Is Toluna Legit? Or a Survey Site That Pays Slave Wages?

Toluna is a survey site that I keep noticing on social media, so I decided to a do a little digging to see if Toluna is legit. Is it the same as all the other rewards sites out there? Is it worth registering? Stay on this page to learn more. 

Toluna Review:  

Short Review:

Toluna is an okay platform. You can earn points by taking surveys, creating content, posting in their social media, and participating in contests. But it takes a really long time to earn enough points to cash out. In most cases, the hourly income is under $1. 


  • Free, Multiple Way to Earn Points
  • There's a Mobile App
  • Redeem Gift Cards or PayPal Cash


  • Surveys Pay Very Little
  • 3 - 8 Weeks to Receive a Reward
  • Min PayPal Cashout is $30 (95,000 Points)


Is Toluna Legit? 

Yes. Toluna is legit. It's a safe, fun, and reliable survey site that you can use to earn PayPal cash or gift cards. While payments take awhile to arrive, it's not a scam. On the other hand, it does have some issues, and there are some important things you need to know before you register. Let's take a look at the important features of Toluna. 

A screenshot of the Toluna Influencer website.

Toluna was founded in 2005, since then, it has opened offices all around the world. It's one of the most international survey sites to date, with local websites in over 50 countries and languages. Members of Toluna are called Toluna Influencers, and creating a profile is free and easy. 

Making Money with Toluna:

Making money with Toluna is the same as almost every other survey site. Toluna uses a point system, and points can be redeem for gift cards of PayPal cash. The amount you earn depends on the number of surveys that are available, your location, your profile demographic, and other factors. Most of the time, the hourly income at Toluna is under $1 an hour. There's also no guarantee that you'll always have surveys to work on. 

Earning Points: 

There are a handful of ways to earn points with Toluna. For starters, once you finish the initial profile questions, you earn 500 free points. Here's a list of other ways to earn points:

  1. Answering Surveys (Highest Potential)
  2. Posting and Being Active in the Community
  3. Responses to Your Posts
  4. Answering Sponsored Polls
  5. Joining Contests
  6. Testing Products
  7. Referrals


Taking surveys, especially the longer ones, is the best way to earn points with Toluna. While the website says their surveys pay between 15 and 50,000 points, most of them are in the 2,000 to 3,000 range. To qualify for the higher paying surveys, it's recommended to complete your profile and all profile surveys.

There are several categories of surveys:

  1. Flash (1 - 5 minutes)
  2. Quick (6-10 minutes)
  3. Premium (20+ mins)

Most of the surveys are in the Flash and Quick section. You have to be lucky to snag a Premium one.

Don't want to take surveys?

Creating Content: 

The site also uses an interesting system where members can earn points for being active and creating content for the platform. You can earn points (around 100) for each post you make, and then you earn on the replies that post receives too. So if you manage to start a discussion, you'll have some extra points coming in, on top of the surveys and other offers. 

Tip: Instead of writing for a few points (cents) why not write for your own business? 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

Sweepstakes Daily Lottery 

To increase your chances of earning points, participate in the Daily Lottery. One ticket costs 500 points, and you can also earn tickets for free when completing surveys. The more tickets you have, the better your chances to win. The winner takes home the pot if 1,000,000 Toluna points, and the winner is announced daily on their website. 

Redeeming Points: 

As for rewards, it seems like 3,000 points is equal to one dollar, and the cheapest gift card you can redeem is a $10 for 30,000 points. There are lots of gift cards to choose from, including charities, such as Plant a Tree. While you can redeem PayPal cash, the minimum is $30 which is 95,000 points.

How long does it take for Toluna to process payments? There's no clear answer, and it seems like it varies, but the range is 2 - 8 weeks. Much longer than other survey sites.

It will take months to earn enough to reach the minimum PayPal cash out, and then you have to wait another month or two to receive a PayPal payment? No thanks! 

Can You Take Toluna Surveys on Your Phone? 

Yes. You can take Toluna surveys on your phone via the Toluna Influencer app. Currently, the app has a 2.9/5 rating with 29,000 reviews. The app is a little easier to use than the website, and you can complete surveys while outside.

A screenshot of the Toluna Influencer app on Google Play.

The fact that they have an app is a plus. But it does seem to have issues such as bugs, logging users out, not awarding points, crashing randomly, and other issues. 

Is Toluna Surveys Worth It?  

Even though Toluna is legit, I personally don't think Toluna surveys are worth it. The reasons are the payments are too low and it takes way too long to receive rewards (3 - 8 weeks). There are also other platform issues such as the surveys saying it's full after you complete it, very few surveys to work on, and whatnot.  

You're free to try it out and see if it works for you, but for me it's a hard pass. I think Swagbucks is a better alternative, and a new one called Survey Time pays instantly after completing a survey. 

The Bottom Line: 

Toluna surveys is a platform you can try out for a chance to earn some side money, but I don't recommend it at the moment. In a word, I would say the whole system is average. 

Making money online is definitely possible though, it's not a pipe-dream. But you need to know where to start, have a plan to follow, take action, and follow through.

I was about to give up on making money online and decided to try one last program. That program was Wealthy Affiliate and it has helped my build multiple successful websites. 

Take a look below: 

So, now you know Toluna is legit but not one of our recommended survey platforms. Have you tried it?





  • Free, Multiple Way to Earn Points
  • There's a Mobile App
  • Redeem Gift Cards or PayPal Cash


  • Surveys Pay Very Little
  • 3 - 8 Weeks to Receive a Reward
  • Min PayPal Cashout is $30 (95,000 Points)
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