How To Learn How To Make Money Online – Problem Solved!

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Can you believe this? The keyword phrase “how to learn how to make money online” currently has 8,316 people searching for this phrase on a monthly basis. Yet there are only 21 websites completing  for these keywords.

How do I know this, do I have a crystal ball, you may ask.

No, I use Jaaxy – the most simple and efficient keyword research tool I have come to know.

You can see the results below.

Jaaxy search data for the keyword, "How to learn to how to make money online"

Friends, if you want to know how to learn how to make money online, you’ve come to the right place and you’re going to want to read this post in it’s entirety.

Keywords are Critical to Make Money Online:

Why are keyword phrases critical to making money online?

Because keyword phrases are the way to get top rankings in search engines like Google.

That in turn will bring traffic to your website.

If you have a good amount of targeted traffic (meaning people who are already interested in products you sell) then it’s easy to make money online.

Special Tip:

You can use keyword phrases to rank YouTube videos as well  😉

Let’s look a little closer at my keyword phrase, how to learn how to make money online, so that you can see the results provided by Jaaxy.

A screenshot from Jaaxy showing the various metrics and their definitions for the phrase: how to learn how to make money online.

There are 21 other websites/articles to compete with to get this post to the number one position in Google using this keyword phrase within this post.

What do I get if I hit the top position in Google?

A scientifically calculated estimate of 1,414 visitors to my site on a monthly basis.

If you don’t know, that’s a good amount of visitors (free traffic) to bring into a website for one post.

And it only cost me my time, knowledge, and creativity in putting the post together. It’s like writing a book report.

How Hard Is It To Rank:

Not that hard if you’re using low competition keyword phrases like the one discussed above.

Your keyword phrases need to be…

  1. Low in Competition
  2. Have a Decent Amount of Monthly Searches
  3. And be Relevant in Your Niche Market

And if you write QUALITY CONTENT based on what the reader is really looking for, you naturally achieve good rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In this case right now, it’s you who is searching something about – how to learn how to make money online or some variation of those keywords.

Below is a screenshot of Jaaxy’s Site Ranking feature and you can see that my posts rank pretty well.

A screenshot from Jaaxy showing the ranking position of my targeted keywords showing top rankings in Google.
Here are the Ranking Results of a few posts from this site that were created using Low Competition Keyword Phrases

If you learn how to provide quality information to those searching for something online, and you use a few good SEO tactics as you structure your article, you should be able to rank on page one in no time.

Don’t Over-Focus On Ranking:

Sometimes my posts rank in less than 12 hours, other times, it takes a few day or weeks. And not all my posts rank on page one.

But as I continue to write quality content based on my niche, Google starts showing my site more – Google Love!!!

And as the Google Love grows, my rankings get better with time. As my rankings improve, my site sees more traffic, and my sales numbers go up.

Are you  seeing the connection with low competition keyword phrases and making money online ?

If I can teach you how to learn how to make money online by showing you what I’ve learned, then it should be easy for me to get that number one spot in Google using this keyword phrase.

How To Easily Rank In Google?

21 websites competing for one keyword phrase is SUPER LOW keyword competition.

As a matter of fact, anything under 100 competing websites/articles for a particular keyword phrase is what’s we call LOW HANGING FRUIT in the online world.

A graphic of a low hanging fruit representing keywords you want to choose when targeting a niche market online.
Low Hanging Keywords Are One of the Most Important Keys to Making Money Online

Like easily picked fruit that’s low to the ground, so are low competition keyword phrases easy to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube.

Remember YouTube videos are first indexed in search engines by written content.

And you know what happens if you get ranked in the #1 position in Google?

You get more traffic than the estimated 1,414 website visitors.

How’s that possible?

Once you hit the top position in Google using low completion keyword phrases (also referred to as long-tail keywords phrases), you start to rank for other associated keywords related to your keyword phrase.

Rank For 1,000’s of Keywords In Google

I wrote a post about selling fake products, basically counterfeit products from China.

I wrote, what I think, to be a fairly informative and decent article. I did my keyword research using Jaaxy (keyword tool) to find my low competition keyword phase.

My keyword phrase for the post was Does Amazon Sell Fake Products (Click the link to read the post if you like).

But if you search Google for any of these keywords listed above, like Amazon Fakes, Does Amazon Sell Fake Goods, Fakes, Fake Products, Counterfeits, Counterfeit Watches

– Whatever you search that’s related to the keywords of.. Amazon, Selling, Fake, and Products, and you will see my post on page one in Google.

Most of the time it’s in position 1, with other keywords (that I didn’t target) it’s in position 2, 5, sometimes 7, but it’s held page one for almost a year now. See below

A screenshot showing my website in the top result for a low competition keyword phrase.
Google Search Results for the keyword search phrase: Does Amazon Sell Fakes

Let’s look at the competition of this phrase using my keyword tool called Jaaxy.

Comparing my top result with Jaaxys keyword data
Search Results Provided by Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Traffic Accumulates:

Now you’re probably thinking, Todd, there’s not many people searching this phrase on a monthly basis.

And you’re right. But because I used a long-tail low competition keyword phrase, I’m getting ranked under a ton of similar keywords and keyword phrases.

As well it’s ranking in combinations of other words related to my keyword phrase.

How do I know, let’s look at my Google Analytics page.

Below is my monthly traffic for the latter part of March 2015. Normally I get about 1,500 hits to this website with this post, but it’s a bit lower this month at 1,276.

A screenshot from Google Analytics for the term Does Amazon Sell Fake Products showing 1,276 visitors from one single post.
Google Analytics Results for my post Does Amazon Sell Fake Products – 1,276 hits to this site per month

Update 2/13/2016 – This post currently has gotten over 5000  organic visits per month for the last six months. I mean, every time I look at my Google analytics live statistics, there’s someone on this post.

By using a long-tail (meaning a phrase of 3-5 or more keywords placed together) low competition keyword phrase, I pick up much more traffic than one would originally think.

How Hot is Your Customer?

By targeting longtail keyword phrases, I’m able to connect with my online audience at a later stage in the buying process.

People who search make money online, for example, are not nearly at the search stage where they’re ready to make a move and buy an online training program to learn how to do it.

But people who search – How To Learn To Make Money Online or How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners are.

So what does this mean for YOU and your quest to make money online?

It means you need to get educated on how to do the same thing for whatever niche idea you may have for an online business.

How To Learn How To Make Money Online?

If you really want to learn how to make money online, I mean if this is really your mission in life, then you have to get a solid education.

There are no magic push button systems to do it, and there’s no get-rich systems that works either.A graphic of a man plucking bills from a tree

Just like any other profession, it takes education, time, work and dedication.

I know, I know, I know – NOT what you wanted to hear, we all want the easy cash – but it doesn’t work that way.

Advisory Warning: there are a ton of internet money making SCAMS out there – choose your education wisely.

You need to get educated from those that have the knowledge and experience and have already made extremely successful online  businesses.

You need someone in your corner that cares about your online success.

And that’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

Who’s Wealthy Affiliate?

They are easily the best educational institution to learn how to make money online  by creating your own niche based online affiliate business.

I’ve use them myself, and simply put, what they teach works.

They teach how to…

  • Build & Run an Online Business
  • Create Websites/Landing Pages
  • Write Content That Ranks
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • PPC Campaigns (Pay Per Click)
  • And Ridiculously So Much More

And What’s Better Yet – You can learn to do the same thing, as long as you’re willing to take action on what you learn, you can find online success.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to come in and check them out as well. They offer a Free Starter Membership so that you can see what they’re all about.

The Free Starter Membership Includes:

– 7 Day Full Access as if you were a Premium Member (so all resources are available to you)

– 2 Free Websites and Free Hosting for those sites

– 10 Free courses to help you set up your website and understand the basics of making money online.

And after the free trial period, you don’t have to pay anything, you can keep your sites/hosting/and 10 free classes.

But if you’re really serious about making a living online, you’ll want to continue the program.

And it’s not expensive, $19 dollars the first month (59% discount off regular price), then $49 dollars/mo after that.

If you go on a yearly plan it comes out to $29/mo. This is a night out for a dinner and a movie for the cost of one month’s education with Wealthy Affiliate.

Check Out a Classroom:

As a matter of fact, sit in on this classroom to get a basic feel and orientation to the WA educational platform.

Click on the picture and you’ll be taken directly to the Wealthy Affiliate University – You can see for yourself what I’m talking about.

This classes discusses how people make money online, enjoy.

A screenshot of Wealthy Affiliate's entrepreneur training course to learn how to make money online.

What To Do Next:

Well, you can leave this site and keep searching for Fast Cash Systems that don’t exist.

Or you can ask yourself if you are really interested in learning a new career and creating a new life for yourself.

A career online can surpass you current income and allow you to work from the comfort of your own home.

You can even travel the world (today I’m working in the beautiful Andean Mountains of Colombia).

A picture from my getaway retreat in Medellin, Colombia where I'm working online.
View from my weekend getaway retreat. Working online definitely has it’s advantages. Photo taken outside of Medellin, Colombia

If you are really serious about making money online, don’t waste time. Take the time now to invest in your education and invest in your future.

Set aside a couple hours a day and go through the courses one step at a time.

An image that links to a course where you can learn online marketing and how to build your own profitable online business.

To get started….

Step #1: Click the link here – Free Starter Membership.

Step #2: Fill in your name, email, and create a password – NO CREDIT CARD OR ANYTHING IS NEEDED

Step #3: Fill out your profile, get immersed into the WA community, and start taking classes.

[thrive_link color=’red’ link=’’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Here’s My Top Recommended Training! [/thrive_link]

Once you get to Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll be sending you a welcome email with a little guidance on getting stated. Now you know how to learn how to make money online, the only thing left is to take action and get started.

If you have any questions about this post, don’t be shy, send me a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Hi Todd, Your posts are really awesome. I read your 3 posts and came to know about Wealthy Affiliate and Jaxxy tool. Both seem to be very convincing. But I want to know how can I earn money actually from the traffic I get to my site. I am really a beginner in this field and I don’t have my own site. But I am inspired and excited after I read your posts and want to start my own online business.
    Please help me in this regard.

    1. Absolutely Vishal,

      Traffic is the key. You want targeted traffic that’s looking for things based on a niche. A niche can be anything. I encourage people to pick a niche based on something the love or want to learn more about.

      Most every niche has products and people typically look online for specific products. By providing helpful content based on your niche’s needs, you can make a ton of money online through affiliate marketing.

      Or you can sell actual products from your site or advertising. I have a friend who uses Google Adsense for a site that gets tons of traffic and he makes 4K/mo alone from that traffic. I make my money mostly through affiliate marketing. Just depends on your site.

      I think it would greatly benefit you to read the following posts to decide if this is the right move for you.

      How long does it take to make money online – this will give you a overall idea of what you’ll be doing and if this is really a good fit for you.

      What is my niche – this will help on the generating ideas for you to pick a niche.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Center – This will be you school for the next year or so if you choose to create an online business. This is the program I took every day to guide me to success.

      Hope this helps and hope to see you at WA.


    2. This site will show you how to build a successful online business one step at a time. I know I used Wealthy Affiliate too to build my own consistent income producing website.

      You can do it.

    3. If you looking for online job to earn money, Todd’s got it down. Find something you like, enjoy, or want to learn more about it.

      Create a cool niche site, create trust and apply internet marketing methods suggested here for great results.

      I also used Wealthy Affiliate to build my online business and the results are great. It’s easy to follow the program and you can create your online business in your own time frame.

      I’ve built up a great second source of income thanks to what I learned. Really nice post. Keep up the good work.

      All the best have a great day!

  2. Great post on making money online and I really like this site. You have some valuable information on how to make some money online, keyword research, and affiliate marketing.

    As someone starting out trying to make a new website I am hopeful I will be successful and thankful for the information on this site.

    For sure the most valuable and helpful portion of the site is the section on getting traffic. This is the part I am most nervous about. I just don’t have much confidence in my ability to generate interesting enough content in order to get traffic.

    1. Hi Cam,

      I worried a bit about this at first and didn’t know how to target the right keywords, now I’m very confident and I see rankings sometimes in just hours after publishing content. Sometimes it takes days and weeks, but I continue to try to produce helpful content.

      I think the most important thing for you to understand is that you just need to convey helpful information to your niche audience. Be genuinely helpful and the ranking and traffic (and money) will come.

      Thanks for your feedback on my post and site, much appreciated. Also, you may benefit from our Free eBook on Targeting Traffic, this is my basic checklist that I do for every post I write.

      Hope it helps,


  3. I really like this site as it adds a lot to the information I have learnt about online marketing. I really like the way you have embedded the useful links down the right hand side of the page and this tells everyone who you work with and allows us to understand the breadth of your affiliate strategy.

    1. Awesome Chris,

      Thanks for the feedback, I’ve gone back and forth with my sidebar before and this helps. The goal is to always help others and with that in mind, you’ll create an awesome online business.



  4. If you can rank on page 1 of Google for keywords that people are searching for, this is absolutely the best targeted traffic your website can get.

    People are deliberately looking for specific information online, everyday. So when they arrive on your website, they will be genuinely interested in the topic and more likely convert.

    This is much more targetted than random adverts or even social media. In those kinds of scenarios, people are not deliberately looking for that information so they are far less likely to take action on what is presented to them.

  5. This is quite an interesting review about Jaaxy, just yesterday I popped into Jaaxy but did not get far and today I am exposed to all this helpful information.

    That is a nice review and thank you for sharing, one can see that you really put a lot of effort into it.
    And you are so right, I read a lot about the importance of keywords and what it can do for your online business.

    Thanks again

    1. Awe, thanks Filichiat, too kind. Yeah, I think you’ll find that learning how to research and use keywords is key to learning how to make a solid online business.

      I created a guide that I use on each and every post. You can get my Free eBook on Dominating the Search Engines.

      After reading this, you’ll get the whole picture on keywords, organic traffic, and creating high conversion online sales.



  6. I’ve known about long tail keyword and how to use it to compete for ranking. But do you need any other SEO skills to push the ranking faster? I’ve had post that have targeted keywords but does not rank in the top 100 and some that rank in the top 20. I’m still struggling to figure what has the most impact on the ranking.

    1. Hi Kenny,

      I would strongly encourage you to read our Free eBook on How to Create Laser Targeted Traffic. In this book I talk about keyword research a bit, but more importantly I talk about how to place your keywords within you post to maximize your SEO.

      It’s a short read and I think it will really clear things up for you and help maximize each and every post you create.

      If you have any questions after reading it, just let me know.


  7. This was good info and your screen shots are clear and on point!

    I really like how you initially offered reassurance to the problem for folks who visit. That stuck out to me and let me know that reading on would allow me to come to a solution.

    Also, I think that learning keyword research is critical to learn how to make money online for any online business or website.

    Thanks for sharing.

    -Nerissa S.

  8. What a great post – so true as well. So often long tail keywords are overlooked, but as you say they are so easy to rank for, and so often they provide you with a more targetted reader as well!

    Out of curiosity, what would you consider the minimum estimated traffic to make it worth writing an article to a specific keyword?

    1. Hey Kevin,

      I personally use Jaaxy to research my keywords and find my post rankings in Google. In Jaaxy, there’s a metric (called Traffic) that gives you an estimate of expected traffic your website should receive if you hit page one in Google.

      Now obviously, you’ll get much more traffic the higher the position, but I look for this number to be at least 50. Now sometimes you’ll find with a really awesome post, you can rank for numerous keywords.

      I try to find at least over 150 people searching for a phrase per month and hope for 500 or more.

      I’m happy hitting singles versus home-runs and consistently get on base versus never ranking (baseball analogy). As my site ranks more consistently for low competition keywords, I get more clout within my niche and thus better rankings. This concept is used by 1,000’s of successful online bloggers and niche website owners.

      Hope this helps,


  9. Great Post Todd. Your retreat looks so inviting and relaxing.

    I have also been using Jaaxy before writing posts, but in most cases, I have been lucky to find 100 searches a month on the keywords I use with low competition. Now and then I get some luck and find a search term with over a 1000 searches. I guess my niche is too small, and it will just take a little longer for my traffic to grow.

    But I still say that Jaaxy is by far the best keyword tool I have used, and my membership fee is worth every dime.

    1. I feel the same Michel. I use Jaaxy Pro version (Click here to see all Jaaxy’s Memberships – even the Free One!) and I pay annually, so that’s $15/mo for a tool that I use everyday that’s vital to my online business.

      It’s one of the best investments that I first went for when I started online and it’s made all the difference for me.

      Keep focusing on those low competition phrases and strive to create great content for your niche audience. I personally want 50 monthly visits if I get on page one of Google, but remember that you will rank for other keywords as you keep building out your content.



  10. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and just wondering how critical you feel Jaxxy is? Does it really give people the edge over someone that does not use it for keyword research? To confirm I have been doing everything right I am currently on the free trial of Jaxxy and have chosen my Niche, now do I select keywords in that niche for posts that meet the requirements you provided? What I do love about Jaxxy is how easy it is to use when finding keywords manually is so slow.

    1. Hi Keldyn,

      As soon as I started using Jaaxy on a daily basis, I found myself understanding keyword research better and ranking better.

      I have found Jaaxy to be a very valuable tool that I use every day. I also like the rank checker. I’ve actually used that to go back and re-edit posts to get them to rank higher. So essentially I can establish value to my posts based on the traffic potential they have and where I’m positioned in Google.

      Your other questions are simple, follow the training daily and you’ll learn what to write about and what keywords related to your niche you need to target.

      And this is done in the training. Also, try to catch a weekly webinar from Jay, there’s tons of great knowledge that will help you grow your online business.

      Your site is based on a niche, you goal with content is to tap into what that niche is looking for. That’s why I’d encourage you to not skip a single training and do all the tasks.



  11. Wow Todd. Another site so nicely done and so professional. The layouts, the articles are so solid and you share so much value in your content. I love WA as the best training platform but you are showing me that expanding your horizon is a good thing. Like finding more niche opportunities with Amazon, Wealthy Affiliate and others. The only thing I found annoying was the drop down menu until I realized I just needed to click on the tools. DUH! Then I was able to read the whole article.

    1. Too funny, thanks for your kind feedback. This particular site is simply to help those that want to seriously learn how to make money online through legitimate online businesses.

      You’ve always got to strive to help someone achomplish something or provide a useful service. This is the key to any successful online or offline business.

      Helping people, who would have thunk it!



  12. People that have never worked online before always view this type of work as being a scam.. but if they even took one second to look at the amount of work we have to do everyday in order to not have to be a slave for anyone else..I think a new view would be born.

    To be successful its very important that you have a certain level of dicipline and drive,,

    great article..

    keep inpsiring the masses

    1. Right on Nelsen, thanks for your feedback on the post and your words of encouragement. It does take real work and passion to make a niche site profitable (depending on the competition of your niche), but it’s a reality and it’s your own business. One that can eventually give make money online passively.

      Want to know how long it takes? Read this post.

  13. Hei Todd,

    Great post. I have looked at Jaxxy early on in my WA journey and even following the explanations I found at the site I never really grasped how to decipher the results (Yeah I am a bit slow at times…) Your explanation here makes complete sense and gives me the confidence to go back and have another look at it…


    1. Cool Tony, Jaaxy is a must have if your goal is to learn how to make money online using targeted keyword phrases that allow you to tap in to whatever niche market you specialize in.

      Since I started using Jaaxy, I’ve found my knowledge base on how to leverage keywords to increase rankings, traffic, and ultimately online sales to be right up with there with the best.

      The reality is that it’s easy to leverage Jaaxy, the cost is pretty much nothing on a daily basis and I use it every single day. Get on board and watch your site and rankings improve.

      Check out my Jaaxy Review to see all the benefits this internet marketing tools gives us.



  14. That’s pretty impressive that you found a keyword getting that much traffic with minimal competition. Jaaxy appears to be quite the powerful tool. But keywords in general don’t mean much without quality content to go along with them. What are some of the most important factors for quality content in your opinion?

    Making money online certainly has a lot to do with keywords, otherwise how would sites get found? The search engines do their best to return the best results possible when someone types in a search term.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      There’s a few SEO basics that everyone needs to know who is producing content for their blogs, websites, and/or online business. Click Here to See How I Laser Target My Traffic.

      Once you’ve got the formula down, then it’s a matter of focusing on helping your niche. All content, in my opinion, should be researched and provide helpful info for what people in your niche are looking for.

      I do have a post I might suggest you read, 10 Easy Tips For Writing Quality Content.

      When you add Jaaxy Keyword Research tool, it’s very easy to target your keywords to rank quickly, sometimes in minutes. I wrote 2 really low comp keyword posts and got one to rank in 5 minutes after publishing it (position 9) and the other in 2 hours (position 17).

      I actually have less content than most people think for the amount of traffic I get. And that’s simply a matter of following the links I laid out here in this response.



  15. Hi Todd,

    What an interesting article on how to make money online by targeting keywords.

    It sounds like you dig really deep into the backbones of Google here but it really looks straight forward.

    So is the idea to get your key words with fairly low QSR and use those words for your new post’s title and body to increase your Google rankings with this new post?

    I’m very interested in Wealthy Affiliate, sounds like they are head and shoulders above the other on-line marketing companies.



    1. Thanks Simon for the feedback and it is easy to target low competition keywords so that search engines like Google can recognize and rank your targeted keyword posts.

      To learn exactly how I do this, check out this post… How To Get Traffic For Your Website. It should clear up any questions you may have.

      And Wealthy Affiliate is the best online business training center, they’re loaded with practically every internet marketing resource you’ll ever need if you want to learn how to make money online.



  16. Hi Todd,

    I have always been skeptical about online opportunities that teach you how to learn how to make money online, but you know what, I decided to go for it with your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation and doing my own thorough review.

    I started with Wealthy affiliate’s training program 3 days ago and it’s the real deal!

    I’ve already got the foundation and 2 Posts with each 1000 words to my website set up and am learning more than I have in years with other online programs.

    You did a great job with this post and every other post I’ve read on your site.

    Thank you a lot

    Best wishes


    1. Hi JulianU,

      That’s great to hear and I felt the same way, the trick to learning how to make money online is simple to follow a proven path.

      Everyday you’ll get better at it and in time you’ll have the business you’ve always wanted… One that make money online while you’re doing what you love. Today was golf day for me. Cheers, Todd

  17. This article was very helpful! Before reading this I had no idea how keywords were used to rank websites that influence the money you make online.

    I created a personal website in order to market fitness products and was looking for a good way to increase my rankings with internet search engines. Thanks to your article I’m going to give Jaaxy a try.

    I signed for their 30 free searches and its so easy to understand and use. Thanks for the great recommendation, I’m starting to get it.

    1. That’s awesome to here Dominic, excellent feedback about Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. It’s a life saver for me as well.

      There’s one other post I think you might benefit from, it’s called How To Get Traffic For Your Website.

      I think you find it a good guide to help you rank faster and bring in more targeted traffic that’s already looking for your type of fitness products.



  18. I have heard of the Jaaxy keyword tool, but I have never tried it myself. I am just starting out on a low budget and I really can not afford to pay for the Jaaxy keyword tool at this time. I use a free keyword tool, do you think I would have more success using jaaxy ?

    What other features does jaaxy provide besides keyword ranking, I have heard its nothing like any other keyword tool available do you agree with this as well?

    1. I felt like you did when I first started online. I used a free keyword tool and I didn’t really find it useful in comparison with Jaaxy. What I really love about Jaaxy is the Brainstorming Feature.

      This feature alone has allowed me to find better long tail keyword phrases that have allowed me to rank faster and gain more traffic.

      I must say one thing about the price, I pay yearly and it cost me 50 cents/day. For $15 a month, this a must have for any internet marketer, blogger, or content writer. Otherwise it’s $19/mo. You can check out the memberships HERE!

      I also really like that I can save searches for various subjects I’m researching, this improves the types of posts I target and my keyword phrase selection. The last part is the rank feature, it allows me to see how my posts are progressing and at times I need to go back and revise a post if I’m not ranking it so well.

      For example, I found this really cool phrase that had over 9,000 searches/month and no competition. It was Guide Making Money Online. I thought great, I can put together a post that knocks this one out of the park.

      I ranked position 36. Couldn’t get it to move up. I also realized that the phrase didn’t flow and a slightly more competitive phrase… Guide TO Making Money Online worked so much better.

      I changed my url which plummeted my rankings, but I submitted a new one to Google and Bing and changed my title. I then went back and added to the post to make it as complete as humanly possible.

      I continued to get comments and social shares and now the post ranks in position 2 or 3 and has for over 2 years.

      Hope this helps you understand why Jaaxy is a must have for me and I use it daily.


  19. Hello Todd,

    This is really a brainstorming article and something really beneficial to those that want to learn how to make money online become more realistic. Like you said, the keyword phrases are an important element in order to make your page be positioned in the first spot on google’s search page.

    Based on my experience, a new website needs high quality content and some dialogue in order to win the competition in SERP’s.

    However, to make things easier, the low competition keyword or QSR is always the main point to focus on when selecting your keyword phrases that you are targeting.



  20. I use Jaaxy myself and It is absolutely vital in order to achieve higher rankings in Google. Im currently trying to reach the number one spot in google right now for my own website and I’ll for sure use some take aways from this website and apply them to myself. Hopefully with the right keywords, i can hit that top spot. Im excited thanks to you to see what my website can achieve.

    1. That’s great to hear Spencer and thanks for your feedback on Jaaxy as well, I use them daily personally to rank content super fast and target my niche precisely.

      By learning how to tap into whatever niche through targeting keywords that the niche audience is Googling, you can easily learn how to turn your website into a money making machine. It takes a bit of time to learn White Hat SEO skills, working with WordPress, but it really isn’t difficult to understand.

      Check Out This Post To Learn How Long It Takes To Make Money Online.

      You get most a basic understanding how the process works within the first few months. I made a nice foundation to a niche site based on therapy. That only included 5 pages that create the theme/foundation to the site, then found one awesome keyword phrase “Lift Chairs For The Elderly” and am getting almost 300 new visitors to that post per month.

      It’s not a ton, but it’s getting visited and read. I’ve only made a handful of sales linking people to Amazon’s top power recliner chairs, but it has a lot of potential when I have the time to build out the site more.

      And Spencer, don’t give up on that post, get comments on the post, socially share it. Get it out to other social share groups within your niche. Especially Google Plus groups, we call that Google Juice.

      The point is that as you build out your niche site and help your audience with helpful content, you will absolutely learn how to make money online and accomplish your online goals, whatever they may be… $10 dollars/day, $100/day, $1,000, the choice is yours.



  21. This article was very informative. I can now see the connection of how you use keywords to bring in that free traffic in order to make money online.

    I had recently created a website and was looking for a good way to increase my rankings with google. Because of your article, I learned that Jaaxy is the way to go.

    Jaaxy provides all of the information that anyone could ever need when it comes to getting your pages ranked on google. It is very helpful and it actually works.


    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for your feedback and you’ve absolutely got it. The point of learning how to make money online is by offering quality content that is targeted to what you niche audience is already searching for in Google. That’s it. Make that connection and you can make the money.

      Strive to help your niche audience and it will pay you 10 fold in time.

      Thanks for your feedback on Jaaxy as well.


  22. Hi Todd

    Wow! Wealthy Affiliate certainly seems like an outstanding place to learn affiliate marketing. How could anyone pass up the free starter membership? Any time you can try before you buy, you know you are getting an honest deal. Then if you decide to continue, the yearly plan is such a tremendous cost savings. Certainly it is very much recommended.


    1. You bet it is Linda, WA has created an amazing one stop shop for those that want to learn how to make money online through whatever niche or passion you may have.

      Take it like a college education and work at it with a positive energy and openness to learn and you’ve got all the makings for online success.



  23. Simple and easy to understand article here. I use Jaaxy myself and it’s a great tool to have available to you. Anyone who does SEO or owns a website understands the importance of keyword research. I’m not a member of wealthy affiliate but I have a few friends who are and they only have good things to say. So two great tools you recommend here!


  24. Hi Todd, thanks for the great article about how to make money online using keywords, very intriguing.

    I use Jaaxy myself and I absolutely love it. I think it’s much easier and quicker to find right keywords than using any free tools available.

    However I tend to easily rely on Jaaxy and don’t do any research in deeper level, so your step-by-step was a great reminder. Thanks!

    I hope I’ll be able to move to some beautiful countryside and work online like you do, it’s a beautiful picture of Medellin, Columbia. Thanks again!


    1. Yeah Ray, it’s a dream come true and you should get down to Medellin sometime. Just follow the training courses daily and complete every assigned task and you can do the same thing. Follow a niche that you love and it will only be easier.

      On you keyword phrases, throw them in Google to see what is your first page competition. If you’ve got authoritative sites ranking position one, you can still rank them, but it will be tougher.

      I find at times I’ll outrank Wikipedia, but my Wix review which has been stuck in position 10 and 11 in Google seems tough to get it up to the top three. The reason is because there’s several authoritative sites out ranking me.

      This is actually taught in the WA webinars and something I wish I would have know before. But then again, sometimes with a really good quality post you can outrank everyone. My Amazon Sells Fake Products post is a good example. I outrank everyone and bring in 5K visitors to this one post per month, I even outrank Amazon.



  25. Todd,

    Your post is very informative and detailed. I also really enjoy the picture of your weekend get away. Working from home, or anywhere else in the world has always been my dream.

    9 – 5 jobs just don’t really cut it for me. I mean they are so monotonous. I’m also working on my online business and ranking on search engines. It’s great to hear from someone who’s experienced in SEO like yourself. I’d like to know more about how you ranked for those “Amazon fakes” keywords, did you have to do anything else other than posting a great article?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Anh,

      Thanks for your feedback on the post. Quality content and SEO knowledge are two must have techniques to learn how to make money online through creating a niche based blog, email marketing, landing pages, PPC, etc. So that’s the really what anyone need to make their online dreams a reality.

      I’m like you, I love being an Occupational Therapist, but any job can get stagnet and mundane. It depends on your outlook and attitude. I even get burned out sometimes in the online world.

      But the online world offers people like us an interesting career where you can always learn and expand on your online skills, plus the ability to travel or work from home. Keep at and focus on that quality content and you’ll get there.

      For the Amazon post, it had everything that an article could have to create top rankings and I eventually started ranking for similar keywords. But it really was a bit controversial because most people don’t know that amazon has fake products in their market place. I also proved this with a screen shot of a fake product found on Amazon.

      I have a guide to bringing in traffic, check it out, it will help. But follow the SEO experts at WA and take their daily classes and you’ll be able to build that online dream.



  26. Hello Todd,
    I am also learning through Wealthy Affiliate, and am 3 months in so far. Everything in your post was explained so well for those looking to begin their journey through affiliate marketing. I enjoy the way you worded long tail keywords as I have barely used them.

    How many keywords do you typically target per post? what’s the most you suggest? I’m wondering since I want to ensure my site rankings won’t be harmed.

    Thanks for all of this useful information!

    1. You bet Cameron. I’d recommend you also start taking the WA webinars that Jay produces. There’s a lot of SEO nuggets in those training’s waiting to be utilized.

      I typically look at a few keyword phrases that I’ve already researched using Jaaxy. Or that I get from the Alphabet Soup Technique. Many times I only focus on one phrase and then I try to build my content based on that phrase. Other times I will take 3 or 4 phrases and blend them into one post.

      The key is, and I know I sound like a stuck record, create quality content that helps your niche audience with something. If you can do this, you can learn how to make money with the best of the internet marketers out there.

      Whether it’s blogging for rankings, eCommerce, or email marketing, quality content is king.

      To ensure your content is consistently ranked well, check out the Webinars (based on SEO, site structure, appearance, linking strategies, social sites, etc.) that Wealthy Affiliate produces and you’d do great.



  27. An excellent post explaining the keyword tool Jaaxy you use to create traffic to your site using long tail keywords. It’s good to know and understand how the Internet works, and you give some great advice for those that are serious about learning how to make money online.

    I see you also recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a website and hosting platform to operate from for doing your online business.

    How long have you been with them and have you used others to make money online?

    1. Hi Travis,I did use to other programs that were pretty average educational programs (at best) to learn how to drop-ship and sell on Amazon as well as import.

      I no longer use those systems because they’re poor and incomplete training programs to create long-term success online.

      I got lucky and found Wealthy Affilaite and took their training program very seriously and completed all the lessons and tasks and I’m so happy I did.

      I now have an online business that brings in 500 to 1000 visitors to this website per day (for free) and with the skills I’ve learned at Wealthy Affiliate I have the ability to create any niche website and know how to make money online.

      This website alone make passive (full time) income. Everyday I wake up and see that I have made new commissions. Today I made $225 when I woke up and my online business will continue to generate income 24/7.

      If you keep working at it Travis with the mentality of your back in college, you’re going to make it. Best of luck.



  28. Hi there, Todd

    I like your post regarding the use of a Keyword Tool (in the form of Jaaxy) to help you learn to make money online by ranking content your niche audience is already searching in Google.

    I have been contemplating about using this tool for my niche about billiards and gaming on my website.

    However, I have just stuck to using the Keyword Tool that’s provided at WA as I felt that the $499/yr price tag for the Enterprise version is quite steep. I was wondering if you can make a comparison. Thanks!


    1. Hi Armand,

      I think it depends on your needs as a website owner and how much low competition keyword based posts your writing on a weekly basis.

      I do the yearly membership with Jaaxy and I pay $15 dollars/month. So 180/year or 50 cents per day. However you like to think about it.

      To me it’s less than a cup of coffee per day and I use this tool every day, it’s a now brainer.

      If you want to see Jaaxy’s memberships, I’d highly recommend you do the Pro version. It’s made all the difference in my online business by allowing me to find keyword phrases that I could use to come up with new post ideas, check the ranking of my website, and find the right keywords to rank fast and bring in the traffic.

      And with that traffic comes money. It’s about connecting with your niche audience and providing them useful content and products that allows one to learn how to make money online consistently.



  29. Hi Todd, I really enjoyed your blog post “How To Learn How To Make Money Online. I can see you know a lot about making money online, and you also share your knowledge. Your explanation of picking the low hanging fruit is awesome, it makes all of the details crystal clear and easy to do.
    I too got my education from Wealthy Affiliate and I love Jaaxy as well! This is a great and honest post on making money online. Keep up the good work and bless you for helping so many others!
    With Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for your feedback and I’m glad the post is clear that if you can master creating quality content based on keyword research, you can rank content fast, pick up targeted traffic, and start to bring in that online income.

      This is one of the most critical parts to learn how to make money online. If you can further your education through white hat SEO techniques, you give yourself such an advantage in the online world.

      Also, great to hear your feedback on Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy. These are my two number one used tools to get the job done.



  30. Todd, this looks really exciting. I’m glad I found your page. While I’ve heard of Jaxxy I really need to look into this program some more. I think with me, it’s taking the time to do an online business, and having the *patience* to see all of this come to fruition. While I’ve had an online business start and fail, I don’t feel like a failure. I think I just needed some guidance, and a really good teacher. Good stuff you have created here, a really complete description of how to make money online by using low comp keywords. thanks.

    1. Hi Gail,

      That’s great feedback to hear, thanks. In order to learn how to make money online through blogs, niche websites, affiliate marketing, and Pay Per Click advertising, you’ve got to learn about keywords and how to write compelling content.

      It is frustrating when you first start an online business. I think I was the worst about being patient. But take a deep breath and focus on helping people in your niche. Forget the money and put in the work. The money will come as you build layers of helpful content based on keyword research.

      Give it some time and you’ll find online success.



  31. Great post. You had a lot of information on the best way to find keywords to help generate more keywords to get traffic to your site! Great information for anyone who want to learn how to make money online.

    I was able to learn quite a bit through your website alone and see you have a couple of different options for someone who is just starting out in the marketing business.

    Do you have any pre-made niche sites? Or a service to do this in combination to the wealthy affiliate training program?

    1. You know DJolly, I do I have some resources for you. But I would tell you that regardless if you get a site built for you, you should still invest the time to learn how to be successful in internet marketing.

      And I’d highly recommend you take the time to train at the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center.

      But if you want to cut down on the initial time of adding contents, finding relevant photos to add to your pages and post, and avoid that initial one to two months of work, then this is the program I would recommend.

      Dom from Human Proof Designs has a great service of building the initial phases of Niche Websites.

      They are not that expensive and will cut down on the initial time if you know the niche that you want to develop.

      Hope this helps,


        1. Hi DJolly,

          Thanks for your kind feedback and glad to have helped. If you want to start a niche site that makes good money, the key is connecting with your niche audience to provide them something of value.

          This can often been done in the form of a review. By learning how to use keywords and by writing quality content, you can learn how to make money online in no time at all. The more you build quality content based on this approach, the longer your traffic tentacles will reach out and grab more visitors to your online business, which means more online sales.

          You can do it too in any niche that you like. It’s a great way to make a living online or offline. To get started, check out the same training source that taught me how to do this.


  32. Hi Todd,

    Really informative post on how to learn how to make money online, and well done on the great rankings.

    Goes to show with great content the sky really is the limit. I have a question about paid advertisement and if you use any? If its worth it, or will a website get all the traffic it needs from creating great content and ranking in google?



    1. Hi Julian,

      I have done a lot of pay per click advertising with Facebook, Google and Bing. Although this site, Learn To Grow Wealth Online generates 500 – 1,000 organic (FREE) visitors per day based on content that ranks.

      I would recommend you get the proper training on how to create relevant ads that reach the audience that you’re trying to reach.

      In general, I think page advertising works really well with specific niches. For example, I know a website developer who made a killing by using Google AdWords for medical malpractice lawsuits.

      He did the websites and advertising, then once the lead was generated through an opt in form, the attorney would close the deal. So in this case pay per click advertising was an effective way to generate a lot of income online.

      I also do this myself with a real estate website. The people who want to see homes opt in with their information and the conversion rate is low in comparison with the amount of visitors, but if you generate 100 leads per month and 10 close on a sales of a home (The average home is 350K x 3% commission x 25% for my fee for the lead), that’s $26,250 in commissions for the month. Pretty effective.

      So this is another good example of spending $1,000 in PPC advertising to receive $20,000 in profits. It’s good trade-off to say the least.

      But if you have a product that doesn’t convert people right away, you’ll never make any sales through pay-per-click and quickly waste a lot of money.

      Also know that most people use pay-per-click advertising to get people to sign up into their email marketing.

      And then they build a relationship with them through helpful content through emails and eventually sell products through email marketing.

      This is also taught at my #1 recommended training program.



  33. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the quick update. PPC sounds a bit confusing. What would you do as a beginner.


    1. I’d stick to the training and build your site out. PPC training is a bit complex and can be costly if done incorrectly. It really depends on your niche. You could always take the training and you can always set a daily budget to give it a tray. I’d for sure encourage you to explore your talents at creating content or at least landing pages. Test them out on people and see what the reaction is.


  34. Great information here! I found your site extremely useful in my research on starting an online business. With all of the so called “make money online” websites, I found the keyword research you decribed to learn how to make money online so much more valuable.

    By knowing keyword metrics, supplying quality content that connect with the targeted keywords creates a system that is actually a process that can’t fail if you put in the work.

    I noticed all of the helpful information you provided on what the different stats mean in sites. The abbreviations can be confusing if you don’t know what they mean.

    I learned a lot from your images and descriptions as well.


    1. Hi Ben,

      I used screen shots from the keyword tool Jaaxy and then added in what those metrics mean in red letters with arrows. I know it’s hard on the first one to show this, my only point of showing this screen shot was to show people how many times people are searching the keyword phrase… How to Learn How to Make Money Online.

      As well I wanted to point out that there’s not that much competition. As a matter of fact, I’m now ranking for this phrase as well as similar phrases like…How to Make Money Online (think I’m like in 17th position in Google).

      The who point to this post is that if you can learn what people are searching for online in your respective niche, that is low in competition, then it’s not hard to rank quickly in Google.

      As you get your targeted low competition keyword phrase to rank, next comes the traffic, and lastly comes the sales conversions. Which is the whole point of this post – How to make that money online.

      I learned all these skills at Wealthy Affiliate and I’m glad I took the time to find out how this works. Just this site alone currently brings in 500 to 1000 new users per day (from Google) who are performing searches under keyword phrases that I’ve targeted.

      And to be honest, I don’t have nearly as much content as other sites that are as old as mine. So just randomly writing content isn’t the key, it’s writing targeted keyword researched content that’s high in quality for the user.



  35. Hi, I was searching this exact set of keywords that you pointed out in the first paragraph. That is, how to learn how to make money online. It’s like you have a crystal ball for keywords.

    I must say after just viewing your site that I like the opening page/image. Your articles are very thorough and you give well step by step instructions and pictures.

    I noticed you do the same on all your posts and pages. This post was a good read and easy to understand and makes me realize how important keyword research is to be successful at ranking your website high on Google.

    You used many good examples too, your whole site is nicely done.

    1. Hi Vera, that’s such kind feedback to hear. And yes, you are getting it. Keyword research is the key to learn how to make money online. By targeting keywords that you’re niche is typing into Goolge, you can reach your niche audience faster and build more traffic to your site.

      And with more traffic, you’ll be able to see the online sales flow in much more quickly.

      Thanks for your feedback on my site. Everything I learn (as far as how to build my site and structure my content), I learned at Wealthy Affiliate. If you need help, they’ll do the trick.



  36. This is some good information on how to make money online by targeting long tail keywords based on a niche.

    I can’t get it all at once; I’ll be coming back for more. I have not been using the Jaaxy keywords tool (big mistake). Thanks for the reminder. Your explanation is very clear and easy to follow on how to rank for low competition keywords, but it is a lot of information overload when you’re new at this.

    Great post and no doubt you’re keeping so many visitors on your site.


    1. That’s some great feedback to hear and many thanks. Understanding keywords and how to use them doesn’t take too much time. If you need a bit more help, check out this post on how to create more traffic via keywords.

      If you’re going to learn how to make money online through a website, blog, on YouTube, via sales pages, then Jaaxy is a must have tool for the job.

      For more info on Jaaxy, please read my review right here.



  37. Todd,
    That had to be the best article that I’ve seen as related to how Jaaxy and the use of proper use of keywords can help an individual not only rank high on Google but in the long run earn his/her business money.

    You not only talked about Jaaxy, (as so many others have including myself at my website) but you provided concrete examples as to how it has helped you in your business. You gave proof that the keywords used in your articles, done through research on your part have positioned you so often in high positions (1, 2, 3) as placed there, deservedly so by the search engines.

    You provided the reader with literally a step-by-step tutorial on how this all could be done.

    Connecting all of this by then promoting Wealthy Affiliate was also a super idea on your part – for the simple fact that Jaaxy was created by Kyle and Carson co-founders of the wonderful program that I also belong to.

    I’m going to bookmark this article for future reference, Todd. I’ve done okay, but I know the possibilities are definitely out there that I could do much better with how Google,Yahoo, rank my websites. As I stated above, your instructions on how to correctly use Jaaxy gave me some ideas that previously I have never thought of.
    Other readers would greatly benefit from reading your article.

    You deserve an A+ for creating such an outstanding article, sir!


    1. Ah Jeff, that’s so awesome to hear from you and thanks so kindly. There’s was one part in the middle that you wrote where I was like, finally, someone gets it. But kidding aside, I really enjoyed writing this post and I think it shows that if you learn to do a little keyword research and seo before you write, you can greatly improve your chances for getting your content to rank high and for FREE.

      That’s really one of the many thing that WA teaches so well. What’s even better about this Jeff is that if you give it some time, maybe even a years worth, you’ll see how this strategy really pays off big time. People trust the top three rankings and are sometimes leery of paid search engine results. Those top 3 spots get all the traffic, and by getting there within your niche, you can dominate business.

      The amount of traffic one single post can create is incredible, and not every post will rank high or bring in traffic, but if you learn the basics and apply that knowledge, you should find success.

      It’s also really fun to see the success come through the traffic, online sales, and awesome feedback from people like you, thanks Jeff.



  38. WOW, not only was this post thorough and interesting, you covered a lot of material with regards to making money online. I really think you did a great job with showing how to use long-tail keywords to receive organic traffic.

    I really would have never guessed that the search term, how to learn how to make money online, would have so many people searching this phrase in Google on a monthly basis. Goes to show you how many people want a piece of the internet pie.

    I am sure this is one of your higher converting post on your site.

    Very well done.

    1. Hi Edwin,

      I know what you’re saying. Not only is there 1,000’s of people online looking to figure out how to make money online, people are really getting detailed in how they search for programs that can teach them how to do this.

      People are tired of online scams taking their money and leaving them with bogus systems or ineffective training programs.

      That’s why I really scrutinize the training programs that I review. There are a handful of good programs out there that teach correct affiliate marketing techniques and eCommerce, but non are as effective and offer so many tools for newbies and experienced marketers alike as Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you want to learn how to learn how to make money online, look no further than the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center to get the job done efficiently and correctly.



  39. Awesome post on keyword secrets to utilize to learn how to make money in this crazy online world! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the best sources of education when it comes to succeeding in affiliate marketing.

    And I am a proud user of Jaaxy as well. It’s amazing how you can find some spectacular keywords with high searches and low competition when you play around with a certain phrase and change it up grammatically.

    There are thousands of these keywords out there which means a lot of business for years to come, haha. Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. Kyle and Carson pride themselves on the few absolutely stellar internet marketing products they create. By far, Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate are two of my highest recommendations for those that want to really learn how to make real and honest money online.

      I like the fact that the training offered is so easy to follow and apply to whatever niche site or blog you want to create. And I can attest that what they teach works. I’ve been making consistent money online by applying their training principles to my online business for almost 2 years.

      I think for those that want to get into creating an online business, the best way to start is with a proper education, and for that, I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate all day long.



  40. Whoa 5000 to one single post, that’s impressive. I really enjoyed this – actually I do use jaxxy daily, and I actually really enjoy looking for keywords. I can always improve though, your article has inspired me to do some more research – awesome thanks. I joined WA in August and haven’t looked back, cheers

    1. That’s great to hear Netp. And I know what you’re saying. When I first heard the term, keyword research, my eyes were rolling. Now I enjoy finding little keyword phrase gems. I actually use Jaaxy to find domain names too. I found 4 really great real estate names that I’m going to put up for sale for $500 to $1,000 dollars per name. The metrics are solid with hundreds to 1,000’s of monthly searches with super low completion.

      For those that want to learn how to make money online, go with Wealthy Affiliate for training and Jaaxy to do your keyword research. That’s two great low cost products that will lead you to success.



  41. Congratulations.
    When I type the long phrase you targeted “how to learn how to make money online” you are in top spot in the organic searches.
    But when I typed: how to learn how to make money online without the open and close inverted comer I could not find your results on the first page. Why was this? Could you please explain because I am also in the process of building a website.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Nasrat,

      When you put in the quotes of a Google search, you are telling Google that you want to search for this exact keyword phrase in that specific order.

      But you are incorrect with my ranking. Just put in How To Learn How To Make Money Online – today I rank in position 12 in Google. I also rank in position 18 for… learn how to make money online.

      What happens when you target long tail keyword phrases is that it’s easier to rank more quickly for that exact long tail keyword phrase. And this is also better for the user because most internet users type in who phrases until Google Instant repopulates the phrase based on what other people have been searching.

      You’ll also start to rank for similar phrases like my… learn how to make money online. If I go into my Google analytics, I can find other combinations that rank well.

      So long tail keyword phrases like… how to learn how to make money online.. are what you want to target versus a short phrase that’s super competitive.

      Focus on writing keyword phrases that your niche is searching in Google, then just focus on writing the best most helpful content you can. Then forget about rankings, write to help people.



  42. I don’t have anything to build a website and earn money. I just want to earn money by doing work like, Clicking ads, watching videos, data typing, email reading, surveys, form filling, post or like ads, form filling and much more.
    Can you please suggest such companies or websites which can provide work for India.
    Please do reply and mail me also your answer.
    Vishal Jain

    1. Hi Vishan,

      Thanks for your interest in learning how to make money online. I really focus on creating niche sites because of the income potential that online businesses create for an individual. Plus they’re not that hard to create with the right training.

      I’ve reviewed sever Pay To Click sites and I’ve got to be honest, I think there just such a waste of time. I’ve read other bloggers that go into more detail about this niche and review all kinds of task based online jobs, but the conclusion is always the same to me, poor pay, waste of time.

      Out of the survey/PTC sites I’ve reviewed, one that has a long standing history of doing good business, is ClixSense.

      You could check them out, but not sure if they operate out of India, you’d have to check that out yourself. I’ve linked to their site if you’d like to check them out.

      Hope this helps,

  43. Hi Todd

    Wow 8316 searches for the phrase (how to learn how to make money online) is such as huge number and with only 21 competing websites, that’s literally a gold mine! I usually get an average around 300-500, guess I need to look more.

    Jaaxy is really awesome and it’s getting me pumped up to get back to my blog and write. Definitely going to find more keywords with low competition, awesome article as always man. Thanks!

    1. Hey Riaz,

      I felt the same way when I stumbled on this phrase as well. But the point here is to use a quality keyword tool that gets you the right metrics: Keyword Competition, Monthly Volume of Searches, and SEO Relevance make Jaaxy stand out above the crowd. Plus the price is perfect for an awesomely highly powered keyword tool like Jaaxy.

      This long tail keyword phrase also shows us how many people are really looking to learn how to make money online. Things are changing in the global economy, and those that understand how to build websites, how to get content to rank quick, and how to establish trust with your online niche audience will be key for future success.

      I found an amazing all inclusive training program that teaches me everything I know, check out the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center if you want to learn more. It’s free to try so it’s kind of a no-brainer.



  44. Hello Todd,

    Man I gotta tell you that this post was right on the money!

    I have come across a lot of articles on the internet that ‘try’ to teach people how to learn how to make money online, but this one by far has provided me the most clarity.

    I knew that keywords played some sort of role in getting people to come to my website, but in all honesty, I didn’t know that they were so crucial in getting my articles to rank in the search-engines.

    I am going to be playing around with ‘long-tail keywords’.

    If I am understanding correctly, it makes a ton of sense what you are saying…..

    As an example, there is really only one way I could get ranked for a broad keyword like ‘make money online’, but if I add to that a little bit, say ‘different ways that I can begin to make money online’, I now have the chance of ranking multiple times?

    Really solid information man.


    1. Hi Matt,

      You’ve got it figured out my friend. All you need to do is research the competition and the monthly searches of the phrase you want to target.

      I use Jaaxy for every post I write and it works like a charm. If you want to learn more how the can positively influence your online business, read my review of Jaaxy.

      Thanks again for your positive feedback and I’m glad that people are starting to see how understanding keyword research can really expedite the process of learning how to make money online.


  45. Hey, Todd,

    I have to acknowledge that your article on how to learn how to make money online is most informative, and convincing, that I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot!

    Yes, I’ve been wanting to earn a living online, but have not yet made it a reality (only a few dollars here and there). So your advice was extremely helpful.

    It seems that Jaaxy is an invaluable tool to dig deep into the keyword aspect of getting traffic. So I am going to have a good look at it and probably make a purchase.

    Getting a free trial with 10 lessons plus two websites, all without cost, makes Wealthy Affiliate appear almost too good to be true. But it is a fact so that’s another amazing tool.

    Basically, your article gives the kind of info that anybody will need to make the right decision to learn how to make money online.

    All the best,


    1. Hey PJ,

      Thanks for your feedback. Keyword research is one of the most important aspect to bring in that targeted traffic that allows online businesses to make significant money online.

      My brother was looking for a new pair of beats headphones the other day. What’s he do about it? Like most, he goes to Google and types in something like…what are the best beats headphones or…the least expensive beats headphones.

      Then he gets the top results to his question, goes to one of the top ranked posts, clicks it, reads it, and makes an educated decision to click a link to buy the product. It’s a simple and easy transaction and convenient for the customer.

      Those who know how to do keyword research and get their little 1,000 word post in front of Google gets the commissions.

      To learn more about Jaaxy, check out this post to see all the benefits this top ranked keyword tool has to offer.


  46. Really great post Todd. I’m surprised at how many people online are search the keyword phrase… how to learn how to make money online.

    It’s an interesting point to describe how a long tail keyword phrase can get so much specific traffic.

    I think one of the better points you make in this post is writing quality content based on your niche audience.

    It seems that most people who are successful at making a living online are those that can tap into their niche audience. Know what needs they have and then solve a problem.

    It’s really not that tough when you take on this point of view.

    Excellent points and excellent post.


    1. Hi Vicky,

      Great point of view. Long tailed keywords are the way to go for anyone who is looking gain top quality traffic.

      By targeting specific things that people are searching for on a daily basis in Google or other search engines is critical to making money online. Then understanding the competition of your targeted user searches (long-tailed keyword phrases), you can get your posts in front of your audience.

      This takes out several of the initial steps in the customers purchasing cycle and allows a website owner a way to get in front of their customer at the last stages in the buying process before they make a purchase.

      Using this system you can learn how to learn how to make money online in whatever niche you want to work in.

      Thanks again Vicky and thanks for your feedback and advice.

  47. It’s amazing how many people are looking to learn how to make money online. But all’s you see is scam after scam after crappy training programs.

    I really liked reading your post because you actually give in depth knowledge of how to use keyword phrases to attract clients to a website. I also think that this is one of the first “make money online” posts that doesn’t sound like a bunch of over glorified hype.

    I checked out your reviews on the Wealthy Affiliate training and the Jaaxy keyword tool you mention here and I’ve found nothing but positive reviews about the two products so I’ve decided to sign up to both free memberships and check them out.

    Do you have any advice for me getting started with either one of the programs?


    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your kind feedback on my post and reviews. I just try to pain the picture accurately. I know what it’s like to look into online “make money” programs and it can be confusing and time consuming.

      To be as straight to the point as I can be I think you’ve found the two best programs to get started with and you don’t need anything more to get started creating your own online businesses.

      My advice to you would be to jump in with a positive energy and be ready to learn. I didn’t mess around too long after I was exposed to both training programs and I went for both memberships because I saw an extremely high value for the price. After that I took one class at a time and completed all the steps before I moved on to a new lesson (this is with the Wealthy Affiliate training program).

      With Jaaxy, I learned the basics of how to find keyword phrases that related to my nice site and then applied what I learned from WA to learn how white hat SEO and naturally rank my content.

      That’s it. Take it one day at a time, be open to learn and be determined to make it and you will. It’s the best and least expensive educational program that I’ve found.

      Hope this helps Steve, let me know if you have any other questions and see ya at WA.

  48. I have always been skeptical about online opportunities that claim to teach you how to learn how to make money online. But you know what, I decided to go for it with your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation.

    I started with Wealthy affiliate’s training program and it’s the real deal! I’ve already got the foundation to my website set up and am learning more than I have in years of online programs and eBooks.

    Thanks Todd for you helpful posts and recommendations.

    1. Your welcome Gino, you won’t go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate. They’ll train you everything you need to know and give you step by step instructions to help you get started at creating your own online business.

      But it’s up to you to put in the work and take action on what they teach you if your going to make your online business successful.

      Wishing you all the success in the world.

  49. Hey Todd, its nice to happen to stumble upon your blog this evening and trust me reading your blog wasn’t a bad idea after all. Very detailed post!

    Well, I was researching the best and low in competition keyword I could rank on for my make money blog. The research I have done thus far showed that most of the popular keywords are not only high in competition but are keywords, I might be unable to rank for some of them in 2 years time. And your blog post further confirms that.

    Thinking futuristic, I thought to purse for a while and ask you what you possible term/keyword you will try to rank for if it were you trying to create such a blog in the “make money online” niche.

    And speaking of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve heard about them and as a matter of fact I joined only that I couldn’t respond to their mails due to a long absence from the online scene. I was wondering if I can still meet up with their offer, I mean that account or should I just create another account from scratch?

    I should hope to hear your answer for these two questions, they’ve almost made me lose my mind.

    BTW, this blog post, how to learn how to make money online is epic! Keep them coming Todd! 🙂


    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks so kindly for your feedback on my site and posts. This phrase that I used in this post is a perfect phrase for the make money online niche and here’s why. The phrase, How To Learn How To Make Money Online is searched a good amount of times and is low in competition. I just checked it today, August 15th, 2015 using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (BTW: this is what you need to research low competition keyword phrases). Read this post…HOW TO FIND THE BEST KEYWORDS FOR MY WEBSITE – ALPHABET SOUP & JAAXY, and found that currently it has..

      7364 monthly searches, 1252 hits to your website if you are ranked on the first page of Google/Yahoo/Bing and only 30 Competing Websites that are targeting this phrase how to learn how to make money online.

      It’s a long tailed keyword phrase so it’s really targeting people who are really looking into this topic. This is what you want to use and what your looking for. In the post linked above I’ve got a detailed video and post that explains how I find these types of long tailed keyword phrases.

      Also, check out this post… HOW TO GET TRAFFIC FOR YOUR WEBSITE – PIECE A CAKE to learn how to place your keyword phrase and really get a lot of traffic to your site.

      Hope this all helps and sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve been out visiting family after being abroad traveling for the last 15 months.

      Take care and let me know if you have any other questions. OH, on your Wealthy Affiliate membership, just click this link and start a new profile, start fresh with them and get going on the training. Also, don’t forget to catch Jay’s weekly Webinars, they’re loaded with great tips to increase your online earnings.


  50. Hi Todd,
    This is a really great post on learning how to make money online. I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate for over a month now and I am more than impressed by the quality of the content. The most useful part about it is the community; as you say, it’s hard work getting set up online and you need all the help that you can get.

    At Wealthy Affiliate you can speak to hundreds of people who are highly successful online and you don’t need to worry about any scams.

    Back to your article, I’m always amazed by the small amount of competing websites for particular keywords. I think you highlight that’s really well here and show how by using the right techniques, all of which are available to you at Wealthy Affiliate, you really can make a successful business online.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for your feedback. My point is to show people that by using the right keywords found using an awesome keyword tool like Jaaxy, you can really break into any niche, even one as challenging as the make money online niche. But yes, with any niche, the right tools and training, anyone can learn how to make money online.

      It just takes education, training, and applying what you learn to your online business as well as finding a niche your are passionate about.


  51. WOW! The keyword phrase “how to learn how to make money online” has only 21 competing websites! Yet there are over 8000 searches per month!

    This hit me like a sledgehammer!

    Just this example alone proves the enormous opportunity that exists to make a decent living working online.

    This really is an excellent article Todd… explaining the process of how to earn money online and using tools such as Jaaxy to get high rankings on google.

    But once again what is really stuck in my mind is the enormous opportunity to build a highly successful online business.

    You just need the right guidance to do it the right way!
    Great article!

    1. Hi John,

      Hey thanks for the feedback on my post. I know what you mean, when I found the phrase, “how to learn how to make money online”, I was like you’re kidding me, how could so many people be searching that term with only 20 some competing websites. Like a golden nugget. However using that phrase is a bit of a challenge and if you’ve read any of my posts about writing content, you don’t want to do what we call keyword stuffing, this will actually take away from the readers experience and can hurt your rankings.

      But I did want to point out that there are a ton of great keywords that can be used to get a good amount of traffic to one’s website. The other important aspect that I hope my readers will notice is about the Amazon article. That article now gets over 2600 hits per month and ranks for a variety of keywords. The original keyword phrase that I was targeting only had like 25 monthly hits to it, but since the article is interesting and kind of a shocker, it has appealed to a lot of Amazon shoppers and has gotten ranked for hundreds of words associated with Amazon.

      Thanks for your feedback John, and you are absolutely correct in stating the enormous online opportunity once you find the right education.

  52. Hi Todd,

    I absolutely love your blog and have found so much great information on how you do keyword research using Jaaxy. I also love the example you give in this post about the search volume and competition of “how to learn how to make money online”. Finding keyword phrases that are low in competition with a fairly decent amount of searches has really helped my blog as well.

    I know your #1 recommended program Wealthy Affiliate and have thought about joining them, but I wondered if they do extensive training’s on how to make money off of YouTube, or at least to get videos ranked.

    Thanks for all your awesome posts and reviews Todd.

    1. Hi Larry,

      Thanks for your kind feedback on my site, that really is awesome of you. To answer your question, Wealthy Affiliate does extensive training on how to create videos, screen-casts, podcasts and yes, how to rank your videos on YouTube.

      You should definitely join WA’s free starter membership to check them out, but if you want to go through all the training weekly webinars, you’ll need to go for their Premium Membership, but it’s not too pricey at a dollar per day. And if you want support for when you have internet marketing questions, you’ll get all the support you need.

      Thanks again for your feedback and take care 😉

  53. Hi Todd,
    Awesome post and explanation on how to use keywords to learn how to make money online by getting better Google rankings. I have been using Jaaxy ever since I read your review and it’s really helped me target keyword phrases that my niche blog audience is searching and hence forth has improved my traffic and sales to my blog.

    I always enjoy your educational posts and this one does a great job explaining why keyword research is so important.


    1. Hi Carmelo,

      Sorry I’m a bit late to reply to your comment. Thanks for your feedback on this post. Using keyword phrases that target keywords that reach your niche audience is critical if you want to know how to learn how to make money online – plain and simple. Those that blog blindly, as I like to call it, are wasting a good amount of time by not spending a little time and doing some keyword research. The actual process to learn how to do it takes a half an hour, but the researching of keyword phrases can save you precious time and money by being able to rank quickly.

      Good to hear from you Carmelo and thanks for the positive feedback on my site.

  54. Great article todd, low hanging fruit is a key factor to help get your articles on the first page of google.

    It’s amazing that you get that much searches on one particular keyword. You just proven that people can actually make a great living from home.

    I think these scams out there make it so difficult for people to reach their goals.

    Obviously if people find the correct service such as Wealthy affiliate, they can start their journey.

    Any business you build will take time and work, but the POSSIBILITIES are endless with the online world. Thanks for sharing your wonderful article.

    1. Your welcome Evelyn and thanks for your feedback on how to learn how to make money online. The amount of scams out there, in the online world, is pathetic. It actually really turns me off. But people who want to create real online wealth have the opportunity with a training center like Wealthy Affiliate. Heck, one of my site actually earns enough to pay a mortgage.

      You can choose to follow scams that promise BS or you can work for your own dreams. The choice is yours. I’m glad I found WA to learn how to make it in the online world.

      Have a great day Evelyn and thanks for your feedback on WA.

  55. Hey Todd,

    Really liked this post, it makes total sense on how you can choose the right and wrong keywords to make your site get traffic or not. I’m experiencing some issues with getting traffic and I think I’ll try out your recommended Jaaxy keyword research tool. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great posts you put out.


    1. Hi Chris,

      Thank you so much for your kind remarks. You won’t be disappointed with Jaaxy, it’s made all the difference in my online business as well.

      Happy Friday and don’t work too hard,

  56. Hi Todd,

    How to learn how to make money online – what a cool concept. I have used both Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy and they are great tools to assist website developers and internet marketers learn how to make money online!

    They work really well to help develop traffic to one’s website and are of great value for what they offer. I’ve been using both services for sometime now and I’m really pleased with the results that I have gotten from them.


    1. Hi Julian,

      Thanks for your feedback and that’s great to hear that you’ve had success using Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy. I too have used these tools to get 50% of my posts on page one in Google and another 25% of my posts on page 2, so I don’t doubt that they work effectively.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback here and wish you the best of luck in your online endeavors.


  57. Great Article Todd. There is some really interesting stuff on here. Just a question you search the authority of the other websites trying to rank for your keyword? even though there may not be a lot of competition do you not find that if a other site has a high authority then it is harder to rank against them?..cheers Pete.

    1. Hi Pete,

      I sometimes will look at top ranking sites that are using the same low competition keywords that I want to use.

      But in general, I’m trying to put myself in the mind of my niche audience. What are they looking for, what do they need to know more about.

      This post, How To Learn How To Make Money Online, is specifically targeting people who want to really know how the Make Money Online process works. So I wanted to show them how using keyword competition can benefit their search engine rankings which will result in..

      1. More traffic to their website (you can learn how to build more traffic to your site right here in this post).
      2. More affiliate or direct sales commissions from their website.

      Then I simply want to write with the intention of helping my niche audience. If I can accomplish that, then I’ve done my job and Google will recognize this through the quality of my content and the interaction within my website via comments and social shares.

      Thanks for your comment and question and I wish you a great day Pete.


  58. Hi Todd,

    I’ve been looking to learn how to make money online for years it seems. I’ve gone from program to program but never felt certain about the training or systems I’ve seen. How is Wealthy Affiliate different.

    It’s truly a goal of mine to learn how to make money online and now is a perfect time for me to put in the time and training. My question is if the Wealthy Affiliate training program is really that good.


    1. Hey Sam,

      There are thousands of people who want to know how to learn how to make money online and thank goodness Wealthy Affiliate exists.

      I know there are so many scams and incomplete training programs out there and that’s why I know that you will love Wealthy Affiliate once you get started with their program.

      They teach two distinct courses that teach you how to build a website that brings in traffic to physical or affiliate products that you sell in order to make money online. Plus the teach only good “white hat” SEO strategies to accomplish this.

      I went from knowing nothing about online business to creating a successful online business within a year. There’s not any other educational program that I know that allow you to learn, create and earn all at the same time. College certainly doesn’t do this.

      Check out my review of the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center to get a better idea of all that they provide online entrepreneurs like yourself and don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions.


  59. Hello Todd,

    Just popping in for a min and read your latest post on how to learn how to make money online.

    With Wealthy Affiliate if you look at it like you mentioned going out for dinner or to the movies, you spend more than that on a signal evening and with Wealthy Affiliate it’s a monthly cost but so is your education, and we need to remember what wealthy affiliate is all about and that is educating people to become successful with their own business online.

    Jaaxy is just icing on the cake for keyword research to help you get your content to rank in order to get traffic to your online business.

    Thanks for taking the time writing out your post, very informative loved it… Cheer’s

    1. Hi Jenn,

      Thanks for stopping buy and leaving a message, it’s always nice to hear from you and get your professional take on my posts.

      I find that there are millions of people who want to know how to learn how to make money online, but few really want to know the truth.

      People get mixed up in MLM Scams, Pyramid Schemes, Social Site Launches, and even Binary Trading. All of this stuff is essentially crap, it wastes peoples times and clouds peoples opinions of what it really is like to make money online.

      Look at any successful website; whether it’s importing products and selling them on your site, or selling affiliate products or education services, it all comes down to providing a service for a specific niche.

      I know a good amount of successful online entrepreneurs and every single one of them solves a problem for a specific niche. The wonderful thing about the internet market place is that there are literally an infinite amount of niches to sell to an online market that grows by the thousands daily.

      Thanks for your feedback on Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy, they’re easily the two best tools to help online entrepreneurs get started building successful online businesses.

      Have a great week and come back and check us out anytime 😉

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