How to Make a Profitable Website? Your Guide to a Profitable Site

How to make a profitable website you ask, great question.

There’s a lot of different approaches out there, and you don’t want to wast you time.

I get it.

I’ll share with you a tried and true system that’s worked for me and 1,000’s of others just like you and me.

In today’s article I’ll do my best to answer this question correctly from the start.

Thankfully, modern tools have made it super easy for anyone to build a website that brings in the daily cash!

Keep reading to see how easy it is to make this a profitable website a reality.

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How to Make a Profitable Website?

The first step to create a successful website is the preparation phase. You shouldn’t rush right into creating a website unless you have a plan for that site.

  1. Do you know how the website will make cash?
  2. How will you get traffic to your site?
  3. Is there a lot of competition within your desired niche?

You need to find the answers to these questions before you create a website.

This will give you the direction you need as you build out the site, define your niche, and monetize your website.

Creating a post on your website is easy but creating a site that will be a success is the challenge. Luckily I’ve got a greatest resource to help you accomplish this.

Bottom Line: Increase your chances of success by researching before you build. 

With that in mind, if you don’t have a niche idea or need help figuring out your niche, you can read this post on how to find a niche.

If you already have an idea for a online business and you want to dive right into the website creation tips, let’s begin.

How to Build a Traffic Producing Website?

Most people have no clue what tools to use to build their websites.

With this tool mentioned in this section you’ll be able to have a crisp website up in a matter of 30 seconds. Don’t believe me. Check out the video below.

#1 Tool Needed: Site Rubix from Wealthy Affiliate!

We did an in-depth review on this service, check out Site Rubix Website Builder hereSite Rubix is by far my favorite website builder because you don’t have to do anything besides fill in the content.

It’s a WordPress platform so you have all the resources to add in functional plugins, online payment systems, and all sorts of stuff.

Site Rubix is also amazing because it comes with several features to guide you as you build out your website. This is something I’ve never seen with other website builders and is a huge plus.

Features that give you insight as to how your site is performing and where you need to improve upon it. There are a list of themes for you to choose from and you just have to fill your website and domain name.

A screenshot from Site Rubix showing how easy it is to make a website

Doesn’t look very complicated, does it?

That’s it. 

Of course, it doesn’t end there. You still have to add content and regularly write posts and market them online for traffic.

But you can create a really cool website in just a few minutes.

Site Rubix offers a free trial membership that’s excellent for people who want to test out the service.

But if you’re serious, it’s best to own an official “.com” domain name. 

Domain Name Tip: You want to do a bit of keyword research when picking a domain name and also think of brand-ability. If your choice is between a brand-able name and a keyword phrase, go with the more brand-able name.

Next, login with the password and username that was assigned to you and start working on your first few website pages!

What Pages Do You Publish First?

This is another common question, and there’s no definite answer.

But your website should have a minimum of three pages: Contact, About, and Privacy Policy.

These are the three standard pages that your website needs to have to look legitimate. The About page is an opportunity for you to explain who you are and the purpose of your website.

There’s no need to be anonymous; make it clear who you are and don’t hold back.

Share your story!

The remaining pages are rather self-explanatory, in the contact page don’t forget to include contact details. An email address will do to start out.

The Life Force To Any Profitable Website?

Traffic is like your audience. Every website needs traffic to read you website’s posts and pages.

Once you’ve got traffic, you’ve got an opportunity for someone to buy stuff from your site.

How do you build your audience?

How do you find people who are interested in your articles?

The method I recommend, is a steady method that leads to massive amounts of free traffic and long-term online success.

It’s based on targeting keyword phrases that your niche audience is already googling online.

You can get our free eBook to learn more about this works. This includes…

  1. How to pick keywords.
  2. Place keywords.
  3. Post SEO stuff for quick rankings.

In other words, how to connect with your niche audience, the people that wanna buy your stuff. It’s a quick read, you should check it out.

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This is based on writing keyword targeted articles on a regular basis and publishing them.

Once you have your website, the next step is filling it with content, otherwise no-one will be able to find your website.

With a brand new website it’s a little difficult to rank for keywords because Google hasn’t even indexed your website yet.

But with time your ranks will increase…assuming that you consistently write quality articles! 

Create Profitable Websites with Keywords:

Traffic is too broad of a topic to cover in this article (read our free eBook), and there are many different sources, but I think most of your traffic should come from search engines like Google.

In other words, write articles, and don’t stop writing them! 

Not sure how to write articles for your website? I explain how to write perfect articles in this article

How to Structure Your Website’s Posts & Pages:

In general, you want to think of the structure of any web-page to be organized so that your reader will follow your content ideas with ease.

You’ll have your header titles that break up your ideas into little paragraphs. Like I have in this post.

Ideally you want each paragraph to flow into the next paragraph like bullet points to your topic.

Always write in short paragraphs, use photos and graphics to illustrate points you are trying to make, and express yourself clearly.

Don’t be too stressed about it, think of it like a conversation. Imagine it if it helps, I used to use this method when I first started. It works great.

I have a detailed post on how to write and structure your content right here. Check it out before you start your first webpage or post.

What Can You Do Right Now?

Now you’re probably wondering where to go from here.

Well, chances are that you’re new to online business, and even if you have created websites, you can benefit drastically with proper internet marketing education.

A website will only be useful if you know how to make money from it and get traffic.

Wouldn’t it be cool to learn how to create a successful website from scratch? In a year from now you could be making a nice monthly income.

You get full support along with video courses on how to get traffic, seo, social media, email marketing, video marketing, etc..

The whole package.

Learn how it all works. You can do it.

Join for free, there’s a Free Starter Membership. You can stay a free member, or advance and pay next to nothing.

I run this entire site for around $3 dollar/day and this site makes full time income. How cool is that?

Hope to see you there! Oh, my #1 Ranked Online Business Training Program has an amazingly supportive community. You can get help whenever you need it.

Read About My Top Recommended Program Right Here!

To conclude, you can learn how to make a profitable website, regardless of your skill level.

You just need to understand how it’s done, put in the effort and make it happen. That’s that hard part. So the question is, do you have what it takes to make it online?

Got any feedback on our post or how to make a profitable website, we’re all ears. Leave a comment below.

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