Is Youngevity a Scam? or Does it Really Work?

The company offers a wide range of products, from skin care creams to vitamin capsules.

But the products are not nearly as popular as the business opportunity

See, members can enroll in the Youngevity opportunity for a chance to earn some money by promoting the health products they love.

The compensation plan works much like any other multi-level marketing businesses in the health niche. It's almost identical to Juice Plus.

Some distributors see success, while others fail. 

Does the opportunity really deliver as promised? 

Or is Youngevity a total pyramid scheme? 

In this Youngevity review you'll learn exactly what to expect from the company, and if it's worth getting into. 

Youngevity Review Summary: 

Product Name: Youngevity Inc, 

Product Type: MLM in the Health & Wellness Niche

Price: $115 to Start. 

Rating: 20/100

Summary: Youngevity is a standard multi-level marketing company in the health niche. Their products are over-priced, and don't offer any particular health benefits when compared to cheaper alternatives. 

Recommended: No. You'll have to spend a lot of time marketing the products just to break even. I don't recommend it. See below for further explanation. 



What is Youngevity? 

Youngevity, as you might expect from the name, is a company dedicated to supplying you with health products that keep you feeling energetic and looking radiantly young.

Wait a Minute! 

Promoting a MLM Company is NOT a good idea.

Read this to discover the ugly truth about MLMs: 

Wallach is a naturopath and a veterinarian who makes some questionable claims within the health industry.

To be clear, he works as a Veterinarian and a alternative medicine advocate, he is not a traditional doctor as you might expect. 

Nevertheless, one of Wallach's core beliefs is the body requires 90 minerals for ideal performance. Any slight deficiency in one of these minerals could bring about various ailments.

The idea being anyone can remain healthy and youthful in their senior years, if they consume the proper minerals.

Long story short, Wallach recommends taking a wide range of supplements on a daily basis for peak performance. Hence, the Youngevity products. 

Unfortunately, these claims are not based in science, and there's no good reason you should follow Wallach's advice. 

Make Money With Youngevity?

Let's forget about Wallach and the history of Youngevity and focus on the current business opportunity they advertise. 

To join you need to enroll as a distributor, which entitles you to their training material, core product line, and compensation system.

You'll need to either fill out their extensive form and pay the initial fee, or purchase one of their 40 + starter packs. 

The packs are designed to provide you with enough product to not only test on yourself but also sell to other people. 

For example, this pack, Be the Change Coffee CEO MEGA Pak, costs $499.99.

An image of Youngevity's Be the Change Coffee Mega Pak, costs $499.99

What's inside? Well... coffee. 

But there are many other packs that contain different products, such as vitamins, skin cream, and drinks. 

As you can see below the "Email a Friend" button, there are some abbreviations. 

That is the infamous Volume point system most MLM companies use. 

Here's how making money with Youngevity works: 

Youngevity Compensation System: 

As is the norm, Youngevity uses a Volume point system. The more points you earn, the higher you can rank, and the higher you rank, the more potential commissions you can earn on sales. 

On the opportunity page, it states you can earn up to 30% commissions, but what they don't tell you is you have a long way to go until you can actually earn that much. The initial commission rate is much lower. 

In fact, members are required to earn Personal Volume each month to remain active. In other words you need to personally buy a certain amount of product each month or your account will be deactivated. 

The main way members earn money is by recruiting new members and by earning bonuses from the prize pools.

Thanks to the Internet, I'm constantly getting at least 20 new leads per day without doing any cold calling, hard selling or recruiting.

I've already achieved financial independence after working 1 year in affiliate marketing by earning a 4-Figure Passive Income Online.

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Every member is also entitled to a percentage of the global residual earnings, nine levels deep, and you unlock more levels as you progress. 

The initial membership, Associate, can only earn 5% commissions, two levels deep, from people under them.

It's rather complicated but the short and sweet is you need to get people to sign-up under you and promote the product packs. 

If you would like to take a look at their official compensation plan, here is the link: 

The Good with Youngevity:

Many different products to promote so you can reach a broad audience. 

The Ugly: 

  • Difficult to secure stable sales, especially active referrals.
  • You'll have to hustle your friends and family.
  • You have to make make monthly sales in order to remain active. 
  • The product packs are quite expensive. 
  • The compensation plan is overly confusing and complicated. 
  • You'll have to continuously convince your referrals to remain active so you can earn from their commissions. 
  • You'll need to spend a lot of money to even have the chance to earn. 
  • Distributors often make up false claims about the supplements, over-hyping them to the point of fantasy. 
Image that links to an course where you can learn how to build an affiliate marketing business.

Is Youngevity a Scam? 

Besides that, I don't think Youngevity is a scam. They have an established brand and company, and they do pay members. 

On the other hand, it's not something I recommend.

You have to spend quite a lot of money out of pocket just to start, and then it's a hustle to find your first referrals.

But in short, Youngevity is not a scam.

What You Can Try Instead: 

Instead, consider building a website and using it to promote products as an affiliate. It's much easier than you think. 

Hit the link below to take a look. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Youngevity review. It's not something beginners should get involved with, as the marketing skills required to make a profit are quite high.

Got questions? Is Youngevity a scam in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

Youngevity Inc

$115 Starter Package



  • Lots of Products to Promote. Broad Catalog.


  • It's an MLM so Chances of Income are Low
  • You Have to Reach a Minimum Sales Quota Every Month to Stay Active
  • Hassle Your Friends and Family
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