Is AppCoiner a Scam? Here’s a Non-Sugar Coated Review

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Looking for a genuine review on AppCoiner? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

AppCoiner is a special website that lets you test apps from your mobile device.

The basic concept is you can earn money from each review you write.

Sounds like an easy way to earn money online right?

Well, not quite, read our entire AppCoiner review below to find out.

AppCoiner Review

Product Name: AppCoiner

Product Type: Commission based online work to test and review Mobile Applications.

A screenshot of the AppCoiner sign up page.

Price: Currently $17 Lifetime Membership, was $27.

Best For: Internet marketers who already have an established website that gets a good amount of daily internet traffic.

Rating: 20/100

Summary: AppCoiner basically wants you to review mobile applications and then to post that review to your own website. Once posted, if someone comes to the review and clicks on a product affiliate link, downloads the test app, you make a commission. So if you don’t have a website that sees a good deal of free traffic already, this product is a waste of your time.

Recommended: No. Even if your site gets a good amount of organic traffic, there are much better ways to monitize it than with AppCoiner.

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What is AppCoiner?

AppCoiner claims that you can earn money by reviewing and testing various mobile applications.

So the more reviews you pump out, the more money you earn.

Instead of working on the hour, you earn money by getting payed a compensation.

Appcoiner makes it seem fairly easy to write reviews as you do not have to do a whole lot of research on each application you test.

According to the website, these applications need testing and reviews in order to gain popularity and more users.

There are so many applications on the market these days that make it difficult for new apps to become popular.

So this is the reason we are given as to why you are getting payed to review and test these apps.

It makes sense that companies will pay for your opinion right?

That is if you are in their target audience.

It is similar to those survey websites where they pay you a small amount for your opinion on a certain subject.

All of the above information is what AppCoiner wants you to know.

The truth is, AppCoiner isn’t completely honest with their advertising.

In fact, there are quite a few red-flags from this website that make it untrustworthy.

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Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

The Cons of AppCoiner

When you go to the home page, everything looks well made and professional. There are also no signs that you will have to pay an up front fee.

However, you will eventually be asked to pay a membership fee in order to start earning money from AppCoiner.

I mentioned in my previous how to take survey’s article, that survey websites that ask for a membership fee are usually scams.

Unless they are selling you a product or legitimate service, then it is not OK to pay an upfront fee.

The same principal works for AppCoiner.

A website willing to pay you for your services shouldn’t require a sign up fee.

Another red-flag is that AppCoiner is not direct about what they require from you.

They make it sound like the only thing you have to do is download the applications on your smart phone or tablet so that you can review them, then send the reviews to the AppCoiner website.

However, AppCoiner conveniently left out the fact that you will need to have your own website to post your reviews.

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Furthermore, the only way you can earn money is when someone clicks on the affiliate link on your website that links to the download of the application, and then buys the application.

Friends, we have a problem.

AppCoiner tells you nothing about this system of payment before you sign up.

This makes the company highly untrustworthy.

They also do not tell you how much money you can make per review. You are given a calculator so that you can calculate how much money you can make per month, year, etc..

Yet, you can’t change the amount you make on the calculator, which defeats its purpose.

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Some Pros of AppCoiner

You can earn money through AppCoiner.

However, it will only be worth your while if you already have a website with a good amount of regular traffic.

If you do not already have a popular website up and running, then it is very difficult to earn money from AppCoiner.

And if you have no idea how to build a web site and generate traffic, then AppCoiner will be a waste of your time and money.

On the other hand, if you want to learn the ropes of building successful websites to make money online, then you should check out the Wealthy Affiliate program. They’ve been helping regular folks build successful online businesses for years. 

Another pro to AppCoiner is that they give you money for your reviews, instead of credits.

There is also supposedly a refund option that you can use within 60 days of signing up for your membership.

But it is probably a pain in the neck to process this refund.

An image that links you to a post about affiliate marketing success stories from real people.

Is Appcoiner a Scam?

I dislike AppCoiner personally because they are not upfront about how you earn money from writing reviews.

However, AppCoiner is not a scam because you can earn money from them through a legitimate method. 

Nevertheless, it is downright unethical for them to ask for your money before explaining how the entire system works.

There are other websites out there that are far better and more trustworthy.

The website in the link below, for example, is designed to help beginners of internet marketing get started on there feet by giving them a wide variety of training materials.

I suggest you stay away from websites that intentionally try to mislead you.

They are drawing a very thin line between being a scam website and a legitimate website.

If a website uses dirty tactics to obtain employees, then it is only logical that the work they offer is of abysmal quality.

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Thanks for checking out our AppCoiner Review, feel free to leave a comment below.





  • Earn Money by Writing Reviews
  • 60-day Refund
  • $17 for Lifetime Access


  • Not Clear on How You'll Make Money.
  • Only Works for People Who Already Have Lots of Website Traffic

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  1. I didn’t sing up for anything like this and now I can’t use my PayPal account because I’m -$27.00 I use my PayPal for my surveys and I went to cash out on one of them on day and the next day I’m -$27.00 what the hells going on??? It needs to be fixed and fixed now

  2. Thanks for ure honesty opinion we have learned a lot that was not written on the now we are open minded thanks again man.

    1. Hey Lucky,

      I’m happy that our Appcoiner review could help out. There’s a lot of junk out their online. If you’re looking at making money online, you can certainly check out my recommended program. It offers 10 free classes and 2 free websites so you can get your feet wet without risking anything.

      It’s a pretty amazing program, you should check out our Wealthy Affiliate review. They helped me and 1,000’s of other online entrepreneurs like you become successful online.

      They’ve got all the tools and training one needs to get rolling.


  3. Hello Todd, a person from the AppCoiner wanted me to work for them by testing apps and getting money without paying the membership thing. I don’t know if I should do it or not since I really want to make money out of these thing. Please let me know as fast as possible and maybe give a suggestion of what apps should i be using.

    1. Hey Ben,

      Making money on most apps is like take surveys, it just doesn’t cut it.

      I’d say ask yourself what do your really want to do. If it’s make consistent income online, Appcoiner ain’t gonna cut it.

      If you want to develop apps, we wrote a post about how to develop an app a while back but I don’t have any good sources off the top of my head.

      If making consistent money online is your true motivation, then you just put together a niche affiliate website.

      If you can write a book report, you can create a niche affiliate website.

      After that you can turn it into a full online business to a passive income source.

      Hope that helps, sorry for the delayed response with the weekend.


  4. Hi Todd! Thank you for this information! I read it before I sent money to Appcoiner. They almost got me to join because of my location.
    All these training is FREE? I want to learn. I’m a VERY beginner I would like to earn some cash online. I have disability that limits me.
    I REALLY hope this can teach, guide and will make my life a little better with Honest Earned cash. I am sceptic about this…I DONT believe. But if I earn, I could be convinced.
    Can this help me? This can be used.
    Lastly,can these be sent to
    my location and can I even join and actually earn online???

    1. Hi Lory,

      Anyone can make money online. Sometimes there are location restrictions with certain affiliates, but you can usually find a solution. I don’t know your location so I can’t say.

      I think you should look at this post.. How long does it take to make money online.. It breaks down the cost. We provide a ton of free info on our site and on our Free Internet Marketing Training Course. But there are some business expenses, albeit small with online business.

      Check out the post. Online business is amazing. We’ve got all the tools one needs to get going, but you need that motivation and a bit of cost for some basic tools to get rolling.


  5. Thanks Todd . I would have lost my $27 and valuable time . Its time to concentrate on building my company softcloudtech -dot-

    Thank you

    1. You bet Henry, glad we could help. I’m happy to leave your site name on my site, but I don’t allow random backlinks, I’m sure you can understand.

      Your site looks great, just looks like you’re lacking content. If you don’t know how to rank organically or need help focusing on driving targeted content to your site, Wealthy Affiliate is my recommendation.

      This is who I used (and still use) to keep myself dedicated to producing that targeted traffic that converts on a regular basis. The classes are dedicated to help you build an authority site.

      This has allowed me to spend nothing on traffic yet keep a consistent 1,000+ visitors coming to this site per day. So I can say their training works well.

      If you know SEO/ranking and you’re not converting sales and optin’s at a high level, I’d recommend Thrive Architect.

      This is what we use and I feel they’re the best service, plus they have copy writing classes that are excellent. My conversions have gone up over 135% since I dropped LeadPages and went with Thrive Membership.

      Those are my top affiliate marketing resources should you need them.

      If you join Wealthy Affiliate, I’m there all the time and can help out more should you need it. Plus you got the WA community to bounce ideas off of and get support when you need it.


  6. Thanks brother. You saved my money for me. I was about being trapped just a litle moment of checking them out through review saved me. Thanks once again.

  7. Todd:
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I was about to waste precious money. I find it sad people will try to trick you into things and people not knowing better, I am glad that at least I looked it up before paying. Wonder how many people didn’t. It is frustrating, I am looking for ways to make money, I am disabled and not able to work, and few dollars would sure be handy… guess not in this case… thanks again!!
    Ann Castro Baker

  8. Todd, you are God sent. I am from Jamaica looking for a side gig and came across AppCoiner. I thought that it was stupid that I had to pay money to get pay. It seems like you are very knowledgeable in making money online. Can you give me any guidance as to how i start this process. I don’t want a site that is going to request money before i start getting pay. I also want jobs that i can do anywhere in the world.

    1. Hi Nordrian,

      Thanks for your kind feedback on our AppCoiner review, glad it helped.

      There’s a lot of ways to make money online, but I feel there are 2 great ways for most anyone to get started out online.

      They both require you creating a business. Survey sites, task sites and weird systems don’t work. Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce do.

      So the two best ways to make money in my mind are:

      1. Build a Niche Websites: Make money via affiliate marketing: Need about $500 for education and other fees.
      This is the most economical way to get going. It requires a website, education, and hard work.

      – This is primarily what I do to make full time income online. I doesn’t take much to get started but hard work and determination.
      If you want to go this route, start right here!
      2. Sell your own Brand Product on Amazon: Drop-shipping/eCommerce
      This requires at least $10,000 to get going in terms of education and product to sell and other related importation fees.
      You also have the most risk in this type of business.
      However, Selling on Amazon is the FASTEST way to make money online.
      To get started with this model, here’ my Top Recommended Program to Sell on Amazon.

      Hope that helps and let me know if you have any follow up questions.


  9. Thank you Todd.

    In my view, they are pure scam! Thanks for saving me the headaches and heartaches of throwing away money. I’ll definitely look at your recommendations.

    1. Awesome Joe, glad the review helped out!

      Definitely take a look at my No. 1 Recommendation, it’s changed my life dramatically.

      So many people are looking for realistic ways to make decent money online, all they need is a bit of guidance, support, and education.


  10. Thanks so much for this. You just help me save my money. I was just about to make payment but was having some problem doing so. Sent a message to their support group and was waiting for reply when I stumbled on your site. I actually felt something was not right about paying a fee to be paid money.
    Thank you so much

  11. Hello,Todd

    Thanks a lot for your review which I found relatively difficult among some prefabricated or advertising “reviews”. After reading your opinion and the comments of others I am sure I just saved 27$.Thanks again!

  12. Thanks Todd..

    I’m almost throw away my $27 this night… But most time before going further on such offer like Appcoiner I used to do some research on Google, that is what safe me.

  13. Hi Todd : I just received an e-mail from AppCoiner to stuff envelopes and then hand address them and mail them out, they say you can make $100.00 to $200.00 a week but first I have to buy a kit for $67.00. This would be a great job for me as I can do it from my home and it would be a little bit of extra income. Do you know if this is a scam or not?

    1. Heather,.

      In my experience, if you have to pay to be a part of a system to receive a basic job like stuffing envelopes then head the opposite direction.

      Why would you have to pay to get a job like this? Seems pretty much like a scam to me.

      Instead, I’d encourage you to take your skills and build something better. Even if that’s not for you, there’s other programs out there to do basic stuff online for some pocket change.

      We’ve got this all detailed in our Free Internet Marketing Training Course.


  14. Thanks for this information unfortunately i got trapped with appcoiner. The problem is that i spent the very last money i had on it as i thought that this would have helped me to get more money. Im so angry but thank you very much for this interesting information.

  15. Thanks very much for this review indeed am always very skeptical about paying money in order to earn money. It just doesn’t make sense that i spend money in order to get money. You have saved me from paying these people my hard earned cash. Thanks for the honest review

  16. Great AppCoiner Review. I’m tired of these types of programs that don’t make any substancial money.

    What’s the best way to make really good money online. I’ve got capital and want to generate the fastest amount of income.

    Please, any ideas or guidance would be very helpful.


    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks for reaching out. Sounds like eCommerce would be the path for you. This is where I got started and one of the best ways to make the big bucks online.

      If you’ve got the cash to buy products and get the proper guidance, I’d take a look at the new ASM9 Program. They’ve been teaching people to import and drop-ship on Amazon for years and really provide a great system.

      A family friend of mine used this program and after 3 months of education and working the program, he developed his own brand name product and got it into Amazon, developed his seller reputation and by the 5th AND 6th month, he made a net profit of over $17,000 per month.

      Not a bad way to get started online.

      Hope this helps, best, Todd

  17. Hello,

    I feel like a real fool. Not only did I give them 27.00 I also gave them another 27.00 for the website.
    So far I have been playing games and writing reviews. I have been trying to make money online back when it all started. There was no facebook, twitter or any social media. I even paid 1000.00 for an online business course. The only way I have been making money online is through eBay. eBay is getting harder and harder. thinking about drop shipping I really need to make money to get out of an abusive relationship.

  18. Thank you so much for this review you saved me from stupidly paying them. I will definitely explore your training.

  19. Great post and I think the best AppCoiner Review I’ve read. I think I’d like to get started with your recommended courses.

    Any help?

  20. Thanks for this awesome review. I think the fact that AppCoiner hides a lot of things can make it a scam. It’s a very shady platform that is not honest at all. And I can confidently say that making money from AppCoin is almost impossible because one needs to have foundation in affiliate marketing.

    1. Thanks Jerry,
      If you really want to make long term money online, it’s got to be done through a business. Task based sites just aren’t worth it.

      I think affiliate marketing or eCommerce is the way to go for most online entrepreneurs, it just depends on the person.

      Either way, for most anyone new to online business, I’d spend about 6 months at least at Wealthy Affiliate’s online training platform to get the basics down, then decide what’s best for you.

  21. Amen to a “website willing to pay you for your services shouldn’t require a sign up fee.” – that’s so perfectly said, Todd. I really appreciate the head’s-up on AppCoiner. While you’ve let your readers know it’s not a scam, it still seems like something most should avoid unless they have a very popular website.

    I’m also looking forward to reading more about what you have here at Learn To Grow Wealth Online!

    1. Awesome Jason and thanks for your feedback on AppCoiner. We’ve got a ton of pots so come back anytime and check us out. 



  22. Thanks for the heads up Emanuel.

    For me there is no discussion: if they want you to pay in order to earn money then they are not good business people. 

    When did you last pay to submit an application for a regular job? I feel you are being polite.

    Thanks for the warnings.

  23. Hi Todd,

    Great article. I’ve heard of this AppCoiner floating around FB. You are so right when you say they are untrustworthy by not being upfront with their payments or the process to it. 

    It’s too bad there are so many websites like these that it makes it bad for the honest websites.

    Thank you for bringing this one to light.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Angie. Hopefully the people look at Appcoiner will google them and do a bit of research before forking over hard earned cash.

      Take care

      1. Sorry Lucky, I don’t know any off hand. In general, task based online activities don’t pay very well.

        Jobs can pay decent depending on the line of online work, but for most people, I recommend starting a niche based affiliate site if you don’t have a ton of cash to invest and are willing to work and learn.

        Depending on your niche, you can start earning income online within a month or two. Then it just grows as you grow your niche website.

        The other solid way to make money online is to import and sell products, but this takes much more money to get started.

        Click here for our favorite task based sites.

        Or see if you’ve got what it takes to make a kick ass online business.

  24. Hello Todd,

    AppCoiner? Are they running out of scammy names? Ok it’s not a scam. Technically. To me, after reading your thorough review, I’ll brand it a scam. This is because, a person has to pay an upfront fee. He loses his way in the unclear terms of the program. He doesn’t make money. He loses his deposit. So, scam!

    I like the fact that you call a spade a spade. So AppCoiner is untrustworthy, unethical, misleading,and not honest. You’re right to tell your readers to ‘Stay away’!


  25. You made it pretty clear in this article that Appcoiner isn’t a scam, but it definitely has a few red flags we should be concerned about. 

    I have always wanted to make a little side money reviewing apps, and I thought this review about an app reviewing platform was really intriguing. 

    Do you know of any other platforms that are a little more legitimate to do app reviews for compensation?

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