How To Earn Extra Money At Home Online: How I Do It

If you want to learn how to earn extra money at home online, then there’s plenty of options available.

But if you’re really interested in making a consistent online income, you should consider setting up a home based online business.

To really make good money online, you need to create an online business based on reliable internet marketing principles.

Here’s what you’ll learn by reading this post…

  1. How to start a home-based online business.
  2. Steps to create a simple business based on something you enjoy.
  3. And the most economical and effective resources to help get you started.

Let’s begin.

How To Earn Extra Money At Home Online:

Now most people equate making money online to selling stuff online, am I right?

I personally have sold over thousands of consumer goods on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

And although I enjoyed the business and the money was fair, there are a few inherent problems with these types of businesses.

  1. It’s tough to consistently find new HOT products that sell fast.
  2. Import delays, storage fees, & poor quality products don’t create the best business model.
  3. If your products don’t sell, you lose money.A cartoon of a person throwing facts away and hitting the debt button with ebay logo in the background.

But the reality is that you can sell all the same products on Amazon and eBay, along with 1000’s of other suppliers, without ever dealing with these issues.

How to Make Extra Money Online Without Risk:

How do you do this you may be asking yourself. Let me introduce you to affiliate marketing.

You see, with affiliate marketing, I can sell every product that eBay or Amazon offers without ever owning the actual product.

I sign up for their affiliate program, then list their products on my own website.

Then when someone comes to my site and clicks on a product or affiliate link, they will be taken to eBay or Amazon where they can make the purchase.

I, as the affiliate, receive a commission, and never have to own the product nor deal with the inherit problems that can come with selling products yourself.

Selling new or used goods on places like eBay or Amazon is fine. But for me there’s too many headaches, and in general, it can be a waste of time and money.

Affiliate marketing is profitable and tailored for those who want to create an online businesses from home.

Need a bit more info? Let me explain with an example.

An Example of An Affiliate Marketing Website:

Let’s say you’re surfing your favorite blog or website and you see a banner ad like the one here that’s advertising anall-inclusive trip to Cabo San Lucus, Mexico for $299.

An advertisement for a trip to Cancun as a form of affiliate marketing to make money online.

You’re tired of the snow and cold days back home and so you hit the link and make your purchase. This is an example of affiliate marketing.

The website you click from would be the Affiliate Marketer or Affiliate Website, and they would receive a commission for the sale.

So Affiliate Marketing is pretty simple, but let’s expand this concept a little further and see how it can apply to you as someone who wants to learn how to earn extra money at home.

Affiliate Websites are based on virtually anything. Any niche concept you can think of, that has products associated with it, can be turned into an affiliate website.

So if you have a specific skill, hobby or passion (aka a NICHE), you could make an Affiliate Website based on that Niche.

Affiliate Marketing Niche Idea:

I’m no longer a fly fisherman, but this just popped into my head… Say you like fly fishing. You could write content that’s based on fly fishing concepts, techniques, tips, equipment etc.An image of two fisherman that can be used as an online niche to start a business online.

Then you build out a nice website that is helpful and useful to other fly fishing enthusiasts.

As your website develops, you could sell fishing poles, lures, boats, eBooks on fly fishing techniques, favorite fishing hole maps, tackle, clothing, etc.

Eventually you’ve got a site that earns you passive income commissions while you’re – that’s right, OUT FLY FISHING.

And that’s just one small niche. Imagine what you can come up with?

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s break down what it takes to create a home based affiliate website.

4 Simple Steps To Start An Affiliate Website:

Step#1 – You Need To Have A Niche

Take time to think of something you are passionate about, something that you enjoy. Any special skill or trade will work as well.

The niche you choose will define the theme of your website and the affiliate products that you will eventually promote.

Step#2 – You Need To Have A Website

A website is where you will display your products, discuss your recommendations, and interact with your audience.

A website is built on layers of quality content that services your readers in a positive way. It’s also how we build traffic.

Step#3 – Build Traffic

If you don’t have traffic to your site, you’ll never make a sale.

You want a steady stream of traffic that comes from organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, and social marketing.

A graphic that shows the words Pay Per Click.

When you combine quality traffic, natural search engine rankings, and paid advertising, you’ll get lots of traffic. And with traffic comes…MONEY!

Step#4 – Making Sales

Now this is the best thing about having an affiliate website. As you write quality content based on products you recommend, you will naturally start producing sales. And the best thing about affiliate marketing is you avoid…

  • Inventory
  • Customer Returns
  • Customer Service
  • Shipments

You only get the sales commissions, No Headaches!

How To Start Your Own Home Business Today:

The first thing you’ll need to realize is that you need a website, education, and training.

In order to learn how to get content to rank, build out your site, learn to use PPC campaigns, etc.

I encourage you to use a proven educational system called Wealthy Affiliate.

A picture of a road with a sign that says "Success Ahead"

Wealthy Affiliate is a community based educational program that is run by experienced professional internet marketers.

The company alone is over 10 years old and they have helped thousands of people just like you who want to start their own successful online businesses.

Wealthy Affiliate offers an all-inclusive educational program to help you get started. I would encourage you to try out their Free Starter Membership.

The Free Starter Membership includes..

  • 2 Free Websites
  • Hosting to those 2 Free Websites
  • 10 Free Training Classes to start your business on the right track
  • Full Immersion into the WA Community

The Wealthy Affiliate education is solid, it’s risk free to try, and you can create a job, career, or cash cow out of your website.

They have the education, but it takes action on your part to make it happen. It’s just a matter of whether you want to make it happen or not.

Image that links to a course where you can learn how to earn extra money at home online.

What To Do Next:

Step #1:  Sign up for a Free Starter Membership

Step #2:  Fill out your profile with a photo and description – This will help get you connected to other online entrepreneurs. This will be very helpful as you continue the process of building your online business.

Step #3:  Start with the Getting Started Course and begin your training. Looks like this below.

A picture showing the Get Started button for Wealthy Affiliate's free training program to learn how to make money online at home.

Final 2 Special Notes:

1.)  Creating your own online business may seem like a daunting project but it’s not all that difficult with the right help.

2.)  The last thing you want to get yourself into is some hyped up Get-Rich-Quick Scam. Believe me, there are tons of these programs going around online.

If you have any questions please leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.

And if you know anyone else who would benefit from learning how to earn extra money from home online, please share this article, you never know who you may help out.

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