How To Get Traffic For Your Website? Simple Ranking Tips

Not getting enough traffic to your website or blog? Learn how to get traffic for your website using proven SEO techniques and watch the traffic jams begin.

Hi there, I’m Todd from and although I wouldn’t call myself a SEO Guru by any means, at least not yet, I have learned a great deal about how to get traffic for your website.

Better yet, I can teach you the same thing.

A graphic showing the increase in traffic form Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I get most of my posts to rank in the first few pages of Google, many on page one, position one, and over 90% of my traffic comes from organic searches.

That’s anywhere from 700 to 1,500 free visitors to one website PER DAY!

What’s Organic Traffic?

If you’re not familiar with the term “organic searches or organic traffic”, this simply means that the traffic is coming from people who are searching something specific using search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

This is also FREE TRAFFIC – This is what you want for your website  😉

Organic Traffic differentiates itself from Paid Traffic because well,  you pay to be in the top position of search engines like Google.

Paid traffic is referred to as PPC, or Pay Per Click campaigns (Google Adwords/Bing Ads). You can also advertise on websites like Facebook, etc.

Today we will focus on how to get traffic for your website using sound, reliable search engine optimization techniques that will provide you with fast and long term ranking.

If you apply these strategies, you will quickly improve your traffic and online business/website.

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How To Get Traffic For Your Website: Keyword Research

Before you begin writing any article, you need to research your keywords or keyword phase based on the topic of your article.

A keyword phrase is a big part of how search engines like Google will categorize and rank your post.

A graphic showing a magnifying glass and the word, "Keywords".

People rarely type in chunks of keywords anymore when searching online, they use keyword phrases or questions.

For example, which phrase sounds more natural to you?

“How To Get Traffic For Your Website”


“Get Website Traffic”.

Hopefully the first phrase.

This style of searching for something online is much more common these days because it provides better, more detailed search results. As well, it provides the search engine user with a more pleasant user experience.

Let me repeat this statement so it really sinks in…

A More Pleasant User Experience

Friends, the direct success of your business (online or offline) is to have a pleasant user experience, you want to be able to really reach out and connect with your audience.

By focusing on what your customer is searching for in Google, Yahoo or Bing, you can better find your customers and bring them to your website.

This will create traffic and traffic will create sales. Pretty straight forward.

For a detailed breakdown of how to find…

  • keyword phrases
  • content ideas
  • keyword competition

Please see this post – How to Find the Best Keywords for My Website:

You can also check out this video below where I walk you through the basic process of coming up with website content ideas and how to choose the right ones. This ultimately will lead to massive amounts of traffic.

Alphabet Soup Technique Combined With Keyword Competition Video

Read More About The Awesome Keyword Research Tool Jaaxy

Check Out This Post

Keyword Research – Sounds Boring Right:

But it’s not, it’s actually a great way to inspire content ideas and understand how to get your content online and in-front of people.

And isn’t this the point of why you are reading this article in the first place, right?

As touched on in the video above, you want to use what’s called low competition keyword phrases, also know as Long Tail Keywords.

Why’s that?

Because it’s much easier to rank low competition keyword phrases versus high competition keywords or keyword phrases.

And even though low competition keyword phrases will have less traffic, they’re much easier to get ranked on page one of any search engine.

And this is the most critical aspect to achieve success with your online business/niche website/blog.

Higher Rankings = More Traffic = More Sales  🙂

In time, this approach will get you on page one in Google under multiple posts and phrases (as well as multiple Keywords), which will equate to an overall increase in your website’s traffic.

Makes Sense?

If not, check out this graph below to get a better understanding of low competition/long tailed keyword phrases.

An image showing what long tail keywords are and how they are shown in search engines.

If your keyword phrase is highly competitive, you’ll never get ranked and will never see traffic for your website.

For example, let’s look at the keyword phrase I chose for this post compared to a similar phrase I could have chosen.

“How To Get Traffic For Your Website” (What I Chose)


“How To Get Traffic To Your Website”

A screenshot from Jaaxy showing keyword data for the keyword, "How to get traffic for your website".

Sample Provided By Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Using this phrase I can see the following metrics:

Average Monthly Searches:  3,016 monthly searches

Traffic to my site if I’m on Page #1 of Google:  513 visitors per month

Number of Competing Websites using this keyword phrase:  64 websites to compete with

Note: If the number of competing websites (what’s called the QSR in the Jaaxy Keyword Tool) is under 100, even 200, it’s not that hard to get your article to rank if you are writing quality content. The lower the competition, the better  🙂

Now let’s compare my keyword phrase against a similar keyword phrase… “How To Get Traffic To Your Website”

A search result for the keyword, "How to Get Traffic to Your Website" showing more competition that the previous search term.

Sample Provided By Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Here we can see that by just changing my phrase “for your website” to “to your website”, ONE SIMPLE PREPOSITION, I have a completely different level of competition for my keyword phrase.

Avoid Highly Competition Keywords:

Here the metrics show me that although my Monthly Searches and Traffic are the same, my level of competition went from 64 competing pages to 262 competing pages.

So I now have 198 less websites to compete with because I chose the keyword phrase “How To Get Traffic For Your Website”.

It would seem obvious to go with “how to get traffic to your website”, but for the same amount of searches and less competition, it’s much more advantageous to go with the FOR and not the TO.

The keyword tool I use to find keyword competition is called Jaaxy, it saves me time, headaches, and my posts rank super quickly.

I actually had one article last month that ranked on page 1 of Google in less than 5 hours using the techniques outlined here in this article.

You can read about the multiple uses Jaaxy offers website owners right here.

How to Increase Your Website Traffic: SEO

A graphic showing Google's logo and "SEO" with a red graph pointing up.

To get your website articles ranked using low competition keyword phrases you want to do two things:

1.) Keyword Placement – You need to know where and how to place your keyword phrases within your article.

2.) Write QUALITY Content – You need to write quality content based on your niche, or the theme of your website.

Sounds simple enough, right? Actually it’s not that difficult.

Step #1 – Where and How to place your keyword phrase?

You want to place your keyword phrase…

  1. In the Title to your Post/Page/Article – Mine would be: How To Get Traffic For Your Website – Piece A Cake
  2. As your URL – in my case it will be:
  3. Naturally mention the exact keyword phrase withing the first 156 characters of your opening paragraph
  4. Place the same phrase 1x as one of your major Head Lines/Headers: H1, H2, or H3
  5. Add the keyword phrase, if it naturally fits, within the Alternative Text Section within your photos
  6. Within the last 156 characters of your last paragraph
  7. And wherever in the article that your keyword phrase NATURALLY fits

After that, don’t focus on keywords at all, just write quality content with the intention of helping your readers. Focus your content on your website audience.

DO NOT TRY to stuff your keyword phrase within your article if it makes the article read poorly. Remember, the key to good rankings is writing quality content for your audience.

With this approach, Google and other search engines will have a good understanding of what your post is about and start to rank your article based on your keyword phrase and relevant content.

Step #2 – How to Write Quality Content

Writing quality content can be tricky at first, but the key is to try to express yourself clearly and write how you naturally speak.

Use good grammar, use your personality, if your funny, add funny content to your topics, if your witty, do the same. But most importantly, and I know I sound like a stuck record, write with the intention of helping people.

Please feel free to check out our helpful post on 10 Easy Writing Tips to Writing Quality Content.

You can also get tons of writing lessons, tutorials, and Webinars for FREE using my #1 Ranked Training Program as well.

Got Content, Keyword Research Complete – Now What?

So you’ve got your low competition keywords in place, your beautiful content lined appropriately with photos to appeal to your readers primal senses, now what?

What do you do after you publish your content?

7 Steps to Increase Traffic After You’ve Publish:

Step 1:

Update the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) that your content has been posted more quickly, I Fetch my post with both Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools after I edit and publish my posts. Bing manages Yahoo’s search engine as well.The logo and headline for Googlebot for fetching submitting URLs.

If this information is not registering with you and you still want to put up a website or online business that generates traffic, or you already have a site that’s not generating traffic, don’t wait, get yourself educated and save yourself the time and hassle.

Step 2:

Share your content to a social bookmarking sites – This will give your post added exposure and increased traffic. Only post to one social bookmarking site per post you write, otherwise it comes off as spam.

Social Bookmarking sites to start off with include;,,, etc.

Step 3:

Share your content Socially – Facebook/Facebook Groups, Google Plus/Google Plus Groups, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Start building your social profiles so that every time you publish new content, you send it to your social sites. What really helps is to be in social groups that are related to your niche.

If your niche is organic foods, then you need to belong to as many organic groups as possible.A graphic showing the most popular social media platforms as cubes.

If you can get fellow bloggers or niche website owners to read, comment, and socially share your article, all the better. It’s not that hard, just take some time to reach out and get to meet some people that share similar interests as you.

Offer to comment on their site. Then make a quality comment about their post – leave your post and ask them to kindly return the favor.

I guarantee they’ll return the favor in kind. You can easily make some commenting buddies to share and comment on your posts.

Content that is being read and interacted with gets recognized by search engines. This has a positive effect on your rankings which we know will result in increased traffic.

Step 4:

Send a message to your emailing list (Click here to learn more about email lists and email marketing)

– Your message doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a quick note that you’ve put out new content and would love to get any feedback, comments, or social shares on it.

Step 5:

If you’ve got a few extra bucks, pay for a little advertising through Google Adwords, Bing, or Facebook.

This takes some special training to learn how to set up PPC campaigns. Wealthy Affiliate also provides a complete course on how to do this with both Google and Bing.

Bing has less traffic, but you can get some bargain prices on their keyword phrases compared to Google and at the same time, get a good amount of traffic as well.

To see an overview of the PPC Training provided by the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center – Click Her to check it out!

I’d advise starting PPC campaigns after you have some comments on your post. This will increase your chances of getting some of your paid visitors to comment and socially share your post as well (more Google Juice!).

Step 6:

Try to create at least TWO Internal Links (from other posts on your website) to the post you just created. This will show search engines that you are an authority in your niche, and your website will come off as a reliable source of information within your specific niche.

Step 7:

Make sure you have 1 – 2 External Links to authoritative websites like or Something that is informative and helpful, but doesn’t drive the traffic away from your site to someone else’s.

You’ll get some more Google Juice with this one for sure  😉

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Conclusion of Getting Traffic to You Site:

If you apply these strategies listed above, you’ll see your content rank quickly. As your website grows by adding consistent weekly content to it, your traffic will grow as well.

Keep adding to your social profiles, connect with people in your niche, and grow your website one step at a time.

If you have any other GOOD SEO strategies that you would like to share, please leave a comment below. And if you apply these strategies and they work for you, please come back and let us know.

If you need more in depth knowledge of how to make money blogging or how to build a website that makes money, start with a proper education and start your online business off on the right track.

I really hope you have a better understanding on how to get traffic for your website and that your rankings and traffic will do nothing but go UP, UP, & AWAY!

(Did you catch it, I just put my keyword phase in again within the last 156 characters – SEO At Work)


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