How To SEO Ready Websites (Free Video Instructions!)

If you want a successful website or online business, it’s critical that you understand the basics of how to SEO ready your websites.

The great thing about learning this particular SEO skill set is that it’s…

  • Free to do!
  • And will instantly increase traffic to your website.

Below is a video that will walk you through the process on how to easily set up your SEO plugin using WordPress.

How To SEO Ready Websites:

The video will walk you through how to display your website so that it looks professional when it appears in search engine results.

This will allow you several benefits to your website and is discussed further below the video.

Ready? Here we go…

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What is SEO?

SEO represents the term, Search Engine Optimization.

The term is referring to how your website or blog is set up to allow search engines to easily be able to find your website.

It’s also how search engines like Google start to rank your website under what is termed as – natural or organic keywords and keyword phrases.

Having your website optimized for search engines also improves the speed and efficiency in which search engines can assess and categorize the content you provide to your website audience.

If your website is search engine optimized through having the correct content structure, keyword research, and quality content, you will reap some amazing rewards.

You will find your site rank increasing, and ultimately you will increase the visibility of your site, which leads to what everyone wants – more traffic!

How the All-In-One SEO Plugin Helps:

By having your website setup correctly using the All-In-One SEO plugin. You will give yourself plenty of benefits compared to those websites who are not optimized in search engines.

That is…

Your Website or Blog will get higher rank and better positioning in search pages.

This is critical to increase your sites organic traffic and website/brand name recognition.

A graphic of a stock figure carrying the words "Boost" and "Web Traffic"

You’ll also get Increased Qualified Buyers that visit your site and search for your products or services.

Using effective keyword strategies and through writing quality content, you will receive buyers that are directly looking for the type of products or services you provide.

Other Benefits to Good SEO:

Plus you are providing search engines a more clear picture of what your website is all about and what you provide your readers.

Build Brand Name Recognition: By having a site or blog that is optimized, you will be able to show your clients your services right from their search results and you will build your brand name recognition naturally.

More Traffic = More Sales: The more visible your site is and the higher rankings you receive under specific Keyword Phrases, the more visitors your website will see, and this should ultimately lead to the fun stuff, MORE SALES!

It’s Free to you as a business owner: You might as well take advantage of as many freebies as you can get, and this is one that is just too easy to install, setup, and use for free.

A graphic of a road showing an increase in web traffic

Optimizing Your SEO Rankings:

By learning how to write quality content and utilize keyword phrases correctly you will greatly increase your visibility and rankings in search results.

The first step is to make sure your website is optimized correctly as shown in the video above.

By understanding these basic concepts, you will find your website ranking higher each day in your target market.

Recommendations to Optimize Your SEO:

Use a keyword tool to research “Low Competition Keywords and Keyword Phrases”

If you use highly competitive keywords or keyword phrases, you’re going to struggle to see your site rank.

You can check out your site ranking for free right here.

It’s important to understand the competition of keywords and use this to your advantage.

You can use this free keyword tool to get started with 30 free keyword searches.

Do your due diligence, it will pay off. I use Jaaxy for every article I write because it’s simply the best keyword tool out there and it literally makes my job 10 times easier.

Create unique and helpful content for your readers. Never copy and paste someone else’s information into your website or blog.

This will eventually kill your search rankings, regardless of the SEO tool that you’ve just installed.

Nor do you want to use auto-generated content. Again this will ultimately hurt your rankings and your site will actually be penalized for this.

Quality Content and SEO Go Together:

Quality content is becoming the greatest factor for increasing your website rankings.

And it makes perfect sense, if you provide your readers the quality content when they make a specific search, your website will be rewarded by giving higher rankings for that useful content you are providing your readers.

Remember, the search engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo are trying to provide the most relevant information and best customer service for their customers as well.

Get SEO – Time to Get Social:

Create Socially engaging content and develop your Social profile.

By posting content to your social networks like Google +, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you will increase your website exposure through increased social interactions, likes and shares.A picture of the most popular social media website logos

Social Shares are rewarded by search engines as a more relevant user experience. This will increase your site rankings leading to increased exposure.

Don’t forget when information gets re-tweeted or re-pinned, your website has a chance to go viral and get thousands of visitors daily.

Linking and SEO:

You could also consider using SEO software to check for website errors.

Internal linking creates increased confidence in your site as a resource for information.

You also want to have at least 1-3 external links per post.

These links are to provide users with helpful information without taking them away from your site.

Need more info on linking strategies: How to Link Your Website Correctly.

SEO and Pretty Websites:

Lastly, provide your users with a site that is easy on the eyes, but easier on its functionality.

You want a website or blog that has quick upload times and is easy to navigate.

This will provide your users a better experience on your website and they will stay there longer to read your content and hopefully buying your services or products.

Sites that are confusing to navigate or are highly distractible with colorful backgrounds or loud fonts are just a headache to the reader.

Make your site simple and easy to read and you’ll provide your audience with a much better online experience.

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Want To Learn More

Creating a website that’s professional looking and provides your users with excellent information and valuable tools can make or break your business.

If you are unfamiliar with many of the concepts that I discussed here today, then get started on the right track by joining our free training series below.

If you have any other questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get back with you right away.

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