How to Take Surveys and Earn Money? Get Educated: Here’s How..

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Ever wanted to make some quick money during your free time?

Thankfully with online surveys, you can finally earn some extra pocket money while still wearing your favorite pajamas in bed.

Sounds too good to be true right?

Well the truth is, there are a bunch of companies out there that are looking for people to take their polls.

They want authentic opinions from real people.

These companies are willing to pay you to take their surveys.

Now that you know why companies need people to take their surveys, lets talk about how to take surveys and earn money while doing so.

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How to Take Surveys and Earn Money: Watch Out for Scam Websites!

Naturally, there are numerous scam websites out there that are either trying to steal identity information or take your money.

So, it is important to not give out too much personal information about yourself, especially if it does not seem related to the survey.

Spend a little time to make sure the website has a trusted payment system like PayPal, won’t hurt either.

To help make it easier for you to find websites that actually pay you for the surveys you take, I’ve complied a list below.

I’ve completed numerous reviews to find the ideal websites for people who want to know how to take surveys and earn money.

It is proven that users can earn money from these websites.

But, I still recommend that you use any survey website with caution.

First, lets talk about the red flags that are commonly found in scam survey websites.

How to Avoid Scam Survey Sites:

Perhaps the most common sign of a scam website is…

Avoid Aggressive Advertising:

Websites that try to hook people with absurd “make a ton of money fast” promises are typically untrustworthy.

For example, a website willing to offer you $100 after you’ve completed a few surveys is most likely going to be a fraud.

In fact, the average amount of money you can make per survey is 2 to 4 dollars, depending on the website you use.

Survey Sites with Membership Fees:

Another red flag are sites that charge membership fees.

Any true survey website that is willing to pay people to take their surveys shouldn’t require you to pay any upfront or membership fees.

They might ask you to pay for a startup kit, subscription, activation of an account, etc.

However, those are simply excuses for them to get their hands on your money.

There are a few exceptions to this however.

For instance, sometimes you would want to advertise your products or business through a survey website, then naturally it is OK to pay for premium membership fees.

Asks for Too Much Personal Information:

If a website is asking for far too much personal information, then they are most likely a scam.

Of course, you will need to give them some personal information like age, nationality, gender, etc.

However, if the website is asking for your credit card number or social security number, then you should hit that exit button.

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How to Know if a Survey Site is Legitimate?

There are a few things legit survey websites should have.

It Should Have a User Forum:

For instance, many trustworthy websites for paid surveys have forums that users can use to communicate to each other.

With forums you will not only be able to talk with fellow users, but you will also be able to determine whether the website is fake or not.

Think about it, if a scam website has forums, then they will be exposed almost immediately.

Of course, not all legit websites have forums, but it is a good feature to look out for.

Does the Survey Site Have a Social Media Presence?

A social media fan page on Twitter or Facebook wouldn’t hurt either.

This type of feature will work similar to forums as you can connect with other people using the website.

It is also comforting to see the amount of people who like the website.

A popular website usually means a successful one.

Our Recommended Survey Sites:

It goes without saying that not all legitimate survey websites are made the same.

So below are some of the best out there:

Survey Junkie

A picture of Survey Junkies homepage.

 …is one of the best survey websites, and it is completely free!

This is a favorite among many as it is fast and fun!

This means that you can basically have fun doing surveys, while earning some money on the side.

There are some limits, such as some surveys only being available for people in U.S or Canada.

Also, while most websites require you to earn $100 before you can withdraw, Survey Junkie allows you to withdraw when you only have at least $10 in your account.  

Read Our In-depth Survey Junkie Review >>


A picture of Swag Buck's homepage.

SwagBucks s another amazing website that you can use to earn money by taking surveys.

SwagBucks, is actually a virtual currency that you can convert into real money.

The unique thing about their website is that not only can you earn money through taking surveys, but you can also earn cash and rewards through watching videos, playing games, and more!

Even just for surfing the web!

It is no surprise that this website is particularly popular with students.

Click Here to Read our Swag Bucks Review >>


A screenshot of the Clix Sense platform homepage.

This website can also be used to make money from taking surveys, but the rates are a bit lower than the previous sites.

However, people can use ClixSense as a form of low budget marketing.

Think of it as Google AdSense, but much cheaper.

They also offer a decent affiliate program.

Read Our ClixSense Review Here >>

Conclusion on Taking Surveys and Earning Money:

So now that you know the ins and outs of how to take surveys and earn money online, you have the ability to make some quick, easy cash.

However, even if you use the best survey websites out there, you won’t be able to make a full time income.

You can make some quick pocket cash, but don’t expect to earn hundreds of dollars a month.

Instead, why not check out the same program that taught me to make passive income online?

Stop Wasting Your Time with Surveys and Online Tasks

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article! Do you have any secrets on how to take surveys and earn money?

Leave a comment if you have any other recommendations.

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  1. Hi Todd,
    Great post on how to take surveys and earn money. I’ve looked into a few of these options for earning some extra coin a year or so ago. 

    None of them turned out to be worth the time. You did a great job sharing what folks like myself need to look for in checking this out as an option. 

    Most definitely the aggressive marketing is a huge red flag! Looks like survey junkie, swag bucks, and clix-sense are all worthwhile to take a look at, appreciate you sharing!

    All the best, Mat A.

    1. Hey Mat A,

      Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your experience with these companies and taking surveys for online income.

      It’s not something I would ever spend time on, but that’s just me.

      I’d rather invest my time to build something online that makes me money ‘potentially’ over and over again.

      And that’s what I’ve created, a constant stream on online income and the reality of it is, that anyone can do it too.

      If you can learn, take action and work at online business like going to college or a trade school, you can make it happen.

      If you need any help, get connected to our Free Internet Marketing Training eCourse.



  2. Taking surveys is one of the numerous ways to make money online, though it seems difficult to earn a substantial amount of money this way. 

    For people like me who like writing, it seems that affiliate marketing and niche sites are the best way to earn some extra money, even earning a full-time income.

    1. Nicely stated David. Niche affiliate sites are one of my favorite ways to go, especially if you’re passionate about something.

      You can even build a niche site off of one single product you like.

      What’s better about niche sites vs. taking surveys is that you have the potential to get paid time and time again for the work you did once.

      You can even pay someone to write the content, this saves up a lot of time and makes the process happen more quickly.

      You still need to know how to edit content and white hat SEO to make this happen. If you don’t know how that works, get started with our Free Internet Marketing Training eCourse.

      We get you connected to the knowledge you need to make it work.



  3. I never was involved in the paid surveys to earn money. I assume that it is possible to do and you can even find a fair offer. 

    But why to waste time for someone’s wealth? As far as I understand that to make those surveys you need to know how to WRITE the content. So build your own website, write unique content, learn tips and tricks in Wealthy Affiliate University, find your favorite niche and in about three years fire the boss.

    1. Nice Andrejs and very good points. Taking surveys are the most viable option out there but some do.

      I’m like you, if you’re going to spend the time, might as well create your own online business and WA is a great place to learn.



  4. Hello! I’ve done the whole survey thing numerous times throughout my life – while I was in college, between jobs, running my own business. I never made any significant amount of money from it. But, I will say if you are going to do it, survey junkie is definitely the way to go. I’ve made a few hundred dollars taking surveys in my spare time. It’s not the best option for making money online but it does work for some extra cash.

  5. I really think a lot of people are interested survey sites. However, the truth of the matter is your probably not going to make anything decent with them. Even if you put in 40 hours a week. I believe these sites set the threshold so high that most people just eventually give up.

    I really am not a fan of survey sites. Would much rather go with affiliate marketing or flipping websites 🙂

    1. I hear you Garen, this is the same sentiments I had when looking into these sites.

      Best to start your own affiliate site. 

      You know I made a site 2 years ago and only put in 5 pages and 1 post. 

      I did a good job with the SEO and getting that one post to rank and over 2 years I just left the site but it still has made about $500 in commissions from that one post.

      Isn’t that cool. Just imagine what happens as I build the site out (as I’m doing now). 

      Point is, affiliate marketing and niche websites are a much better way to go to make money online versus completing online surveys.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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