Review: Is Tap2earn a Scam? Or an Easy Way to Earn $500 Online?

Tap2earn claims to be the $1 Influencer Network in the world. The problem is everyone is saying Tap2earn is a scam. Is it really  a scam? Or is an underrated gold mine? Discover the shocking truth here. 

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Recommended: NO. Tap2earn is a SCAM. 

Tap2earn makes some great promises but it does not deliver. It's a complete scam. They don't pay members and none of their offers are legitimate. Even the income in your profile is fake. They even use stock images for their Team Members. Avoid this one at all costs. We'll deep dive into Tap2earn and bust this scam wide open. 


  • None, it's a scam. 


  • Does not pay members.
  • Many fake income claims. 
  • False information on the website.
  • Everything they say is basically not true.
  • It's a complete scam. Stay away.
  • More information in the red-flags section. 


Is Tap2earn Legit? NO! 

No. Tap2earn is a scam. Tap2earn does not pay members. Their website is full of stock images, false income claims, fake testimonials, and many other red-flags that we'll discuss later on. So if you were thinking about signing up - DON'T DO IT - you won't earn a single cent, and you'll waste your time. Thank me later. 

A screenshot of Tap2earn's logo.

Now let's dive deeper into why Tap2earn is a scam. When you're done reading this article you'll know exactly why this platform is a scam and you'll be able to spot similar scams in the future. It could save you from making a big mistake down the road. Let's take a look: 

IMPORTANT: Tap2earn Does Not Pay!  

What is Tap2earn? 

Tap2earn is a platform where members can earn money by either inviting more members or completing various tasks and surveys. They claim it's the #1 Influencer Network platform in the world. So it's more popular than all the social media websites out there? Why have I never heard of it? 

The website claims that you can easily earn $500 a day. And you can earn thousands of dollars a day if you get some followers. I went ahead and made an account (with fake information, of course) and here's the welcome notice: 

A screemshot from Tap2earn showing how much money you can make for a click.

Right off the bad, you can tell something here is a bit suspicious. For starters, $2 for one click is a bit too much. During my years of working as an affiliate marketer, I have never seen an offer that pays that well. Next, they promise another $10 when the person creates an account. 

Note: Survey platforms are legitimate, but they usually don't pay much, only a few dollars here and there. If you're looking for decent survey platforms, I recommend Swag Bucks and Survey Junkie.

Tap2earn says you can earn $50 or more for surveys and other tasks. In fact, they "pay" $50 for all kinds of tasks, such as submitting a video to YouTube, a post to Facebook, a picture on Instagram, and many others. You're given the video title to post, so you can actually copy that title into YouTube and see how many people are posting the same video. It's sad. 

Affiliate marketing success stories!

~ real people, real work

​​4 - 5 figures/month online!

Don't be fooled. It's not actually real money. While your "earnings" do increase after completing those tasks, Tap2earn does not pay members. Don't get your hopes up. I don't know how this website is still online. 

Moving on... 

Tap2earn Red Flags: 

While browsing the website and dashboard, I came across a number of unethical marketing practices.

It's important to keep these in mind because they're quite common in online scams.

Don't trust everything that you see online! 

Besides straight up not paying members, here are some other red-flags I spotted. 

1-🚩Fake Payment Counters 

To start with, you'll see a counter that says a certain amount of money was paid a few seconds ago. The counter keeps changing with random dollar values and payment methods.

For example, $1,000 was paid 20 seconds ago to ** via PayPal. The problem here is that counter is completely fake. I disabled my internet for a second to test it, and new ones keep appearing as if nothing happened. It's fake. 

2-🚩Tricky Community Chat

Another trick on their website is the community chat. What's wrong? Every user is saying how awesome the company is and how much money their making with the platform. Take a look at how fake the conversation is: 

A screenshot from the Tap2earn community chat.

My favorite one is "...I've been here 6 months and I'm about to buy a BMW next week". 

Funny enough, it says the chat is locked because it's down for maintenance.

I guess it's always down for maintenance because it's all for show and not real. Very unethical. I'll show you what the community is actually saying about this platform in a second. 

3-🚩Account Managers are Stock Images

But to top it all off - and here's the best part - they use stock images for their account managers.

On their Instagram page, they have three posts, one is a video introducing the platform, and the other two are pictures of a model wearing a Tap2earn T-shirt. As it turns out, this girl is supposed to be one of their account managers.

I'm not making this up! Here's a screenshot of the picture where they say she's an account manager: 

A screenshot of the Tap2earn account manager.

So what's wrong with this picture? Well, I was skeptical, so I dropped the image into TinEye, a reverse image search tool.

As it turns out, this is a stock image where you can change her T-shirt. Here's the result page. And a lot of people are using the same picture to market their clothing companies and other brands! 

A screenshot from TinEye showing the same image on other webpages.

The image at the bottom is the one with a placeholder shirt.

So there's a lot of fake stuff on this platform. It's kind of funny, actually. What surprises me is the website is still online, and they're probably making a lot of money from people who are desperate to make money online. It's pretty sad. 

4-🚩Website FILLED With Fake Information

And don't get me started on their "About Us" page. Literally every "Goal" listed in their  timeline is fake.

They don't have 10 years of experience, they didn't earn any awards, they're not the #1 Influencer Network, and (according to their domain was registered on 2019-09-10. It's all fake! 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

So as you can see, Tap2earn is not a legitimate website that you should be involved with. Be very careful. 

Do not enter your payout information. They could use your information to steal your money! 

What are People Saying About Tap2earn? 

For starters, everyone is wondering when they'll get paid for their work. Everyone is calling Tap2earn a scam, and for good reason too.

Almost every post from the company on social media is full of comments from people asking for their payments. Here's a screenshot from one of their Tweets, the last poster realized they're using stock images too: 

Tweets from people complaining about Tap2earn.

View the Twitter feed here

These are just some of the many, many, complaints about the company. Suffice to say, people are not happy at all. And it's clear that the company is ignoring complaints, their support doesn't even reply at all.

Makes me wonder how long the website will be online for. 

The Bottom Line: 

It is challenging to find a way to make money online when there are so many scams out there.

I can't even remember how much money I lost trying new products until I finally came across one that worked. To make money online, you need to follow a proper, accurate, training course. 

Build a Profitable Website Today: 

The course that helped me find my footing online is called Wealthy Affiliate, and you can try out a 7-day trial. 

Free lessons included. I'm on the platform too, so feel free to message me on there at any time. I hope to see you inside! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Tap2earn review. I hope now you know what a classic scam looks like and you can avoid similar ones in the future. To clarify Tap2earn is a scam.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions. 






  • None, it's a scam.


  • Does not pay members.
  • Many fake income claims.
  • False information on the website. Many other red flags.
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