How To Find The Best Keywords For My Website – Alphabet Soup & Jaaxy

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Have you been asking yourself “how to find the best keywords for my website”?

This is an excellent question and one that is easy to understand using a few simple techniques.abc1

If you are a blogger or website owner that writes any amount of content, then it’s imperative that you understand how to find the right keywords for your website.

This will make the difference in getting your articles ranked on the first page of Google versus having your posts never see the light of day.

Today I’ll show you two great techniques that I use for every blog post and page that I write.

These techniques are extremely effective in helping you..

  • Improve your website rankings
  • Brainstorm for content ideas
  • Choose the right keywords to  rank superfast

First Things First

You need to understand what’s called low-competition keywords when writing posts and pages.

If your keywords are too competitive, you’ll never see natural rankings.

But if your keywords are low competition with a decent number of monthly searches, you’ll find it very easy to rank your content and the traffic will begin to accumulate.

Assuming that you provide quality content to your customers.

As you produce more quality content based on low competition keywords, the traffic will begin to flow right away and grow with time.

I currently get over 86% of my traffic from organic searches, so I can confidently tell you that this technique works.

We also want to find relevant keywords that are being searched on a daily basis by internet users that are interested in whatever topic/product you are writing about.

I use two techniques to find all my keywords, first one is the “Alphabet Soup Technique” and the second is a keyword tool I use is called Jaaxy.

Both of these tools and techniques allow me to find low competition keywords that rank quickly.

So without any further ado, let’s begin.

How To Find The Best Keywords For My Website – Alphabet Soup Technique

So what is this Alphabet Soup Technique you may be asking.

Well, it’s a simple technique that you can use with a little help from Google.

Actually, we’ll be using the Google Instant feature that occurs automatically when searching for anything using the Google Search Bar.

Have you every noticed that when you place a subject or question in Google search, that Google automatically populates your search menu with similar or related searches that you’re looking for?

For example, I type in “lose body fat” into the Google’s search bar.

Google Instant will automatically populate my search with the top search results that are similar to my keyword or keyword phrase. Like this below.


This is Google Instant.

The way the Alphabet Soup Technique works is by..

1.) Take your blog post topic or keywords that you would like to investigate, and put it into the Google search bar.

2.) Then add the letters of the alphabet, one at a time, and see what is actively being searched for on Google.

I can also add a letter and go through the alphabet at the beginning of my keywords to see what Google Instant comes up with.

Or I can use a question at the beginning of my keyword phrase starting with..

  • Who
  • How
  • What
  • When
  • or Where

Then I will see a whole new series of keyword phrases that I can potentially use as keywords for my next post on my website.

Let’s take a look at this short video to get a better idea on how you can implement this strategy.

You can see this is a very easy way to come up with relevant keyword phrases that are being searched on a regular basis.

The next task is to find the competition for those keyword phrases. The only tool I use for this is called Jaaxy, it has a ton of great features for those who want to…

But today, we’ll just take a look at a couple of the keyword phrases that are similar to “lose body fat” to keep things nice and simple.

How To Find The Best Keywords For My Website – Hello Jaaxy!!

Now Jaaxy offer new users a 30 free Jaaxy Searches as well as a paid service. They offer 30 free searches that you can use to check out keyword competition, site rankings, or whatever you like.

If you’re new to my site and don’t know me very well, you should know that I only recommend products that I really believe in, products that are beneficial to people.

And Jaaxy is definitely one of those products that has a ton of value if you’re in any type of online business like; affiliate marketing, blogging, content creation for websites, building sales pages etc.

So let’s go forward and get an inside look at Jaaxy and take our keyword phrase “Lose Body Fat” along with a few other search terms that I found using the Alphabet Soup Technique, and see if these terms would be good keyword phrases to target in a blog post.

You can see that it’s easy to take these two techniques and find really great keywords that are low in competition and get a decent amount of monthly searches.

What’s Next – Quality Content

Once you have your keyword phrase picked out, you really want to focus on the quality of your content.


You want to use your keyword phrase as your title, your URL, and in one of your paragraph headings (H1, H2, or H3), and then write quality content that is based on the needs of your blog or website visitors.

If you can place the keyword phrase so that it sounds natural within your post content, great.

If not, don’t worry about it. The key is to write quality content that will benefit your website audience.

You will also want to add your phrase (again, if it fits naturally) within the last 150 characters of your last sentence/closing statement.

You can also put your keyword phrase within your Alternative Text of your photos if it fits naturally with the description of the photo. FYI – Alternative Text is meant to be a description of your photos/graphs/screenshots to benefit the visually impaired.


The Alphabet Soup Technique combined with Jaaxy really do an amazing job to help you locate keyword phrases that are easy to rank.

If you are randomly choosing your keywords, you will be in for a major disappointment to realize that most of your content will never rank.

Don’t waste your valuable time and effort creating beautiful content that will never be read.

Incorporate these two techniques and watch your site, posts, and pages move up in the search engine rankings within no time.

You can read all about Jaaxy right here, or you can try it out right now for FREE by putting in your keywords/keyword phrase in the Jaaxy Search Box below.

If you need help understanding these topics or need help creating your own profitable online business or website, spend some time getting a quality education before you waste your precious time and energy.

Wealthy Affiliate is the name of the educational program that I recommend for so many reasons, they’ve been helping online entrepreneurs achieve success for over a decade now.

You can read all about them right here.

The Alphabet Soup Technique and Jaaxy Keyword Tool have helped me learn how to find the best keywords for my website, plus come up with lots of cool content ideas.

I really hope you take what you’ve learned here today and apply these two technique to achieve higher natural rankings for your websites, posts, and pages.

If you have any questions on the information presented here, please just leave me a comment below and I’ll get right back to you right away.


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