It can be tough to tell how to spot a scam at first. But once you know scammers tactics, it’s easily to spot these derelicts a mile away.

In Order to Understand Scams,

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Everyone wants the fast track to a better life. We want easy money for little work, we avoid pain and seek pleasure, and want to be rewarded immediately.

Tell me I’m wrong…

Look at how many people play the lottery.

It’s staggering to realize that your chances are 1000 times greater of being struck by a comet than winning a 6 digit lottery valued at 600 Million.

Yet people continue to play this very moment as you’re reading this article.

The reality is people have to work hard to start businesses. It takes a commitment and passion.

But the rewards are incredible with daily consistent work and the help of a proper educational system and guidance.

But when we receive an advertisement that tells us how easy it is to make money online with little work, we loose rational thought and succumb to our basic desires for easy money and instant success.

Let me Repeat this Again…

People Want the Fastest, Easiest, Laziest Way to Make Money.

So that’s what most SCAM PROGRAMS offer. The reality is that great things like passive income come from hard work, passion, and dedication.

After reviewing many online income programs, I have found some easy ways to spot online scams. I would like to share these secrets so that you can avoid programs that waste your time and hard earned cash.

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How to Spot a Online Scam

(1). Quick Claims of Making Easy Money:

Any program that offers you a chance to make hundreds of dollars per day or even 1000’s of dollars per month right from the get go is a scam.

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Maybe it’s scamming a system, other people, or you directly. But claims of easy money are a hallmark sign of a scam.

(2). Programs that Contain Success Story after Success Story of Ordinary People Making Money Immediately:

I’m talking about programs that constantly tease you with this one special secret to help you earn online income or save big money.

They dangle the concept you want to hear, but first, you have to hear about Bob and Mary from Spoken and their amazing success story.

The topic that originally sparked your interest is replaced by story after story of successful clients. And at the end, all you have to do is pay $19.99 to get the online income secret or book.


(3). Constant Up-sells:

If you are in a program that costs an initial low offer and now you are constantly being encouraged to buy other products to make your online business a success. You’re in a SCAM.

They intrigue you with a low offer that makes one think, “ahh, OK, $15.99 isn’t that much to try product X”. But then it’s another 29.99 to get product Y that will streamline the whole process of your Online Income Program.

Soon you’re bombarded with constant up-sells and who knows if you’ll ever see results. Most people just bow out with their tails between their legs and go home.

There’s no justice in these types of online scams. You won’t get your money back because after all, you agreed to pay the fees along the way.

(4). A website that is a Video Only Landing Page:

If you find yourself in one of these pages and you can’t go to the about section and check out the company or individual. You’re most likely in a Scam.

Most of these scams make it difficulty for you to leave. You click out of the website only to get another 2-3 popup pages with last chance offers or reduced initial fees.

(5). There is a Limited Number of Clients that can Enter this Program:

If you hear this one, run for the hills. This catches our initial interest when the program has created value for us. We think, if it’s really this good, I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, right? What a bunch of B.S.

Anyone who is selling a system or product knows that the game in sales is numbers. The more you sell in the shortest period of time equals the greatest profit. Stay away from this SCAM tactic.

(6). Can you easily Contact their Website or their Customer Support?

You should be able to go on their website, and easily find how to contact customer support.

If you want to test them as a scammer, write an email about returning a product or having a faulty issue with the product and see what kind of response you get. If you haven’t heard form them in 48 hours, be suspicious.

When you hear nothing for several days or a week, that tells you volumes about whom you are dealing with.

Don’t test their customer service with an email or call to get a product, they’ll be very responsive to that. You want to see how they respond if something goes wrong.

And this is a no brainer, but if they don’t have a contact page, you shouldn’t even contemplate going into business with this company.

(7). Fake Looking Pictures:

Do the pay-stubs they show you look fake or scammy. Does anything in the sales pitch seem off and make your hairs stand up?

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(8). Are you listening to a Guru?

If the Guru doesn’t own the product, most likely they are receiving a commission for the product.

Rarely do you see a Guru or celebrity that really believes in the product. They maybe are cross promoting their own products, but don’t add this as a trust factor to the product you are considering purchasing.

Also, is the Guru self proclaimed? Many scams come off looking professional with revolutionary money making systems. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

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Look at this self proclaimed Guru speaking at a fake conference

(9). There is a limited time offer

Now this doesn’t always mean scam, but the tactic is trying to get you to buy and buy now.

This is why I recommend programs that allow you to enter into their system for free, learn what is involved in their program and make a rational, well thought out decision as to whether or not the program, training, or system is right for you.

Click Here to see a perfect example of an online scam.

Final Words of Guidance:

Be a smart shopper. Once a program has peaked your interest, do your homework.

Get on Google and take the product or guru’s name and put the word scam after or before the product or guru’s name. See what you come up with.

It’s natural to be excited by a product that can help make your life better, but be a smart shopper.

You work hard for your money, so make it count when taking on a new project or investment.

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If you have any other ways to detect scams and would like to add to the conversation, please fill out the comment section below and I’ll get back to you right away.