Human Proof Designs Review: Should You Buy a Pre-Made Website?

In this Human Proof Designs review you’ll discover how anyone, regardless of their writing capabilities, can create an online business and reach their goals.

Let’s face it…

There’s no way around it, in order to create an online business you’ll need a lot of content, articles that Google can find and people can share.

If you struggle to write articles; and you don’t know the first thing about creating websites, it might feel as if you’re doomed and there’s no feasible way you can reach your goals.

Well, let’s not give up that easily!

There’s always a way around these problems, Human Proof Designs is one solution to that problem:

Human Proof Designs Review Summary:

Product Name: Human Proof Designs

A screenshot from Human Proof Designs showing how to get started with ready-made niche websites.

Product Type: Ready-made Websites and Other Marketing Services


Price: Varies (discussed below).

Creator: Dom Wells

Best For: Anyone looking to build an online business who’s limited on time, but not so much on cash. Investors as well.

Rating: 95/100

Summary: Human Proof Designs is the perfect way to create an online business without doing all the work.


  • Build you a cool niche website.
  • Create content that’s optimized for search engines like Google.
  • And give you a huge time advantage to speed up your success online.

The price is fair and the quality of their work is excellent. They even have case studies of investors that have bought their products and are now making back their money and creating passive online income sources all at the same time (see below for case study’s).

Recommended: Yes

Why? Everything at HPD’s is done by hand, the articles are well-written and optimized for results. The case studies that back them up a realistic and attainable.

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What is Human Proof Designs?

Dom Wells, the founder of Human Proof Designs, found himself wondering what people who are new to online business need in order to reach their goals.

Then, the idea struck him; a service that builds ready-made websites from scratch, websites that target keywords, and are optimized for search engine results.

Of course, there are quite a few search engine optimization companies out there that offer similar services, but most of them are dangerously close to scam territory, tittering on the edge.

Most so called “SEO Companies” will spam links all over the internet in an attempt to create enough back-links to boost your website in search engine results.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

That’s an old strategy that does not work! 

And there’s really no way to tell what these companies are doing with your links…

That’s why I don’t recommend hiring search engine optimization companies, unless they’re completely transparent.

Having said that, Human Proof Designs is NOT a search engine optimization company!

It’s a combination of services that make it remarkably easy for anyone to get a website up, whether as an affiliate marketer or small business owner.

Human Proof Designs Services:

Let’s take a look at the Human Proof Designs services, there are currently three major ones;

  1. Ready-made website creation (niche targeted).
  2. Keyword targeted article packs.
  3. And keyword packs.

These services are meant to work together to build a keyword targeted website that brings in traffic from Google and makes you sales.

In fact, it’s possible for you to build a business without even having to lift a finger, besides telling them what you want, they’ll do everything else for you.

Just invest the cash.

They’ll do the research, write the articles, and create the website.

Human Proof Designs makes it really easy for anyone to boost their business.

Well, let’s take a closer look at Human Proof Design’s services.

Website Creation Services:

There are two types of website creation services; custom-made websites, ready-made websites, and aged websites (new!).

Custom-Made Websites:

A picture from Human Proof Designs showing the price for one custom made niche website.

The custom-made websites are made entirely by scratch and usually take a couple of weeks to create.

These are built for you by hand for scratch – the best option for marketers.

The websites include an about page, privacy policy page, homepage, and some other content.

I recommend these websites because you’ll be able to tell them exactly what you want and they’ll take it from there, building an incredibly website for you in a short time.

But if you don’t want to wait…

Ready-Made Sites:

A screenshot from Human Proof Designs showing the option to buy an already-made website.

These are websites that have already been completed.

The idea is to buy one of these, and then add in your affiliate links – boom – a niche website.

When you buy one of these websites, all the files will be transferred to you and your preferred host.

This saves you a lot of time because you can avoid building the foundation for the website.

The most popular type of website that Human Proof Designs creates are Amazon product review websites.

Aged Websites (New!)

Another website-buying option from Human Proof Designs for an Aged ready-made niche website.

Its a known fact that website age plays an important role in search engine optimization.

In short, the older the website, the better the chances of it ranking in search results.

Human Proof Designs offers a new service where you can buy aged websites – sites that have been online for awhile.

This service is very useful because most of the content on the site is already listed on Google.

Its a perfect way to get a head-start.

Human Proof Designs Keyword-Packs:

Online business should always start with keyword research, research to see if a niche is profitable and if there is potential for traffic and sales.

But it’s complicated.

Not everyone knows the criteria for good keywords.

Human Proof Designs will do it for you!

A screenshot of Human Proof Design's keyword packages.

They’ll run a massive search on your niche and pick the top 8 keywords in your niche, the ones that have the most potential for traffic.

These are long-tail keywords!

Buy Article Packs:

The last service, and one that will always be in demand, are article packages.

Finding a decent writer can be a challenge, especially finding one within your budget.

And most people don’t have the time to write the all the necessary content themselves.

Human Proof Design’s article packs are written after you order them.

The articles are not spun or re-written; they’re completely unique – informative, well-written, and keyword targeted.

Each article is about 1,000 words long which is an ideal length for search engine optimization.

The price for the articles varies – there are different quality and word count levels.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

A screenshot showing the various kinds of article packs you can buy from Human Proof Designs

Standard Quality is usually sufficient for affiliate marketing websites.

Considering how most of these websites are created for Amazon reviews, let’s say each of the articles is a product review, and that product review ranks in Google, sending traffic to your affiliate links…

Well, I think you’ll be able to buy another package pretty soon!

Sometimes small niche specific review websites make a lot of cash, especially if the niche is not competitive!

Online Investors: Check this Out!

There’s been some recent case studies from HPD’s where investors are buying niche affiliate sites, then building them out to generate a nice monthly return.

This is pretty cool concept. Get the site built, then fill it will targeted posts that are easy to rank. Then send that traffic to a high converting affiliate like Amazon.

To get the details on the case studies, hit the image below..

Doubling Down! Jakes $1,000 Per Month Success Story

An image that links to an Wealthy Affiliate's student success story.

Investors: Click Here to Read Jake’s Story!

Human Proof Designs: Why I Recommend It:

To summarize, Human Proof Designs is the perfect option for people who want to create an online business but don’t have the technical know-how to get it done.

The rates are fair and the quality is excellent.

Human Proof Designs also has extra services that make creating an online business extremely easy!

But it takes is an initial investment, one that can be paid back in no-time.

I highly recommend Human Proof Designs because everything is done by hand, a team of professionals manage all the work, and they always write for humans, not robots.

These are not keyword stuffed articles to spam all over the internet, they’re well-written articles that are genuinely written for human readers.

Of course, if you want to learn how you can create an online business from scratch, you can get that info right here.

Thanks for checking our our Human Proof Designs Review, please share your feedback below.

Human Proof Designs




  • Great Option for People Who Don't Have Much Technical Experience but Want to Make a Website
  • Perfect Choice for People Looking to Buy Ready-Made Niche Websites
  • Good Place to Buy Articles and Keywords


  • Requires an Initial Investment
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