How to Make Money with an App: Create Money-Making Apps Today!

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If you’re wondering how to make money with an app, continue reading this article to discover how it’s done.

Over half of the population on the planet owns a smartphone that they use on a regular basis.

The phone app industry is massive and growing at an incredible rate. It will only continue to expand.

Contrary to what you might think, there are easy ways to create phone apps that can see a decent level of success.

Example of a Simple Money Making App:

Simple games and apps can bring in thousands of dollars a month. 

Awhile ago, a simple app was released that went viral across the globe, and it was so simple anyone could have created it.

The app was called Flappy Bird.

A screenshot of Flappy Bird, a popular mobile phone game

The game was so simple yet so addicting it captured the attention of millions of people.

The creator, during an interview, said the app was bringing in over $50,000 every single day! 

That’s one of the many success stories that come from the app industry. Granted, to create an app that reaches such levels of success is not an easy-task.

You’ll likely fail a few times until you find something that works.

You’ll never know until you give it a shot. 

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How to Make Money With An APP:

Like most businesses, there are a few different ways to make money with apps; ad-revenue, in-game sales, downloads, and other methods.

Of the two methods that are the most common; ad-revenue is the most popular choice. 

Much like generating ad-revenue from a website, the money can come from two actions; clicks or impressions.

Most apps will include a little bar somewhere within the interface that displays ads. There are also different models that you can use to displays ads.

For instance, some apps will give the users a choice to watch an ad in exchange for in-game rewards. 

You can also choose to remove ads on your app and sell the app for a set price.

We prefer the free app with ads method.

Decide on a model that you want to use before you start building the app. You’ll also need to decide which platform you want to launch the app on; Apple IOS or Android.

Each platform has different terms and conditions and marketing strategies. 

Create a marketing plan and build hype for the app prior to release. Sending an app to the app store won’t automatically bring in sales.

You have to promote it too. 

Creating an APP:

If you don’t have any software engineering experience, take a deep breath.

It’s okay. 

You can hire someone to write the code for you and design the layout as well.

Though expensive, it’s an investment. 

There are also companies that will create apps for you. In fact, there are plenty of online platforms that make it incredibly easy for you to design apps. The only problem with these platforms is they usually request a cut of your earnings.

The cool thing about apps is once you create one, you can modify the code to make similar apps for different purposes.

For example, if you want to create a city-guide, all you have to do is use the same code to make guides for different cities or areas. Then, include advertisements, and you’ll start to earn cash.

Creating an app is a challenge, but there are many resources out there that can make it easy for you.

You can outsource the whole project if you’ve got the cash and a cool idea. There are lots of tools at your disposal.

Make Money APP Ideas:

Take a look at the app-store on your phone and sort the apps by “Free” and then “Most Popular” and you’ll see some examples of hot apps.

Most of those apps can be replicated. It’s excellent research. The same business rules apply; the app must fill a need or be fun.

What do people need? What service can you provide? 

For example, one idea would be to create an app that lists the bus arrival times within a certain city. In fact, there are already apps like that on the marketplace, but some are in dire need of redesign.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Even if it sounds silly, it can work. 

This website has a list of ideas for businesses, more are added every minute. This is another great way to come up with some ideas.

Take a look. In fact, more often than not, it’s the crazy and silly apps that tend to go viral.

Marketing Your Money Making APP:

Once you create the app it’s time to start bringing in sales. Learning how to make money with an app boils down to marketing!

Sales won’t come in the moment you publish it to the app store. In fact, most apps fail because the owners are unable to market them properly!

Once again, if no one can find your app, it won’t make any cash.

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You’ll have to advertise. 

Market your app on social media, send it to friends, collect as much feedback as possible, and make sure everyone knows your app exists.

I recommend free apps because you can collect a lot of solid feedback. Feedback you can use to improve the app.

You can always change to a paid model later on. 

In my opinion, it’s always best to build hype for an upcoming launch. Create social media profiles for your new upcoming app and release small teasers once in awhile.An image of a bird similar to Twitter's Logo

Most app creators have Twitter accounts. Create a Twitter account and share screenshots.

Follow accounts that are within your target audience.

There are lots of different ways you can advertise an app! 

Just don’t make the same mistake that most app creators make by failing to properly market their idea!

To Make an App Successful, Re-Invest:

Chances are your first app won’t bring in a cent. And that’s okay. You will learn a lot.

You can do it again. 

When you do start to earn money, remember to re-invest. You can scale an app business very easily!

Use your earnings to build even more apps!

Image that links to an online marketing course.

Conclusion on Apps that Make Money:

So now do you know how to make money with an app? Creating an app is a project but one that can lead to some amazing results.

The app industry is growing so fast. 

Don’t wait too long to get involved. You will wish you started sooner.

But if creating an app seems like too much of a challenge at the moment, why not start with a simple niche website?

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article! Got ideas on how to make money with an app?

Leave a comment below.

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  1. Thank you for the significant information about different ways that help to make money from mobile apps. I’ve found some interesting information here.

  2. Thanks for the valuable information Todd! I’ve wanted to build an app for a few years now, and your post has helped me make up my mind. 

    I was wondering which is more difficult to build, an informational app, something like the city guide you referred to, or a game? Which one would you recommend starting with?



    1. Hey Mat,

      That’s something that you need to explore. I’d always look at the risk involved in both processes to see which makes more sense.

      I’m no app expert, but in every business decision you’ve got to look at all the variables to see if it makes sense to proceed.

      You’ll figure it out as you take action and start to discover the process.

  3. What a great site! I completely understand now why there are free versions and paid ad-free versions; So smart to be making money either way! My biggest question would be do you know what the average cost to hire someone to design an app would be? Is there a way to learn to do this on your own?

    1. Hey thanks for the comment Katie. I’m not familiar with the average price to hire an app developer but you can start by taking a look at freelance job boards like Up Work. 

      For more complicated apps, the price will be higher. Yes, there are ways to learn how to make an app on your own! I haven’t tried any so I cant recommend them. But a quick Google search should deliver some accurate results. Thanks. 

  4. Great article, very informative on a subject that I haven’t been able to research before. I like the idea of making your own app, especially if it can be used to enhance your online business or directly create sales from it. 

    Thanks for the informative article and I look forward to more. This got me curious and looking at more ways in which app building could be monetized.

    1. Awesome JP, making a popular app could be huge and make great money. It’s just like anything, you’ve got to take the time to develop the app and make it useful.


  5. Nice article, I had looked into ways I could use an app so I have an online app building site that I looked at. I haven’t done anything with it yet, because it did seem just a bit complicated at the time. 

    My thought however was to create the app as a free give away for anyone that would would come onto my website and give me their email info. What do you think of this idea?

    1. I love that idea Harrison, if it helps your niche audience, it’s a great way to build your brand and reputation. Go for it!

  6. I have heard a lot of horror stories of people having their app ideas hijacked by techs they outsourced to.

    Have you heard of this?

    As they say if you want to get it done do it yourself. It’s a great idea and the opportunities to make money are extreme.

    Very interesting read and ideas. Thanks for this, really well done.

    1. Hey there,

      Thanks for the feedback on our post. I’m sure the horror stories are true with techs taking peoples app ideas and leaving them in the dust.

      The internet is still the wild wild west, there’s no real justice system, so you’ve got to be careful.

      You might want to talk with an attorney and draft a employment contract or something to protect your rights in the idea.

      Great points and thanks for your feedback.

  7. Hey Todd

    It has been a while since the idea about creating an app has been floating around me. But I always thought it is too complicated so didn’t even check what Google is saying about app creation.

    Your post makes everything so simple to understand that after reading your article about making money with app, I feel tempted to try it out.

    I think I will look into this more thorough and take the risk. Thank you for the encouragement!

    1. Hi Arta,

      That’s great. Any online venture takes enthusiasm and creativity. If you’ve got an app idea that you think can make money, go for it.

      There’s always those that will say, nah, too much risk without any certainty, but that’s life, isn’t it.

      There were a many that thought my first online business wouldn’t go far, but they just didn’t understand what it takes and the level of commitment needed.

      And that’s OK, these same people will be in the same position year after year, meanwhile my same online business keeps growing and growing.

      Go for it and make that app happen!


  8. Hello Todd,

    This post is amazing, I was thinking before to make an app on google store but as I don’t have experience & don’t know from where to start so I struggled a lot.

    I found this post very motivational & informative too, but can you provide well-trusted programmers to do this job without asking for a cut of earnings?

    Also, what do you think of making an app linked to a website, I own a photography website is it a good idea to design an app about photography & add hot features in it & link it to the website too so the app will be another source of traffic.

    Appreciate your answer, keep up the good posts.

    Regards, Ehab

    1. Hey Ehab,

      Thanks for your comment and it’s great that you are looking into creating an app! Currently, I’m not in contact with any programmers but you can always post on a freelance marketplace and hire someone.

      In fact, that’s probably the easiest way to create an app when you have no experience and you don’t want to share your earnings.

      But it can cost a lot. The price will depend on the type of app you want to create. I think attaching an app to a website is a good idea and you should definitely go for it. Good luck!

  9. Hi there! So I find this page on creating an app and making money with it quite interesting. Has anyone reading this personally created apps? And if so, how have they worked out for you? I’d like some personal experience feedback! I could definitely get interested in something kinda techy like this

  10. I have always been interested in the idea of making money with my very own app.

    When I read your story about that guy making $50 000 over his one app, that really motivated me to learn more…

    Thanks for the great advice on how to go about making money with an app. I am not a technical person, so I guess that I would have to go the route of hiring a company to build my app.

    As we speak, an idea just popped into my head for an app. As you said, its about giving people what they need.I am already excited.

    Will let you know how it goes…

    Take Care


    1. Awesome Roopesh, keep going with your app idea. If it doesn’t work out, don’t let that deflate your spirits.

      Keep going, sometimes an app idea will lead to success, other times it could lead to other, better ideas.

      Thanks for your feedback,


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