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February 27, 2018

Is the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle a Scam Review Image

In your searches, you’ve come across the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle program, and now you’re wondering … is the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle a Scam?

Is this a legitimate system I can trust? Or is it just another fraud that I’m going to lose money over.

We do not recommend Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle, and I will tell you exactly why down below!

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Product Name: Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle

Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle's Logo.

Product Type: Online Business Training

Creator: Jeff Lerner

Price: $49 to start + $39/month

Best For: Nobody in my opinion. Some new and inexperienced internet marketers gravitate to paid traffic exchanges.

Rating: 65/100

Summary: The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is a self promoting online business training program that doesn’t teach you to create your own internet marketing business based off a niche that you love.

Instead, it’s another self promoting system that isn’t worth your time and money compared to similar training that’s out there.

Recommended: No

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What Is The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle:

At first look, the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is admittedly quite attractive.

The guy behind this system is named Jeff Lerner and he tries his best to be friendly with you. In other words, his promotional video makes it seem like he has your best interest in mind.

Furthermore, he promises that you can make thousands of dollars within just a few weeks of joining his program!

Keep in mind that all of these tactics are just marketing techniques to get you to buy, buy, buy…

You have to get past all the sugar coating and get to the real hard facts. This way you will know whether or not a program is worth your time and money.

So, after a little digging I discovered that Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is nothing more than a “licensing” program.

You basically buy the right to sell a product for this company.

It does however, give you a “done for you”, “all in one” type of package if you do decide to sign up.

What does that mean? Well, you will need a lot of tools to actually be successful with this type of online business.

Mr. Lerner’s program provides many of these tools as well as training materials. You are supposed to be able to make money even if you initially don’t have any knowledge.

But, is that really the case?

Is It As Easy As They Make It Seem?

Naturally, the marketing is exaggerated and over the top. However, it isn’t entirely B.S.

You will be given some solid internet marketing tools that will make it easier for you to build your online business.

You will also be given training on how to use such “tools”. However, you will of course have to make your own sales and attract your own clients.

Definitely not an ‘everything done for you business’ like it’s made out to be. 

It’s also important to note that this isn’t the first program to offer such services. In fact, there are quite a few out there. Some are actually more effective, faster, and more affordable.

But more on that later.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

Can You Make Money with Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle:

You can make money from The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

The primary way you make money with this outfit is by a referral system.

Basically, you have to sign up to the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle for the training material, tools, etc.

This will cost you a membership fee. If you discovered Jeff’s system through an affiliate, and signed up (payed money), then the affiliate gets a cut.

See what am I getting at?

If you sign up, then you will be taught how to promote The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle. 

You will of course also get a cut, if you manage to get someone to sign up through your link.

So we’ve got a self promoting system, OK.

The real question a prospective student should ask themselves is..

Is there an value in the training?

Can you apply their training techniques into other online businesses ideas. If not, stay away from these guys.

Another problem with this system is that you will basically be doing all the work and most of the money will be going to the people behind the system.

While this type of system seems similar to an illegal pyramid scheme, it isn’t.

The reason behind this is because you are selling a product, which is the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle training materials.

A picture showing the training material and modules inside The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

Is The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle a Scam?

As I mentioned above, this system isn’t a pyramid scheme. You are actually selling a product. Furthermore, the training materials (product) actually seems to be useful.

There are a bunch of flat out scams on the internet such as Automated Daily Income and Secure Job Position, to name a few.

Thankfully, The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle isn’t a scam.

However, that still does not mean I recommend it. Part of the reason is that the people behind this program use a lot of unethical marketing.

What do I mean by this?

Well first up, they create fake pressure on you to sign up. In other words, they make it seem like there is only a few membership spots left. So, you will have to sign up quickly before you miss this fabulous opportunity.

Of course, that is B.S.

I explained how this system makes money. Therefore, it will be counterproductive if there are only a few spots available.

The product is also most likely entirely digital. Which means there won’t be a shortage of it.

It is also highly unrealistic that you will make a lot of money, especially right after you sign up.

The second reason I do not recommend this program is that you will most likely not make a lot of money from it.

Of course, someone who’s been in the online marketing business for decades might have a shot at making a living from this program.

But then again, he or she won’t use this program. Now, if you are knew to making money online, then it will be hard to make a decent income.

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Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Pros and Cons:


  • Not a scam.
  • You can make money from it (But most likely not as much as they claim).
  • User friendly.
  • Training material seems decent.


  • Fake Pressure. They try to get you to quickly sign up through fake information.
  • Over the top unethical marketing. Not as bad as scam websites, but still unrealistic.
  • Not as competitive as other similar programs.

The Bottom Line with the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle:

So, in conclusion, The Ultimate Laptop LifeStyle is not a scam!

But, I do not recommend it, because there are many other programs like it that are far more “complete” for less money.

Check out these Recommended Internet Marketing Training Programs if you need some better options.


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It is important to note that success takes hard work and dedication.

But if you have what it takes, then you can certainly live an amazing location independent lifestyle that everyone seems to want these days.

Enjoy this “Is The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle a Scam?” review? Feel free to comment and share!

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