Best Internet Marketing Training Online: Our Recommended Products

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Here at Learn to Grow Wealth Online we had the pleasure of reviewing over 100 online business opportunities and products.

To make your search for the right product easier, I compiled our recommended courses right here for you. 

It was difficult to decide which products make the list, but we narrowed down our results to a select few.

These products have been tried and tested by me, and I have also written detailed reviews about each of the products on this list.

Just keep in mind, though I recommend all these products, its not necessary to buy every course or product on this list.

I understand beginners usually don’t have wads of cash to spend on online tools, so I’ll provide budget-friendly notes next to each product. 

To make this list, I chose the most beginner-friendly tools and courses.

So this list is geared towards people who have never made cash online before, and need some beginner-friendly tools and courses.

Note: When I find more products I like, I’ll add them to this list as well. 

So without further delay, lets start the list.

Internet Marketing Training Online: Top Picks

You’ll have a hard time building a business without a proper education.

Our number one recommended product, the product that has taken my business further than ever and is responsible for the creation of this very site is below.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate review photo

Wealthy Affiliate is a membership-based website that combines online business training with a social aspect.

Not only are the lessons divided into bite-sized chunks for you to absorb, but there are also plenty of other members you can message.

Everyone has their own personal “Wall” where you can post messages, reply to comments, and engage with other members.

This makes it really easy for people to share advice within the community! 

It is undoubtedly my favorite membership site.

There are also a lot of cool features and tools included, such as Site Rubix, my favorite website builder loaded with extra feature that makes it easier to rank your site in search engines like Google.

Wealthy Affiliate is really worth checking out.

Is it expensive? 

It should be! But it’s not.

Better yet, you can take a look at them totally for free. 

2. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Internet Marketing Training Online Photo

Nope, keyword research is not dead.

In fact, its more important now than ever.

Jaaxy is a tool by the creators of Wealthy Affiliate. 

Its completely online-based, no download required, and it provides tons of super-helpful information about keywords.

Just type in a general keyword and take a look at the results and related keywords.

Its also very easy to use!

Some of the data you can see: 

  • Keyword Competitors
  • Monthly Traffic
  • Competing Websites
  • Domain Names
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • And much more.. 

If you are planning to build an authority website, blog, eCommerce business or local website, this tool is the best keyword tool you can use for your business.

I use it to find keywords that I consistently rank in the first position on a monthly basis.

It works, and it is very easy to use.

There’s also a free version to test out, take a look here. 

3. Human Proof Designs

Internet Marketing Training Online Photo

Human Proof Designs is a company which provides already-done niches site as well as unique articles.

I really like Human Proof Designs because they make it easy for people to get started with a website. 

If you’re limited on time and not so much on budget, Human Proof Designs would be my go to source.

I’d have them create the site and order 40 targeted niche related posts.

This would give my site that added pump in search engines that would decrease the wait time by several months to see some success.

Besides already done websites, they also offer content writing and keyword research services.

In short, they can help you with pretty much any of your online business needs.

So if you are not looking forward to building a site, take a look at Human Proof Designs.

They can make one for you. 

Read more about Human Proof Designs here.


Internet Marketing Training Online Photo

Want to set up an online store for your products?

Shopify makes it super easy for anyone to create an online store.

I have tried a few online store platforms and none of them provided me with as many features as this one.

So, I highly recommend Shopify! 

What I love about Shopify is how easily their systems manages payments.

You can even set up an affiliate system!

5. Niche Tycoon

Internet Marketing Training Online Photo

The only reason Niche Tycoon isn’t higher on our list is because of its price – its a bit expensive.

But if you have the cash, than it is definitely worth looking into.

The problem with complete beginner training courses is that you’ll find the same information in most of them.

For instance, after being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for three years, I found I knew most of what is taught in Niche Tycoon.

But I can see how beginners can benefit from Niche Tycoon.

It contains over 80 lessons! 

The lessons are very well done and very user-friendly as well.

So it is definitely worth looking into.

What I liked most about Niche Tycoon is the focus on free traffic; how to use the many social networks to boost your traffic.

6. Skip McGrath’s Amazon System

If you want to take the e-commerce route, there’s no better course out there than Skip’s Amazon Best Seller course.

Skip McGrath recently updated his Amazon book, a detailed guide to becoming a power seller on Amazon.

The new update includes a lot more awesome information! 

Keep in mind, it is a book, not a training course like our other recommended products.

Rather, its a physical book that you take home.

When you look into other online training eCommerce platforms, you’ll find most to be pretty expensive.

Somewhere from $3,000 to over $5,000, not to mention their conferences and up-sells. I just don’t see the benefit when you’ve got Skip that’s giving the same info at a fraction of the cost.

So if you want to become a power seller on Amazon, this book is highly recommended.

Internet Marketing Training Online Photo


To summarize, it can be difficult to filter out the scams when looking for a legitimate training courses.

There are far too many scams out there.

But if you stick to the above products you will not only avoid losing cash but you’ll learn a lot as well.

Nevertheless, all the training in the world is useless unless you take action on it. 

Ready to take action?

Start Learning How to Build a Business Right Here for Free!

Then, once you have a good idea what needs to be done, start the work.

It’s really not that hard.

Basically, all you need is a website. 

Once you have a website you can start writing articles and promoting them wherever possible.

Then its a matter of working on the site a little bit everyday, staying consistent, until it starts delivering results.

In short, find an excellent training course, and then take action. 

Hope you enjoyed our recommended list of the best online internet marketing training programs. Take care and don’t let your online dreams go by the wayside. You can do it!

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