OH, To Be A Toad

The more that I investigate how to make money online, the more I realize the internet is loaded with scams. Serious ones that waste your time and cash.

And every scams online sells the same concept of “making easy money”…

  • 10 clicks a day
  • Automated income
  • Hundreds of dollars in your first few hours
  • $10,000+ a month, no problem.

An image showing a money street sign.And people eat it up. They buy into these simplistic pyramid schemes or MLM’s (Multi-Level Marketing). Time and time again people go for these get rich scams. And most people sad to say, loose serious money.

Unless it’s a scam where they get in from the start and make money off of people that they scam into the system. So maybe it depends on if you don’t mind dishonestly milking money from people with real dreams and hopes. Personally, it bothers me.

This is not what a real online business is all about. It’s about producing a professional quality website that provides something for someone. Education, information, enjoyment. But it’s a true authentic business that provides a service to the community.

Most of these online scams are disguised in the form of educational systems. Selling how to make money like so and so has done. But the reality is that their systems are overpriced and of poor quality.

Selling the educational system is never the focal point. It’s about how much money they’re making, how awesome life is working online. They’re selling MONEY. They’re selling YOU.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

Think about this. Would you invest 2 years of your life towards a professional education? Knowing that after 2 years you would have a business that could earn 5 to 10 thousand dollars per month.

What if it only earned $1,500 per month? But produced this income passively for the rest of your life. Would that be a good trade off?

Yet time and time again, we fall for the quick and easy money making scams. It get’s our hearts pumping and we make an impulsive decision that we somehow rationalize in our mind.

If you want a real online business that has the potential to make you monthly or passive income, there is no easy get rich system.

There is education, hard work, commitment, and discipline. But those things are no fun, I know.

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Keep wasting your time and efforts on what you know in your heart to be a scam, or make a real commitment to putting up your own legitimate online business using a professional education. Make the right choice and be proud of what you accomplish.

Happy Friday!


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