Installerr 2020 Pay Per Install Network Review: Is It a Scam?

So you're interested in pay per install networks, and you came across one called Installerr. You're here because you're not sure if Installerr is worth it, and you're looking for unbiased information. Continue reading to discover if Installerr is a good PPI network or another scam. 

Installerr 2020 Review Facts: 

Logo for Installerr PPI network.



Approval Period:

24 Hours

Rate Per Install:

Max $2 (Actually $0.05 - 0.30)

Payout Options:

Paypal, Wire Transfer


WordPress, Java, HTML

Min Payout:

$50 for PayPal

Installer Review Rating: 

Recommended: No


When you use the software, you're essentially promoting spam, which does not improve the user experience. In short, Installerr is not a platform I recommend for making money online. Instead, I recommend affiliate marketing because you can earn more, and you can promote much better products. 

Here's what I recommend: 


What is Installerr? 

Installerr is a Pay Per Install (PPI) network:

PPI networks offer people a way to monetize their websites downloads. Essentially, Installerr is similar to affiliate marketing but you only earn money when someone downloads and installs a program. With affiliate marketing you earn a commission when someone buys a product through your link. It's important to understand the difference. 

How Installerr Works: 

To sign-up you need enter your email address and your website link. After 24 hours, one of their managers will check your website. In most cases, websites are approved within 24 hours.

A screenshot showing the Installer PPI network's highlights.

 Once you have been approved, you can add their plugin or HTML code to your website, and you'll earn money every time someone installs a file through your link. Keep in mind, Installerr is a new platform.

There's not much information about it online. 

Is Pay Per Install a Good Way to Make Money? 

Look, the truth is Pay Per Install is a rather outdated way to monetize a website. The practice is usually associated with scams and typically used as a way to spread malware and other harmful software. 


There are lots of PPI networks out there, and you can make some money from them. The problem is you need a website with a lot of traffic to make good income. Most of these networks pay a few cents per install.

When you think of it, trying to get people to install random programs or games damages the user experience. In my opinion, PPI networks are not the best way to monetize a website. 

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I much prefer affiliate marketing because the payouts are many times better, and you have control over what you promote. If you recommend a good product that actually helps people, then your conversion rate will be much better, and you'll earn a lot more from your website. 

In short, damage your site's reputation and user experience for a chance to earn a few cents. Or improve the user experience and earn much more? It's not a difficult choice. If you're wondering where to start, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

How Do You Make Money with Installerr? 

Besides creating an account and adding links to your site, there's not much you need to do. Essentially, it's like placing ads on your website. If you have enough traffic, you should earn money passively. It's an interesting concept, similar to Pay Per Lead networks.

Once you're approved, you can take a look at their apps and other offers, mostly online games. You can choose which ones to promote on your website, which does provide you with a level of control. The problem is very few of these offers are actually useful. There's no value. 

Installerr Requirements: 

It's important to note that Installerr only allows websites that offer downloads. For example, if you have links to software or other files, they'll probably approve your website.

Here are their minimum requirements: 

  1. Provide an online website, already made. 
  2. Own the website. 
  3. Offer downloads to end-users. 
  4. Download link must be legal. 
  5. Download links must match labels. 

In short, unless you have at least one page on your blog for file downloads, your website will probably be denied. 

Installerr Pros: 

 âœ”️ Earn Up to $2 Per Install

Installerr claims to pay up to $2 for every install. The problem is what they don't tell you is this is the limit, the absolute maximum amount you can earn.

In most cases, it's usually a few cents per install. One Installerr review mentioned he earned $0.05 for every install, which is much less than the promised two dollars. 

✔️ Free to Join, Not Strict

The platform is free to join, and they don't have very strict requirements. I imagine almost any established website could make it through their approval process. Your website does need to offer downloads. 

✔️ Easy Integration

Once approved, installing the code on your site is very easy. For people who use WordPress, they have a WordPress plugin. There's also Javascript and direct static HTML options. Essentially, it's like pasting an ad-code on your website. 

The Cons with Installerr:

👎 Does NOT Pay as Much as Advertised

As I mentioned earlier, the $2 is not the actual rate. It's the maximum, and that's doubtful. The reality is you will be lucky to earn one dollar per install. Overall, it's not the most lucrative platform. 

👎 Damages User Experience (UX) of a Website

If the PPI network is not too aggressive, it shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, there are lots of PPI networks that will do things to your website that damage the user experience. For example, adding random pop-ups, redirecting the web page to something completely unrelated, and inappropriate advertisements. 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

🔥 What I Really Don't Like: 🔥

There's one thing that I really didn't like about Installerr.

What they want you to do is install a content locker on your website. What this does is block your content until an action is taken, which usually involves downloading a file.

It's their way to force people to use the platform, but it's a bit too aggressive. If a website asks me to do something before I can access the content, you can bet I'll close that page and visit a different website.

I'm sure you feel the same way. Content should be easily accessible. 

Is Installerr a Scam? 

Installerr is not a scam. It's a legitimate PPI platform, but the pay-outs aren't great, and not nearly as much as advertised. When it comes to PPI networks, it's not the best one out there.

You can easily find much better and reputable PPI networks. Overall, though, I wouldn't recommend PPI as a longterm way to make money. It essentially turns your website into an ad-filled platform, which nobody likes. 

The Best Way to Monetize Your Website: 

After reading this far, you're probably convinced Installerr is not the best choice to monetize your website. So what is the alternative? What is the best way to monetize a website? 

In my opinion, the best way to monetize a website is through direct affiliate links to products you actually use and like, heck let's go as far as say love. And there are lots of online tools and products that can make your life easier, and if you like one, start promoting it. 

One product I came across, which is responsible for most of my online success, is called Wealthy Affiliate. It's an online training course with an incredibly active community, dedicated to online business. Inside you'll learn how to build a profitable website and expand into a six-figure (or more!) business. 

How to get started? Click the button below: 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Installerr PPI review. Have you ever tried monetizing a website with PPI networks? How did that work out for you? Leave your answer in a comment below. 





  • Earn Up to $2 Per Install
  • Free to Join, Not Strict
  • Easy Integration


  • Does NOT Pay as Much as Advertised
  • Damages User Experience (UX) of a Website
  • Promotes SPAM.
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