How to Sell Jewelry Online for Free: Sell Diamonds Without Purchase

Do you love spotting quality pieces of jewelry? Did you know that it’s easy to learn how to sell jewelry online for free?

If so, let me show you how you can get started creating your very own online jewelry store today.

I’ll admit, I have very little experience with jewelry, but I do know a thing or two about selling products online.

And jewelry is a great eCommerce product for a number of reasons.

A picture of green jewelry.

Most people think that in order to sell something online, you actually need to buy inventory and then sell it in an online store.

You can do this, but you don’t have to. You can sell jewelry online without ever…

  • Buying Inventory
  • Shipping Product
  • Or Risk that your jewelry pieces might not sell.

How’s this possible… you ask?

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How to Sell Jewelry Online for Free:

With affiliate marketing you can sell anything online without ever owning it. You can hand pick pieces of jewelry from some of the largest retail jewelry stores online.

For example, both Kay’s Jewelry or Gordon’s Jewelers have affiliate programs.

You can actually sell their pieces directly on your own website.

How does this work? you may be asking yourself…

Well, with affiliate marketing, you can sign up to be an affiliate with any number of jewelry stores.

Then you can list their products on your website and when you make a sale, you receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to create an online jewelry store because you have…

  1. No inventory (meaning no risk).
  2. Zero shipping (less work)
  3. And you can list thousands of products on your own website which you can earn commissions.

The commissions with Kay’s Jewelry are up to 7%.

So if you sold this Sofia Vergara diamond ring shown below and you received a 7% commission, you would make $27.93.

Imagine if you had 30 to 40 sales a day.

You could potentially make between $500 to $1,000 dollars per day.

A screenshot of a Sofia Vergara Ring for sale online.

How to Sell Jewelry Through Kay’s:

Let’s take Kay’s Jewelry for example, with Kay’s they use an affiliate network called Commission Junction to manage their tracking, reporting, and payment of all affiliate commissions.

All you have to have is a website that is based on jewelry and apply to be a affiliate with them through Commission Junction.

Once your site is approved, you will have the ability to sell from all of Kay’s brand jewelers.

Here’s a few brands you’ll have at your disposal..

  •  Neil Lane Bridal
  • The Leo Diamond
  • Tolkowsky
  • Le Vian
  • Open Hearts by Jane Seymour
  • Charmed Memories
  • Scott Kay
  • Shades of Wonder
  • Movado
  • Citizen
  • Bulova, and many more.

If you would like to learn more about Kay’s Jewelry’s affiliate program, you can check them out right here.

An image of the Leo Diamond club for jewelry sellers.

Selling Jewelry Online Requires a Website:

Now that you understand that you don’t actually need to buy jewelry in order to sell it online, what’s the next step?

Build a website – With affiliate marketing, a website is one of the critical pieces you will need to develop a successful online jewelry business.

In order to affiliate yourself with Kay’s for example, you need to submit your site directly to Commission Junction (their affiliate program manager).

So having your own website is imperative.

Don’t let this intimidate you if you don’t know how to build a website.

You can easily get a website put together in just a few minutes.

For free websites, I use the site builder called Siterubix.

It’s a WordPress website builder produced by a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides step by step training to teach you how to put your site up as well as how to get Traffic to your site. (Discussed below)

To start building a free website today, you can put in a name that you would like for your website and click Build It Now.

How To Generate Sales:

In order to generate affiliate commissions from selling jewelry, you will need a professional looking website and traffic coming to the site.

If you don’t have traffic, you’ll never see any sales.

How to Build Traffic?

Traffic is built through two methods.

1.) Paid advertising using services like Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, or Bing Ads.

Paid advertising is also called Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising.

It can be an effective method to bring traffic to your site. But you need to know what you’re doing or you can lose money if you’re not generating sales.

This is not the method I recommend to those that are new to internet marketing or advertising.

You really need to be trained on how to do this correctly or you could end up losing a lot of money.

An image of red pendants.

2.) The second method to gain traffic is by creating quality content that ranks in search engines that is based on the subject of jewelry.

This is known as Organic Traffic. By understanding how to rank your content in search engines like Google, you will bring in free traffic to your site.

Both methods can be used in conjunction to bring in tons of visitors to your site.

If you can create traffic that is based on what online users are already looking for..

  • Specific styles or brands of jewelry
  • How to recognize quality jewelry
  • Your personal take on specific pieces of jewelry

You’ll have plenty of traffic to your site which will lead to… drum roll please… Online Sales!

Build an Online Jewelry Store Today:

When putting together an eCommerce site or affiliate site, you really want to build it correctly from the ground up.

There are a good amount of website builders out there to help put up an eCommerce store.

However, as mentioned above, building an online business to sell jewelry takes more than just a pretty website.

You will need to learn how to…

  • Manage your website
  • Customize your site to show your style
  • Bring traffic to your site
  • Convert that traffic to sales

There is one place you can learn how to do all that and more…

My #1 Recommended Training Program Has Been Training People How to Make Profitable Online Businesses for Over a Decade:

You’re Smart: Get the Training You Need >>

You can create your own unique successful online jewelry store with the right support, guidance and education.

All’s you have to bring to the table is the desire to learn and the ability to take action.

If you have any other questions about how to sell jewelry online, don’t hesitate to ask, just send me a comment in the section below and I’ll get back to you right away.

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