Is Honeygain a Scam? Does it Work in 2020? Find Out Here:

Honeygain is a company that promises to pay for every KB of data it uses from your internet connection. Is Honeygain a scam? What if I told you that you can make money from sharing your internet connection? You might think it's a funny idea, but as it turns out, Honeygain promises to do just that. 

Let's see if it's legitimate. 

Honeygain 2020 Review:  

Entry Price: 


Minimum Payout: 

USD $20

Available Platforms: 

Windows, Android, MacOS

Payout Methods:

PayPal. (More coming soon!)


  • Free, Available on Multiple Platforms.
  •  Very Little Effort Required on Your Part.
  • Only Uses 10% of Your Internet Connection.
  • Pays to Leave it Open in the Background.
  • You Can Earn at least a Cent a Day. 


  • Earnings very low, about a cent a day. 
  • Can eat up metered internet connections.
  • Min cash out ($20) is a bit high, takes a long time to reach. 
  • Can slow down older devices and drain their battery.

Recommended: 50/50

Honeygain is not a scam, and it does pay users for leaving it open in the background. It also doesn't do any damage to your devices performance. The main issue is the earnings are just so low, it's about one cent a day, possibly less. You can test it for yourself but don't expect great earnings. Creating a website and monetizing it with affiliate links or ads is still a lot more profitable. Having said that, continue reading this Honeygain review to learn more. 


Is Honeygain Legit? 

Based on our research and tests, I can say that Honeygain is a legit app. You can earn passive income with their app and you can easily cash out. It's an app that runs in the background. They also have lots of good customer reviews, which is rare for these kind of apps. It seems like their customer service is active too, and they are pretty active on forums and social media.  

On the other hand, there are some important things that you need to know about Honeygain. For starters, while it's a legitimate opportunities, the income potential is very low. Not to mention people on fixed internet data plans might discover that Honeygain used all their data. 

What is Honeygain? 

Now that you know Honey gain is not a scam, let's take a closer look at the platform. Honeygain is a company that promises to pay users for their internet. They say that your internet connection is shared with data scientists. It's not very clear how your data will be used. Honeygain is similar to Cash Magnet

A screenshot of the Honeygain websites homepage showing the company logo.

Do they collect personal information? They don't collect personal information from users. From what I can tell, the data is used mainly for market research. It's not very clear, but it seems like they have a network of market research and other data-based platforms, and they use the data from Honeygain to improve their services. 

How Much Can You Earn? 

Honeygain earnings are calculated based on the amount of time your device is active and the amount of data they use. There is an earnings slider on there homepage which says you can earn $3 a month if you share 1GB a day. The calculator is more for an example, the exact earnings will vary from country to country. 

A screenshot of Honeygain's income slider.

The good news is the income is mostly passive. You don't really need to do anything at all. Your device just has to be on and active, that's it. And you can use multiple devices at the same time, for example, one of your phones, Windows computer, and whatnot, potentially increasing earnings. 

I decided to install Honeygain on my computer, and left it running in the background for a few days. It didn't seem to slow down my computer at all, and since I'm not on a metered internet connection, it wasn't a problem. Here's a screenshot from the few days it was active: 

A screenshot showing Honeygain earnings for three days.

As you can see, during those three days, the app used a total of 172.19 MBs of data from my internet connection. The current balance is 12.38 credits, which is equal to about $0.01. There's also the "Gathered Today" credits that are added to your balance after 24 hours. So it does work. 

Another nice feature is the bar under your earnings which shows how far you are from the $20 minimum cash out. In my case, I was 0.05% there. Once you reach the minimum cash out, you can submit a withdrawal request, and you should receive money via PayPal in a couple days. It seems like many people were able to cash out, so they do pay users. 

But does that mean Honeygain is recommended? 

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HoneyGain Concerns: 

Before you head on over to the Honeygain website, there are a couple of things you need to know about. 

Data Protection:  

According to Honeygain, sharing your internet connection with them is safe because they don't collect any personal information. It's mainly used for geographical market research. According to other Honeygain reviews, nobody noticed any suspicious data usage on Honeygain's end, so it seems like the app is safe. I wouldn't worry about it. 

Metered Data Connections: 

What I would worry about is data usage. If you're on a limited data plan, this will be a problem. The app can be quite data-hungry, especially on phones. To make sure the app doesn't rack up a phone bill, I recommend setting a data usage limit. The good news is Honeygain does have the option to set a custom data limit. 

Battery killer: 

Does it slow down my phone and kill my battery? When active, the app can eat up battery. The company claims the battery consumption is between 5% -  8% - it varies depending on your phone. But since Honeygain only uses 10% of your internet, it's not really noticeable. Performance on your device should be fine. I recommend using the PC version, so you don't have to worry about battery. 

Unstable Data Usage: 

Another concern I have is earnings are out of your control. If the app uses a lot of your data, then you can make a few dollars here and there. But what happens when the app doesn't use your data? Then your earnings dry up.

There's no telling how much or how little data the app will use, so you have no idea how much you can earn. Refer to the screenshot from earlier, one day the app used 28 MB, and the next day, it used 95 and then 48. It's random. 

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The Bottom Line: 

To wrap up, Honeygain is an interesting app that doesn't require much effort on your part and rewards you for basically leaving it running in the background on your device.

There are some things to keep in mind, such as data usage on metered internet connections, but other than that, the app doesn't really cause any harm. And you can make a few cents here and there. 

Since it's passive, and you don't have to do any work, you shouldn't expect to get paid a lot. The earnings are quite low but it's to be expected. Having said that, I know there are better ways to make money passively

For instance, you can make a website, write some articles, and include affiliate links in those articles. Affiliate commissions pay a lot more, and besides the initial work of writing an article (you can hire someone for that), the income is pretty passive. 

So what I would recommend for people looking to make money online is to avoid these cents-here-and-there apps and focus on building a legitimate online business. The income from an online business will be a lot higher, that's for sure. 

If you're wondering where to start, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It's the best online training center, and you can try it out for 7-days free. Hit the link below to check it out. 

Now you know that Honeygain is not a scam. You can use it to make a few cents, but it's not worth it for long term use. Instead, I recommend learning how to build your own business. What do you think? Leave a comment below. 





  • Free, runs in the background, no effort needed.
  • Only uses 10% of your internet connection.
  • Legitimate. It pays about a cent a day.


  • Earnings are pretty low.
  • Can use up all your data on metered connections.
  • Min cash out is hard to reach.
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