’s of daily visitors. It’s a cool thing to achieve.



  3. Nice one buddy, this is really comprehensive and a huge support for people who are new to making money online but still want to learn how to create a business based website. 

    I mean personally I had to wade through about 10 years of scams until i found great platforms and groups like Wealthy Affiliate.

    Everyday I’m so thankful that I came across them, as what I have learned has secured my online success and financial future. Have you found any other legitimate groups like WA? It’s still a struggle I think.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Well stated Marley.

      I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best value and training out there. That’s not to say there are others because there are.

      I think the value you get with Wealthy Affiliate is tough to replace. I’ve been a member for over 3 years and don’t see myself ever leaving.

      It took me 9 months to go the my training program, but I can always catch a webinar that improves my business and the free 25 site hosting and free SSL certification that comes with the membership are such a savings to my online businesses.

      Oh, not to mention their site builder.. Site Rubix, what an incredible tool, best wordpress website builder out there.

      Good to know you,


  4. Todd,
    Love your site and all the information you provide. With this post, I particularly like the “google trend” which I never knew about. What a great way to check your niche before you commit.
    I recently joined wealthy affiliates and it has been the best decision I could have made for my online businesses.
    You have so many good ideas on your site I had to bookmark it to return when time permits.
    Thanks for all the info, I will have to try the google trend.
    All my best to your success,

  5. Todd,
    I can now see that you and WA are genuine. I have read all the comments in this article, and I continue to learn from each Q and A. I am looking forward to studying the material offered at WA to further my education in Internet Marketing, as well as all the posts written by you.
    Thanks a million pal,
    John Raleigh

    1. You bet John. WA is a wonderful source of info and perfect for beginner internet marketers.

      Thanks for your kind feedback and I look forward to watching your progress.

  6. That’s great. Keyword research is the base of SEO. We should give more time to find the best keyword then content generation is the next step.
    I have used many tools but this guide is exceptional and really trustworthy. Thanks for sharing this exceptional guide.

    Nice One

  7. Thanks for providing a clear idea on how you can make money online by creating a business website. I always figured that paid advertising on a website was the only way to make money.

    But how do you get people to your website? Using Google highly searched keywords! Wealthy Affiliate offers great tools and has lots of helpful members to help out when you can’t find a solution.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for the feedback on this post. Wealthy Affiliate provided me with all the education and tools to find out what people are searching for online based on my niche.

      I simple used the education and training platform and followed the lessons that taught me how to bring traffic to my website for free by ranking content based off of keyword research.

      Wealthy Affiliate also made Jaaxy, my favorite keyword research tool, and I use these two systems to host my sites, build out my content, and convert traffic to online sales.

      It’s a pretty simple system once you learn it. You can actually use a SiteRubix domain name and WA’s system and learn how to create a free business website that actually brings in monthly income.

      But if you’re serious about creating a long term business, pay for Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate’s training program and buy a domain name. For $2.13/day I run this website and it brings in online commissions every single day.

      It’s an awesome thing.



  8. There can never be enough sites that give people the honest truth about creating an online business. There are so many scams out there that cost ridiculous amounts of money. In order to participate in their courses which is made up of mediocre information at best, that you could get for free from other websites.

    Thank you for posting this article, hopefully more people make their online dreams finally come true, through your site.

    1. Hi Keoni,

      That’s wonderful feedback to hear. I’m glad my content has been able to further your understanding of the process on creating a business website.

      Your right. There is so much garbage out there that it can be confusing for newbies to understand what’s what.

      I promote a dozen or so really good resources depending on what method you want to take to make money online.

      My best resource that taught me how to build niche sites, landing pages, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc., is Wealthy Affiliate. They’ve really got the best training program around and it’s simple to use.

      Give them a shot, it’s free to enter for a week to check them out and the cost of the premium service is nothing compared to all the training and tools you get.



  9. Hello Todd, this is a good explanation of how to get started making money on the internet with a niche product, or service.
    I found your instructions very easy to understand so I guess that makes them easy to implement. Aslo you have introduced me to new programmes which I have never heard of before and you have done all this without asking for so much as a bean.
    I am really looking forward to the next lesson!

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for your kind feedback. This was just some information that I learned from Wealthy Affiliate’s training program as well as from my own experience building niche websites.

      Hopefully this will help out others that are looking to build their own website and online business niche. Making your first Niche website can be a challenge when you’re not certain with the next step to take.

      But I think of you invest and a proper internet marketing education, you’ll find that you can make better progress and much quicker than going out it by yourself.



  10. Hey Todd,
    I’ve been reading your newsletter, and I like what I am seeing. I, too, am an Occupational Therapist, currently working in Sub Acute Rehab. So, are you doing this full time, or or you still employed as an OTR?

    I have been looking into launching an online business for a few years now, have made a few attempts, but no luck. I know I need more training, and I am currently taking a course on how to write emails and newsletters (such as the one you write here) to attract people to me, so that people will trust and want to buy what I have to offer.

    That is step one………then there is this whole ranking your website, etc……or maybe it is something completely different, I’m not sure.

    What I would like to know is: I understand WA has a free website builder……but how is hosting free? And what about an autoresponder? Do you use one? I have heard Aweber is good.

    I just want to know what my complete costs are going to be per month before I get started….$47 month includes WA website and hosting plus education, is that correct?

    I already have my own domain name. Is this newsletter I am reading here part of the free website and free hosted on WA? Thanks for your good content!

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for your kind feedback, much appreciated. You’ve asked some excellent questions and I’ll do the best to answer them.

      I’m still active with my license as an Occupational Therapist in CA and CO, and I like to practice from time to time, but haven’t practiced in a couple years besides helping out a friend’s rehab facility during this last Christmas season.

      I like to practice from time to time to keep up my skills and to keep myself humble and thankful. 😉

      As for your questions about WA and your situation, here’s what I got for you.

      Having the structure and diverse training that Wealthy Affiliate offers is incredibly powerful, a bit overwhelming when you first start. I’m sure your writing class has some value, if it’s really good, I’d love to get the name of it. Wealthy Affiliate has many a training’s on writing content, reviews, landing pages, and pay per click campaigns.

      What I think you’d really benefit from is the structure. Like you, I tried a few attempts at this and struggled as well. This is what attracted me to WA so much. They have daily courses with actions that you have to complete that build the foundation to your online business. This style of training continues for weeks and months. My first course took 9 months to complete – so I think it’s pretty in depth.

      You’re going to get training in content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, ppc ads, website development, and on an on. So the value of education is outstanding.

      So to get to your specific questions about cost and details.

      Ranking content is huge, it’s how you get traffic to your site and that’s how you convert sales or advertise. This is probably the best thing that WA teaches. Their first going to teach you how to rank content naturally, also known as organically. Then they teach you about PPC (ranking by paying for pay per click ads).

      But ranking organically is not only critical to understand for traffic, but also designing landing pages and paid ad campaigns. So you’ll get all that training at WA.

      The cost: What Does It Cost To Create a Business Website?

      The WA training: Free to check out, $19 first month, $47/mo after, or yearly at 360/year, less than $30/month.

      The next most useful product you’ll need is a good keyword research tool. I use Jaaxy, another great internet marketing tool I use every day to research keyword phrases, niches, affiliate products, website domains, and to find my post/site rankings.

      Jaaxy offers free for 30 searches, and $19/mo. plan, and a faster deluxe service at 40some/mo. I do yearly for less than $15/mo.

      An autoresponder is not included with Wealthy Affiliate’s program at this time. You can buy domain names there for $15/domain. The website builder is free to use, free members can have 2 free sites. Premium members can have 50 sites with cloud hosting. So a pretty all inclusive service.

      I use Aweber, and it’s a nice service. I’d go with Mail Chimp to start out, free up to 2,000 subscribers or something, so perfect to start out.

      So I pay, $30/mo for WA (yearly), $15/mo for Jaaxy (yearly), and $19/mo for Aweber. That’s it. I run a full time online business for less than $65/mo.

      For a serious starter like yourself: WA: $47/mo, Jaaxy: $19/mo, MailChimp – Free: Total at 65/mo. How does that compare to our OT educational costs. Less than a couple books and one class for a years worth of tuition with Wealthy Affiliate. Pretty Cool.

      Thanks Linda and let me know if there’s any other questions you have. Hope to see you inside WA.

  11. I have searched how to build a free business website for a couple days now and I just wanted to say thank you for this post.

    This is easily the most in depth and practical look at what it takes to create a profitable niche based online business. I also like that you have given several sources as to how to measure a niche based on using Google trends and keyword research.

    I decided to try out your training center Wealthy Affiliate and I hope they can help me with my online business training.


    1. Hi Liz,

      That’s so cool to leave me this feedback on our How to Create a Free Business Website post. I really worked hard to put this together to give people the advice I needed when I first started working on creating my first niche based business website. So your comment means a lot to me.

      You won’t go wrong with Wealthy Affiliates training program. As a matter of fact, even after I learned how to manage my site, SEO, writing content, ranking content, etc., I still am a member at WA because of the ongoing training and support.

      You won’t find a better training program online or offline if your intention is to create a successful online business. See you at WA and I’ll also send you an email on how to get started, you’ll love the personalized support you get.


  12. Hey Todd, I’m taking notes with this post. I’ve wanted to create a business based website to make passive income and I’ve read up a lot on how to do this. I must say, your post here seems correct based on using keyword research to connect with your niche audience.

    I would like further education on this project and am considering your top ranked program Wealthy Affiliate but I wanted to know what other factors you think make this program so effective.

    Hope you don’t mind explaining this a bit further in detail.


    1. Hi Calvin,

      I’m really glad you found value on our how to create a free business website post and you ask a very good question.

      To help break this down, I think it’s important to understand that Wealthy Affiliate offers a structured educational program that you can work at daily. These daily courses have checkpoints for you to accomplish that help you build the foundation to your online business.

      The also offer tools like their keyword research tool (I prefer and use Jaaxy), premium cloud hosting for up to 25 websites, website health monitor, a site comment tool (to increase your SEO on each and every campaign you launch) and personalized support from their community as well as the owners.

      The other thing that’s really cool about the Wealthy Affiliate training center is that they continually update their training and provide weekly webinars that touch on a number of related internet marketing topics.

      Regardless of what level you come in at, your online business (or future online business) will greatly benefit from joining Wealthy Affiliate.

      Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate to get a more detailed explanation of what they offer people. You can create a totally free business website, but if you’re going to create a long term online business, you should get a domain name, invest in the WA education, and get a keyword tool like Jaaxy.

      Then all’s you need to do is learn and work and in a matter of months your online business will be generating income.


  13. Hi Todd,

    I think anxiety disorders or OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder) could be a good niche.What is your opinion?

    But I dont know if there are any affiliate programs I can use to these niches. Do you have any guess how many searches can each of this phrases receives?

    And the most important question for me now is: How do I make people to want buy something through my website?? What if people just want to read some facts or experiences about these health probblems?

    Can we promote products that are not related to our niches?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Tom,

      I think both of these disorders would be good niches because their relevant in today’s world and their usually treated only by medication. Western medicine’s answer to everything is to pop a pill. I’m not a specialist in these two disorders, but I know that anxiety can greatly be controlled through things like exercise, meditation, yoga, etc.

      So to answer your second question, there would be a ton of affiliate programs you can use for these niches. To check out affiliate programs, just google your niche + affiliate programs and you’ll find a what programs are out there.

      As to find how many searches, use Jaaxy’s free trial membership (30 searches) to look for common keyword phrases that people are searching on a regular basis. But before you do this, read this post…HOW TO FIND THE BEST KEYWORDS FOR MY WEBSITE – ALPHABET SOUP & JAAXY!

      For your last question and most important one, you need to take the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program to learn how to be a strategic affiliate marketer. If you’re truly helping someone out with good intention and you have a good recommendation, they’ll buy from you. I’ve used this example in the past, but with good friends that give you a good movie recommendation, if your friend says, hey, you should go see such and such, do you even hesitate. 90% of the time you don’t, you go and watch the movie. The same thing is true with niche sites. Once you’ve established trust with your niche audience, if you have a product that will help them, they’ll buy from you.

      Lastly, I avoid promoting products that aren’t related to my niche. But if you open your mind, you might find that you have a lot more products that are related to your niche. As with Anxiety, there are tons of home exercise programs, meditation programs, maybe vitamins or herbs that help control anxiety better than medication.

      I wrote reviews of the scam site Aliexpress for example, but then recommended people to use established websites like eBay and Amazon, both to which I’m an affiliate of. Someone reads my review, goes to Amazon, does some shopping, and I receive the commissions.

      You can get all the training you need through WA and more. I’d start with them and Jaaxy and also decide if you really want to have a long term online business that will make you money for years to come, it will be some hard work at first, but the long term benefits are awesome.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

  14. Good morning Todd,

    You have provided some great tips for researching your niche, I totally forgot about google trends, definitely another great tool to add to my list. Thanks so much!

    I agree creating a free siterubix domain is a great way to start when you are just getting started online.

    You are one of many who have established themselves online through Wealthy Affiliates training center. What makes WA so unique is that they not only offer 2 free domains they also provide you the training you need to build a profitable online business.

    One quick question with Jaaxy, is it still a good QSR if it’s 198 or is that keyword to high in competition? Should you use that keyword as your main keyword or pick something with a smaller QSR?

    Great post Todd!

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your feedback on how to create a free business website, much appreciated.

      As for your question, anything under 300 is fine for your keyword posts, but obviously the less the competition, the easier it is to rank under your specific keywords or keyword phrase.

      I personally try to shoot for 200 or less, better if I can get under 100 QSR.

      If your using your keyword phrase as your name of your site, try to go for under 200 QSR for low SERP (Search Engine Results Page) competition with a minimum of at least 500 monthly searches. If you have more monthly searches, all the better.

      This will give you the fastest results for ranking as you then write your root keyword article as one of your first pages.

      Excellent question Jennifer and let me know if you have any follow up questions.


  15. Hi Todd,

    A really useful post, you make the different steps of creating a business site very clear.
    As you say there are many different platforms where you can create a free website, however there is only one I know where you receive full training and you have all the tools you need to get started in one place. That is SiteRubix.

    The training that you receive via Wealthy Affiliate is excellent and will provide a good solid foundation for your business.

    I loved the idea of checking the trends for your niche ideas and then finding affiliate programs with Google, it is really quite easy when you know how.
    All in all, Todd, a fantastic post, all the information you need to get started and well explained. Look forward to Part Two.


    1. Hi Peter, great to hear from you and thanks for checking out Part One. I wanted to be able to walk people through this process week by week, but I’m getting lazy here in Colombia.

      Heading up to the mountains for some fresh air. But my new site, Therapy Boy is coming along. I basically have the site foundation built with the exception of content for one page, editing, and adding a few photos.

      But I think the content is good. The next phase after that is to start a review and keyword related posts that focus and bring the reader to the review.

      And of course, no affiliate links until I see rankings.

      I’ll send you an email on How To Create A Free Business Website Part 2.

      Thanks again Peter for stopping by and leaving me your feedback, it’s always appreciated.

  16. Hey Todd,

    Great post as always. I always think your site, LEARN TO GROW WEALTH ONLINE, is absolutely the place to go for tips, even if you’ve been doing it a little while like myself!

    Your post here – HOW TO CREATE A FREE BUSINESS WEBSITE is excellent and lays the process out clearly with good solid advice! So if you’re looking to start out, TAKE THIS INFORMATION SERIOUSLY!

    I’ll be back for sure to check out the next part in the series.

    I must admit I wasn’t aware of Google Trends, so thanks for bringing that to my attention!

    Looking forward to reading the next part in the series.
    Cheers, Tony.

    1. Hi Tony,

      Happy to help out and thank you so kindly for your feedback on the first part to my series, How To Create A Free Business Website. I really just want to be able to show people that it’s not that hard with a little guidance to create a profitable niche site for free.

      Now as your business and quest for more knowledge grows, you’ll want to discover more about learning how to use keywords and SEO through companies like Wealthy Affiliate and incorporate auto-responders like Aweber or MailChimp, as well as have a keyword tool like Jaaxy which will make the process for ranking content quickly much easier.

      But to start out, one can learn how to create a free business website using this post and my follow up series. As well, one can get the complete training course through Wealthy Affiliate for free using the free SiteRubix Website Builder.

      I’ll send out an email when I complete Part Two of How To Create A Free Business Website so you’ll be the first to check it out.

      Thanks again Tony for your kind feedback.


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