What Is Live Net Jobs? Read this Live Net Jobs Review and Find Out

A common search portal for internet jobs is Live Net Jobs, and in this Live Net Jobs review we will see if this company delivers on it’s promises.

As someone who is looking for a way to make cash online, the first thought that probably popped into your head is to search for online jobs.

From the looks of it, one can immediately tell Live Net Jobs is not professional, there are a lot of problems with the website, and a lot of links are broken. I can tell this website is not going to be a good source of online jobs.

But let’s keep an open mind, and take a closer look.

Live Net Jobs Review Summary:

Product Name: Live Net Jobs

Product Type: Internet Jobs/Online Business Opportunities.

Price: Varies

Best For: Nobody. Live Net Jobs is a scam. Avoid it at all costs.

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Live Net Jobs is a fake online job portal site that promotes known scams. Nothing of value to see here.

Recommended: No

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What is Live Net Jobs?

“What is Live Net Jobs?”, is a question that a lot of people have been asking lately, and the answer is simple; it’s a simple website that claims to be an online job portal.

Live Net Jobs is a company based in India that’s supposed to help locals find work online. That’s the description on the website. If you need an online job portal, you can check out our Rat Race Rebellion review.

The purpose of the website is to link people to a wide variety of online jobs such as: content writing, social media jobs, drawing, virtual assistant work, data entry, and more.

That sounds good… but is that really what they’re doing?

As it turns out, no. 

There’s something else going on with these guys.

Let’s break it down to see exactly…

  1. How their website works
  2. How they make money
  3. Whether or not they provide any real value to their visitors.

Here’s how it works…Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

Live Net Jobs is a Cheap Attempt at Affiliate Marketing!

I talk a lot about affiliate marketing here, because that’s what I do, but what you should know is that there are a lot of affiliate marketing scams out there.

People just grab affiliate links from random products that look good, and start to promote them wherever possible, regardless of whether or not that product will actually improve people’s lives.

There are a lot of scams out there that have affiliate programs, and a lot of people fall for these scams, attempting to promote them wherever possible, thus scamming more people.

As an affiliate marketer, there are a couple questions you should ask yourself before you start promoting a product.

Questions you should ask yourself before you promote a product: 

  1. Did this product help me solve a problem? Did I benefit from it?
  2. Is the material in this product legitimate and can it be used to reach your goals?
  3. Does this product make it easy for people to reach their goals or does it just suck up all their cash?
  4. Are their good reviews about this product online?

Why Ask these Questions?

Because, when it comes to business, it’s all about providing value; offering a product or service that helps someone in one way or another.

You’ll make so much more money if you set out to create a business that solves someone’s problem instead of just trying to make fast cash.

But let’s not get too side-tracked here, Live Net Jobs is a simple affiliate marketing website that links to Click Bank products (except, most of these products are known scams).

A screenshot f rom Live Net Jobs showing external links on every menu page and multiple typos on the homepage.

All the links at the top of the page take you to various Click Bank products, also notice how the homepage text is all messed up? (and what is a “WRITTING JOBS”?)

Live Net Jobs: Products they Links To..

  • Paid Social Media Jobs (a landing page that re-directs you to a product when you sign-up)
  • VO Genesis (Voice over scam)
  • Gold Opinions (Get paid to leave comments and take surveys)

See, the business model is simple; create a website that appears to be a legitimate portal for online jobs, fill in some content, and then include affiliate links to third-party products in all the navigation bars.

When you click on the categories (where you’re supposed to find specific jobs) you’re taken to an affiliate link, another product promising that you’ll get the jobs you desire, after you make payment, of course.

These are Clickbank products, and I haven’t had a chance to try all of them, but all these products have a lot of bad reviews and are not recommended.

So, the people behind Live Net Jobs make money by sending people to these affiliate links.

Their website is just a stepping stone, a landing page of sorts that sends people out to different products.

Not sure how to make money on your website? Read this article! 

Products You Promote Have to Help People!

Now, to be clear, that affiliate marketing business model is not a scam; plenty of websites follow the same model and see a lot of success.

The main problem is the products that you link to, and how you link to them.

As I mentioned before, it’s counter-productive to promote a junk product as an affiliate!

Maybe you’ll make some sales, but there will be no return sales, and your clients won’t have any reason to praise your product, that means no word of mouth marketing.

In business, return clients and word of mouth marketing potentially can make up the vast majority of your income!

Live Net Jobs pretends to be something it’s not, and links people to other junk products, it’s just an attempt to cut out the middle man.

There’s no service here, there’s nothing to work with, there’s no value.

Even the website is broken in a lot of places, overlapping text, broken links, unmasked affiliate links, and poorly written content.

A screenshot of Live Net Job's messy website design.

What’s going on here? At least fix your layout!

Live Net Jobs Cons:

  1. Broken Links.
  2. Poorly Made Website.
  3. Stock Images.
  4. Poorly Written Content.
  5. Re-directs People to Scams.
  6. Affiliate Links in Navigation Bars.
  7. Affiliate Links to Known Scams.
  8. No Training!
  9. Zero Advice!
  10. No Support.

In a Nutshell, Live Net Jobs is a Scam:

I suggest that you avoid it at all costs – better yet – avoid all products that promise you jobs, the jobs these products find are the same ones you can find on Google.

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What is Live Net Jobs? Give us your opinion below and thanks for reading our Live Net Jobs review.

Cheers, Todd

Live Net Jobs

Varies Depending on Package


  • Claims to Be a Free Online Job Portal


  • Every Link Takes You to an Affiliate Page
  • Lots of Spelling Mistakes
  • No Value. It's a Scam.
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