How to Sell Items on Amazon: Let Skip Show You How

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Learning how to sell items on Amazon is a hot topic these days, and for good reason.

Can I hear you say.. MONEY! MONEY!

That’s right, there’s a ton of money to be made on Amazon if you’ve got the right product and the right knowledge to make it happen.

Do you know that anyone can sell products on Amazon?

Most people don’t know anyone can sell physical products on Amazon as 3rd party sellers.

The Amazon marketplace is huge and has plenty more traffic than eBay, simply listing a product is enough to make a sale.

If you have been wondering how to sell items on Amazon, keep reading and we’ll show you how.

How to Sell Items on Amazon 101:

But before we dive into the details, let’s get to know the person behind the product.

Skip McGrath is a well-known internet marketer who makes most of his income from selling on Amazon and eBay.A picture of Skip McGrath with the headline of his Amazon course.

Skip discovered eBay back in 1997 and began selling small antiques, soon he became a Power Seller, earning more than $5000 a month, on a consistent basis.

There are a lot of programs that claim to teach you how to become a Power-Seller on Amazon, but lack a lot of essential information.

Or they’re downright scams. 

The problem is that these training programs are made by people who never actually became Power-Sellers on Amazon, and, frankly, don’t know what they’re talking about.

Before I made over $1,500/week importing and selling items on Amazon, I did some research, and finally (after buying into a few too many programs) I found a training product, written by a legitimate seller, dense with powerful, real, and useful information.

Using his information, I was able to become pretty successful selling items on Amazon in a short period of time.

Today, we will take a look at Skip McGraths most recent, top training program, The Complete Amazon Marketing System and see if it’s worth your time and cash.

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But if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind book format, you’ll save thousands with Skip…

Who is Skip McGrath?

In 2004 he released his first book, titled “The eBay Power Sellers Manual” and it became a best-seller in a matter of months.

It received thousands of testimonials from people who have successfully followed his advice and became best-sellers.

But that was back in 2004 – more than a decade ago!

Has he updated his training material since then?

What is Skip doing Now?

He is still selling products online, since 2010, he has been selling within the Amazon marketplace, and he wrote a new, more detailed, instructional book on how to sell items on Amazon.

The new book, called “The Complete Amazon Marketing System” is a physical book that is jam packed full of powerful information that makes it incredibly easy for anyone to start selling on Amazon.

In 2016 the book was updated and a lot more content was added. 

The Complete Amazon Marketing System is a two-volume course with over 350 pages of actionable content.

It’s always refreshing to find someone who writes from experience, unlike a lot of so called “guru” internet marketers out there that slap together a product based on a theory.

You want to buy a book from someone who really knows what they’re talking about and has experience to back it up, there’s so much more value in these types of training programs.

In other words, Skip McGrath is a legitimate seller, he taught himself a strategy that has made it possible for him to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from his e-commerce business.

Thankfully, now he is willing to share the secrets with the world.

His book also teaches people how to publish books to the Amazon marketplace.

An image that links to a recommended Amazon training course.

Printed Books Usually Contain Outdated Information, Is Skip’s Different?

Have you read a textbook recently? Most textbooks were written a long time ago and are never updated with new information.

Most printed books are the same, and it would be counter-productive to buy a book that contains outdated strategies.

Well, I have good news! 

Skip recently updated all his printed material.

In 2016, Skip went back to all his courses, and updated them with the most relevant content.

And I won’t be surprised if he updates them again in a couple of years.

How to Sell Books on Amazon:

If you have a creative imagination and an ability to string together sentences, direct publishing books to Amazon might be a cool way for you to make some more cash.

There are a lot of people who do this and make good money.

Not Sure about Selling on Amazon?

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There are a few things that you should know (this topic is covered in Skips book, but we’ll teach you some of the basics here), the first, and most important, is that Amazon takes a 20% cut from your book sales.

Selling other commercial products range considerably, but you can see the specific fees from Amazon right here.

There are a few guidelines and rules that you need to follow, one of the most important being that your content needs to be unique, it can’t be found anywhere else online.

Amazon will check to see if the book is already in their database, or a book with similar content, so don’t attempt to spam books into the marketplace, it won’t work.

You have to write the content from scratch, a.k.a original content.

You also have to come up with a cover for the book, but other than that, authors can write about whatever they want; there’s a lot of freedom.

Some authors choose to publish novels, some choose to publish children’s books, while others choose to publish info-products or how-to guides.

The romance niche is one of the most popular on Amazon at the moment! 

The reason I’m mentioning Amazon direct publishing is because this is just one of the strategies that is discussed in detail with Skips book, The Complete Amazon Marketing System.

Of course, the book also covers plenty of other topics like how to find wholesale distributors and how to outsource the shipping so you don’t need to run to the post office everyday, a problem that a lot of sellers face.

There’s a lot of value packed into this book, that’s for sure!

$17,000 USD per month on Amazon After 3 Months of Training, While Working A Full Time Job! Learn More >>

Most Amazon Sellers Don’t Follow a Proven System:

Struggling to make money with Amazon? Have you heard its too difficult?

Most people are worried about selling on Amazon or eBay because they assume there’s a lot of competition.

I have been guilty of the same thoughts, it’s normal to get scared of the competition.

But let me give you a little word of advice.

Yes, there are a lot of people selling products on Amazon.

It’s true, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to set up a legitimate business with Amazon.

A picture showing Skip McGrath's The Complete Amazon Marketing System Volume 1 and 2.
Learn More About The Complete Amazon Marketing System!

Most of the sellers on Amazon are beginners, they don’t follow a proven system, and they’re totally new to selling products online.

Yes, I know that you are probably new too, but imagine how you could crush your competition if you had some inside knowledge about how things work on Amazon.

You will be able to start so much faster and you will avoid a lot of mistakes.

You’ll be able to crush your competition and out-rank and out-sell everyone who is in your niche.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? It won’t be long until you are also a Power Seller on Amazon…

Conclusion on Selling on Amazon:

In order to overcome your competition, it’s important to follow a proven system.

Most people dive right into their ideas and learn through trial and error, which is how Skip learned, but it took him a few years to figure it all out.

You can skip right over all the common problems that hold marketers back and smoothly progress towards a power seller account status.

Keep in mind, this product is the real-deal, and it’s priced accordingly!

If you’re looking for a really cheap and half-written Amazon course, this is probably not the right product for you.

I used many of the techniques mentioned in this book, a couple of years ago, drop-shipping from one product provider to Amazon.

It worked spectacularly, I was making about $1,500 a week!

But I decided to pursue a different path, one that is more geared towards helping other people reach their goals.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

So, if you are wondering how to sell items on Amazon, Skip McGrath can help, check out his book, and let me know how your business progresses, I’m sure it will be a breeze.

Have you used Amazon to sell products? Have you read Skip McGrath’s Book?

Let me know in the comment section below!

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Interesting blog post.

    I am sure that you are going to sell a lot of Skip Mcgrath books with this informative review.

    Tell me does his system of selling revolve around blogging or does he mention other methods? It would be interesting to find out as my main income stream is through blogging.

    1. Skip does encourage his readers to start a blog or create an online presence. And he promotes a few systems to help out with this, but the best system in the market is the Wealthy Affiliate training center.

      There’s no better way to understand how to tap into your niche audience and then convert them to sales. But he’s mostly focused on helping people find products to import, brand, and sell on Amazon or eBay.

      He gives the same training material that is being sold by the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) but not for $5,000 dollars. And I know a lot of people who have come to our ASM review and complained about the high cost of the ASM program on top of the importation expenses.

      So, for those that want to build an importation business, Skip’s your resource for success.



  2. Hi Todd,

    Very informative post, I have struggled with trying to understand how to sell on Amazon and your post pointing me to a power seller like Skip McGrath’s is the right direction and definitely a win.

    I checked out Skips training programs and he covers selling on eBay as well. Pretty cool stuff.

    Your site is very well laid out as well and full of helpful resources, I will definitely be back to look around some more!

    Thank you for a great post and recommendations!


    1. You bet Kerry, happy to help out. the most important thing about learning how to sell on Amazon will be finding hot products that are easy to import. The educational program Skip provides will help guide you through that process.

      If you want to create an online business with very little risk, I would encourage you to create a niche website. If you have any kind of ideas that you want to bring to life online, then this my #1 Recommended Training Program and will help you create online success.



  3. I had thought of learning how sell on Amazon but never in the way you presented. I have some used text books that I was thinking of selling and have been reluctant for lack of knowledge.

    I never knew you could write a book get it direct published and sold via Amazon, amazing. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Hi Denise, selling stuff online is a really fun thing to do. I would recommend using eBay Auction style format to get top dollar for your used goods.

      You can read how to do so and this post I created: How To Sell With eBay.

      The way I sold on Amazon was by importing products and this can also be very profitable but inherently has more risk.

      If you would like to learn how to do that, use the training methods Skip offers. It’s the same material that other programs like the Amazing Selling Machine Are selling for over $5,000. Skip’s book is under $300.

      But if you want to make money online in my favorite way, the way that has the most long-term potential for passive income, use the pros at Wealthy Affiliate to create your online business.

      Thanks for your feedback!


  4. Hey Todd,

    Interesting to know that Amazon has a seller platform too. I always thought that the opportunity is only available at eBay.

    Was just reading through the fees that they charge for sellers. Seems like there are a lot of big cuts here and there. Pretty much the same as eBay.

    One question – does Amazon provide any training or features to help sellers promote their products? How do sellers drive online traffic to their listing on Amazon?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Cathy, all my online sales from Amazon these days come from affiliate commissions. I haven’t been a 3rd party seller with Amazon for over 2 years.

      At the time, they had some helpful suggestions on how to make ads for your products. But most of the traffic there is driven internally with Amazon and it’s based upon your seller reputation and the competition of the products you’re selling.

      Learning how to perform keyword research would be a great asset to Amazon sellers for this very reason.

      But as far as keyword based research to drive organic Google traffic to your site, Amazon doesn’t provide this type of training.

      I drive traffic to products by ranking content organically and quickly. It’s free and only requires a proper online education and a great keyword research tool.

      I do PPC campaigns on another service based site with a trade off of making around $12,000 to $20,000 for every $1,000’s I spend. But you can also really lose a lot of money if your traffic isn’t converting.

      Best to start with creating content and learning solid marketing skills and then to move on to PPC if you have something that converts high and you know what you’re doing. If you need help with these topics, check out my favorite online business training center.



  5. Cool, thanks. I love this review of Skip and how to sell items on Amazon. I will look into it.

    Many thanks for all your great reviews and free information.

    1. Hi Johnny,

      You bet, happy to help out. I think you’ll find it easier to figure out all the details of how to sell products using Amazon. It’s good to have an online business guide that helps you create success more efficiently.

      Thanks for the feedback as well.

  6. Thanks for your post. I’ve been looking to learn how to sell on Amazon and I have used Skip’s Amazon training’s. He’s awesome and his educational program is easy to follow and understand. I’m also interested in learning how to build websites and affiliate marketing, but one thing at a time.

    However, I have bookmarked your site for future use.


    1. Hi Lori,

      That’s great to hear that you’re enjoying and getting value from Skip’s training program on how to sell products on Amazon. And you should definitely come back and learn how to build websites/affiliate marketing. But it just depends on what niche ideas you have for products to sell online. If you’ve got a hot product and can use Amazon’s FBA program, than you should run with it.

      I did a year and a half ago with two products and made a bit over $24,000 in 3-4 months, it was pretty awesome. Now I prefer less risk and the same reward developing affiliate websites, so come back if you need any help breaking into the internet marketing industry.


  7. Hi Todd,
    Thanks for another great post. My first thought when it comes to selling products online is always ebay but the process is no longer as easy as it was a few years ago. It’s really helpful to hear about other possibilities as well as people like Skip who are willing to share their experience and make the transition to another platform that much easier. I’ve noticed the option to buy used products on Amazon before but I was never sure how they were being sold. It looks like Skip’s book will not only explain this but also tell me how I can sell my own products on Amazon or eBay.
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Matthew,

      You’ve got it right on. If you’re looking to learn how to sell items on Amazon, including used stuff, you can certainly do it now and you don’t have to rely solely on eBay. But for those who want to create a real long term online business selling products on Amazon, I would go with Skip McGrath’s step by step self help books. It better to follow someone with experience that has already had success selling on both Amazon and eBay versus just winging it and trying it by yourself. When I sold on Amazon and eBay, I used his products and was able to make some substantial money selling online.

      However, I now prefer affiliate marketing do to not needing to have inventory or risk products that don’t sell. If you’re interested in something like this, check out this post.. HOW TO EARN EXTRA MONEY AT HOME


  8. Thanks a lot for your review of Skip McGrath Selling on Amazon/eBay. His training’s on how to sell stuff on Amazon are awesome. I’ve been looking for this type of information for some time now and I visited Skip’s site and you’re right, he’s got the know how to make it happen. Very much appreciated.


    1. You’re welcome Carisa, Skip helped me when I was a Amazon seller as well and he’s a great resource.

      Glad this review helped and thanks for the feedback.

  9. I wanted to thank you for your review of Skip McGrath’s products. I bought Skip’s guide, the complete Amazon marketing system a couple weeks ago, and it’s been working out great. It’s loaded with tons of great suggestions and recommendations. I just wanted to come back to your site and say that your article is right on and thank you, I’ve started to sell products on Amazon and am making some awesome commissions.

    Thanks a million,


    1. You’re welcome Sofia and thank you for your feedback, it makes me feel good that what I’m doing is helping people improve their lives financially.

      Have a great weekend,

  10. Way cool review of Skip McGrath’s training programs for selling stuff on Amazon! I appreciate your review because I was looking into the Amazing Selling Machine and about to fork over 5K for the program. I think I’ll take Skip’s Guide to Selling on Amazon for $180 dollars instead. Thanks for saving me $4800 dollars. You’re a lifesaver Todd.


    1. You’re welcome Karen. I’d go with Skip’s program over the Amazing Selling Machine as well simply because Skip has real experience being a power seller on both Amazon and eBay verses the owners of the Amazing Selling Machine.

      Come back if you can and let us know how it goes. Wishing you success selling items on Amazon.

  11. Hi Todd,
    This is a complete eye opener about Amazon and e-bay . I had considered them to be one of my next niches. My husband suggested I read an Article in Fortune Magazine about Jeff Beozos, founder of Amazon and how ruthless he is when it comes to how he treats his Online Marketers.. He takes 20% right off the top if my facts are straight. This is discouraging to the little guy trying to make an honest living. I must admit that I’ve been second guessing myself now about Amazon and E-bay since I read it.

    Then you introduced me to Skip McGrath’s Books and his tips on how to sell on Amazon and E-bay. Skip gives people a leg up and hope which a lot of people need these days. I don’t think he’s asking to much for his Books considering the years of research he put into understanding how Amazon works. His success story is encouraging and very promising and will help the individual who wants to succeed and crush their competition promise that it can be done!

    However, for people who are trying to make a difference and improve the quality of their lives will have to wait, because they have little Capital. So they’re going to spend what they do have on The Best Online Marketing University to teach them now!
    Skips books will be an asset to them and will expedite their success on Amazon and E-bay, once they can afford the inventory.
    My recommendation For those of you who can afford Skips books now, buy them and save yourself a lot of time and frustration. This guy is forthright and knows what he’s doing! His books are at the top of my priority list! Sharon:)

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us in the online world. Amazon is convenient, but it can be a tough place to sell. I think Amazon is easier to sell real products that you import using their Fulfillment Center than for affiliate marketers because their affiliate commissions are between 4- 6%. But as a seller, you can set your price and you know your profit margins.

      The only problem with Amazon and eBay is the competition, which in my experience, has become more competitive throughout the years. But still, one can make great money selling on Amazon/eBay/Etsy as well as with affiliate marketing.

      For me personally, I prefer affiliate marketing because of the low risk high reward potential that it has, but to each his own. For sure though, if you want to sell on Amazon, better to work with someone like Skip McGrath versus Importing Fortunes or the Amazing Selling Machine.

      Thanks for your input Sharon and have a great week,

  12. Hey, Todd!

    I’ve easily sold plenty of items on eBay in the past, but never realized that Amazon offered the same type of selling services to people.

    I also agree that it can be difficult to find half-decent guides that can actually “show us step-by-step” on how to successfully sell products on sites such as eBay and Amazon.

    Skip McGrath sounds like a great guy and seems to be one of the very few who knows what he’s actually doing when it comes to generating a proper income through selling on sites like Amazon or eBay, so I will certainly see what he has to offer and how he can help me to start selling products on Amazon, much thanks to your article and recommendation 🙂

    Thanks for a thorough and brilliant post on how to sell items on Amazon, AND I WILL be back for much more valuable information!!


    1. Hi Neil,

      Awesome to hear the this post has helped you. It always feels good to help guide people on the right path to meet their financial goals. Learn how to sell products on Amazon isn’t all that tricky once your get the basics down. And Skip McGrath can help you along your journey. I think his inside pointers on finding products and creating captivating ads is what I found most beneficial. Plus, he is a good guy selling a good product/guide to help those who want to start an online career selling with the big buy boys like Amazon and eBay.

      Can’t wait to hear how your journey goes and how Skip will have helped you, keep us posted.


  13. Excellent article on how to sell items on Amazon Todd!
    I have never heard of Skip McGrath before, but it certainly sounds like he knows what he is talking about.
    I like the idea of following a proven system that works. I think too many people just expect things to go there way, but have no real system in place and it just doesn’t work out.
    Great article 🙂


    1. Thanks John, I appreciate your feedback on my selling on Amazon post. And you’ve got it right, going with someone with as much experience like Skip McGrath has, in my opinion, is much better than some of the other importation/sell on Amazon and/or eBay products I’ve seen. Especially when you compare Skip’s material with the price of something like the Amazing Selling Machine.

      As a matter of fact, I had a past member of the Amazing Selling Machine trying to sell their membership at a reduced value here on Learn To Grow Wealth Online. Now this person said that the training was awesome and the only reason they were selling their membership was because of something like personal time constraints or just not being interested in selling on Amazon anymore, but on the flip side, it could be because this individual realized how overpriced the training was. You be the judge.

      Anyways, thanks for your feedback and have a great week John.


  14. Hey Todd Great review and this is a great resource for anyone wanting to know about or learn how to use Amazon to sell products, items, etc. – well almost anything. “The Complete Amazon Marketing System” by Skip McGrath sounds like an excellent buy at $147.00. I have seen other people selling courses about how to sell on amazon for much more in fact I have even seen amazon stores being sold for that sort of money and as you say this guy has actually done , is doing it and doing it successfully. It makes perfect sense to get this information even if you only wanted to understand how the Amazon machine works and that knowledge could easily improve anyones online business. Thanks for making this information available to your readers. 🙂

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your feedback on my post. Learning how to sell stuff on Amazon can be a little tricky, that is if you are trying to create a part time or full time business out of it. But Skip would be my recommendation based solely on my experience of importing and drop-shipping products on Amazon. I used several of his products and his website to lay the groundwork to my Amazon business and it worked out very well.

      Personally, I prefer creating websites that initially take some work to get started, but once you get them going, they work sort of on auto-pilot. Affiliate marketing allows me to do this and if anyone is interested in this approach, I’d recommend the gents at Wealthy Affiliate for their training. Regardless if you want to sell on the traffic machine that is Amazon or create your own niche traffic machine, these two resources are on my top list on honest online programs for good reason.

      Thanks for your feedback and take care Peter.

  15. Hi Todd,
    I haven’t yet seriously considered selling things on Amazon, although I did briefly contemplate the Amazing Selling Machine, but of course the price put me off.
    As you say, it’s nice to see a guide about selling on Amazon actually written by someone who is really making money from his own system. This really gives this book some legitimacy and your own experience with drop shipping adds to this.
    I think when you start selling on Amazon, as it’s so competitive, it’s a good idea to follow a course or instructions from someone who knows the ropes. This will save you money and start you earning more rapidly.
    One thing I just wondered, does Skip offer any form of support if you have any questions?
    I am certainly glad I found your post as selling on Amazon is something I would like to try in the future.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Peter. Skip has a website loaded with support for faq’s as well as you can contact him directly via email. But it’s not a membership program/site.


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