Review: Is 30 Day SMMA Worth It? Or Is It a Waste of $497?

So you came across a course called 30 Day SMMA from Choose Pristine, and you want to know if it's worth it. They claim to be earning $30,000 a month from this strategy. But is it legit or another scam? 

In this 30 Day SMMA review, we'll walk through the course's modules, how you can benefit from it, if it's worth it, and if there are any better (and cheaper) alternatives. 

30 Day SMMA Quick Review:  

Entry Price: 



SMMA Course: 

Refund Policy: 

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Recommended: 70/100

30 Day SMMA is a good course, they cover a lot of topics related to building an social media marketing agency. There are lots of training videos inside, and you can learn a lot of cool strategies. On the other hand, it's rather expensive. I feel like there are better and cheaper alternatives out there. 


  • Decent Training Material. Plenty of Videos.
  • Shows You How to Start a SMMA Business.
  • Teaches You How to Find Leads and Cold Call Them.
  • Reveals Interesting Cold Calling Strategies.
  • They Have an Exclusive Facebook Group.


  • Expensive.
  • Sales Pages is Has a Bit Too Much Hype.
  • Building a SMMA is Harder Than it Seems.
  •  There are Several Sales Pages with Different Prices.
  • Refund Policy is Conditional. 


Is 30 Day SMMA Worth It? 

To cut to the chase, if the SMMA business model appeals to you, then the 30 Day SMMA course is worth it. Inside you'll find some really cool tips and strategies on how to secure clients, deal with taxes, cold-call, scale up, and much more. With over four weeks worth of content, there's definitely a lot packed into this course.

Now let's dive deeper into this course and see what it's all about. and if it's right for you. Before we continue, I need to be clear that I don't promote 30 Day SMMA. I'm just sharing my thoughts on the course, based on my research and experience. 

What is 30 Day SMMA?

A screenshot showing the 30 Day SMMA training.

30 Day SMMA is an online training course that teaches people how to build their own social media marketing agencies. The course is from the company Choose Pristine, and designed by two young entrepreneurs, Jovan and Quenten. I never heard of these guys before, but it seems like they're doing quite well. 

What is SMMA? 

SMMA stands for "Social Media Marketing Agency", a type agency that specifically focuses on social media. Essentially, it's similar to social media marketing except the idea is to build a team to handle the mundane tasks. 

Here's a video you should watch before getting involved in the SMMA industry: 

Actually, a social media marketing agency can do quite well. I came across plenty of success stories from people who followed this business model. It's just not that easy. If this interests you, you might also like Instamate 2, an Instagram marketing tool. 

Look, as most marketing agency owners will tell you, dealing with an agency can be nerve wracking because you not only have to manage a workforce but also all the other business factors. It can be very stressful. It's not for everyone. A good and less stressful alternative is affiliate marketing because it's mostly based on writing content for your website

But let's continue with our 30 Day SMMA review... 

Affiliate marketing success stories!

~ real people, real work

4 - 5 figures/month online!

30 Day SMMA Training: What's Inside? 

The 30 Day SMMA training is primarily video tutorials, organized into modules, and each module has daily videos with at least one assignment, some times more.

The idea is to not spend too much time hesitating and overthinking but to just take action as quickly as possible, an important business lesson. It's safe to say that there's a lot of content in here. 

Seven Modules! 

In total, there are 7 modules. The first module is all about introducing the course and getting the foundation in place, it's called "Preliminary Work". There are a total of 16 videos in the first module. 

The second one is called "Ultimate Outreach" and it has about 23 videos in total, most of which are between 3 to 10 minutes. As you might guessed, the videos are all about lead gen and outreach. For example, how to scrape for contact details, how to buy leads, how to automate email outreach, Linkedin, and much more. 

The third is builds more on the foundation. Here's a screenshot: 

A screenshot from 30 Day SMMA showing Module 3

The Videos: 

The first video in "Day 1" is called "Lesson #1: What is SMMA and What Does it Stand For?" followed by an assignment called "Creating and Posting on Your Facebook Page". 

Day 2 is rather similar, covering the basics of how to setup your new Facebook business profile and add "Money Magnets" into your profiles and pages.

This section is more in-depth because it covers more concepts, such as niche selection and other practical online business advice. When you're done with this section, you should have a decent Facebook page up and ready to take on clients. 


A screenshot from 30 Day SMMA showing some of the topics covered in Day 2.

Day 3 is where the lead-gen strategies kick in. You'll start planning an outreach strategy to bring in clients. One thing I liked about this video is you're supposed to come up with your own strategies, through their guidelines, instead of copying the same ones they use. 

And it goes on from there. I admit, there's a lot of great information in the training material. So is 30 Day SMMA perfect? Not really. There are some things you need to know... 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

Issues with 30 Day SMMA

Here are a few things I noticed about 30 Day SMMA that made me worried: 

Two Sales Pages with Different Price Tags

Right off the bat, I found two sales pages for 30 Day SMMA, and each of them had a different price. One said the course was $497 and the other one said it was $997. That's quite a lot of money. I would double check to make sure you're getting the best deal. 

The Refund Policy is a Little Weird

Another issue is with their refund policy. While they advertise a 14-day money back guarantee, they also say in the fineprint that they will only offer refunds if you followed their strategies and DIDN'T get a client.

What this means is you have to show proof that you did the work but didn't get results. It's kind of a grey-area. So if you were planning to dive in and take a quick look, it's probably not the best idea. 

It's Not as Easy as They Say:

Another important pointer, one that we already mentioned, is creating a SMMA is not easy. It takes a lot of work and time. It definitely is not a get-rich-quick scheme. And you need to realize that everyone else is using the same marketing methods, and business owners are tired of the same pitches. It's kind of saturated.

Don't get me wrong. You can make money in SMMA but you have to actually be good at marketing and not just follow basic advice. If you have no experience in this industry, it will be difficult to break into.  So make you're prepared for the struggle. 

Is 30 Day SMMA a Scam? 

30 Day SMMA is definitely not a scam. While the hype is a bit exaggerated, the training has lots of great content. It can help make things easier for people who struggle with cold calling and overall lead gen. The lessons in this course can be applied to other businesses too. It's not a scam. 

Do we recommend 30 Day SMMA? I'll give it a 50/50. There are some great tips inside the training videos, but I also think the price is a bit too much at the moment. Ultimately, it's up to you. If you're struggling financially, it's probably not the best idea to buy this course just now. 

30 Day SMMA Alternative: 

A cheaper alternative to 30 Day SMMA is my number one recommended platform, Wealthy Affiliate. To compare, 30 Day SMMA costs $497 and Wealthy Affiliate Premium costs $47 for a month (7-day free trial). 

Inside Wealthy Affiliate you'll learn how to make a profitable website using the affiliate marketing model. It's a much simpler model, and you don't need to call anyone. It can all be managed from your keyboard, which is nice. Great for introverts! 

You can read our in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review here for more information or you can click the red button below to create a free account. It is free for the first 14 days, no strings attached. If you don't like it, you're free to leave. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this 30 Day SMMA review. I hope now you know that 30 Day SMMA is not a scam. Leave a comment if you ever tried these courses. What do you think about SMMA as a business? I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 

30 Day SMMA




  • Decent Training Material. Plenty of Videos.
  • Teaches You How to Find Leads and Cold Call Them.
  • They Have an Exclusive Facebook Group.


  • Expensive.
  • Building a SMMA is Harder Than it Seems.
  • Refund Policy is Conditional.
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