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August 18, 2020

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You might have been approached by someone trying to hook you on the Beachbody compensation plan. You're looking for honest information and you're wondering is Beachbody worth it.

I did some research into this company and wanted to share some of the interesting facts I discovered with you. Don't buy anything from Beachbody until you finish reading this Beachbody review! 

Beachbody Review:  

Entry Price: 

$39.95 Registration Fee

Minimum Pack:  


Average Monthly Income:


Is Beachbody Worth It?  

For some people, Beachbody is worth it because they provide a wide range of diets, exercise routines, and fitness advice. The problem is Beachbody Coaches are a part of the Beachbody compensation plan, and the way they make money is by promoting these programs, recruiting new people under them, and selling products that you probably don't need. 

In my opinion, Beachbody has a lot of strings attached. You'll be hassled to sign-up to courses, recruit new members, meet minimum sales requirements, and whatnot. It's not worth the price or the trouble. A simple search on YouTube or Google can provide you with plenty of fitness advice.


  • Decent Fitness Routines and Programs


  • Expensive Courses
  • Automatically Subscribe You to Services
  • 57.09% of Coaches Earn $0
  • 95.6% of Members are in the First Two Ranks
  •  Average Annual Income for Coaches $35/month
  • Requires a Lot of Work for Very Little Results
  • Confusing Income Disclosure


What is Beachbody? 

As you probably guessed from the name, Beachbody (also known as Team Beachbody) is a multi-level marketing in the health and fitness industry. The company has a wide range of products, from workout routines, nutrition plans, working out accessories, supplements, and many others. They're workout video platform is called Beachbody On Demand, and they claim it's the Netflix of fitness website. 

Beachbody company logo.

Bear in mind, Team Beachbody, Beachbody Demand, and Beachbody all belong to the same company. They're basically platforms to sell specific products or services related to Beachbody - it's easy to get confused. 

There's a good chance you have been approached by a Beachbody coach, maybe you're thinking about trying it too, before you do that, there are some important things you need to know... 

Beachbody Programs & Products 

Before I get into the compensation plan and income opportunity, let's review some Beachbody products. As I mentioned earlier, Beachbody has a massive databse of products, here are some of the categories: 

  • Fitness Programs
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Shakeology (Shakes & Nutrition)
  • Supplements
  • Apperal
  • Gear
  • Challenge Packs
  • Beachbody on Demand (Online video subscription, $99 a month)
  • Coaching
  • And many others. 

The fitness programs, shakeology, and coaching products are the most popular. When it comes to fitness programs, there are over 45 listed on their website. You can also narrow it down by trainer, type, and experience level.

As a coach (independent consultant) you can choose to promote these products for a commission. Overall, Beachbody has a lot of fitness products, and most of them are okay albeit a little overpriced. 

Wait a Minute! 

Promoting a MLM Company is NOT a good idea.

Read this to discover the ugly truth about MLMs: 

Let's move on...

Careful of Beachbody's Auto Subscriptions! 

When I was browsing Beachbody products, one thing that caught me off-guard was the fact that they automatically sign you up to auto-subscriptions with every Challenge Pack. Every Challenge Pack will likely include 2 - 3 auto subscriptions, which could charge you by the month of year. That's on top of the flat-fee.

Here's an example: 

Beachbody auto subscriptions.

If you don't cancel before you're charged, that's a $259.85 monthly bill plus $99 a year. Quite a bit. The amount varies depending on the Pack you purchase (there are over 50) but you need to make sure to read the fineprint.

On some of the packs, you can opt-out of the subscriptions. There will almost always be at least one monthly subscription added to your total. Canceling the subscription requires you to call a hotline or send in a support email. I find it strange you can't opt-out of these services from the get-go. When you add on all these extra services, I really don't think Beachbody is worth it. 

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How to Make Money with Beachbody: 

Here's the section you have been waiting for:

I'll cut to the chase: Beachbody is a multi-level marketing company. If you ever tried or read about MLMs in the fitness industry, than you probably already know what this one is going to be about.

The Beachbody Compensation Plan: 

To become a Team Beachbody coach you'll need to pay a $39.95 registration fee and then buy a Challenge Pack. After that, you'll be charged $15.95 every month.

Startup Fees:

  • $39.95 Registration Fee
  • $130 - $295
  • $15.95/month

Once approved, you'll be encouraged to move up the compensation plan by selling Challenge Packs and building a team, the most profitable ways to earn with Team Beachbody. Do note, an extra service will probably be added to your bill, make sure to check the fineprint. 

Selling Challenge Packs:

The main way to earn with Beachbody is to promote Challenge Packs, which are bundles of products and services. You can earn up to 35% commissions on Challenge Packs, at the higher ranks. In most cases, you'll earn a 25% commission on Challenge Packs. 

A screenshot showing the potential earnings from selling Beachbody Challenge Packs.

Beachbody - Team Cycles & Bonuses

The team-building is based on two legs (called a Binary Plan) and every time your downline earns 300 volume you reach a Cycle, which rewards you with bonus income, ranging from a possible $14 to $12,000 a week.

To earn volume, you not only need to make personal sales but also encourage your downline to continue marketing because you earn volume from them too. At higher ranks, you earn more per cycle, with a maximum of $12,000 a week. At Coach you are not qualified to earn cycles, but at Emerald you can $14 for each cycle. 


A screenshot showing Beachbody's Team Cycle bonus.

When people say Beachbody is not a pyramid scheme, you can show them this chart, taken from their official compensation plan. It kind of looks like a pyramid to me! 

And then there are a few other ways to earn, such as matching bonuses, personally sponsored coaches, star diamond bonuses, and even a bonus pool. The problem is the majority of members who join won't benefit from these bonuses because they're exclusive to higher ranks, and most members (95.6%) stay in the first two ranks. 

Team Beachbody Ranks: 

Here are the ranks: 

  • Coach (Most members are here)
  • Emerald
  • Ruby (Leadership rank)
  • Diamond 
  • 1-15 Start Diamond

As you might have guessed, as you move up in the ranks you unlock more bonuses but also more requirements. 

Requirements to Maintain Beachbody Rank: 

PV stands for Personal Volume, items you buy directly from the company for personal use. To reach Emerald (from Coach) you need one active team-leg on either side. Ruby requires 1 Emerald Coach, and 1 active Coaches, and it progresses like that. Bear in mind, if you don't meet the requirement, you'll be demoted a rank. 

  • Emerald 50 PV
  • Ruby 75 PV
  • Diamond 100 PV
  • Star Diamond+ 200 PV

You can read more about the official Beachbody compensation plan here. Overall, what it boils down to is you pay to join and then work hard to sell products, sell Challenge Packs, add people to your team, and keep those people active. It's not really as simple as it seems. 

You're probably wondering: 

How Much Money Do Beachbody Coaches Earn?

According to  Beachbody's income disclosure statement, coaches don't earn that much. On first look, the income disclosure statement shows okay earnings, at least many times better than other MLM opportunities I reviewed in the past.

On closer look, did you notice that this is annual income? The income disclosure is also really complicated and even I had a hard time making sense of it. The data is represented in such a strange way!

Quick facts:

  1. 77% of Members are Coach, the First Rank
  2. 18% of Members in the Emerald Rank
  3. 95.6% of Members are in Coach and Emerald Rank (The first two ranks)
  4. 57.09% of Coaches Earned Nothing for That Year
  5. Average Annual Income for Coaches is $427 ($35/month)
  6. Average Annual Income for Emerald Rank is $3,086 ($257/month)

For example, 77% of members are in the Coach rank, and earn between $0 to $37,201 with an average of $427. Most people would think that's monthly income, and if it was, that would be pretty good. The problem? That's not monthly income, that's annual income. 

So is Beachbody worth it? You tell me. These are annual income numbers! On average, it took Coaches 1 year to earn a total of $427, and that's not profit, mind you. Divide that by 12 and we get an average monthly income of $35. Unless my math is not correct, that's not a very attractive income. 

There's also a disclaimer saying that 42.91% of Coaches earned a check, so that means 57.09% didn't earn a single dollar, even though they paid to enroll into the program. The disclosure statement also doesn't factor in the people who didn't earn anything so the earnings are likely much lower than shown.

In other words, a confusing mess of data, and not that promising for sure. It definitely also doesn't track expenses, such as the PV requirements, auto-subscriptions, and whatnot. 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

The Bottom Line: 

Is Beachbody worth it? I personally don't think so. The products have some value, and you can probably lose some weight by following the routines, but the amount of effort and cash you need to make money with them is crazy. Not only do you have to spend a lot of money but also invest time and effort for little to no results. I feel like it's an upwards battle, and simply breaking even is a challenge.

Is there an alternative? Yes. But it's not an MLM. If you're looking to earn some extra income on the side, I suggest learning how to make money through affiliate marketing. It's not as hard as you think, and you can make some decent income. The button below will take you to my recommended training center, Wealthy Affiliate, where you can learn how to build an online business from scratch. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Beachbody review. Leave a comment if you have any questions! 





  • Decent Fitness Routines and Programs


  • Expensive Courses
  • 57.09% of Coaches Earn $0
  • Average Annual Income for Coaches $35/month

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