Legitimate Work at Home Careers That You Can Start Today!

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There are plenty of legitimate work at home careers that you can pursue, and there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on education.

In most cases, to create a successful career you’ll have to continue on a specific path. That is; enroll in the right schools, study the right subjects, and pass with flying colors.

This is a challenge for most people, and nowadays the traditional careers are not as attractive as they once were.

This leads to massive college drop-out rates as most people are opting out of the system to pursue their own goals and passions.

Interestingly, United States has one of the highest college drop-out rates in the world. (source)

Why College Isn’t Cutting It For Everyone?

There are many factors that contribute to the drop-out rate, but I believe the core reasons could be high tuition fees and lack of motivation.

Lack of motivation because there is a huge percentage of students that have absolutely no passion for their lessons and subjects.

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Or they simply study because they think it’s what they’re supposed to do. It’s the next step.

These people end up dropping out all together because they don’t think it’s worth the trouble. 

Though I recommend pursuing an education, if that’s not in your interests, there are other options too.

You don’t need to have all the diplomas and certificates in the world to start making cash! 

If you did drop-out recently or you’re considering dropping out, I’m here to provide you with some alternative online-careers that you can start right now.

These are simple jobs that anyone can do and all you need is a computer with internet access.

And as you continue to acquire clients and experience, a blooming career can start in no-time.

So let’s take a look at some work at home careers!

Our Legitimate Work at Home Careers List

Home Career #1 Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the easiest ways to make money from the internet. Anyone who can string together sentences that make sense can start working as a freelance writer.

Have written essays in school? Then you can make money writing articles online.

But of course, if you want to tap into the higher paying markets, more skills are required.

You’ll need to learn about keyword optimization, research, text format, and much more. 

Websites always need content, it’s the prime factor that improves search engine rank.

And most people are too busy to write it themselves.

Still, if you’re looking for some fast cash, this is one career that you can start right off the bat.

For more lucrative jobs, I recommend narrowing down your areas of expertise.

There are plenty of companies and magazines that need high-quality articles on specific topics.

Home Career #2: Copywriter and Sales Writing

Copy-writing is the act of writing content that converts; advertisements, sales pages, landing pages, and anything else related to sales.

This is where most of the money is made, and it’s not as difficult to get into, a basic knowledge of sales and copy-writing techniques is all that’s required.

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I suggest that you take a look at some of the greatest sales writing books, and there are also a lot of free resources that you can use to improve your skills.

It makes sense, companies always are looking to improve sales, and they’re always interested in people who can do that for them.

So if you learn how to make sales online, whether through sales pages or informational articles, that’s an extremely valuable skill.

There are always people who need sales pages done, and they will pay top-dollar for the right writers.

Home Career #3: Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant work can be quite time consuming but if you’re easy to get along with and are good at following orders and completing tasks, this is an excellent idea.

Some virtual assistants can earn more than $30/hour, depending on your skills.

In most cases, if you don’t have experience, it’ll be hard to jump right into this high-paying work, but not impossible.

Home Career #4: Search Engine Optimization Specialist

If you work online, there’s a good chance that you have came across hundreds of “SEO Companies”.

Well, at this point in time, Search Engine Optimization can be considered a career.

If you learn how to rank websites and articles for specific keywords, that’s an extremely useful skill.

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Website owners always need to increase their rank because that brings in more traffic which in turn leads to more sales.

And everyone wants more sales.

The problem is there are a lot of junk search engine optimization scams and products out there, so it’s important that you offer legitimate services.

But there’s plenty of room for growth and specialization.

And you can apply these skills to boost your own website and make even more cash.

Home Career #5: Web Design

Even though there are plenty of tools to create a website for free, there is still a demand for quality website designers.

Learning how to design graphics, write code, and build a beautiful, highly responsive website, is a skill set that will always be in demand.

There are plenty of website designers that are making big bucks due to their quality services.

It can take work to build up the skills required to make a top-notch website, but the rewards are worth it.

Not to mention that it’s easy to create a website design company online, and most of the work can be outsourced.Legitimate Work at Home Careers Photo

The Best Home Career: Your Own Online Business

So there are plenty of work at home careers that you can start today, and no diplomas are required.

Though working online for someone else is an excellent way to make fast cash when you need it, I think it’s much better to learn how to make your own business.

I like online business because once you know how to get them up and running, you’ve really created quite an asset.

The online world works 24/7 and grows daily by the 1,000’s. If you’re open to learn and want to create your own online business, you should do it. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done personally.

How To Get Started Online?

There’s an online business training course that covers all of the careers mentioned above, and much more.

It’ll show you how to build a website and how to turn it into a money-making machine.

Link to Legitimate Work at Home Career Training

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And you’ll also be able to private message other members, get help when you need it and chat with people in the Community, an invaluable feature.

It’s free to get started, free to check out and I highly recommend it.

Take a look at my in-depth review here. 

Do you have other ideas for legitimate work at home careers? We’re all ears here, let us know and we’ll get back to you right away.

Link to Legitimate Work at Home Careers

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