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Once upon a time I found myself wondering how to make easy money online, and since then I have learned quite a lot about working online, not to mention creating a website that brings in a solid high-four figures every month. 

Working online is not nearly as complicated as people want you to believe. The Gurus and other experts want to make it seem like making money online requires multiple rocket-science degrees.

But that's not the case, and I'll prove it you to in this article. 

The Takeaway: 

Impatient? That's okay. Here's a quick overview of the main takeaways from this post. I recommend reading the entire post, but if you don't have time, then these bullet points will cover the main topics discussed here. 

  • Working online isn't for everyone.
  • Choose your business model.
  • If you need cash now, try selling a second-hand product, offering a service, completing surveys or tasks, or flipping websites.  
  • For passive income (invest in your future) consider creating niche affiliate websites to rank organically in Google.
  • Learn to be patient. It takes time to build something of value that produces consistent cash online 24/7. 
  • Best way to start: Join a community, follow proper training courses, take action, and stick to a schedule.

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How to Make Easy Money Online: 

Before we dive into the details, there are a few things that you need to know. For starters, as we mentioned earlier, anyone can make money online. I know that sounds cliche, but it's the truth. So why isn't everyone working online? There are a few reasons for that.

For one, working online is not for everyone. Granted, it does offer some incredible benefits, when you see success, but some people prefer to work traditional jobs. There's nothing wrong with that. Everyone is different.

A man browsing the internet on a MacBook

But if you're the type of person who values freedom above all else, and who despises clocking into an office with every fiber of your being - this might be the right path for you

Check out this post to see the Top 5 Benefits to Working Online.

Either way, work is involved. I know you probably want me to say working online is crazy easy and all you have to do is click a button to see success. But I'll be straight with you: it is work, and it will be a challenge. You have to decide if the benefits are worth the struggle. 

Still with me? Great. Let's move on to the meat of this post, how to really make easy money online.

Choose Your Model: 

If you're a regular reader, chances are you're already familiar with our three recommended business models

But there are a couple other models that can produce extremely fast results too, and we'll cover them in the next section. The point is you need to choose a model that is right for you. Though anyone can make money online, they won't be able to make a cent if they don't follow a proper system. 

Let me break down the various income opportunities for you, to make it easier for you to make a decision. 

For Fast Results: Cash TODAY

For fast results to make easy money online, there are a few options you can pursue. The one I like the most is offer a service online. It only takes a few moments to put together a service you can offer a client, and it could be practically any service. 

On the other hand, the absolute fastest way to make money is to sell old and unused products in person via Facebook groups, Craigslist, or eBay. If you're desperate for cash and you have some stuff lying around, that's what you need to do. 

Need help with these platforms? Here's some handy references.  

1. Sell a Service (Free)

For example, take a look at Fiverr and all the crazy things people are willing to do for some cash on there.

An example list of services people sell on Fiverr to make easy money online

But hey, at least they're making sales! 

Chances are you want to offer a more professional service that doesn't involve sending spiritual energy to someone. Nevertheless, you can still use Fiverr as inspiration to find some services to offer. 

(Not sure what is Fiverr? Read this post

If you don't have any particular online skills, then you can always become a freelance writer. Chances are you have written essays in school, and if you can do that, then you can get paid to write online. It's one of the most common services. There are a lot of places you can look for freelance writing work online. 

One of the easier would be forums or other service marketplaces like Up Work, Fiverr, People Per Hour, or even content farms like iWriter

There are a host of other services you can offer too, such as:

  •  Website design
  • Social media management
  • Online marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Video editing
  • Photoshop
  • Graphics design
  • Sales optimizations
  • Funnel-creator 
  • Ad-manager
  • Editor/Proofreader
  • Sales page writer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Etc. 

To name a few.

I'll leave it to you and your creativity to come up with a unique package to offer clients, think outside the box, and remember to always deliver value. PayPal makes it easy to receive cash anywhere in the world, so collecting earnings is not a problem. 

But if that doesn't catch your interest, there are still many other things that you can try to make easy money online. One other method is by flipping products for a profit, and there are a couple of ways to do this. 

2. Buy Low, Sell High (Small Investment)

Surprisingly, a lot of successful entrepreneurs got started with this method. It's not very elegant, but it can lead to some nice profits. Here's one way to do it. 

Scavenge your local Craigslist ads and thrift shops for deals, then post the same items online for a profit. Very simple. Though this method is not as successful as it was in the days of eBay, it can still lead to some fast cash here and there. 

If you prefer to not to move, you can do the same online, but with websites. Go Daddy has an entire marketplace for domain names and full websites. Sometimes all you have to do is buy a domain name for a regular price and then post it in the marketplace on an auction. 

Check out this post if you need help selecting a good domain name for your niche. 

3. Re-Sell Websites (Requires Cash)

One domain name I bought for a side project I'm working on cost me $12.99 and Go Daddy estimated the value at $1,200.

A list of domain names and websites for sale, Another way to make easy money online

Examples of sites being sold right now. 

Though it probably won't sell for that exact amount, there's a good chance it can be sold for at least a few hundred dollars. But I don't plan to sell it at the moment (its mine!). There is potential to make good money in the buying and selling websites.

Another method would be to buy full websites, improve them a bit, and then sell them again for a profit. Plenty of marketers make money like this. Sometimes it's just a matter of adding a few new articles to the site to improve it's perceived value. 

Learn more in this topic in this article... Flipping Websites for a Profit.

4. Complete Surveys & Small Tasks (Free)

There are a host of platforms that pay people to complete small tasks or take surveys. Most of the time, the pay rate is incredibly low, nevertheless, it can be a way to put a few dollars in your pocket. 

My personal favorite is Survey Junkie (click to read our review). 

Getting back on subject, the fast ways to make money online are great a quick buck here and there, but it's not usually sustainable.

You'll always have to actively be working to earn. In other words, if you sit back and relax, then you won't make a cent. You have to be active. Do the work, and then get paid the next day. 

It's like a regular job, but online.

But is there a way to make easy money online without being hands on? Is it possible to earn income while you sleep, as the gurus like to say? The answer is resounding - yes!

Passive Income: Trickle In Cash

Most marketers will cover their website with promises of a flood-gate of passive income with a press of a single button, to convince you to buy their course.

We have all seen the multi-level marketing opportunities that promise all that, and then some. It never works. 

Wait a Minute!

Promoting a MLM Company is NOT a good idea.

As I mentioned earlier, a certain level of work is required to reach your income goals. The difference between this method and our fast cash section is with this method you do the work and are paid later, over a period of time. 

Think of it like this:

You're an investor looking to increase your portfolio. The smart-investment goal is to diversify stocks in multiple stable companies to receive small and compounding dividends over time. Online business works like that too. 

Here's some tips I've learned over the last 5 years working online successfully. 

Learn to Be Patient:

Trust the process. Your time is coming. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves - Tony Gaskins, motivational speaker

The problem with this method is you need to be patient, and not many people are capable of that. We live in the age of instant gratification - we need things, and we need them today. 

As any psychologist will tell you, instant gratification is not a healthy habit because you choose to discard long-term results for instant pleasure. This principle carries over to practically every area of your health as well. 

The reason we're talking about instant gratification is because, in the online business world, it often takes months - even years - for a website to show results. This is where most people throw in the towel and declare all online business is a scam or waste of time.

It's not, trust me, I know where you're at... It sucks to start something online and not know the outcome of your efforts. 

Why Can't You Have Results Now? 

In some cases, you can see fast results from your website. But only if you either have an incredible marketing team or you spend money on ads. Not many people have the budget for either of those options. 

There are a number of reasons it takes time to see results, the main one being Google needs time to decide if your website is worth ranking on their search engine.

If you have the right training, you can target most any niche and see results faster. I've gotten small websites to rank right away. In many cases page one in Google with a small amount of content on a new website in less than a week. Depends on the niche of course.

The good news is once your website does gain traction on Google, it doesn't stop, and the money will continue to come in, compounding every month - and that is the goal. 

Get a few successful sites under in your portfolio, and you then you can sit back and, well, do whatever you want because you won't be a slave to the job market anymore. 

How can you make passive income websites? 

Real Examples: 

So what are some real-life examples of successful passive-income websites? Let's run through a few models that, after the initial work, require very little maintenance to bring in cash over time. 

1. Affiliate Niche Websites

A niche is like a small category or industry, a topic that people are interested in. Creating niche websites and then using them to advertise affiliate offers is one of the most popular ways to make money online. These websites can be about practically any topic, as long as there is an interest and products being sold. 

Niche websites are fun to make because you can write about hobbies or topics you enjoy while possibly making money from it too. There are plenty of success stories from people who made a fleet of niche websites that bring in a steady stream of cash every month, with little to now maintenance required. 

10 Niche Website Examples: 

Here are 10 examples of different niche ideas that have been developed in passive income websites. You'll notice that all the websites focus on individual reviews, best of lists, and how to articles.

To get a look at the websites and their individual traffic and earnings reports, take a look at this in-depth study here: 10 Examples of Successful Niche Websites. Here's the niches and websites the study covered. 

  1. Pillow Niche:
  2. Guitar Niche:
  3. Outdoor Niche:
  4. Food Dehydrators:
  5. Weed Niche:
  6. Gaming Niche:
  7. Fish Tank Niche:
  8. Lawn Care:
  9. Water Bottles:
  10. Water Faucets:

Ways to make money from niche websites: 

  1. Amazon Associates (Amazon's Affiliate Program) 
  2. Ads
  3. Information Products (eBooks, video tutorials, etc)
  4. Consultation service 
  5. Email Marketing

Additional Reading Material: 

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What Can You Do Today?

Granted, that all sounds fine and dandy, but what are some steps that you can take today to take you further to that result?

Let's run through them. 

1. Join a Community

Working online is still somewhat of a new concept, and there's a good chance you won't find people who share your goals in your day-to-day life.

Obviously, the people close to you will support your ideas because they want to see you succeed, but they don't really know what it is you're trying to accomplish, or what it is you even do online.

That's why it is so important to join a community of people who do share the same values and goals that you're working towards. People that are struggling with the same problems you face and can relate to you, while offering advice and feedback.

Honestly, making that first step of joining a community is probably the most important step you can take. When you're a part of a community that shares the same goals, the influence you have on each-other is impossible to beat. 

Where can you find an awesome community? 

It so happens that my number one recommended training center (read our review) places an incredible importance on community and interaction between members. 

Every training lesson contains a comment section, there's a live public chat, and every member has a personal wall they can share ideas with their friends. It's like the early days of Facebook, but with everyone working towards one goal - creating a successful online business. 

The Best Part: 

It's free to join. No obligations, no risks. Plus comes with 10 Free Classes to help get you started. 

Create your free account here >>

2. Follow the Right Training 

Emphasis on right training because not all training is created equal. One common issue in this industry is people will purchase every product related to becoming successful online, only to discover most of them are outdated or teach terrible advice. 

You have to be aware that the online world is constantly changing and Google continues upgrading their algorithms. What worked in 2005, won't work in 2010, and what worked in 2010 won't work today. 

The wrong training will not only set you back a bunch of cash, but it will also derail your progress and waste your time. Not something we need. 

For that reason, I always recommend sticking to reputable programs, that have plenty of positive reviews about them out there. Do the research and make sure you know what you're getting into.  

That's what I did when looking for my number one recommended product, and it has been a massive help in my online business ventures.

As a matter of fact, this very website probably wouldn't exist if I didn't take the plunge to follow the training material (and it earns a high four-figures every month). 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

3. Do the Work

Every worthwhile training course will walk you through the steps needed to make a website, monetize it, and drive traffic. It won't do the work for you, but it will hold your hand and guide you. 

Too many people skim through the training lessons without applying what they are being taught. It's no surprise most people give up before they see the results. If you want to make the most of the training material then you need to take immediate action.

No one will build a business for you. 

But I'll certainly help you: 

Want to get started? Grab my 10 free training lessons.

4. A Little Every Day, Don't Rush

Chances are you already have a job or at least another active source of income, in which case you might feel you're too busy to start a new project. 

Nevertheless, plenty of people create successful niche websites by working on them an hour or two everyday. It doesn't necessarily need to consume you're entire life, but you do need to invest time into it.  

Some people go over-the-top and spend days and nights, chugging red-bull and coffee, trying to build their niche websites. While that approach can certainly work, I don't see a reason to sacrifice your health to do it. 

Life-work balance is important. Burn out is real, and I have experienced it many times. If you work on your project for so many hours every day, it won't be long before you dread everything about it. 

Work on it a little every day, and take regular breaks. Good things will come. 

Final Tips:

Before we wrap up this post, there are a few things we need to talk about. It is possible to make easy money online, however you do need to follow a well-thought out plan. If you just roam from one idea to the next, the chances of you seeing success are slim. 

Regardless of the path you choose, each will require a certain amount of time to master, to see the results you want. Even if you choose one of the fast cash paths, you'll still need to improve your skills so you can ultimately charge more down the line. 

Nevertheless, the everything is laid out for you in my number one recommend training center. It can't build your business for you, but it can show you exactly how to do it yourself. 

Work on the project a bit everyday, and soon you'll realize you can make easy money online. Thanks for taking the time read this post, and don't forget to check out our number one training center.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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      Thanks for your feedback on our post and you should go with Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been a member for almost 5 years and I can always learn something here or use one of their tools to benefit my online business.

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