Easy1up 2020 Review: Is It Legit or a Pyramid Scheme?

The other day I got an email from a friend recommending a platform called Easy1up, claiming it can be your ticket to financial freedom. I was wondering if Easy1up is legit, so I did some research, tried their products, examined their compensation plan, and took a lot of notes. Continue reading to discover what I found out about Easy1up. 

Easy1up Quick Review:  

Entry Price: 


Approval Period:



Digital Training & MLM Scheme

Recommended: No

Easy1up is an interesting networking marketing company but I can't recommend it because the focus is obviously on recruiting new members to your team. They do offer digital training and courses, so it's not a pyramid scheme. The compensation plan is also pretty simple and there are no minimum sales requirements. 


  • Cheap Entry-Level Course ($25)
  • One-time Payment
  • Compensation Plan is Easy to Understand
  • Interesting Commission Structure
  • The Training is okay.


  • Hidden Admin Fees.
  • You Have to Buy Each Product or "Program" to Promote it. 
  • Focus is Primarily on Network Marketing - Very Similar to a Pyramid Scheme. You Need to Recruit. 
  • The Actual Training Material Could be Improved.
  • You Have to Enter Your Phone Number.
  • No Refunds.
  • Difficult to Promote. These Products Have a Very Bad Reputation Online.  
  • You Have to Constantly Follow Up on Commissions


What is Easy1up? 

Easy1up is a company that provides users with a wide range of educational courses tailored to marketing online. It also utilizes the classic multi-level marketing system to bring in more sales. Members can choose to promote the digital products for 100% commissions. At the moment, Easy1up has six courses. We'll talk more about the courses later on.

A screenshot of Easy 1 Up's Elevation product.

The person behind Easy1up is Peter Wolfling. After a quick search, I discovered that he created many similar platforms and schemes, many of which are considered scams. For example: 

  • Turbo Cycler
  • Ultimate Cycler
  • Business Toolbox
  • Infinity 100
  • National Wealth Center
  • Pay Me Forward
  • Hand of Heaven

And several others. Most of these platforms are based around cash-gifting and multi-level marketing schemes. And most of the products above have already been shutdown. With that in mind, I recommend caution when proceeding with Easy1up.

Let's take a look at the Easy1up Compensation Plan. 

Easy1up Compensation Plan: 

To be fair, Easy1up's compensation plan is not nearly as complicated as some other multi-level marketing companies. The way Easy1up's compensation works is you have to buy a digital product, one of their marketing courses.

Important: to join Easy1up you need a sponsor. You can't join or buy their products without a sponsor. 

Once you purchase a product, you're qualified to promote that product and earn 100% commissions on that one. But you can only earn commissions on products that are either below or the same value as the one you own. If you buy the most expensive course, Vertex Live ($2,000) then you're qualified to earn commissions on all other products. They claim to pay 100% commissions, not including the admin fees, which we'll get to in the next section. 

Where does the 1up come in? The catch is your second sell is sent up to your sponsor. Likewise, the second sell of someone under you is sent directly to you. They claim you can make back all of your expenses within a few sell cycles. But is that really the case? From what we already know about multi-level marketing companies, I highly doubt it. 

Another thing to keep in mind is each product has it's own downline. For example, the Elevation affiliates are separate from the other product affiliate's. Think of it like each product is a different company or affiliate program. 

Getting Paid: 

Easy1up's compensation plan is a little different, they say affiliate commissions are paid directly from referrals. It's a little unclear how that works. After taking a look inside the dashboard, it looks like you have two options; have the company collect payments for a 20% fee (default company check), or collect your own payments.

The collect your own payments is interesting because you can use a number of payment platforms to directly get payments from your affiliates. Note: You have to have a merchant account on these payment platforms. You can also opt for checks or other custom methods. Basically, it's up to you to instruct your affiliates on how to send you commissions. Bitcoin is also an option. 

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Since you can see all your affiliate's details, such as email address, phone number, and whatnot, you can easily follow up on unpaid commissions. If they send you the payment through a third-party method, then you have to manually mark them as payment received. Once you mark the payment received, they'll become active. 

It's an interesting payment structure, to say the least. 

Products, Prices, and Fees: 

Easy1up has six products, or "Levels" which include some training material as well as the option to promote them. Here's a quick look at their main products: 

  1. Elevation - $25 
  2. Elevation Elite - $100 
  3. Vertex - $250
  4. Elite - $500
  5. Vertex Pro "Connect" - $1,000
  6. Live - $2,000 

As you can see, the first few products aren't too expensive. Elevation is the entry-level course, and it provides some video training on basic internet marketing strategies, such as; creating an offer, making a landing page, choosing a profitable product or niche, creating a email series, and whatnot.

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

The other courses further expand on the strategies, for instance, the new one is all about marketing with social media, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus (Google Plus is dead), Snapchat, Reddit, and other platforms. 

Overall, I wouldn't say the training is bad. It's okay, but I feel like there are much better alternatives. My main complaint with the training is that it seems to be rather broad. For example, one video is about dropshipping while another is about affiliate marketing products, those are two separate business models. 

Admin Fees: 

You'll notice there's an admin fee added to each product.

The fee is not advertised to the public, it's only shown inside the dashboard. Take a Look: 

A picture showing Easy 1 Up's admin fees.

For example, Elevation costs $25 and the admin fee is $5. Likewise, for the $500 product, the fee is $50, and so on. 

How Do Users Promote Easy1up?

If you're wondering what a day-in-the-life of an Easy1up member is like, here's a quick breakdown. As a member of Easy1up you will have access to a back-office which contains affiliate links for the products you're qualified to promote.

Essentially, what it boils down to is you're taking a landing page link and advertising wherever possible; Facebook groups, comment sections, emails, and whatnot. Now, there are so many people promoting these kind offers online, so it's going to be an uphill battle. But that's the jist. 

Is Easy1up Legit?  

Easy1up is legit, they do provide digital training courses, and the payment structure does work. The problem is, like most networking marketing companies, they blow their earnings out of proportion.

Easy1up has far too much hype and income claims, it's hard to take it seriously. Can you make money? Probably. But even if you're a good marketer, the conversion rate will be very low because people are tired of these offers. 

Instead, why not learn to build your own online business? One that's not dependant on other someone else and where you don't have to chase affiliate commissions from people in your down line? Learn how to build your own profitable website. 

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To summarize, Easy1up is not a income opportunity I recommend. To be fair, it does have some features that I haven't seen in MLMs before, such as the custom affiliate payments. Overall, though, I don't see it having much potential. And I really don't like the hype and promises of wealth and fancy cars. 

What do you think? Leave a comment below! 





  • Cheap Entry-Level Course ($25)
  • Compensation Plan is Easy to Understand
  • Interesting Commission Structure


  • Hidden Admin Fees
  • You Have to Buy the Program You Want to Promote.
  • No Refunds. Sales are Final.
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