Is The Fast Cash Biz a Scam? Yes, It’s Another Binary Trading Scam!

I have been getting a lot of emails from people asking me, “Is The Fast Cash Biz a Scam?” so I decide to write this Fast Cash Biz Review.

The Fast Cash Biz is a binary trading software that’s supposed to be the key to unlimited wealth.

In the sales video, the so called owners walk out of a yacht and start talking about their secret to earning three million dollars.

Yep, it’s not starting off well. 

The software is supposed to automatically open and close trade for you with a 99% success rate. I was already rolling my eyes at this point.

I’ll be blunt, the Fast Cash Biz is a scam, and I suggest you stay far away from it.

But let me explain how it works.

Fast Cash Biz Review Summary:

Product Name: Fast Cash Biz

An image from Fast Cash Biz showing the steps to profit.

Product Type: Automated Binary Trading Software

Price: $250 Min Deposit

Best For: Nobody.

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Fast Cash Biz is a nice way to see a sales funnel in action. Just like all the other ‘Binary Trading Bot Scam’ out there, it doesn’t work.

Don’t be another victim. Read on to see how the Fast Cash Biz scam works.

Recommended: No

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Is The Fast Cash Biz a Scam? How it Works:

The Fast Cash Biz is a funnel that lures people in with promises of unlimited wealth with no effort required on your part.

The owners claim to have earned over three million dollars with the software, and the average member is supposed to earn $10,000 a day.

That’s not a joke either, its even in the program’s official FAQ: 

A screenshot from the Fast Cash Biz FAQ saying you can earn $10,000 a day.

How these people can lie so easily is beyond me, but I can honestly say there’s no way anyone can earn $10,000 a day with a software like this.

It would be nice if it actually worked – You’d never have to work again in your life! 

So the funnel promises a software that just needs to be switched on to send thousands of dollars to your bank. Its advertised as free, and all you have to do is enter your email address.

Once you do that, the page is redirected with another sales video that contains nothing but more false promises, and another subscription page.

This time, they’re asking for your phone number.

At the end of this sales video the speaker tells you to enter your phone number and wait for a call.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

Yeah, No Way I’m Doing That…

But if you do it anyways, the page will re-direct to a binary trading broker where you’ll need to deposit a minimum of $250 to continue.

So its a free software that costs $250 – makes sense!

Their recommended broker changes.

Last time I checked it was Option Rally, a lesser known trading company.

If you deposit the funds, the idea is to let the software make trades for you.

But most people report losing all the cash they deposited in a few days. 

Its obvious Fast Cash Biz is a scam.

Fast Cash Biz is a Sales Funnel:

Its lures people in with a promise and a free offer, and then leads them to something else.

See, the people behind Fast Cash Biz don’t make cash from the software they recommend, not even close. 

They make money from promoting the broker as an affiliate.

Most brokers pay their affiliates quite well because the minimum deposit is usually quite high.

So a lot of scammers make these crap funnels to get people to sign-up with their affiliate links. 

If someone does go through the whole sales purchase funnel, they’ll be added to a lead list, that is probably sold quite often.

I mean, they will have your name, interest, email address, and phone number – there are  a lot of companies that will pay quite well for those leads!

And that is what happens. 

Is an old scam, and there are tons of them like it out there.

What they’re doing is pretending to offer you a new product while taking you to someone else’s product for a commission.

Its sketchy and unethical.

When you see these types of websites, the ones that promise unlimited wealth and don’t reveal any information about the actual product, it’s almost always a scam.

Be careful.

More Bad News On Fast Cash Biz:

In case you didn’t have enough of the false claims already mentioned, here are some more that will certainly make your eyes roll.

One of the ones that made me laugh was the success rate.

In the FAQ there’s a question asking what the success rate with this software is

And the answer…

A image from Fast Cash Biz that says the success rate is 99%.

Doubt it! 

I also thought it was funny how the testimonials are all holding fake checks with hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s like, come on, at least try to make your scam a little believable.

Never-Ending Phone Calls:

I didn’t enter my phone number, but from the complaints I found online, it seems like when you do, the phone calls never end.

First someone will try to make you upgrade memberships, and then they’ll continue to harass you until you block them.

High Pressure Sales Tactics:

I also didn’t like the high-pressure sales tactics.

Here is an example: 

An image from Fast Cash Biz showing a typical high pressure sales tactic.

Yeah, I’m sure there are a lot more than two licenses left.

In addition to these downsides, the sales videos themselves are so full of hype it’s funny – there’s no actual information in any of them.

Its just a well-dressed couple walking around fancy areas talking about how much money they make.

I mean, I own a suit and a car, I can drive to a fancy hotel lobby and talk about how I make billions of dollars too.

Doesn’t make it true. 

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Is Fast Cash Biz a Scam?

Yep, and I suggest you keep your distance. In fact, it would do you good to avoid all binary trading software, most of it is a scam.

As a matter of fact, there’s a ton of these binary trading scams going around, here’s a few others that operate exactly the same way as Fast Cash Biz:

Online trading is one way to make cash but you need to stick to the legitimate brokers and you need a bunch of cash to invest.

I like using virtual money to play around with different trades on the brokers that let you make a virtual account.

Its a fun way to practice.

In short, avoid this product, its a lead-gen funnel, not a product. 

Thanks for taking the time to read our Fast Cash Biz scam review.

I hope you found what you’re looking for.

Fast Cash Biz

$250 Min Deposit


  • None.


  • SCAM. Too Much Hype (Promises Millions)
  • The Software Does Not Work. It Can't Predict The Future.
  • The Real Price is $250 Min Deposit
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