Pizza Hut Jobs: Work Part-Time While You Build Your Business

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Pizza Hut Jobs offer an amazing opportunity for those who want a better life. You can work a part time Pizza Hut job while creating your own online business. Interested? Let me show you exactly what I’m talking about.

Hi there, my name is Todd and I worked at Pizza Hut for several years in my 20’s while going to college.

I found working as a delivery boy for Pizza Hut to be a fun and easy job.

Fill up a soda; grab your pies and directions, and off you go. Deliver the pizza with a smile and hopefully you get a tip.

Plus the hours working at Pizza Hut were always pretty flexible. As a driver I could get 3-6 hours per day and that was enough to pay for my basic living expenses while attending classes at the university.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

Leverage Pizza Hut Jobs to Your Advantage:

With the flexible hours, you can use that extra time to work on and develop a real online business that will eventually grow and work for you.

I’m talking about an online business that has low start-up costs and only requires a very inexpensive education.

All’s that’s required to start your own online business is:

  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • A proven educational system to guide you along the process (discussed below)

Why Pizza Hut Jobs Are Really Dead End Jobs:

Pizza Hut jobs are perfect for part-time work, perfect for those going to school or simply as a means to supplement your income.

There’s not a lot of stress associated with these jobs, but you will never make a career in the Pizza Hut industry.

Take a look at the average salaries of Pizza Hut employees. This information was updated January 8th, 2015 based on surveys completed by real Pizza Hut Employees. (source)

A picture showing the average income for various positions at Pizza Hut.

A picture showing the average income for various positions at Pizza Hut.

So you can see that the potential in the Pizza Hut business is quite limited. Take a look at the Pizza Hut Shift Manager position: $9.82 cents an hour.

Based on a 40 hour work week, working 50 weeks per year. That Shift Manager will make $19,640/year or $1,636/mo.

That’s not a lot of money depending on if you have a family, monthly expenses, etc. With an income like this, it would be impossible to ever save money for your future, for vacations, for a down payment on a home, etc.

Use Pizza Hut To Pursue Something Better:

The reality is that some people can live within their means on this type of income. And if you deliver pizzas, where a large portion of the money you earn is based on tips, you could be working 30 hours a week and making something like.. $1,400/mo.

The Math: $7.73/hour x 30 hours/wk = a little over $1,000 dollars/month, include tips, which may be an extra $400 dollars/mo. =  $1,400/mo.

If you can live on that and only work 30 hours per week, then you’ve got the perfect opportunity to start your own online business.

A picture of a freshly baked Pizza from Pizza Hut.

I went to college for 7 years, racked up $50K in debt, received a good degree as an Occupational Therapist and have worked, paid back my debt, and created a great future through my profession.

But imagine if you could do the same thing for less than $360/year from the comfort of your home.

You can develop your own online business while working for Pizza Hut, and in 3-6 months you could have a business that is starting to produce you monthly income.

Think Long-Term:

Then in 1 – 2 years, your online business could produce you a full time income of $50,000 to $60,000/year.

I know people with online businesses that make $2,000 to $50,000 dollars per month. It just depends on your business and how you develop it.

Once you get to that level, you could stop working at Pizza Hut and work full time online. How sweet would that be? You could work from your home, be your own boss, travel the world and make money. The benefits are endless.

So now you may be saying, “Todd, how can I develop an internet business in my spare time that will make money”.

Here’s My Top Recommended Program >>

How to Get Started with Online Business:

Well the first thing you need to realize is that setting up a website that acts as an online business is not that hard, especially when you have the right training.

The next thing that I need to introduce to you is how people make money online.

Affiliate Marketing is a concept that not everybody is familiar with, but everyone is exposed to it all the time in the online world.

Affiliate marketing can be applied to any blog or website. People create niche websites that are based on personal passions, special skills, hobbies, etc.

These niche websites are developed by writing quality content that benefit an audience that are also interested in the same niche.

As traffic flows to your site, you monetize your site with affiliate programs. The when someone goes to one of your programs and purchases a product, you make a sales commission for that transaction.

So you could have a niche site based on almost anything, for example: Clothing, baby products, outdoor camping gear, sporting goods, electronics, fly fishing, etc.

The Possibilities Are Endless:

You just need to pick something that you are passionate about that has products that can be associated with that passion.

Check out this video on how the money making process works in the online world.

Click the link and you’ll be taken to the classroom. Listen to the short class and you’ll understand.

A screenshot of Wealthy Affiliate's online entrepreneur certification.

So hopefully you’re beginning to understand the process of how websites and blogs can make money online.

All that is required is the right guidance, support and education.

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate. They are a state-of-the art educational program that teaches website development, internet marketing, and everything else you will need know in order to run a full time online business.

They’ve been helping regular folks like you and me do this for over 10 years.

I’ve been working at this program for 6+ months and already have developed a passive income system that has allowed me to work from anywhere (I’m a traveler by nature, so right now I’m in S. America). Plus, my business seems to be growing exponentially the more that I work at it.

And you can do it to. It just takes education like I mentioned above, a supportive network (also provided by Wealthy Affiliate), and a dedication to take action (provided by you).

The Next Steps

Take advantage and improve your life for a better future for you and your loved ones.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.

Here’s My Top Recommended Training >>

Pizza Hut Jobs are great for a little part time work or some extra cash, but even better because Pizza Hut allows you to make ends meet while building your online business.

A business that has limitless potential is within your reach. It just depends on you.

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Hi Todd,

    Great information. Using a Pizza Hut Job to make money while building an online business. I too am thinking of setting up a website as a business and it all seems such a minefield. Your information has made it so much clearer and I feel like I’m ready and raring to go. Can anyone do it, even without a niche?


    1. Hi Jamie,

      The Wealthy Affiliate Training Center does help people find niches. But really, you want to pick something that your at least interested in. It makes the process more rewarding and you’ll most likely have more success.

      I was unsure which niche to choose and so I went through WA’ bootcamp program, but I think with the 1,000’s of niches that exist, you should be able to find a niche.

      You can check out this post to understand niche ideas better.



  2. Hi there Todd,

    Brilliant tip on managing tight finance and time management, I do believe it is entirely feasible to work full time at places like pizza hut, McDonalds etc and for a couple of hours every evening and develop an affiliate marketing business on the side while working 2 or 3 hours on it every other day.

    Well, thousands of others are doing it! I do know of a few kids that took a year out of studying before university and started a business to help them while they studied,

    1. Yeah Derek, those are both great ideas. There’s a young man that did this, he took a year before deciding to go to school and by the 11th month he was making over $4,300/mo. All in Amazon commissions.

      He learned how to rank content and target his niche audience which resulted in a lot of sales.

      You can read Colton’s story right here. Pretty impressive for a 20 year old guy simply applying what he learned while getting his education online.

      It just takes the right support, guidance, and education.



  3. Awesome! I’m sure you will motive a few people with this technique.

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be when working at Pizza hut but it is a great example of what is possible!

    Love the detailed description of what is possible. Especially the information you’re giving for starting an online business and where.

    Great job!

    1. Hi Enzo,

      Yeah, that’s exactly the point. I targeted Pizza Hut jobs because at phrase actually has thousands of searches in Google on a monthly basis. And, I worked for Domino’s and Pizza Hut when going to college and it worked out as a great side job to help pay for my school.

      Then when you think about the $100K that goes with the typical college education, then it seems like a no-brainer to connect the dots and try to help as many Pizza Hut employees (or really any similar part time job) and take your extra time and invest in a super-efficient education, but for less than $360 per year.

      It’s incredible, my site is 2 years old and it brings and full-time income. I had no experience and just took what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate and completed all the lessons and tasks and 9 months later, my site was starting to earn income and really bring a lot of traffic. Now I just continue to build my knowledge base and watch as the income grows each and every month.

      It’s a really cool thing and you can do it too. The key is just simply take action on what you learn.



  4. Hi Todd, great idea! I actually have never had a part-time job in my life, always have worked full-time and I’m sick of it. I’d love to get on with online business but after a long day of work I get too tired, just want to eat and sleep.

    If I can do a part-time job elsewhere while I’m learning and building my own online business, that’ll be a dream lifestyle. Thanks for the great info about Wealthy Affiliate too.

    Do you get to eat pizza while you work at Pizza Hut by the way? (because I love pizzas – who doesn’t!)

    1. Hi Ray,

      I haven’t worked at Pizza Hut for 20 years, but back in the day, there’d always be a practical joke order and we’d have an extra pizza to get into. A Dominos, I was a manager during the summers and you’d get a medium pizza per 8 hour shift.

      On the online business, it does take some time to learn and build, but you can do it in your spare time. When you’re in a job like you’re doing full time, I can understand how it would be tough to have the energy to put into more work.

      That’s why Pizza Hut jobs are a great match for those that can earn part time and build part time. If you can put the initial effort to establish the foundation to your website, then it’s just build it out. As you start to see results in the form of traffic and sales, you could eventually make the switch to full time online work.

      Best of luck and if you need help, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go.


  5. I can vouch for what is being said here. I like how you set out the math of hopeless jobs like working in a place Pizza Hut. The figures don’t lie! You won’t make your fortune working in these sorts of awful jobs and finding your own path is the way forward. Wealthy Affiliate gives you that structure to learn skills and have the hosting at the same time for a decent website. If you upgrade to premium then you get unlimited projects. I am thinking of starting up my second after my first one was so successful.

    1. Nice Gary, and that’s exactly how it goes, depending on the niche you go with. I know many people who have multiple niche sites that target certain product. They get these sites to earn $500/mo and then put up another and another.

      I’ve got 4 niche sites myself and each one is fun to work on. As you continue building, the income streams continue to rise.

      Thanks for your feedback,


  6. This is a really solid plan Todd for generating enough income to pay for basic living expenses while trying to find a better living online. I imagine Pizza Hut jobs aren’t the most glamorous, but I’ve never worked in pizza delivery myself, but I do have experience in jobs with similar pay and similar hours.

    As for Wealthy Affiliate, I am a member there and can attest to the fact that it’s the real deal. It’s a program I highly recommend. Thanks for the informative read!

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your feedback on our post as well as working with Wealthy Affiliate. They’ve been mine and 1,000’s of other budding entrepreneurs recourse for success.

      I just thought that if I could reach out to people seeking Pizza Hut jobs that I could help them find a better way to success.

      Go from delivering pizza’s to working on your online business on the side, give it some time, and with the right education and support, they could change their lives and financial prosperity.



  7. Hey Todd, I have to admit I haven’t thought about a pizza hut job like that. Maybe I should have known this when I was younger, haha 🙂

    But like you say, jobs like pizza hut provides are indeed an excellent opportunity for people (especially younger adults) to earn some money. And if you’re ambitious, why not start learning to create your own online business…

    1. Absolutely Jurgen, the ones that can do this while working a Pizza Hut job will have an amazing advantage in life because they will have the skills to make money online. It takes some time just like any higher education does, but the rewards are far greater for those that do.

      I had to put in my time for this website to get it to rank and bring in traffic, and now every day I make more than an Pizza Hut employee will ever make and it’s somewhat on a passive level.



  8. Wow. nice post. Its been a wild journey when I first started working with Wealthy Affiliate. So those out there who are searching for income via online, I highly recommend you to try wealthy affiliate. I’ve been doing it sometimes now. Its not only the money whats important to me, but the education I attain from Wealthy Affiliate program. Way to go Todd!!! Anyone who’s stuck working a Pizza Hut Job can benefit from the WA educational program.

    1. Thanks for your kind feedback Bartholomew, much appreciated. People sometimes get a low paying job (like Pizza Hut offers) and they stay with it for years and don’t take advantage of their skills and ability to learn and produce a better life for themselves. It’s one of those things that you’ve just got to try. Most people who have low paying jobs could improve their financial position if they just take the extra time to get a solid education and make the most out of their lives.

      Thanks for your feedback working with Wealthy Affiliate, they’ve allowed me to improve my life. I now make money everyday and have created a passive income source thanks to these guys.



  9. That’s exactly how it is, a job of the likes of bartending, pizza delivery, or similar stuff should be a catalyst for what we really want to achieve.

    I assume each and every one of us wants to have a job allowing them and their families to live a happy life without the common worries about money and bills. Starbucks won’t give us that, nor will Pizza Hut jobs.

    But starting an online business has the potential to create a great income, and stay home while doing it.

    1. That’s right Aless, or travel the world and earn while doing it. If you’ve got the drive for a better life, an online business can be your best friend.

      I started this site almost a couple of years ago, I had to invest the initial time to build the site out, but now it makes money from a variety of sources and I work at it 5-10 hours per week and make great monthly income.

      I also now have other ideas where I utilize the skills I learned to create other successful online businesses.

      If you can suck it up for 6 months to a year, you’ll be amazed at what you can create. Work your Pizza Hut job or whatever, then spend your extra time to build for a better future.



  10. Hi, there is nothing like the experience of a fast food restaurant like Pizza Hut jobs provide to give you discipline and keep you on your feet. And yes the shorter hours and poor pay are a good enough incentive to push yourself further. It’s the best of both worlds for building experience. And Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to improve their lives financially

    1. Hi Ali, thanks for your take on using wealthy affiliate to improve one’s life. I think the taking a Pizza Hut job where you can deliver pizzas and make tips and make more money than the minimum wage is a great way to survive while you build your education and own online business.

      It’s a real opportunity for those who want to create a better life for themselves. Thanks thanks again for your feedback on our Pizza Hut jobs post.

      Hopefully these will check this out and create a better life because of this article.


  11. Nice post about using Pizza Hut jobs as a way to launch an online career. I think pizza hut workers are in the same position as McDonald’s workers. So both or any of these types of jobs would be a perfect way to escape a low income job and progress to the high income earning that online businesses can bring.

    Congrats, some fortunate people who are looking for Pizza Hut jobs will find this post and have an opportunity to create better futures for themselves because of you.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I wish I would have had someone like myself when I was working at Pizza Hut delivering pizzas. I’d have created multiple niche websites that produce passive income.

      But that’s happening with every day that I continue to build my online businesses. But better to start sooner. An online business can reach a much larger audience and the traffic that can be produced can lead to never ending online sales. It’s a very cool thing.



  12. Just want to start off by saying this picture makes me soooo hungry.
    Anyway, I agree that a Pizza Hut job isn’t going to cut it for a career. Starting up an online business is just about the smartest thing you can do for your future! I love how much detail you get into with Wealthy Affiliate. How many websites do you operate yourself?

    1. Hi Gina,

      Good to hear your feedback on leveraging a Pizza Hut job as a way to enter into a real online business/career.

      You know, I’ve got about 5 websites and 20 domains that I sell off for a nice profit. But I really just manage this site, and then I’m working on a bigger project for a real estate site that I’ll use to eventually sell real estate leads. This will have some amazing potential when you’re getting a percent of a real estate commission instead of a percent of small item at 100 dollars. So you can see the potential.

      The other site that I manage is just a promotional site for my guest homes in Colombia.

      But on all of them, I advertise and do affiliate marketing and they generate a good amount of sales.

      Thanks for your feedback on Wealthy Affiliate, they’ve helped so many people start their own online business, what a great program.


  13. You’re onto a good idea here and the concept really applies to any job that leaves you with extra time in the week. It’s pretty easy to feel stuck and disheartened in a ‘dead-end’ job (not saying this of Pizza Hut jobs), but you’re right that there are still ways to be productive and to start working towards a better future. Plus, it’s a good situation to start working on an online business, because the risks are minimal. After all, you still have your weekly wage to fall back on no matter what.

    1. Absolutely Vince. I think working any kind of job (Pizza Hut jobs included) that allows you some free time to pursue higher education is a wonderful opportunity.

      What I think is better is that you can get a solid education online for less than a dollar a day. I was buying a road bike for my wife yesterday and our sales rep was a junior at Colorado State University.

      He’s in the same field that Wealthy Affiliate teaches to do the same thing. Only difference is that he’s spent 3 years, learned a lot, accumulated more debt, and doesn’t have an online business that makes money everyday right now.

      I on the other hand went with WA’s training and it’s almost two years and I have the knowledge of any other good internet marketer, but I have a site that makes online income every day. And I didn’t even pay a percent compared to what he did. That’s like $75,000 compared to what I paid, $720 dollars. Unbelievable.

      Thanks for your feedback on our Pizza Hut Jobs post, much appreciated.


  14. Hello Todd,

    I loved this post on utilizing Pizza Hut jobs to make it as you build your own online business. I was hooked since the very beginning (starting my own online biz).

    Many people don’t believe this kind of stuff, or maybe they just don’t understand it, but you are spot on about the opportunity of making a full time income. If the effort and the will is there, there is great potential for a full time career online.

    1. You are totally correct Josue. If you’ve got the drive to succeed and the ability to take action on what you learn, you have no choice but success.

      And a full time gig is totally possible if you just start you online business using proven techniques that work time again.

      The key is to provide content that helps people, and really just throw yourself into a project like starting an online business. Make daily goals and work at them each and every day.

      Not a lot of people know how to do this correctly, and it does take some time, but the rewards of waking up and seeing that you made killer money the night before are a reality for those that want it.

      One of the coolest things really.



  15. Hi Todd,

    This article is quite an eye opener for me. I’ve never worked at fast food restaurants before so I really have no idea what the salaries are like. Seriously, you can’t save with an income of $1,600 / month. Your life is definitely worth more than that.

    But as I am reading through the article, I realized that this could be an interesting niche to get involved with an online business.

    Pizza recipes, pizza making products, pizza packaging – these are all great sub-niches that a pizza boy can research about during his part-time job. If he’s entrepreneurial enough, he can even start his own pizza company!

    1. Nice take Cathy. I hadn’t thought about that. That is a really tight niche and wouldn’t be hard to break into. With low keyword competition (like I found on this low competition keyword phrase: Pizza Hut Jobs) you could easily start referring people through affiliate links to make online sales.

      I always think of the big niches that take lots of time to dominate, but this would be one that could be cranking sales in a month. Great idea!


  16. Oh my goodness my mouth is drooling.. I LOVE pizza!

    Interesting perspective about pizza hut, I’ve never realized how flexible they are with hours. Perfect for someone trying to start up a successful website such as myself. As a person attending college right now I just might consider it.

    This is an awesome post for those that can work a part time like Pizza Hut jobs provide, then throw in a part time education like Wealthy Affiliate provides to supplement one’s income until the online business kicks in to provide full time income.

    I am also currently working with WA and I love the training I have received. I just got into the webinars and boy they really help improve one’s site and fast.

    1. Hi Aaron,

      Perfectly stated. WA is an incredible way to learn and build your online business so that as you continue to learn and build, you start to make some income.

      I know this may sound a bit strange to those looking to make money online, but forget about the money when you first get started.

      Instead, focus on the training and really providing quality content for your niche audience. With this mentality, you will build a valuable business that will pay off big time in the future.

      Pizza Hut jobs are a perfect combination for those wanting to go to school on a part time basis. Add in Wealthy Affiliate’s training program and you’ve got the making for a great future.



  17. Pizza Hut jobs can be OK, but you never really are going to get anywhere but a small paycheck working for Pizza Hut.
    But I do like your idea of using Pizza Hut as a launching point for an online career using the Wealthy Affiliate training. I’ve used them with success and their training is really easy to follow.
    It just takes a bit of time and effort along with a cool niche. Other niche ideas that are part time to consider are nanny’s, stay at home moms, real estate agents, security guards, bus drives, school crossing guards, Avon agents, etc.

    I won’t say my niche, but I think working part time at Pizza Hut to pay the bills while getting a super inexpensive and effective education at Wealthy Affiliate is a brilliant idea for those out there that want to better their lives.

    1. Hi Veronica,

      Absolutely. Taking the time to work in a Pizza Hut job to pay the bills is very manageable. Then just take your extra time and invest it in Wealthy Affiliate’s educational program and get your own online business and career rolling.

      If I was working part time in one of my many Pizza Hut jobs that I held back in the day, I’d have saved $1,000’s of dollars on college and had a thriving online business much sooner.

      Thanks for your feedback,

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