How To Pay For Student Loans Fast? Tips for Success!

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If you’re a student and wondering how to pay for student loans, continue reading this article because I might have a amazing solution for you.

We’ll take a look at some ideas that’ll make it easy for you to repay students loans in the shortest amount of time possible.

We’ll also show you a real-life case study too.

Let’s begin.

How to Pay for Student Loans Fast:

It’s simple and it boils down to 3 variables.

1. Make More Money:

Now that seems obvious, but it’s not just making more money, it’s making it fast and slamming it down on that debt.

The faster you pay back student loans, the less interest you pay.

2. Control Your Spending:

If your spending is more than you current monthly income, you’ve got a problem.

Think in terms of maximizing you disposable income. The more you have, the more you pay down you debt.

Which leads us to point 3.

3. Pay Down Student Loans As Fast as Possible:

With any debt, time is not on your site. The faster you pay off your student loans, the better.

Loans are based on 3 Items: Rate, Term, Loan to Value of total debt.

If you can lower your rate with your debtor, that will help. By paying off your loan as fast as possible, you essentially decrease the term or life of the loan.

The Bottom Line: pay off your debt as fast as you can! You’ll pay less money in total interest and that’s means paying less money for what you borrowed.

If you’re not in a job that’s got a lot of income growth potential, I’ve got an idea for you. Something you can even do on the side! What is it?

An image that links to a course where you can learn how to make money to pay for student loans.

Create Your Own Online Business:

People like to throw the term “online business” around, but few people actually know what it means.

The truth is that there are a lot of different types of online businesses, and not every business is suitable for every person.

The goal is to find an online business model that suits your particular tastes and desires.

For instance, if you enjoy  writing articles, creating a niche specific blog and target keywords for Google traffic is one route you can take.

That’s actually one of the most popular online business models, and blogs can bring in a lot of cash (assuming that you treat your blog as a business).

There’s another model that’s relatively easy to pursue and worth the effort.

Create a Niche Website with Affiliate Marketing:

It’s easy to create a review-based website and include affiliate links to the products that you review.

Read this article to learn more about creating affiliate/niche websites! 

This is a really common type of website, and it can be created for literally any niche that has products.

The concept is simple, find one product that has a good affiliate program and works as promised, and then write reviews of similar but inferior products.

Then point people towards your favorite one, collecting a commission whenever someone buys the product.

That’s how to pay for student loans fast! Make extra money and pay off your debt – Plain & Simple.

Struggling Student Example:

Colton, decided to dive head-first into online business to pay off his student debt.

He was a struggling student, crippled with student debt and loans, working full-time at a gas station just to earn enough for basic necessities.

He took up online business classes on the side and built an Amazon Review based niche website.

6 months later he was making a lot of extra money. On month 10, over 3K, and on month 11, he earned $4,338 using this business model!

Colton created multiple review websites for products on Amazon! That’s IT..

You can copy this idea and apply it to any product with an affiliate program, or you can even use the model to promote your own product.

Here’s Another Great Example:

An image of a Wealthy Affiliate student who learned how to pay for student loans using income he made online.

What’s Their Secret:

Turns out, it’s actually not that complicated, it just requires commitment, hard work, and a little time.

And what’s really cool, is that anyone can do it.

He put in the time, found the keywords, wrote the articles, included the affiliate links, and before long the website was in the first page of Google results for certain keywords.

There’s an extremely wide selection or products, that means it’s easy to narrow down some hot products.

Even something as simple as a coffee maker might bring in good commissions if you make a bunch of sales every day!

[thrive_link color=’red’ link=’’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Wondering How to Sell on Amazon or eBay? Read this![/thrive_link]

But most Amazon affiliates prefer to promote high-ticket products, meaning expensive products, like machinery; treadmills, washing machines, Jacuzzi, and what not.

These products cost thousands of dollars, so the commissions are quite attractive, even if you only make one or two sales a month, that’s good.

There are Plenty of Opportunities Online!

It’s all a matter of finding one niche concept, sticking to it, taking action, and putting in the work.

There’s no way around it.

If you want to be the owner of an online business, a.ka. – a business that brings in cash whether you’re sleeping or traveling, then you need to put in the initial work.

Instead of juggling multiple ideas in your head, focus on just one idea, and get it done.

I recommend the business model we talked about in this article, it’s easy, not that complicated, and all you need to do is write content and do research.

An ad-banner for Wealthy Affiliate that reads: Stop struggling to make money online, click here.

The Exact Training Colton Used to Create His Business:

He thought to himself, “How to pay for student loans?” and he started working!

Colton probably earns more than $10,000 a month, and I bet he has his fingers in multiple investment opportunities, once you start to earn a steady income online, the opportunities open up to you, and expanding your business is super easy!

Would you like to know exactly how Colton learned to create his online business? 

He’s just one of the many success stories that this training course created, and you could be the next success story too, there’s really nothing holding you back.

Still wondering how to pay student loans?

Become a member of my favorite online business training course, follow the training material, and get started.

It’s all so easy, there’s even a website builder that you can use, so you can get a website up and running in just a few clicks!

There’s nothing to lose! Join now for free and start paying back your student loans! How to pay for student loans?

Do what Colton, Jerry and myself did and build an online business that will pay you for years to come.

Wanna See More Online Affiliate Marketing Success Stories?

An image linked to an Affiliate Marketing Success Stories post.

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Great article! Student loans are a major problem for college grads, like you said and they tend to take a long time to pay off. Therefore I do agree that starting an online business would be a big help to those college grads out there in the world.
    I will definitely be spreading the word around about your site because it is very beneficial not just for college students, but for everyone in general!

  2. I never thought of becoming an affiliate marketer to pay off student loans. It’s pretty sad these days, that college grads can have such a hard time finding work once they are finished and ready for the workforce. I was actually lucky. When I graduated from college, the state had a program where if you stayed in the state (Alaska) and worked in the state for at least 2 years, they would forgive your student loan. It was great!

    1. Wow, what a deal. That’s a way for Alaska to retain some of their residents. Thanks for sharing and now anyone who’s looking for a free college education, just go to Alaska for a while.

      For those that are ready for earning while you learn, affiliate marketing is a pretty great option.



  3. I came to this site over and over again and I like the new content I’ve read every time I get into it. You’re right, an online business can be the answer of many things or even of all things in this life because you can do all you want with a great income from home, it is a dream that all can become a reallity. Great article, learning how to pay for student loans with a cost effective, prooven training program with support and help when you need it. Cheers

    1. Thanks Alfred, sounds like you have first hand experience with making money online. I like the fact that you can work on an online business at your own pace. For those that are riddled with student debt, this can be a great opportunity to create a new life and career.

      Colton’s story is great because here’s a real college student that racked up a bunch of college debt, then took the awesome training that Wealthy Affiliate provides for less than $50/mo and paid off his student debt and now has a successful online business.

      A dream come true, you can do it too Alfred, just stick to the training and keep at it.



  4. Hey Todd, what a great article. I am not a student so I have no student loan debt. However, I do have debt that I need to get wiped out. Credit cards seem gets you in a lot of trouble, lol. Although I was using them initially to start up an online business. I started with legal zoom and became a legal entity first.

    Then I started trying to buy and sell EBooks and software with complete resell rights. I also sold on ebay, Craigslist, went to flea markets, had yard sales.

    I did affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates. Did various affiliate programs through ClickBank. Did MLM’s, And got caught up in online marketing scams. Nothing got better, but continually got worse.

    That is until I found the Wealthy Affiliate University.

    Now instead of trying various things, I am focused on one thing at a time. And I am on my way to paying back all of my debt and to achieving my dream of financial independence.

    And I am doing all of it merely by writing blog posts each and every day. Sometimes every other day. But I am well on my way to having the life that I have always dreamed of.

    Thanks for the great post and I wish you all the best.


  5. Hey Todd! This is a great article about ways that students can pay for their tuition. Thanks for the information.
    I think its important that people realize that when starting a blog, often it will take many months to see real success.
    Its not an overnight plan! Great info and you have a beautiful website. Cheers

    1. Awesome Tim, thanks for your feedback on my site as well as our post. There’s a lot of students who find themselves in student loan debt overload and hopefully this will inspire a few students to improve their lives financially.

      Cole’s got a great story and it’s amazing how he generated an online business that produced so well so quickly, I wrote a post on the length of time it takes to make an online business, check it out and see what you think.

      I think it’s good for people who are entertaining the idea of an online business to realize what they’re getting themselves into.



  6. Hi Todd,
    I am lucky enough to live in a country where you don’t have to pay for your education (yet) so our two boys who are at college don’t know how lucky they are! Leaving university with a large debt must be a big worry along with finding a job. I love the idea of starting an online business to pay off your student loans. The story of all Colton has achieved is really motivating, it just shows what is possible.
    Anyone with a couple hours to spare a day could make their own review website. Speaking from experience I know this works, although in my case it’s more to pay for my retirement than students loans. You just need a good dose of determination, a lot of hard work and a good training program.
    Thanks for another motivational post,

    1. You bet Peter and thanks for sharing your experience as a fellow internet marketer who also received a proper online education. It’s tough at first to work hard and not receive much financial reward, but this is the same for any student going to college.

      If one can take that mind frame and apply themselves, I think they’ll really be impressed with what they can create. I love my online business, but it’s now at the point where every day I make a good amount of money online.

      Thanks for your feedback and anyone can learn how to pay for student loans with an online business that brings in the extra cash.

  7. As a high school student soon to become a junior, I’ve recently been researching colleges that have the curriculum I desire. But, then I wondered to myself: how will I pay for these colleges? I knew I needed a student loan in order to pay the tuition off and this article clearly and concisely explained how to pay for student loans. You used very descriptive explanations and I am grateful for that. Thank you!

    1. You bet Christopher and good for you to create a plan for how you’ll pay for student loans before getting them. If you are at all want to start a business and have a passion for something, you should consider an online business.

      The training that I took only costs me $2.13/day and it’s allowed me to get a solid education in online marketing and website development.

      More importantly, it allowed me to create an online business that pays me every single day and I didn’t have to take out a student loan for this, all that is required is a willingness to learn and take action.



  8. This post resonates with me because I had some fairly steep student loans coming out of college. Luckily, they’re all paid off now, but they were certainly a burden at the time.

    I actually made my last payment of about $1,500 with online business income and it felt great. Thanks to a service called Wealthy Affiliate I was able to create an income-generating website that’s growing with visitors every day.

    It’s a great opportunity to supplement existing income, or potentially be a full-time income, if you’re willing to put the time and effort into it.

    1. Hi Matthew, how great to hear of another college student who was able to pay off his student loans using online business and my #1 recommended training program Wealthy Affiliate.

      I value college and feel lucky to have the opportunity to go to a university and obtain a higher degree, but the reality is that there are 1,000’s of students out there that have a passion and want to learn how to make money off of their passions, talents, skills, etc..

      And to be able to make money online versus going to a job is just icing on the cake. You can travel the world and live such a more free lifestyle all without accumulating huge student loan debt.

      So for me, I think if more students know of a program like Wealthy Affiliate, they wouldn’t have to have student loans because the cost of a year education and your online business is less than $1,000/year.

      I actually run this website for under $3 dollars per day and it makes full time income.

      For those reading thus far, if you want to know how long it takes to make a income producing online business, read this post to find out if it’s right for you.



  9. Hi, Todd!
    Thank you for your sharing! I myself also have a large amount of student loan to pay. Sometimes, it is quite frustrating. Because it will take me 15 years to pay off all the loan. So, I agree what you said in your post: Being an affiliate marketer is a way out! I am also doing this in order to pay off my loan and earn some more money!

    1. Hi Anthony, I appreciate your feedback and personal experience of figuring out how to pay for student loans. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make extra money at home, but it can also turn into a full time business and online career. The bottom line is to take as much money as you can and stick it to the loans to pay them off asap.



  10. Awesome article Todd, it shows that anyone can achieve their goals if they focus and work hard enough.

    I think that’s the key, being passionate enough about your goals that you’ll do whatever it takes to reach them.

    Anyone can reach their goals if they want to badly enough. Thanks for this inspiring post!

    1. Excellent insight Tim and you are absolutely correct. Wealthy Affiliate makes a bold statement, and that is that they’ve never seen any fail who gave up. And WA has been around helping online entrepreneurs for over 10 years, not many internet marketing companies can say that.

      I paid my student loans off in less than a year, but it certainly took hard work and dedication.


  11. Great article, Coltons story also inspired me to start with the WA Community. What I really like is that you clarify certain aspects of the vague “online business” topic.

    Really top notch article and personally I LOVE the fact that you do not impose yourself as some sort of “business authority god” but you have a more subtle way. Great way to pay for student loans and make an online business that allows you to travel the world or work from home.

    1. Absolutely George and thanks for your feedback. The bottom line is having more money when you need to pay for your student loans. If you’re working a job that’s not going anywhere, then you need to have a better game plan.

      And if you have a passion or special knowledge base that others share, you can make a great website that brings in the traffic and of course the extra money.

      Then you just pound away at that debt until it’s gone, then the next step is to build wealth. A niche website can become a passive income source if you take the time and produce something of quality that benefits others that share your niche.

      Keep it simple, cheers.


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